by Thesandman

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including BDSM, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Crystal encounters a lot more than she could ever have imagined at the Halloween Party.

It was for Crystal one of the most daring things she'd ever considered doing in her entire life. Her very best friend and confidant, a tall almost too skinny woman named Lacy, had convinced her to attend a masquerade party. It wasn't the party so much that she was worried about, though she was anyway. But she knew that Lacy was considerably more liberal and open when it came to being uninhibited and explorative. Normally, Crystal would shy away from many of her dear friends suggestions, but not this time. She had broken things off with her long-time boyfriend, so it had been several months since she'd even considered dating, let alone anything else.

"I can't believe you talked me into doing this!" Crystal told her friend over the phone as she hurriedly finished dressing. Lacy laughed.

"And I can't believe you actually agreed to come!" she replied. "Hey, maybe you will!" she added with a devilish wicked giggle.

"You're really incorrigible Lacy! You know that?" Crystal shot back, still surprised at herself as she finished slipping into the almost too tight fitting leopard outfit that Lacy had talked her into wearing. She glanced into the mirror still holding onto her cell-phone and gasped. "Shit Lacy! I can't wear this!" she exclaimed in alarm. Once again, she heard Lacy laugh over the phone.

"Why not? I bet you look absolutely purrrrrfect!" she giggled purposely, then adding a sultry cats meow.

"What I look like is almost obscene!" Crystal returned, once again seriously having second thoughts about going. Crystal had large firm breasts. Throughout her entire life she'd had to deal with a majority of men looking at her chest first before glancing into her face. With the skin-tight body-stocking she was wearing with a multitude of spots barely concealing her breasts beneath, it was a given that her breasts would be the focal point of her outfit, thus assuring she'd be stared at most of the evening. "Thank God for the mask!" she thought to herself, already feeling a flush spreading across her cheeks. She could only hope that Lacy would at least draw some attention away from her. Her best friend had chosen ironically to go as Cat Woman, in an equally suggestive outfit of skin-tight leather showing more flesh than not.

"Almost there. You ready yet?" Lacy asked over her cell-phone as she drove over to pick Crystal up.

"Well, I'm dressed if that's what you mean. But I'm not sure I'm exactly 'ready' for this!" she said emphasizing the word. Minutes later, Crystal slid into the seat of the car next to her friend as they drove off together towards what she hoped to be a fun-filled night rather than an apprehensive one.

Early on Lacy had explained to her about the place they were going. It was an enormous mansion, still owned, but not lived in by the eccentric billionaire whom no one had actually seen now for several years. The house was still fully staffed, maintained, and rented out for special occasions, such as this one, and particularly at this time of year. Halloween. An hour later they pulled up into the ghostly looking almost castle like structure that was backlit with natural lighting only. Obviously, the electricity had been shut off just for the occasion, as there were no outside lights, and just the flickering in the windows that had to have come from simple candlelight or turn of the century lanterns.

"This place is rather spooky looking don't you think?" Crystal asked nervously, yet surprised to find an air of excitement coursing through her as well.

"That's the whole point sweetie!" Lacy said with obvious excitement as they handed over the keys to the butler who looked a lot like something from out of one of those old nightmare theatre movies she used to watch as a kid.

Moments later they were escorted into the Grande Ballroom where the majority of guests having already arrived, stood mingling in half-whispered nervous conversations. The room, dimly lit with a few burning candelabras, was supported by the only other light source, and that being from an enormous fireplace that stood off to one side covering a goodly portion of one entire wall. And though the heat it gave off was sufficient to ward off the autumn nights chill, Crystal once again found herself grateful for the latex mask she was wearing as she glanced down at herself, discovering her thick hard nipples pressing almost painfully against the thin fabric of her leopard suit.

"I think I need a drink," she announced, spotting the open bar where for the first time, she took control, grabbing Lacy's hand in hers, leading her quickly towards the bar. By the looks of things, everyone else had had the same inclination, most standing in quiet conversations sipping their cocktails in eager expectation of the nights activities, drinking to either bolster their courage, or further lessen their inhibitions. Crystal would definitely be drinking to bolster her courage.

She was glad that everyone there was also required to wear a mask, thus assuring anonymity. Lacy had told her that there would no doubt be some high-ranking politicians in attendance, as well as a hand-full of well known celebrities. All of which for differing reasons she could only guess at, would remain anonymous throughout the entire evening. How Lacy had managed to get them invited was still a mystery to her, something about the well-known realtor she worked for no doubt, who had somehow managed to finagle them both an exclusive invitation.

Crystal noticed that Lacy was already busily scanning the room. "Who are you looking for?" she asked curiously.

"Jack," she replied with a wicked grin. Jack was Lacy's boss. "He said he'd be here wearing a Batman costume," she giggled suggestively.

"Figures," Crystal responded. "Now I know why you chose to wear the Cat Woman outfit," she responded knowingly. "Plan on tangling with Batman later are we?" Crystal teased.

Lacy shot her a wicked grin. "You know it," she added slyly. Crystal had long suspected that the two of them had been involved from time to time, on the side away from the office. But up until now, Lacy hadn't come right out and admitted it before. "Don't worry honey," Lacy assured her. "I'm sure some handsome young tiger or lion will spot you and sweep you away off to his lair."

"That's what I'm worried about," Crystal said seriously, not at all looking forward to the myriad of unwanted advances she was almost positive she'd be receiving in this almost too revealing outfit she'd been talked into wearing.

And... as she'd expected, Batman finally showed up whisking away Cat Woman off to the dance floor. Though by the way things looked, those who were out there hardly appeared to be dancing. Had they not been wearing their costumes, skimpy and revealing as most of them were, it would have appeared to be more like out and out coupling instead. Crystal watched for a time, shook off several obvious advances, all of which had been overtly suggestive in nature, and began to nervously look for some way of escape, at least for a while. She'd spotted several women coming and going in pairs up the enormous stairway, figuring as she'd watched them that no doubt one of several restrooms had to be upstairs. Deciding that was as good a choice as any to escape for a bit, Crystal wandered up the stairs in search of the ladies room.

To her surprise, the hallway was long, dark and strangely eerie looking. Whoever had decorated this place for the party had gone to great lengths to make it so, complete with a few clingy cob-webs (which she hoped weren't real) with only the faintest of lighting from a few flickering candles situated in sconces high along the wall. Even then, she had to literally feel her way along the wall with her hand in searching for any doors as she walked. She found several, tried them, but found each one was locked. She'd even stopped putting her ear to one door and was sure she had heard the faint sound of laughter coming from inside. She moved on. Trailing her hand along the cold damp rock wall, she heard what appeared to be a faint 'click' then much to her surprise, she found that indeed a portion of the wall seemed to open. She stood looking at it, ensuring that it wasn't merely a door not locked. Sure enough, it appeared to be apart of the very wall itself! Now curious, she pressed on it further, swinging the wall inward and found herself staring at a very narrow steep flight of steps.

"Well, this is interesting!" she thought silently to herself. She stepped in, placing her foot on the first of several stone steps leading upwards and heard the faint 'click' once again as the wall closed securely behind her. A pair of solitary soft glowing lamps stood atop of the landing just above her. Cautiously, somewhat nervously yet still curious, Crystal made her way up the stairs towards them. She found herself standing on some sort of mezzanine, with several criss-crossing walkways, and immediately understood why. Below her, it was obvious she could see down into several rooms as she passed. All of which must have had mirrored ceilings from inside as she could walk by looking down, completely un-noticed. Not too surprisingly, many of the rooms were indeed occupied. Several couples had been coming and going all evening long up and down the stairs. Obviously these rooms had been prepared well in advance for such intimate liaisons as she was now seeing. And just as obvious to her, someone had designed them in just such a way so that he, or she... just like she herself was now doing, could walk above them peering down into each and every one for whatever voyeuristic amusement that might be had to see.

She was half tempted to turn around and head back downstairs. But she found herself guiltily mesmerized as she peeked down into one of the rooms, aware she was totally unobserved, and stood watching two women and a man as they frolicked around in bed together. She had often wondered, admittedly fantasized about a threesome herself, but with two men. Even so... watching now as she stood there, she found herself becoming curiously aroused, nervously glancing about to ensure that she was indeed all alone, and then turned her attention to peer down back inside the room. She laughed, and then hushed herself worriedly, though she was equally sure the area she was in was well soundproofed as no one below even took notice or appeared to have heard her. The reason for her laughter was that the guy was dressed as Superman, his tight red briefs bulging obscenely as one of the now naked women with him sat off to one side of him happily rubbing his satin crotch, making his obvious erection become even more prominent beneath his costume. The second woman with dark hair had appeared to be originally costumed as Xenia, the warrior princess. In seconds however, she was as nude as the day she was born, and with help from the blonde had managed to successfully free Superman's super hard dick, and were now taking turns with what Crystal once again giggled thinking over as the "Man of Steel".

Glancing about once again, ensuring she was indeed all alone, she moved on, peering down into several rooms, many of which were like-wise occupied in one form or another. She made her way along the catwalk towards the far wall where the area was even darker, though the rooms lit well enough below to see in without straining her eyes. Just as she arrived, she looked down and gasped as both Batman, as well as her dear friend Lacy entered one of the rooms. Once again, she nearly turned away, but then stood feeling the naughty side of her curiosity taking over. She watched as they quickly disrobed, climbing atop the spacious bed and began to perform a mutual oral '69' upon one another.

"Fuck!" she actually said aloud. It had been a long, long time since she'd done that. "Too fucking long!" she thought this time to herself quietly. And to her total and complete surprise, she felt the first signs of arousal begin to liquefy, and manifest itself deep within the recess of her rapidly awakening pussy. Before she'd even realized it, she found herself standing there watching them, her hand having dropped towards her crotch where she pressed it, gently rubbing the surface through the thin material of her body stocking. Crystal hadn't worn any panties, she hadn't wanted any lines marring the look or appearance of her leopard suit. And now she was glad for it, as the material was just thin enough to allow the gentle press of her fingers to expertly tease and caress her rapidly swelling clitoris. She continued to watch as Lacy finally swung herself around, now impaling herself upon Jack's rigid, swollen looking member. She heard herself audibly sigh, wishing that it was her with a nice hard cock buried deeply inside her cunt, unabashedly now rubbing the outer folds of her own lips, seeking for, but not quite finding the relief that she was now becoming desperately in need of. So engrossed in watching her dearest friend, she did not see or hear anything until it was too late to do so, and certainly too late to hide what it was she'd been doing even if she had.

"Erotic isn't it?"

Crystal nearly jumped out of her skin, crying out in fact both in surprise as well as alarm. Not three feet away stood a tall man, partially obscured due to the lighting, but obviously costumed as the Phantom of the Opera.

"You scared the hell out of me!" she exclaimed feeling horribly embarrassed and ashamed at having been caught doing what she'd obviously been doing. She immediately looked for a quick escape route, but found that as she'd reached the end of the catwalk looking down into this last room where Jack and Lacy were now busily fucking away like crazy, that she actually had no place to go except forward, and then around where the Phantom stood, somewhat blocking her way.

"I'm sorry," he said soothingly. "I really didn't mean to. I discovered this place quite by accident, and then saw you standing over here watching. Thought I might come over, introduce myself, and perhaps... watch with you." He let that suggestion hang for a moment expectantly, letting her know in the process that he had been well aware of what she'd been doing. He spoke before Crystal could find her own voice in response. "Sometimes, it is just erotic, if not more so, to watch someone else without their knowledge as opposed to actually being involved yourself wouldn't you agree?" He glanced down into the room once again, drawing Crystal's attention back down towards her friend. Seeing Lacy who now stood at the foot of the bed, holding on to one of the bedposts as Jack stood behind, thrusting himself wickedly into her was indeed hypnotic, and yes... she had to admit even to herself, intoxicatingly erotic.

In a way, Crystal did feel hypnotized, unable to pull her eyes away from the spectacle taking place below her, even as she sensed, more than heard the Phantom as he approached, closing the distance between them. She felt his breath on the back of her neck, his hands as they came around cupping her twin firm globes. But she also felt the press of his firm stiff erection through the thin layer of clothing covering her well rounded ass.

She realized at that moment that she still hadn't gotten a very good look at him as even the exposed part of his face had been mostly concealed in shadow. But the sound of his voice, deep, husky... virile sounding had somehow assured her that he wasn't some weird creep that she had anything to be afraid of. Why, she didn't know. But even as his hands caressed her and began gingerly teasing her extended nipples to even greater firmness, she felt no fear, only a heightened sense of awareness and arousal as she began to more fully succumb to his manipulations.

"Come with me," he coaxed soothingly. Taking her hand, which she allowed, and followed, willingly, almost as though floating on a cushion of air as she did.

Ahead, they approached what first appeared to look like just another wall. Stepping up to it however, her "Phantom" as she now considered him, pushed against it with the simple touch of his hand. The wall parted just as it had done below in the corridor. Stepping inside, the first thing she noticed was the deep red glow of light permeating the entire room. Several lanterns stood burning, the aroma of incense or some sort of scented oil perhaps, invaded her senses, making her feel almost intoxicated. The glass, which surrounded and covered each, was a deep blood red that disallowed the natural normal brightness to shine through. Ahead of her, an enormous bed, black sheets, either satin or silk had already been turned down in preparation.

"Preparation for what?" she asked herself almost drowsily. She felt herself being led towards the bed, yet felt no fear, no panic as he closed the door behind them, effectively sealing them inside the soundproofed chamber. She stood, watching as he removed his black cape, draping it casually over the back of one chair.

"Take off your clothes," he instructed her softly. Once again, Crystal surprised herself, reaching up to begin the process of worming out of her skin-tight body stocking. She felt the neck of it rip however as she struggled to remove it, uncaring as she did, wanting only to be free of the garment and allow the touch of the sheets to caress her exposed flesh. In moments, she stood before him entirely naked, unashamed, and more than a little aroused by his comforting, almost hypnotic words.

As he'd asked, she moved onto the bed, wearing nothing more than her leopard faced mask which she was grateful for, seeing as she did, he too soon was as naked as she, though still wearing his own Phantom of the Opera face mask. Her eyes took him in, as he stood at the end of the bed taking her in, his prick turgid, almost angry looking, the thick bulbous head of his shaft glistening with lubrication. She felt moisture gathering, then pooling within the confines of her own sex, surprised at her wantonness, even more surprised that she could find herself as aroused as she was, about to be taken by a complete and total stranger.

He moved towards her, then upon her easily pinning her down on the bed, but without malice, without intention of harming her. Somehow she knew this even as he reached for pinning her arms up and above her head within his strong hands, kissing her, then kissing the nape of her neck, allowing his flicking tongue to tenderly trace an imaginary line down between her exposed, hard-nippled breasts.

Crystal felt amazingly calm, incredibly aroused, until... the feel of a soft clamp suddenly surrounding her wrist brought her through the fugue of relaxed caution. For the first time since allowing herself to even entertain the notion of being seduced by this man... this stranger, Crystal felt the first signs of panic setting in.

"What? What are you doing?" She cried out. "No! Please! No!" She begged. "Release me!"

Instead, this Phantom, this stranger, this now somewhat fearful individual who had imprisoned her easily reached over securing her free hand, likewise capturing it in yet another binding cuff so that Crystal lay with both hands stretched up over her head, entirely powerless to do anything but squirm uselessly upon the bed.

"I'm not going to hurt you," he finally told her. "In fact, just the opposite. I am going to pleasure you, pleasure you beyond your wildest dreams, beyond your most secret fantasies and desires!"

Hearing the words, Crystal relaxed slightly, though she felt her body quivering. "Was it desire? Fear? Which?" She wondered.

The Phantom then pulled on a braided cord hanging next to the bed, the sound of rusty gears were then heard. Crystal felt tension upon her wrists and arms as they suddenly began to lift, she... moving with them, scrambling with them up into a sitting position, then unavoidably, standing upon the bed. He stood... watching her until she was, then pulled on the braided cord once again, silencing the hidden rusty winch from continuing to pull her up any further. Secured as she was, she wasn't in any pain, nor was she really uncomfortable. Nervous yes, apprehensive even, certainly vulnerable to both his gazing eyes as well as his now roaming hands as they took liberty with her flesh, caressing her, running up and down the entire length of her body like a soft stroking feather.

Though bound, her legs were still free. She could have kicked him, hurting him, perhaps even knocking him out. But what would be the point? She had no way of releasing her wrists, even the braided cord well out of reach. She knew there was no point in screaming, no one would hear her cry. But somehow, she knew even as he touched her that she truly had nothing to fear. The pungent aroma of the scented air once again assailing her senses, the almost hypnotic sound of his voice as he continually reassured her between gentle kisses, soft stroking flicks of his tongue as he aroused her sensitive flesh.

Placing his hands at the apex of her sex, Crystal parted her legs involuntarily, giving him access. She felt the first gentle searching flick of his tongue as it speared her now hardened clitoris. She shuddered, felt a wave of tingling ecstasy surge through her entire being, her clit suddenly throbbing in excited expectation, needing... no, wanting more of it. Lots more. And he granted her desire. His tongue became a whirlwind of orgasmic delight, deflowering the tiny bud of her soul, kissing, caressing, gently sucking then chewing it until she was maddened with unbridled joy the likes of which she hadn't known or felt in a long, long time.

Crystal felt the gentle probe of one finger, then two. Her silky passage becoming even more so with each slippery, sliding thrust of his fingers, his tongue still busily devouring her beyond sensitive clitoris.

She heard a woman's cry of pleasure, realizing it to be her own, like a voice in the fog, far away. The intensity of her orgasm overwhelming, seizing her, capturing her entire being in one instant, frozen in time as she succumbed to the mind-numbing obliteration of her soul.

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