The Laundromat

by Patience Bryce

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Heterosexual, DomSub, MaleDom, Spanking, .

Desc: Sex Story: Late night encounter between Master and submissive at the local landromat. Short story


Copyright┬ę May 14 2005

She wandered through the house feeling restless and bored. All her work finished. She had taken advantage of the quiet earlier in the day and napped.

Now she was wide-awake.

Picking up a book, she found she did not really have the concentration for it. Sighing she put it down and decided to take a chance and call him at the office. This was some times risky and she knew not to call him if it was not important. Reaching for the phone, she came up with an idea for something to do, as well as be a legitimate excuse for calling him. Either he will let her do what she wanted, or perhaps he will be motivated to get home a little quicker. Secretly she hoped it was the latter. It was not as if she really wanted to go do more work this late at night. Dialing the number, she did not realize she was holding her breath until he answered.

Hearing his voice always made her feel better.


Exhaling as she smiled, "Hello, Master."

"Still up this late?"

She ran through the list of what she had accomplished while he was at the office.

"And this hasn't tired you out?"

"No, Sir, I um took a nap earlier" She explained sheepishly, knowing this was not a usual practice that he encouraged, unless he was home to nap with her. Going on she asked him, "how long before you come home?"

He ignored her question, sensing that she was trying to manipulate him into coming home before his work was completed "Was there something on your mind?"

She hesitated briefly before launching into her request, "Well Sir, I um, thought that if it was going to be some time before you got home, I could go to the Laundromat and wash the heavier bedding that I can't do at home. It's open all night and it wouldn't take all that long, an hour and a half at the most?"

There was a brief silence as he thought about her request. Normally he would not allow her to be out so late and unattended. However, he felt she knew that he would deny the request and was hoping this would spur him to come home earlier. Smiling to himself, he finally answered her.

"That's probably a good idea. I have a couple hours left to finish up some paperwork."

She sucked in her lower lip, biting it softly, holding back any sound of disappointment as he continued.

"Dress appropriately for leaving the house. Wear your collar, of course. Take the money you need from the house moneybox. Go straight there, and right back as soon as you are done. Which Laundromat are you going to?"

Stifling a sigh, "I will go to the one at the strip mall on Carlisle Rd. Thank you Sir."

They said goodbye and she hung up the phone.

It was not often she reacted like this but she could not help feeling annoyed. The annoyance was with her self. She knew she had taken a misstep with that phone call. She knew that he was aware of it as well. She mentally kicked herself for even thinking she could manipulate the situation. She made her way to the bathroom first to fix her hair, putting it up before leaving the house, as he always required. In the bedroom, she slipped into her clothing, a bra, skirt, and blouse. Slipping on a pair of low heels she looked at herself in the mirror, adjusted her collar. She did not look like someone embarking on a late night trip to do laundry. She recalled the days long ago when going to the laundry meant an opportunity to dress down and be a slob.

She loaded up the car and headed out.

At the office, he sat and looked at the phone for a few minutes as he contemplated their phone call. He had been disappointed that she had chosen this manner to try to get him to feel sorry for her, as though it was his problem that she was merely bored. Turning back to his work, he found he could not focus on it any more. It WAS late. He had not really planned to be here this long. Finally, he shoved the paperwork aside and got ready to leave the office. An idea was forming in his head.

She arrived at the Laundromat, relieved to find it unoccupied. She did not want to make small talk with anyone. Experience dictated that most people doing laundry this late at night were not the type she wanted to engage in conversation. She loaded the largest washer there with the bedding and settled in with a magazine. There was a TV on, too loud since it was set for the daytime, when the place was constantly humming with the sound of numerous machines running. The TV ran 24 hours a day, mounted high on the wall so that patrons could not touch it. Eventually, she found an article to get engrossed in and tune out the noise.

In the parking lot another car pulled up. Peering into the windows of the laundry, he did not see her at first. Getting out of the car, he walked towards the door, spotting her sitting at the other end of facility. He slowly opened the door, watching to see if she heard him. It exasperated him that she was not paying attention to her surroundings. The element of surprise will serve his purpose. He had not realized how isolated this place was late at night. In the middle of all these stores, but nothing else was open.

He was beside her before she ever looked up. He reached out and grabbed her by the hair on the back of her head just as she was startled to realize someone was right there. Her gasp excited him.

"HEY!" She yelped. Then on seeing him, "Oops, Master!" She laughed nervously.

Grasping her hair tightly, he pulled her up from the chair. The magazine she had been reading slipped to the floor. Pulling her over to the nearest washer and had her bend over it, resting her torso on the vibrating machine. His left hand pressing firmly down on her back, while his right hand pulled her skirt up, exposing the bare pale skin of her bottom. He caressed the warm skin.

He leaned over her, his mouth close to her ear, "Are you to call me at work because you are bored?"

"No Master, I'm sorry."

He pulled back his hand and smacked her bottom with a satisfying thud.

"Is it your place to try to manipulate me into doing what you want?"

"No Master! I'm sorry!"

Again, his hand found its mark, this time pinking her skin. He rubbed his hand roughly over her skin before pulling back and smacking it a few more times.

He stood up behind her, keeping his left hand on her back so she did not move while he unfastened his belt and slid it free. Doubling it over, he gave it a snap in the air first. He grinned at the sound.

"Part your legs, and stay there," he said as he bent over her and softly spoke into her ear.

He stepped back from her, eyeing up his target. Flexing his wrist, he began to bring the leather belt back and forth across her lovely ass. He enjoyed watching the reddening strips rise up, criss-crossing over her skin. Watching her back, he could see that she was breathing heavier. Her legs quivered.

Her legs were always a favorite of his and he did not want to neglect them. He took a step back for room and swung the belt lower, across the top of her thighs. A few times the rolled end of the belt fell neatly on the tender inner thigh. Over the noise of the machinery and television, he could hear her whimpers.

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