by Zenobia

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Desc: Sex Story: Couple have sex with a male pal.

My boyfriend is a really randy bugger. When at home he has me wear short skirts without any knickers, in fact he does not allow me to own any. This is so he can fuck me anywhere at any time. He absolutely loves coming over to me, and sliding his hands up my short skirt, to grope my bald -another requirement of his- pussy, before he plunges his meaty shaft into me.

As I said, I never know when and where he will take me, and not knowing always keeps me wet with anticipation. In the past I have had to beg him to fuck me hard, as I could not stand the waiting anymore. Sometimes he obliges me, sometimes he just smiles at my pleading and I have to reduce some of the tension with my fingers. But my fingers never satisfy like his hard cock and I always end up having to plead to him to do the job properly. Which he always does.

We have a very simple relationship. I do what he tells me to do.

I get great enjoyment from satisfying him. If I am a good girl, he takes care of my needs. I always make sure I'm a good girl.

He always laughs when I call him 'Shaun, my supreme shagger'.

I'm his totally and he knows this. When we go out, I'm only allowed to wear a short skirt with stockings and suspenders, a crop top that leaves a lot of cleavage and my flat stomach bare. Like panties, I'm not allowed to own any bras. Luckily for me, my breasts are small and firm, so not being able to wear a bra is no hardship, though my crop tops tend to rub my nipples raw and leave them erect all the time.

I have to admit, that I look like a cheap (very cheap!) whore, but the fucking I get when we get home more than makes up for it. Sometimes he doesn't even wait till we get home.

I've only ever been with another man once and Shaun was there at the time. We had gone out to our local for a few drinks (And for Shaun to show off his 'whore') and I was randy as hell. Shaun had been teasing me all day with knowing looks and fingers that slipped under my skirt to play with my damp pussy. Annoyingly, he always stopped before he brought me off, knowing that my own administrations would fail to bring a satisfactory release. The bastard!

Simply put, I was absolutely gagging for it. I would have sucked him off in front of the whole bar if it resulted in the fucking I was crying out for. If that was not bad enough, I was leaving a damp patch on every seat I sat on (Also included was the back seat of the taxi that dropped us off). I was glad I was wearing a dark skirt that hid the damp patch. Pity the same could not have been said about the upholstery on the bar stools. At least the cigarette smoke masked the smell of my arousal. Well, till you got closer to me that was.

My prayers for a swift pint, followed by frantic shagging, were cruelly destroyed when Shaun spotted an old friend he had not seen for a few years. I was not amused, I can tell you.

They proceeded to natter on about football, old times and all the other usual shit. God, they were like a couple of old women at a sewing circle.

Mike was appreciatively eying me up. Shaun seemed unaware of Mike's interest and to be fair, so was I. Shaun had a hand on my nylon-clad thigh and was slowly caressing me, occasionally slipping his hand under the hem of my skirt. It was driving me nuts.

Embarrassingly I have to admit, that, for the first time ever, I lost control. Spectacularly.

"FOR FUCKS SAKE SHAUN, WILL YOU TAKE ME HOME AND FUCK ME!" I demanded before I realised that the talk at the table (And all the surrounding tables) had stopped. A lot of people were staring at me open mouthed.

'OOOPS', as they say.

There was not a hole deep enough and dark enough that I could have crawled into at that moment.

Embarrassed, Mike turned to Shaun "With a request like that how could you refuse, eh Shaun!"

Shaun stared at me, I could not meet his gaze, or anyone else's for that matter. "Yesss, indeed."

I knew I was in for it now.

Shaun looked from me to Mike "It looks like my little whore is in need of a little exercise." The pair of them laughed.

Mike looked back at me "I know I wouldn't refuse." They laughed again.

I stared at the drops of warm stale beer on the table, biting my lower lip as I felt one of Shaun's hands slide up my thigh and over the lace top of the stocking. His fingertips probed at my cunt lips and then briefly slipped fingernail depth inside. I could not help the shiver that ran through my body.

Shaun stood and I heard him say "Come on" It was only as we stood at the taxi rank that I realised that the "Come on" Had been for Mike.

Shaun continued to play with me in the back of the taxi. Mike seemed content to watch. That changed when we got home.

Shaun had me walk up the stairs to our bedroom in front of Mike and for the first time ever; I felt the caress of a hand against the smooth skin of my rear that did not belong to Shaun. As I continued to climb so did Mike's hand continue to caress. He was not shy in where he let his hands roam and I did not stop him. By the time we got to the top of the stairs, both of his hands were covered in my juices.

I paused unsure by the side of our bed. Mike looked to Shaun, who waved in a 'carry on gesture'. I stood dumbly, as Mike almost ripped off his clothes in his haste. Shaun was more sedate in his removal. Mike gently, but forcibly laid me down on the bed. His hands forcing the hem of my skirt up to my waist, revealing stocking tops, suspenders, then ultimately, my shaven pussy to his gaze.

Mike bent down to look closely at my shaved pubis before running his tongue along my slightly parted lips.

I looked to Shaun who was slowly stroking his erect cock. I wanted to cry. I did not want Mike; I wanted my Shaun, my lover Shaun.

I felt Mike thrust into me, and again I looked to Shaun and wished it were he. Unbidden, tears started to form at my eyes and travel down my cheeks, Mike fucking me, failed to notice.

Mike grunted away, pausing only to free my small breasts from my top.

"Oh Yes!" He took a complete breast into his mouth, sucking it all in as he drove deeply into me.

I raised a hand to Shaun, but he shook his head and continued to slowly stroke his member.

Mike speeded up. He took the sensitive flesh of my breast between his teeth and nipped at it. His hips painfully hitting mine. The grunts got louder, the nips harder and biting.

The thrusting between my legs failed to bring any pleasure. I felt like I was in limbo. Had it been Shaun, I would have been a quivering wreck by now, having lost count of my orgasms. But he just sat there, slowly stroking. Watching.

I felt a tremor run through the flesh that lay atop me. Then another. Then another. I cried out in pain as Mike bit down on my breast then felt warm fluid erupt within me.

Mike slipped from me with a truly revolting squelch, and then lay down on the bed next to me. I turned my back on him in disgust and beseeched my lover with my eyes.

At first I thought he was going to ignore me. Then to my unending joy he slowly stood. His manhood proudly erect before him.

Shaun lay down in front of me and opened his arms for an embrace that I gladly accepted. As his arms tightly enclosed me, my lips joyously touched his. His tongue, as always, allowed to roam freely within my own mouth.

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