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Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Cheating, Masturbation, .

Desc: Sex Story: A game of "Simon Says" for the new millennium...




SIMON: Good morning sunshine! Are you busy?

CAREY: Yes and no, but I can chat for a bit. Where are you?

SIMON: In a meeting. A very, very boring meeting.

CAREY: Are you learning anything?

SIMON: Only that the field of Engineering is seemingly devoid of beautiful women.

CAREY: Oh, that's too bad. You should know that I was at the computer store this morning and it was a gold mine of intensely attractive men.

SIMON: Hmmm, not sure I like the sound of that. Do I need to remind you why you love me?

CAREY: Ooo, this sounds interesting...

SIMON: You have no idea HOW interesting!

CAREY: What are you up to then?

SIMON: Got some privacy?

CAREY: Yes of course, I'm in the bedroom.

SIMON: Mmm, even better.

SIMON: What are you wearing?

CAREY: Jeans, fuzzy socks and a t-shirt.

SIMON: Anything underneath?

CAREY: Yeah sure, bra and panties.

SIMON: Which pair of panties are you wearing today?

CAREY: I'm wearing the sapphire green pair.

SIMON: You know I love those. They look so nice with your red thatch... when they're not covering it completely, of course.

CAREY: Thank you. :-)

SIMON: Want to play a little game of "Simon Says" with me?

CAREY: Hehe. OK... ?

SIMON: Good.

SIMON: Simon Says: Say "Hello." to Simon.

CAREY: Hehe. Hello Simon. (You weirdo!) :-)

SIMON: Simon Says: Blow a kiss to Simon.

CAREY: kiss

SIMON: Simon Says: Take off your bra.

CAREY: Take off my... ? OK.

SIMON: Did you really?

CAREY: Yeah. I went to school you know, I know the rules. Although this is sounding kind of kinky. We never got kinky in school. :-)

SIMON: Maybe you should have gone to a different school. :-)

SIMON: How far are you prepared to go with this?

CAREY: As far as it takes me.

SIMON: Good, I think we'll both enjoy this game.

CAREY: Yeah?

SIMON: Yeah.

SIMON: Simon Says: Reach up under your shirt with both hands and stroke your breasts.


SIMON: Simon Says: Tell me what they feel like.

CAREY: Aroused. Warm. Soft. My nipples are getting hard as I play with them.

SIMON: Simon Says: Tell me how this makes you feel.

CAREY: My pussy is starting to ache a little. It wants attention.

SIMON: :-)

SIMON: We'll get there.


SIMON: Simon Says: Put your nipples between your thumbs and forefingers and twirl them a bit.


CAREY: Mmm. That's nice!

SIMON: You like?

CAREY: Yeah.

SIMON: I'll keep that in mind for later.

SIMON: Now, where were we?

CAREY: You were molesting me.

SIMON: You're molesting yourself, I'm just here to watch.

SIMON: Simon Says: Take off your jeans, but leave the panties.

CAREY: Done.

SIMON: Simon Says: OK, get comfortable, recline somehow.

CAREY: Tough to do at the desk... I can unplug the laptop and take it to bed with me.

SIMON: Oh, yeah, that would be nice! What an image! I can tell that I'm going to have to walk out of here carrying my briefcase in front to cover my hard-on. :-)


CAREY: Hehe. Done. I'm on the bed, propped up with pillows, t-shirt and undies only, laptop next to me.

SIMON: Good, you'll need those. Hell, I may need those!

CAREY: :-)

SIMON: Simon Says: Keep touching your breasts with one hand. Kiss the fingers of your other hand for me and then slip them into your panties, just lay them over your mound for now.


SIMON: There, I've kissed your lips, sort of. :-)

CAREY: :-)

SIMON: Simon Says: Slip your middle finger inside, but don't touch your clit! Push it deep down into the valley. Is it wet in the valley?

CAREY: Flooded.

SIMON: Simon Says: Now pull it out and taste it for me.

CAREY: you know how it tasts

CAREY: (sorry, typing w/ one hand) :-)

SIMON: Hehe! That's fine, take your time.

SIMON: Simon Says: Lick it, savor it, wipe your finger off with a tissue... or lick it clean... then tell me how it tastes.


CAREY: Maybe a little bitter. Not bad though, oddly enough.

SIMON: Simon Says: Tell me how it made you feel to taste it.

CAREY: It was kinky, I liked it.

SIMON: I like it too. You're my favorite flavor.

CAREY: :-)

SIMON: Did you wipe it off, or lick it off?

CAREY: :-)

SIMON: You licked it clean, didn't you?


SIMON: Can you imagine the hard-on that I've got right now? It's a damn good thing that these khakis are fairly loose-fitting!

CAREY: If you were here, I could help you with that.

SIMON: If I were there right now I think I'd already be inside you!

CAREY: You think so?

SIMON: I hope so!

CAREY: What next sir?

SIMON: Simon Says: Remove your t-shirt.

CAREY: Done.

SIMON: Simon Says: Show those nipples some love again. Both hands. Don't hold back, they like it a little rough.



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