Fantasy in Shades of Gold

by IlFetishist

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Science Fiction, Robot, Oral Sex, Transformation, .

Desc: Sex Story: A man's desire for a golden-skinned robot is not necessarily what it seems.

"Yes... right there... oh... Oh... OH... OHHHHHH!"

Dennis Kaliedes let his head flop backward onto couch cushions, reveling in the feeling of the warm mouth sucking the last of his cum from his cock. For him, this was always the second best moment of being orally pleasured by Cassandra. After reveling in the sensations for a moment, he raised his head and opened his eyes to the sight that always thrilled him to the core.

Cassandra could sense Dennis' eyes upon her. Knowing what he wanted after many, many repetitions, she pulled back slowly from his body, his cock sliding from between her lips with wet 'pop.' Using only her hips, she made her upper body pivot up and away from him like a human drawbridge, until her torso achieved perfect straight-line posture from the top of her head to the globes of her ass. She froze in that position, her legs still bent beneath her, her arms now clasped behind her back, her head bowed slightly... deferentially. Dennis drank in her sculpted form, so perfect to him in every line and detail. He smile grew wider when one of the last rays of the setting sun seemed to focus on Cassandra, glinting off of her metal skin to create a golden aura around her.

To Dennis, the sight before him was the epitome of erotic perfection. The golden form kneeling before him turned him on like no real woman ever did. From the crown of her bald head to the bottoms of her stiletto-heeled feet, every inch of her seemed designed to inflame. Though her entire body was metallic-looking, the skin was supple and yielding; the dichotomy between its captivating golden shine and the way it actually felt under his hands continually amazed and aroused him. Her entire form was lithe and athletic, with muscles that rippled sensuously whenever her body moved. Her breasts were a little short of a handful, but with large nipples that he loved to stroke and tease until they strained outward from her chest as if seeking to detach themselves. The area where her vagina should be was completely smooth, an unbroken line. Yet, should he want to fuck her, he had only to say a word and the material that covered it would slide away. Dennis was always amazed at how hot and wet Cassandra's cunt stayed, no matter when or where he decided he wanted to take her.

Still, while her body excited and pleasured him immeasurably, it was her face that entranced him at moments like this. "Cassandra, face up, please," he said softly, and the female form at his feet unbowed its head to look directly at him. Dennis could never have said aloud what his idea of female perfection was or could be... until the first time he saw Cassandra's robotic face. The skin was as golden as the rest of her, and its lines matched the athletic aspect of her body — bony without being gaunt. Instead of the rounded, mask-line aspect of the typical mechanical face, Cassandra's was sculpted like that of a piece of art. Moreover, the muscles moved naturally under the golden skin, bringing the artfulness of her mien to life no matter what the action. Her lips were red — a perpetually shiny, lustful red that begged to be ravaged with kisses, something that Dennis did constantly. But it was Cassandra's eyes that always captivated Dennis, drawing him in so completely that he lost track of time.

Cassandra's eyes were golden, just like the rest of her body, but that was where the similarity ended. As Dennis looked deeper into them, he saw flecks of black in symmetrical patterns — honeycombs, as he thought of them. Because Cassandra never blinked, he could stare without interruption, watching the small twitches of involuntary muscle movement he thought must happen as her brain processed some small piece of data. If he let himself drift deeper, his imagination conjured images of far-off stars representing the data she held within her mind, and meteorites flashing past him as she accessed those records and monitored her functions. Though she stared straight ahead, her body locked in place and seemingly inactive, Dennis could look into those eyes and see what a boundless source of energy and motion was contained within. Still lost in her eyes, he reached out with his right hand to touch her face, murmuring, "You are so beautiful..."

A harsh beeping noise startled Dennis, and he pulled away from Cassandra as if scalded. Then he realized that it was only the small portable alarm clock he had placed on the coffee table earlier in the afternoon. Sighing, he reached over and turned off the alarm, wondering how six hours could have gone by so quickly. He took one last long look into the golden face he so adored, wishing for more time. Then, sighing again, he stood up, stepping away from the couch and moving toward the bedroom.

"Cassandra, return to your resting chamber. When you are there, institute Protocol B and go to sleep. Do you understand?"

Cassandra rocked back on her ankles, moving her weight from her lower legs to her feet, and then moved from kneeling to standing at attention in one fluid motion. In a mechanical, yet feminine voice, she said, "Yes, master. Return to resting chamber and institute Protocol B, then sleep. Your wish is my command." The metallic woman walked behind him toward the bedroom, her pace perfectly in sync with his own.

Dennis seated himself on the bed and watched as his beautiful robot walked into the room and went right to a sarcophagus-shaped metal chamber that rested against one wall. Tapping a code into an attached keypad, Cassandra stood at attention as the door to the chamber lifted away from the frame, revealing a form-fitting interior contoured to her exact dimensions. She turned toward Dennis, backing into the chamber until her entire body rested within the metal tube. Seeing a green light above her on the activation panel, Cassandra spoke without hesitation. "Activate Protocol B. Shut down all systems and return user presets to their original settings. Record all activity from the last six hours and store in onboard memory until Protocol A is reinitialized. Initiate lock-out functions for chamber use for 48 hours. Confirm." A single beep from the voice-activated computer sounded two seconds later in confirmation. "Activate." The door of the chamber rotated shut, concealing Cassandra within.

Nodding to himself, Dennis stood and removed his robe, revealing an average-looking body above a better-than-average-sized cock. He looked at himself in the mirror, noting his glasses and receding hairline, and wondered how he'd ever lucked into his current 'relationship.' Though not unattractive, he knew he lacked the social skills and smoothness to attract much in the way of female attention. And yet, one day, while chatting online about his own fetishistic attraction for female robots, he'd begun talking with someone who shared that interest.

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