Robin and Amanda
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Ma/Ma, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Swinging, Group Sex, Sex Toys, Cream Pie, Slow,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A happily married couple discover the pleasures of broadening their relationship to include others. Originally written for a couple and mailed to them sparately - hence the somewhat unusual format.

Robin's story.

I have always wondered whether Amanda is really happy with our sex life - I mean she always seems satisfied and she says she is more than happy with me, but given our age difference and all that stuff, you read about women reaching their sexual peak in their early 30s (which is where she is now!) I sometimes wonder if a 52-year-old guy can give her all she needs.

Whenever we are out together I can see guys checking her out - and who could blame them she is gorgeous with a fantastic figure (why is it that women always want to be skinny when us guys just love a rounded figure? Beats me). Since I started noticing this I have always encouraged her to dress sexily - nothing too obvious a few well chosen birthday or anniversary presents. Making sure I compliment her on her appearance more when she is dressed the way I like than at other times. She seems to have taken to it without even noticing that she now wears much more revealing clothes than she used to.

We have read all the stories in magazines and on the net about horny wives and enjoyed them as stories. Amanda enjoys them but says its just a story and a fantasy and that they are all made up and she could never behave like those sluts but I guess I'm a little insecure about it (pretty dumb for someone who works in security to be insecure!).Sometimes those stories get us both so hot we do a little fantasy role-playing, she will tell me about some hot guy at work and I will tell her to go for it and see if he is as good as she hopes but that is just pillow talk. I think!

I have always told her that if a man ever makes a pass at her and she wants to take it up that I could accept it as long as it was just a casual thing and not a threat to our marriage. I know several of our friends find her attractive and often fantasise about her with one of them when I am alone and horny. I have also told her I have fantasies about 3-somes - she thinks I mean us and another girl but in my mind it is always us and another man. Photos of girls with two men in magazines or on the net are always so exciting so maybe I have some bi tendencies (but Amanda does not need to know that)

Anyway that was the situation about 6 months ago we had sort of discussed Amanda having other men for fun and I had sort of told her I was OK with it, but she had said it was just fantasy and would never happen.

Of course life has a way of throwing up surprises when you least expect them.

Amanda's story

Robin and I have always had a great sex life together - he is a good bit older than me and seems concerned that he won't be able to keep me satisfied as I reach my sexual prime (his words).I am quite attractive although a little overweight (Robin always says I am just perfect but he has to say that or I hit him -joke) and like any attractive woman I am often aware of admiring glances from guys. Robin has been slowly encouraging me to dress more revealingly. He's never said anything outright but several times he has bought me clothes as presents and they are always fairly revealing, at first I would wear them just to please him but I must admit the silky fabrics feel nice and its always fun when I spot guys checking me out. On a few occasions guys have made passes but I am quite happy with Robin and have never done more than give a man a kiss at Christmas parties.

We quite often read stories in magazines or on the net together to get us in the mood for lovemaking and I have noticed that Robin always gets extra excited by the ones about "slut wives" so sometimes we do a little role-playing in bed pretending that I am with another man. Or maybe I will invent a story for him about a guy at work or one of our friends and sometimes I will call out another mans' name as I am coming (that always seems to make Robin come instantly so I am careful about when I do it though)

During these sessions Robin is always keen to make sure that I know he would be happy for me to turn fantasy into reality if I wanted to (but I am sure that is just his hard on talking) but I really am perfectly happy with him and have no intention of this ever being more than a fantasy. Although when I am alone and horny I do sometimes fantasise about one of our friends who has always made it clear he finds me attractive (always good for a girls ego) but have never mentioned this to Robin as it is a little too close to home. Another of Robin's fantasies is a 3-some. Although he always thinks of it as the two of us and another girl whereas in my mind its always the two of us and another guy (although I do enjoy looking at photos of girls in the magazines so maybe I am a little bi but Robin doesn't need to know that)

So that was how things were a few months back we had sort of talked about me needing another man to keep me satisfied and I had assured Robin that it was ok as a fantasy but would never happen.

Of course life has a way of throwing up surprises when you least expect them.

Robin's story

Looking back, it is hard to put your finger on an occasion and say that's when things changed but I guess the first minor turning point was a summer barbecue and pool party at some friends. There were about eight of us going and for once, no one had to work the next day so a late night was on the cards. Anyway the girls were doing the usual thing - phoning each other up discussing what they were going to wear and all that sort of stuff - I mean it was a pool party - a bathing suit and a wrap how hard can that be? Eventually it seemed the girls all had to go shopping for new swimsuits but when they got home, it seemed like they had been drinking wine and giggling together all day rather than shopping!

Amanda's story

Early in the summer, we were invited to some friends for a barbecue party. They have a pool too so it sounded like a fun afternoon and evening. The girls and I were consulting each other ahead of time to sort out what we would wear and so on and it seemed a couple of us could do with new swimsuits so we planned a girls day out at the mall (no hairdos this time though with an afternoon in the pool ahead).

We planned to hit the shops around 10, do some preliminary investigation of the swimsuits, grab some lunch while we decided then go back and buy them. Anyway the four of us had a great time choosing swimsuits for each other although Helen seemed to be looking for the most revealing suit she could find which acted as a sort of challenge to the rest of us so we all ended up trying to outdo each other (a couple of glasses of wine over lunch didn't help either).I ended up buying a very brief white bikini but Helen went for a tie sided thong style. We all told her she was asking for trouble if the guys had a few beers but she just laughed.

When I got home, Robin got me to model the swimsuit and said I looked great. I laughed and said

"Wait until you see Helen's"

When I explained Robin grinned and said

"Hmm can't wait to see that"

He asked if I thought we should allow Helen to upstage me and I guess the wine at lunchtime and the competitive streak was still running through me. I thought for a moment then dashed upstairs. I slipped the bikini off and had a good look at it - there was some adjustment on the straps and a lining to the cups and the briefs. It only took about 5 minutes with the sewing kit to remove the lining and tighten the straps. I also spent a few minutes finding an old pair of white sandals with a two 1⁄2-inch heel.

When I went back downstairs Robin said I looked a lot sexier but he could not say why (I guess us girls have a few secrets left then).

Robin's story

I got Amanda to model her new swimsuit for me and she looked very sexy - a white bikini which did not leave much to the imagination. I said she looked gorgeous and she grinned and said

"Wait until you see Helens new suit!"

"Why?" I asked

"Well we got a little competitive about buying the most daring swimsuit and Helen bought a tie sided one."

"Hmmm could be fun" I grinned (that got me a punch on the arm) "but I don't think we can allow her to upstage you. Can we?"

That must have touched a nerve or maybe she was still feeling competitive because Amanda nodded.

"Wait there" she said and dashed upstairs.

She came back down about 15 minutes later still wearing the white bikini but somehow now it looked a lot sexier although I couldn't see what she had done differently (there goes my second career as a ladies dress designer!). I said as much but Amanda just laughed and wouldn't tell me what she had done to make it look different.

Amanda's story

Fortunately, the morning of the party was bright and sunny so there was no chance of us not being able to enjoy the barbecue and the pool. I spent a while getting ready - while shaving my legs I realised I needed to trim my pussy as the bikini bottom was quite brief. I had a wicked thought and tried to trim my bush in the shape of a heart - something we had seen in a photo in a magazine that Robin had commented on. I soon discovered that it's far from easy - (I guess the girl in the magazine had hers done by someone else) and after a few minutes and a look in the mirror I decided I would have to shave it all off or look lopsided! I have shaved down there a few times and Robin really likes it but it itches terribly when it starts to grow back so I usually just keep it trimmed short. Robin's comment about not being outshone by the other girls must have still been in the back of my mind because I took the time to paint my toenails and selected an old bracelet to wear as an ankle chain. I had picked out a white dress to wear over the swimming costume so I could just keep the bikini on as underwear later in the evening. Robin seemed to appreciate my choice as I got a wolf whistle and a big kiss when I went downstairs. He said he thought I would be the best-looking girl there.

Robin's story

The morning of the party was hot and sunny so I knew there would not be any last minute changes to our plans. I was in charge of the beer so I had to load the crates into the back of the car while Amanda was getting ready. As usual she seemed to take ages getting ready and I was all loaded and ready to go long before she came down (I don't know why women take so long to get ready but Amanda always looks gorgeous so whatever it is she does seems to work!). Finally she came down and announced she was ready I gave her a wolf whistle she really did look great.

"Well the other girls are going to have to go some to look better than you darling" I said.

"It's not a competition" she replied although she got a thoughtful look and I wondered if she really meant that.

We got to Wayne and Annette's house around 12.30, he gave me hand bringing the beer in while Annette and Amanda went through to the kitchen.

"So who else is coming?" I asked

"Claire and Helen from the hospital with a couple of guys, some of the guys from the post office, a couple of friends of Annette's and some guy who she has been chatting to on the net - met him through friends reunited - used to go to school with her - Amanda might know him names Derek or something like that."

"Quite a crowd then."

"Yes but a few of them will only be here for the afternoon - got to get back for the kids - and some of the guys from work will have an early start tomorrow."

"Should be fun then."

We wandered through to the garden and put the beers down near the barbecue. As usual there was a group of guys standing around the barbecue drinking beer and chatting while the ladies were in another group chattering and laughing.

Wayne introduced me to the guys,

"This is Dave and Andy from the post office, Jim and Alex you might know as they are from the hospital and this is Derek who was at school with Annette."

"Er actually its Darryl not Derek" said a tall guy standing near the back of the group.

"Sorry" said Wayne "Darryl meet Robin" he said pretending to make a formal introduction.

I was a little intrigued by this - I knew Amanda and Annette had been at school together so Amanda would know this Darryl and more intriguing still once in one of our story telling sessions Amanda had mentioned that apart from me and her first husband she had only slept with one other guy - an old schoolmate called Darryl. I wondered if this could be him and a little part of my mind was excited thinking that he might be!

I chatted to Darryl for a while - usual guy stuff - what team do you follow what's your job etc. Then I said

"If you were at school with Annette then you might know my wife Amanda - that's her over there the blonde in the white dress."

"Hey, yes I remember her from school - in fact the last time I saw her she had just got divorced - good to see she has got her life back together."

That clinched it in my mind Amanda's story had been about bumping into an old school friend not long after her divorce and ending up taking him home for what she had called "some great sex" She said it had been the only time she had ever had a one-night stand. I wondered if she would remember telling me about it.

"Come on over and say Hi then" I said leading Darryl across to the group of girls

"Hey Amanda - this is Darryl he was at school with you and Annette she has been chatting to him through that friends reunited website and asked him along as he's in town for a week or so."

Amanda turned around

"Hi Darryl long time no see." she said.

Amanda's story

We got to Wayne and Annette's and I went through to the garden with Annette leaving the boys to bring the beer through.

"So who's here?" I asked

"Some of Wayne's friends from work Claire and Helen with Jim and Alex from the hospital and I don't know if you will remember him but I've been on that website for old school friends and got chatting to Darryl from school - he's in town for the weekend so I asked him along too."

I could only remember one Darryl from school - we had not socialised much then but a few years back, when I was recently divorced we had bumped into each other and ended up back at my place having wild sex (the only one-night stand I have ever had).

I knew that I had told Robin the story one night in bed as part of one of our story telling sessions but I couldn't remember if I had said what the guys' name was and even if I had I didn't know if Robin would remember.

We had been chatting for a while catching up on gossip when Robin walked over, came up behind me and said

"Hey Amanda - this is Darryl he was at school with you and Annette she has been chatting to him through that friends reunited website and asked him along as he's in town for a few days."

I turned around and smiled

"Hi Darryl - long time no see"

Robin's story

I had planned to leave Darryl and Amanda to chat for a while but about then Wayne shouted that he was lighting the barbecue so food would be about an hour and if people fancied a swim first this would be a good time. I already knew how sexy Amanda looked in her bikini but I was quite keen to get a look at Helen's to see what it was like. I had just worn my old swimming shorts so I just took off my shirt and dived in.

When I surfaced and looked around I realised I had missed Helen getting into the pool so I would have to wait for that little treat

Amanda and Darryl were still chatting so I shouted over to them

"Come on in the waters lovely."

Amanda gave me a wave, slipped off her dress and shoes, and walked across to lower herself into the pool - from where I was in the pool looking up that bikini looked sexier than ever and I could see Darryl giving her a very appreciative look. Amanda swam over to me to give me a kiss and, as she stood up, I realised that her white bikini had gone almost transparent when it got wet and her nipples were quite apparent through the tight material.

"Well if Helen's suit is any sexier than that one you are going to have to give us guys the kiss of life!"

Amanda glanced down at herself to see what I was looking at and she looked a little shocked.

"Damn. I should have thought of that." she said under her breath before turning to me and continuing in a normal voice,

"I didn't expect that." she said "when I've had a swim you had better be ready to put a towel around me or all our friends will see more of me than they expected" she gave me a wicked grin and another kiss before swimming off.

I swam around for a little while keeping an eye on Amanda and trying to get a look at Helen's bikini without much luck but I figured I would have all afternoon to get a peek.

I noticed that Darryl was in the pool and swimming close to Amanda as they carried on their chat and I thought to myself that he would enjoy the view if she stood up again. I have to say that knowing Amanda was dressed so revealingly in the middle of a whole bunch of our friends was definitely a turn on for me and part of me was scheming how to move things on a little without upsetting anyone. Fortunately, someone upstairs must have been reading my mind because Wayne shouted over that my mobile phone was ringing in my shirt pocket. One of the main drawbacks to my work in security is that I have to be on call all the time - fortunately in these days of computer control and the internet most problems can be solved from my home PC though. Not like the old days when a phone call usually meant a day wasted resetting some alarm somewhere in the middle of nowhere. I climbed out of the pool and went to check the phone - as I had feared it was an alert about a tripped sensor - not a problem just meant I would have to go home to reset it from the PC.

I walked over and beckoned Amanda to the side of the pool

"Alarm alert." I said, "I'll have to shoot home and reset it - be as quick as I can."

I looked over her shoulder to Darryl

"Would you look after Amanda for me until I get back?"

Darryl gave me a jokey salute

"It would be my pleasure to take care of her for you." he said

An innocent turn of phrase but that little bit of my mind that has all the naughty thoughts went "Aha!"

Amanda's story

Wayne shouted that he was lighting the barbecue and now was a good time to swim before the food was ready. Robin went to swim leaving me with Darryl.

"When Annette invited me I hoped you would be here." he said "I knew you used to be friends with her - and I was hoping to see you again. I'm glad to see you managed to find a new husband, you were a bit off marriage last time I saw you but Robin seems a nice guy."

I smiled and said

"Yes. I was pretty down then but that evening helped me get a few things out of my system so I owe you."

He laughed and winked at me and said

"Mmmm I do like to have beautiful women in my debt"

Just then Robin shouted for me to join him in the pool so I walked over slipped off the dress and shoes and lowered myself into the water and swam over to him when I reached him and stood up to give him a kiss he glanced down and said

"Well if Helen's suit is any sexier than that one you are going to have to give us guys the kiss of life!"

I looked down and realised that where I had removed the lining from the cups of the bikini and left just the thin material it had gone almost transparent when it got wet. Impulsively I decided to give Robin a little treat so I just smiled and told him he had better be ready with a towel when I got out or some of our friends would catch an eyeful. I know he likes me to dress revealingly but this was a lot more revealing than I would ever dress any other time!

I swam off and was shortly joined by Darryl and we swam side by side for a while.

A few minutes later Robin came over and said he had had an alarm call and had to go home to fix it. He said he wouldn't be long and then looked past me to Darryl and asked him to look after me until he got back.

Darryl clowned a salute and said

"I'd be happy to take care of Amanda for you."

I was looking straight at Robin as Darryl said that and I saw a momentary smile and gleam in his eye at Darryl's turn of phrase.

"Aha!" I thought to myself "I know what he's thinking."

Robin's story

My mind was buzzing as I drove home wondering if there was any way I could engineer things so Amanda would renew her relationship with Darryl. Leaving them at the party together might turn out to be a blessing in disguise. I had noticed him checking her out when she took her dress off to get in the pool and I was pretty sure he would have noticed the effect of the water on her bikini. I decided that I would stay away for at least a couple of hours - if I was any judge of guys Darryl would be paying Amanda a lot of attention - especially if he was sure I was out of the way. In fact that decision was made for me - the alert on the PC was more serious than I had thought and it looked like it would take 3 or 4 hours to fix - bad but at least remote access meant I didn't end up with a 2 hour drive each way to the site on top. I phoned Wayne's house and Annette answered -

"Hi Annette its Robin - could you tell Amanda I will be at least 4 hours fixing this alarm - say I said she should stay and have fun and I will see her later."

"OK Robin." she replied, "we will save you some food but the beer is going fast - could you be a darling and bring some back with you later?"

"Sure" I said, "better tell Amanda I will be back early evening then."

Amanda's story

Annette wandered over, said Robin had just phoned, and that he would be longer than he had thought but that he had said to tell me to stay and have fun. I had a sneaking suspicion I knew the type of fun Robin had in mind but a party with a load of our friends was not going to give the opportunity for more than a little flirting. Still I thought that might give me a sexy story to tell Robin in bed tonight and that is always fun!

I turned to Darryl and explained the situation

"I guess this means you are my date for the afternoon now," I told him.

"I'd be more than happy to date you anytime Amanda" he replied. "With Robin's permission of course."

"Robin is so sweet" I said, "he always tells me I should get out more and enjoy myself so I am sure he wouldn't mind you being my date today."

Just then Wayne shouted that the food was ready.

I smiled at Darryl and said

"Well your first job is to get a towel and stand at the top of the steps to put it round me when I get out. I'm sure you noticed that this top is a bit see through when it's wet."

"No I hadn't noticed that at all" he grinned


He got out of the pool and I couldn't help noticing that he was wearing those really tight brief style swimming trunks. Hmmm he does have a nice ass I thought. When he turned to walk back with the towel I could definitely tell he had seen my bikini top as his trunks had a lovely bulge in the front.

As I climbed the steps to meet him I made sure to briefly press my upper arms in slightly just pushing my breasts out a little and accentuating the cleavage. I laughed to myself as he tripped over a paving stone - "that will teach you to look where you are going," I thought.

He wrapped the towel around me holding me close to him as he dried my back.

"I do like that swimsuit," he said "much sexier than the one Helen is wearing."

"I thought you would have noticed her." I said.

We sat down together and I explained about our shopping trip and the "competition."

I giggled as I told him that Robin had insisted I had to win so I had made some alterations but hadn't realised how transparent the suit would get.

"I'm glad you did" he said, "You have certainly brightened up my afternoon."

"Well if you are good I will go in the pool again later," I said.

We wandered over to the barbecue to get some food

"I'm really sorry Robin had to leave." said Annette

"It's OK." I replied. "Darryl has agreed to stand in for Robin and be my date for the afternoon."

Annette laughed

"Well as long as you realise Amanda doesn't sleep with guys on a first date Darryl!"

Darryl laughed.

"Good job it's our second date then." he whispered to me as we walked away. "Although our first date was certainly something special it's one of my fondest memories."

"Mine too" I replied

Darryl and I continued our flirting off and on for most of the afternoon and around four o'clock he asked me

"Have I been good?"

"Yes. Why?"

"Well you promised me another look at that bikini of yours if I was a good boy." he grinned.

I laughed

"Come on then let's go have a dip in the pool."

I slipped off my dress again very conscious of Darryl's eyes on me and walked over to the pool (I made sure to keep my heels on until I got to the edge of the pool to make sure he got a perfect view of my bottom - OK maybe I wiggled a little more than usual!) I stepped out of the shoes and lowered myself into the water swimming across to the other side of the pool. I heard a splash from behind me as Darryl dived into the pool, I felt him brush past my legs underwater and he surfaced behind me. He leaned close and whispered,

"The bottom of that bikini goes just as see through."

I realised that where I had tightened the straps and because I had ended up shaving my pussy that if he was right and not just kidding then the bottom would leave practically nothing to the imagination. A little part of me was excited thinking of this and I realised that I was seriously considering whether Robin really meant it when he fantasised about me having another man. I soon discovered that Darryl wasn't kidding about the bikini when he whispered

"Got a little carried away with the razor I see."

I was spared from having to reply by Helen shouting out

"OK water polo match - girls versus guys"

We quickly formed two teams - Annette, Helen, Claire and me against Wayne, Jim, Alex and Darryl.

The guys soon realised that if they were careful and hit the ball towards us at the right height us girls had to jump right out of the water to reach it. At first the guys seemed to concentrate on hitting it towards Annette and I realised it was because she had the largest breasts. Darryl however was hitting it towards me most of the time and after a few minutes the other guys started to do the same. They had noticed that my top was almost transparent and were making sure I had to keep jumping out of the water to reach the ball. After the first few times I just stopped worrying and concentrated on making sure I got to the ball and hit it back (it's that competitive streak again).

After about twenty minutes the game dissolved in a mass of splashing and laughter.

Annette swam over and asked me to come and give her a hand in the kitchen for a minute getting some more food out and by now I had stopped worrying about my costume and just climbed out of the pool and walked across to the house with her.

She winked at me

"You are a bit of a dark horse aren't you - Helen was sure she would have all the guys after her in that thong but your costume is much more revealing when it's wet."

I laughed

"Robin wanted me to make sure I had the best costume so I made some adjustments when I got it home,"

"Pity he got called away then." she said, "although Darryl seems to be making the most of it - and Wayne just told me he had no idea you had such lovely tits. Mind you he's definitely a breast man!" she giggled and gave a little shimmy making her breasts bounce.

"Robin likes breasts too - he's always telling me how much he likes yours." I said

"Is he now? Wayne will think that's funny he always likes to know guys are looking at me."

"Yeah - Robins the same always buying me revealing clothes and encouraging me to dress revealingly. He will be mad when I tell him about this afternoon and he realises he's missed me letting everyone have a good look!"

Annette laughed and winked

"Well the night is young who knows what might happen later. Wayne and I often go skinny-dipping after dark. So maybe he will get a chance to catch up later."

"He would enjoy that I'm sure."

Just then the phone rang and Annette answered it

"Oh. Hi we were just talking about you - no of course it wasn't anything good - she's right here I'll put her on."

"It's Robin," she said handing me the phone

"Hi darling" I said, "yes I'm having a great time Darryl has been looking after me and he's been a perfect gentleman."

Robin's story

In the end it took me about 3 hours to fix the problem and once I was done, I phoned Wayne's house and Annette answered.

"Oh. Hi we were just talking about you."

"Nothing good I hope."

"No of course it wasn't anything good."

"Is Amanda there?"

"She's right here I'll put her on."


"Hi darling." said Amanda.

"Hi - you having a good time?"

"Yes I'm having a great time Darryl has been looking after me and he's been a perfect gentleman."

"That doesn't sound much like fun." I laughed

She giggled

"We've been in the pool playing water polo," she said

I got a mental picture of Amanda leaping about in that bikini and thought to myself that sounds interesting.

"Good - we will have to find a way of thanking Darryl for looking after you then won't we?"

"Yes we will - or I will." she replied.

"OK I will be there in about an hour or so."

"OK darling see you soon."

I hung up the phone and sat down - this was beginning to get interesting. Something in Amanda's manner told me she was trying to let me know just how she intended to thank Darryl and I had an hour or so to decide how I felt about it.

Amanda's story

I hung up the phone

"Robin will be back in about an hour." I told Annette

I walked back outside with a tray of snacks.

I had been trying to let Robin know that I was seriously considering sleeping with -no - not sleeping - seriously considering having sex with - no - seriously considering fucking (be honest with yourself Amanda) Darryl and was giving him a chance to decide how he felt about fantasy becoming reality. I wanted Darryl but I loved Robin and if he was unhappy about things then that would be that.

Robin's story

I drove to the supermarket to pick up more beer and then drove on to Wayne's house. My mind was whirling as I considered whether I really wanted Amanda to sleep with - no - to FUCK another man. Eventually I decided that a. I loved Amanda. b. she loved me. c. Darryl seemed a nice person and Amanda obviously liked him (and she had slept with him before). And d. the idea of Amanda and Darryl fucking was turning me on so much that I just knew I had to make sure it happened!

Once I made the decision, it was just a matter of deciding how to make sure Amanda got the opportunity and could be sure that it was my idea.

When I got back to Wayne's house, I realised that more beer might be overkill - the kitchen table was covered with empty wine bottles and looking out into the garden I saw that the combination of alcohol, exercise and sunshine had taken its toll.

Dave and Andy the two guys from the post office were both asleep on the lawn. Wayne and Annette were sat on sunloungers near the pool.

Jim and Alex were crashed out in the lounge and Claire and Helen were slowly swimming up and down the pool. Amanda and Darryl were sitting together on a bench near the pool. When Wayne saw me he realised how late it was getting

"Hi Robin. - Give me a hand to wake up Dave and Andy - they have to be at work at four a.m."

"Ouch - rather them than me." I said and started to wake them up

"Are you two OK to drive?" I asked.

"We were going to call a cab," said Dave "we only have to get to my place down in the town."

"Come on, I'll give you a lift" I said. "Just give me five minutes."

I walked down to where Amanda and Darryl were sitting

"I have a favour to ask Darryl."


"I'm just going to give the guys a lift home. Would you take care of Amanda for a while longer?"

"I will take care of Amanda anytime you want me to." he grinned

"Hmm - I hope you will be able to thank Darryl for looking after you darling"

Amanda replied

"Oh. I am sure I can think of something."

"Good. I will be back soon. Don't do anything I wouldn't do."

"We won't. See you soon."

I went back up the garden collected the guys and drove them down into the town. On the way back I thought - well that should have let Amanda know how I feel - now to work on giving her the opportunity.

Amanda's story

When Robin got back, he offered to drive a couple of the guys home because they had had too much to drink - he is always so good about stuff like that. Before he went, he came over and asked Darryl if he would mind taking care of me for a little longer. Then he said to me

"Hmm - I hope you will be able to thank Darryl for looking after you darling"

I replied

"Oh. I am sure I can think of something."

"Good. I will be back soon. Don't do anything I wouldn't do."

"We won't. See you soon."

Something in Robin's manner told me that he was letting me know that he wanted our fantasies to take the next step if I wanted to. Now all we needed was to find an opportunity.

Robin's story

By the time I got back to Wayne's I noticed that most of the cars had gone and when I went in I discovered that Amanda, Darryl and I were the only guests left.

"What happened?" I asked.

"Alex was on call and his buzzer went. As he was driving everyone else left too. " said Wayne.

"Oh well - we had better not stay too much longer then - but we will give you a hand clearing up first."

"Up to you" said Wayne - "I'm not working tomorrow and we don't often have guests so stay as long as you like. We will probably be back in the pool soon anyway - it has underwater lights and looks really good once it's dark."

"OK - I haven't had much chance to try it out yet so another swim might be good."

The five of us spent an hour or so clearing up and then settled down with some fresh drinks.

"I'm just going to put the pool lights on said Wayne and went inside for a moment. The pool suddenly lit up with a soft greenish glow from the underwater lights.

"That looks great." said Amanda "I will have to go in for another swim in a minute."

Annette looked at Wayne

"Club rules?" she asked

Wayne laughed

"Up to you darling." he replied

"What are club rules?" asked Amanda.

Annette grinned

"No swimming costumes allowed once the lights are on - skinny dipping only."

Amanda laughed

"Well as you said earlier there's not much difference with my costume. How about you boys?" she said meaning Darryl and me. "You going to chicken out?"

I glanced at Darryl

"Not me." I said, "Last one in the water buys the beers!"

I leapt up and slipped out of my clothes ran down the garden and jumped into the pool. I am still not quite sure why I did that I'm not usually quite so adventurous.

The others were a little behind me but pretty soon all five of us were splashing around in the water. We guys had a bit of an advantage as the water was deep enough to keep us hidden but Amanda and Annette's breasts were clearly on show - and two finer sets of breasts you would have to go a long way to find!

After a few minutes Wayne asked

"Who was last anyway? I need another beer."

"I was first." I said

"It was Darryl." said Annette

Darryl laughed

"OK I'm going - three beers and two white wines right?"

He swam to the side of the pool and climbed out.

Like most guys, I guess I unconsciously check out other guys and make that little comparison in my head. Given the circumstances, I was quite pleased to see that Darryl did not appear any bigger than me. I know all that stuff about size isn't important but this is instinct! Amanda happened to be standing next to me at the time and I heard her make a little purr of approval. I leaned over and gave her a kiss.

"You like that darling?" I whispered

She pulled my head down to hers and whispered in my ear

"I love you Robin - and yes I do like that!"

Amanda's story

While Robin was gone Alex's buzzer went off - he was on call and had to go and as he was driving that meant Claire, Helen and Jim had to go too so by the time Robin got back only he, Darryl and I were left. The three of us spent an hour or so helping Wayne and Annette clear up and then we settled down with some drinks. Wayne got up and went indoors and a moment later, the pool lit up.

"That looks great" I said "I will have to go in for another swim before we go.

Annette looked at Wayne

"Club rules?" she asked

Wayne laughed,

"Up to you darling." he replied

"What are club rules?" I asked.

Annette grinned,

"No swimming costumes allowed once the lights are on - skinny dipping only."

I laughed,

"Well as you said earlier there's not much difference with my costume. How about you boys?" I said meaning Robin and Darryl. "You going to chicken out?"

Robin surprised me then - he is usually fairly reserved in company (but very different in private I'm happy to say) but he leapt up stripped off and ran down to the pool shouting

"Last one in buys the beers!"

I glanced at Annette and saw she already had her top off so I quickly undressed and ran down to join Robin in the pool. We splashed around for a while, the pool lights were great because it meant Annette and I could easily see everything under the water and three naked guys is not something I see every day!

After a while, Wayne said he needed a beer and asked who had been last in.

"Darryl" said Annette

Darryl laughed and swam to the side of the pool to go get some beers. Robin caught me watching as Darryl climbed out of the pool and leant over to kiss me and whisper

"Like what you see?"

I pulled Robins head down and whispered back

"I love you Robin - and yes I do like what I see!"

When Darryl returned with the drinks he handed them round then slipped back into the pool on the other side of me from Robin. He held his beer in one hand, his other hand slipped under the water, and he started to gently stroke my leg. I was about to stop him when I felt Robin's hand begin to stroke the other leg this was beginning to get a little out of hand I thought but it felt nice and I couldn't help wondering what might happen next. The two hands were stroking up and down, each was slowly moving inwards across my thighs, and I knew that at any moment they would discover each other. When I felt them move in further and they suddenly found themselves holding hands I just burst out laughing. Fortunately, Robin saw the funny side too and laughed then leant forward and raised his beer towards Darryl.


Darryl grinned and raised his beer to tap the bottle against Robin's.

"Cheers Robin."

I glanced across the pool and saw that Wayne and Annette were kissing passionately.

"I think it's about time we three made a move." I said

Robin glanced across the pool and agreed

"Come on then let's go" he said.

"Can you drop me back to my hotel?" asked Darryl.

"No." Robin replied and then he completely surprised me by going on to say

"If I don't take you home with us to spend the night with Amanda I don't think she will ever forgive me!"

Damn the man - he was right of course - but I do hate it when he reads me that well - a girl likes to be able to keep some secrets!

We got out of the pool and I walked around to kneel down and say to Annette

"We're going now - we can see ourselves out so you two carry on - I'll phone you tomorrow."

Robin's story

When Darryl came back with the drinks, we all relaxed just chatting and drinking. I was still trying to work out how to ensure Amanda got what I so much wanted her to have - Darryl! I was stroking Amanda's leg under the water and I suddenly realised that Darryl was stroking her other leg. I slowly moved my hand across Amanda's thigh until I felt Darryl's hand - when Amanda realised we had discovered each other she burst out laughing. I leant forward and raised my beer bottle towards Darryl


Darryl grinned and clinked his bottle against mine.

Amanda said

"It's time we three were off."

I glanced across the pool and realised Wayne and Annette were too involved in each other to care what we did so I agreed.

"Can I have a lift back to the hotel?" asked Darryl.

"No." I replied

Amanda gave me a surprised look and then looked even more surprised when I said

"I'm taking you home with us to spend the night with Amanda - if I don't she may never speak to me again!"

I just hoped that was what Amanda was hoping for.

We climbed out of the pool and Amanda went to say goodbye to Annette and Wayne while Darryl and I gathered up our clothes. Amanda joined us and just slipped her dress on

"Come on you two before I freeze to death."

We walked out to the car and I turned to Darryl and said

"You'd better ride in the back and keep Amanda warm then."

On the way home Darryl did just that with his arms around my wife all the way - I don't think I have ever seen one kiss last so long. I adjusted the mirror so I could see and then just drove slowly home - I don't think Amanda even noticed that I took a longer route than necessary. I was worried that Amanda might chicken out at the last minute so as soon as we arrived home and got indoors I went over and kissed her

"I will be in the spare room - you two have fun. Oh and I'll have coffee in bed in the morning."

I just went straight upstairs and left them together.

Amanda's story

On the way out to the car I just slipped my dress on.

"Come on guys before I freeze to death"

Robin turned to Darryl and told him he'd better ride in the back and keep me warm so we climbed into the back seat and he put his arms around me and for most of the next fifteen minutes or so I had my eyes closed and my mouth open as Darryl kissed me passionately. Robin was so funny - he drove really slowly and went about five miles out of the way. I guess he thought I was too busy kissing Darryl to notice!

When we got home Robin turned to me and said

"I will be in the spare room - you two have fun. Oh and I'll have coffee in bed in the morning."

Then he just went straight upstairs leaving Darryl and I alone together.

We stood silently for a moment and I realised that despite all that had happened today Darryl was still slightly unsure of the situation so I took his hand and led him upstairs. I did all the usual hostess stuff - pointed out the bathroom then led him into mine and Robin's bedroom. As soon as the door closed behind him Darryl seemed to regain his confidence, his arms went around me and he pulled me to him tilted my head back and kissed me

"I want you Amanda - I've wanted you again ever since that night"

His kisses were more and more passionate and his hands held me tight against him.

"Take me to bed now," I moaned.

He led me to the bed and laid me down then came to lie next to me. He leant over me and his lips found mine again. My arms wrapped around him pulling him down over me as I kissed his mouth my tongue licking against his. His hand started to stroke slowly down the side of my face pushing my hair back his fingertips tracing small circles on my skin then sliding slowly down across my neck and shoulder. He broke our kiss for a moment and gently kissed my eyes and chin then his hand stroked slowly down my side to the hem of my dress as he kissed me again. His hand stroked slowly up outside my dress his fingers sliding over the silky material up to cup my breast. I moaned into his mouth as his palm cupped my breast and his fingertips stroked across my nipple feeling it harden as he did so. I moaned again - my nipples have always been incredibly sensitive and it looked as though Darryl had remembered.

My hands stroked up and down his back pulling his shirt up and he broke our kiss for a moment to take it off and throw it across the room. As his lips found mine again I gently pushed him over onto his back so I could lean down to kiss him. My hand stroked his side, nails scratching gently, then I slowly stroked across his chest to his nipple and let my fingertips caress it gently - I hadn't known until I met Robin just how sensitive a mans' nipples can be and Darryl was obviously no exception as he moaned softly. I broke our kiss and lowered my head to lick his nipple gently and his hand cupped the back of my head stroking my hair as I sucked gently. My hand slid slowly across his stomach and I began trying to undo the waistband of his shorts. I was fiddling with his belt and he reached down between us to undo it for me and slide his shorts down and off. He then grasped the hem of my dress and pulled it up over my head.

"There - that's better" he said.

Now we were naked, our lips found each other again kissing, and licking as our hands stroked each other's backs. Darryl gently eased me over onto my back and his lips started trailing small kisses down across my throat towards my breasts. His lips finally closed around my nipple and his tongue licked gently in little circles then flicked back and forth teasing and exciting my nipple making it even harder. My hands held his head pulling him harder against me then guiding his lips to my other nipple. His hands were caressing me one stroking down across my tummy and tracing little circles across my hips and down the outside of my thigh his fingers slowly (oh so slowly!) stroked down the outside of my thigh then across and back up. I moaned again letting my legs slip apart wanting him to stroke higher. His fingers stroked up and just as I thought I could not stand the waiting his hand found my pussy. He stroked gently his fingertips slipping between the outer lips to find me as wet as I have ever been.

"MMmmmmmm" he moaned

His fingertip slipped gently inside me then stroked up spreading my moisture over my clitoris - his fingertip stroked across the tip and then circled gently round and round. I reached a hand down and grabbed his hand pulling him harder against me.

"Rub me Darryl - make me come!" I cried

His lips left my breast for a moment

"Oh I will my darling."

His fingertip was rubbing me faster now driving me wild pushing me closer and closer to orgasm. My hands stroked frantically up and down his back my hips rocking pushing up at his hand.

"Don't stop don't stop... Yes just there... harder... faster."

With a little scream I came, my hips rocking frantically pushing up against Darryl's hand. I reached down and grabbed his wrist

"Stop a moment... That feels too nice."

His hand stayed still just his fingertip slowly stroking my clitoris very gently as I recovered.

I lay for a few moments my head on his shoulder,

"Right now it's my turn," I said.

I laid him on his back and leant on one elbow next to him. Looking down at him, I lowered my head and kissed him. Just as he had, I kissed slowly down across his chest my tongue licking leaving little wet trails circling around his nipple then flicking my tongue tip across his nipple before letting my lips close around it sucking gently. My hand stroked down and gently encircled his cock, which was really hard. I gripped it gently stoking slowly up and down enjoying the feel of his foreskin sliding up and down over his glistening knob (Robin is circumcised and this felt different - not nicer just different). Slowly I let my lips trail down lower and lower until I was able to just reach out with my tongue and lick the head of Darryl's cock. I let my tongue lick round and round before slowly lowering my head letting him slide between my lips sucking him gently into my mouth. Darryl moaned as I let my lips slide lower then began a slow bobbing action sliding my lips down as far as I could then slowly back up until he came right out of my mouth then licking him before sliding my lips back down again. I varied the actions sometimes licking to and fro sometimes round and round my hand cupped his balls stroking softly a fingernail scratching lightly just behind them (Robin taught me that trick and Darryl seemed to love it too!). Darryl's hands cupped my head guiding me slowly stroking me

"Oh yes - just there - like that Mmmm"

He gently pulled my head up and smiled down at me

"You do that so well" he said "but now I need to fuck you!"

He rolled me onto my back and positioned himself above me looking down at me, I reached down between us and guided his cock to my pussy as he started to slip inside I pushed up and he slid smoothly right in

"Ohhhh yesss" we both moaned together which made us laugh (sex is supposed to be fun after all)

I wrapped my legs around him using my heels to pull him deeper inside

"Come on Darryl fuck me hard now!"

With the long slow build up of tension during the day and the sucking I had just given him I knew this first fuck was going to be a quickie so I concentrated on making it good for him pushing up to meet his thrusts and pulling him into me. He surprised me a little, as he lasted almost three minutes and I loved the feeling of his hard deep thrusts.

"Come on Darryl fuck me hard - come in me darling"

Darryl moaned and his whole body went tense he thrust even harder and deeper into me and I felt his cock jerking inside me as he came

"Ohhhh yes - oh Amanda you are so good"

I held him close feeling his breathing slow. He moved his head down and kissed me

"Thank you"

"You're welcome," I said.

We lay still for a moment and I felt him shrinking inside me until he slipped out of me. He moved to lie next to me and we cuddled gently.

"I need to go clean up and check on Robin," I said "I'll be back in a little while don't you go falling asleep on me."

He laughed

"I need a few minutes to recover - you have worn me out - for the moment!"

I tiptoed down the hall to the spare room and opened the door slowly - I wasn't surprised to find Robin sitting up in bed (I hadn't expected him to just fall asleep!)

I ran over and jumped into the bed next to him and gave him a big kiss

"I love you Robin - and thank you."

He smiled

"I love you too. Was it good?"

"Mmmm very. Should I go back or do you want me to stay here with you for the rest of the night?"

I wanted to go back to Darryl but I was leaving the decision to Robin

"I want you to go back and spend the night with him" he said "but you have to tell me all about it in bed tomorrow night!"

"It's a deal" I giggled.

Then I gave Robin a big kiss and crept back down the hall to my lover.

Robin's story

I went straight up to the spare room and lay on the bed thinking well it's all up to Amanda now and there's no going back. I lay quietly imagining what was going on - I heard the two of them come upstairs and the bedroom door open and close then I heard nothing. Lying there knowing that my wife and her lover were only a few feet away and imagining what they were doing was a strange feeling. Wondering if he did anything I didn't or even if she was different with him. However, the overwhelming feeling was one of excitement knowing that my Amanda was fulfilling one of our fantasies - I don't think I have been so hard since I was a teenager!

After about twenty minutes or so, I suddenly heard Amanda screaming out and I knew that Darryl had just given my wife her first orgasm of the night - I hoped it would not be the last.

About another twenty minutes or so later Amanda crept into the room - once she saw I was awake she threw herself on me kissing me and telling me she loved me.

"I love you too;" I said "was it good?"

"Mmmm very. Should I go back or do you want me to stay here with you for the rest of the night?"

Part of me wanted her to stay but I thought that this night might prove to be a one off and I wanted her to enjoy it as much as possible so I told her to go back to Darryl and I would see her in the morning. I must say she didn't take much persuading. She kissed me and almost ran to the door and back down the hall to "our" bedroom. I lay back thinking to myself that I was a lucky man having such a sexy wife.

Amanda's story

I went back to the bedroom and found that Darryl had managed to stay awake so I jumped into bed next to him kissed him and snuggled down with my head on his shoulder.

"How is Robin?" he asked

"He's fine - he told me to come back and make sure you were taken care of."

"So do the two of you do this kind of thing often?"

"No!" I laughed, "We have shared the fantasy often and always talked about maybe doing it for real one day but until today it was just a fantasy. I'd told him about us and when you turned up at the party everything just seemed to click into place."

"Well I'm glad it did - I often wondered about you - whether you would have remarried - Annette said you would be at the party but I never expected such a great end to the day."

"It's not ended yet Mister" I joked

"I hope not," he said rolling onto his side and leaning over to kiss me. I lay back as his hands started stroking slowly down my side his lips on mine kissing me hard as his fingers gently caressed me. His hand slipped down and around then tickled its way up my tummy to cup my breast his fingertips stroking my nipple. He broke our kiss and lowered his head to take my nipple in his mouth sucking gently and flicking his tongue to and fro across it. His hand moved across to my other breast and his fingers imitated the action of his tongue teasing my other nipple. My hand reached down between us to discover that his cock was recovering nicely from our earlier fuck and I started gently stroking up and down enjoying the feel of his foreskin slipping over his knob. His mouth left my breast and began kissing and licking down across my tummy pausing to lick my navel his tongue flicking in and out before slipping on down. He had to move down the bed to do this and I could no longer reach his cock but he took my hand, brought it up to my breast, and encouraged me to play with my nipple as his lips trailed further down. I spread my thighs as he dipped his head between them his lips finding my pussy and his tongue licking up and down before slipping between my lips in search of my clit. I shuddered with pleasure as his tongue tip flicked across my clitoris and he then closed his lips around it sucking gently and letting his tongue lick slowly around and around. This was driving me wild and I was now using both hands to caress my nipples as Darryl gently licked me slowly sliding first one and then two fingers inside me stroking caressing tickling me. He sucked a little harder his tongue alternating between up and down and round and round movements. My breathing got heavier and my hips started to rise and fall pushing up at his mouth.

"Ohhhh... yes... There... there... like that... yes" I moaned and suddenly like a dam breaking that was it I was coming, my hips thrusting and shaking - my whole body lifting up

"Yessssssssssss" I screamed.

Darryl never stopped his tongue licked faster and faster his fingers slipping in and out of me. I though I was never going to stop coming little tremors shook my whole body and every so often I would be seized by another orgasm and my whole body would buck up just my feet and shoulders staying on the bed as I came again and again.

Eventually I couldn't take any more and I pushed Darryl away from me onto his back. I had to have him inside me and I moved astride him reached down and aimed his cock up and sank down onto it.

"MMmmmmmm" I began to slowly rock my hips back and forth then side to side feeling him deep inside me, stretching me, filling me. I rode him for a few minutes then reached down between us to play with myself I wanted to come with him deep inside me. Rocking faster as my fingers drove me towards another orgasm. Darryl reached up and his hands found my breasts his fingers pulling and pinching my nipples harder now as I shook and rocked on top of him.

"Yesss I'm cominnnngggggg"

I shook again as spasm after spasm raced through me then slowed settling down taking Darryl as deep inside as I could. I leant down and kissed him. Darryl's arms wrapped around me and he rolled us over so he was on top.

"Now I am going to really fuck you," he said

He moved us to the edge of the bed so he could stand on the floor then lifted my legs up to his shoulders and began thrusting in and out of me with long deep strokes harder and faster - he was concentrating solely on his own pleasure just using me, fucking me hard and deep.

"Come on Darryl" I panted "take me fuck me, fuck me, and come in me"

He moaned and his whole body stiffened I felt his cock grow inside me and throb as he came filling me with his come.

"Ohhhh Amanda" he moaned.

He pulled out of me and we moved back up the bed to lay together his arm around me my head on his shoulder.

"You are something else darling" he said, "Robin is a very lucky man"

We cuddled up to each other both exhausted and fell asleep.

Robin's story

There was no way I could sleep with my mind full of thoughts about Amanda and Darryl in the next room. A couple of times I heard her screaming as she orgasmed but eventually everything went quiet and I guessed they were finished for the night. I lay awake with the biggest hard on I could ever remember having. I couldn't wait for tomorrow and hearing Amanda tell me of her night with Darryl. Eventually I must have dropped off because the next thing I knew it was daylight outside. There was no sound from anywhere so it looked like I would have to make my own coffee after all. I got up had a wash and went downstairs to the kitchen I started to make coffee and suddenly thought

"Darryl has just spent the night fucking my wife and I don't even know how he likes his coffee!"

I put three coffees on a tray and took them upstairs. I listened briefly at the bedroom door but heard nothing so I went in. Amanda looked up sleepily at me

"Morning darling" I said, "I've brought you some coffee"

"Morning and thank you now come here and give me a kiss."

I went over to the bed and kissed her.

"Did you have a good night?" I asked.

"Oh yes. I will tell you all about it later."

Darryl sat up and I said

"Morning Darryl - I hope Amanda took care of you properly last night."

"Indeed she did - very well indeed!"

Amanda pushed Darryl over a bit and told me to get in bed next to her and drink my coffee. So there we were Amanda and I sitting up in bed drinking coffee with a man who had just spent the night fucking my wife and it felt the most normal thing in the world.

Amanda's story

Darryl and I must have both fallen asleep because the next thing I knew the door was opening and Robin came into the room with coffee for the three of us. He said good morning and came and gave me a kiss then asked if I had a good night.

"Oh yes. I will tell you all about it later."

Darryl woke up and Robin asked if I had looked after him properly. I pushed Darryl over a bit and got Robin to climb into bed next to us.

So there we were my husband, me and my lover all sat up in bed together and it felt the most normal thing in the world.

"Darling "I said

"Yes" they both replied together and all three of us fell about laughing.

"I'll try again" I said "Robin."

"Yes" he replied.

"We are going to have to get a bigger bed!"

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