Computer Room Rape

by Dark Dreamer

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Rape, Heterosexual, MaleDom, Light Bond, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: A computer operator is raped by a big black intruder


Copyright┬ę 1990 - All rights reserved

He didn't even see her at first. She was behind a counter and invisible. Then she came out from behind it and drew his eyes. She was short, maybe only five feet. Her face was narrow but very pretty, pixiesh, cute like he liked them.

She was petite but it looked like she was pretty well built, even if it was all downsized. Her breasts were probably not that big but looked pretty good on her narrow chest. She had big green eyes, or maybe it was just those round glasses she wore that made them look big. Her hair was a soft, glistening brown, straight and collar length. She looked very intelligent and walked with a straight back.

He watched her bring the magazine up to the counter. She was wearing a long blue and green dress with a glowing hem. Below that she had black, high heeled boots, expensive ones, he thought. Her voice was soft, and a little high pitched as she paid for the magazine.

He stared at the cover over her shoulders as he moved in behind her. The magazine was all about computers, Byte, it was called. You can bite me any time, baby, he thought. She turned slightly as she was waiting for her change. Her eyes passed right over him.

Snotty bitch, he thought, pretending I ain't even here. Just some nigger, not worth noticing.

She walked out into the mall and he paid for his cola and followed. He trailed her down the mall, pausing when she went into women's stores, then following again when she came out. She went out into the parking lot and he followed, sliding further behind. Women tended to get paranoid in parking lots. It was the one place white women always noticed niggers hanging around.

She stopped and got into a tiny blue sports car. He strolled past, getting the licence number and memorizing it. He hurried across the lot to his own car and sped towards the exit she would have used but couldn't pick her up again.

He went home and called a friend of his at the DMV. Roy would give anyone a make on a car for twenty bucks. He was cooperative as always.

The car was registered to a Dale McMann, age twenty four, who lived on Pinehurst. Bad news though, she lived in an apartment building. He drove over there and didn't like what he saw. The building was fifteen stories tall with three branches, shaped like a Y in other words. There was a parking lot out front.

He got into the building easy enough, following a resident. There was a floor plan right on the wall between the elevators. Hers was apartment six fourteen, and that meant she faced the front parking lot. That was more bad news.

He went down to the basement and checked the parking lot. He wandered around for several minutes and finally found the car. Okay, now he thought he knew where he'd hit her. Certainly he couldn't grab her upstairs. A scream in a building like this would be heard by the neighbours. It the window was open the shape of the building would act like a megaphone. Everyone would hear her for blocks around.

He arrived the next morning, waiting outside to see what time she left for work. He almost missed her because she was pulling in to the parking lot, not pulling out. He spotted her just before she drove into the garage.

Maybe the cunt works midnights, he thought, excited at the idea. If so maybe he could hit her at work. Who worked midnights, he wondered. She could be a nurse, or maybe a doctor. He'd love to screw a doctor, rich fucking bastards.

He waited for an hour, just to be sure she hadn't left for work early and then forgotten something and come home again for it. She didn't show up. He drove home then called her number. It rang a number of times before she answered it. Her voice was sleepy. Hot damn, he thought.

"Hello?" she moaned.

"I'm gonna fuck you baby," he said, then hung up.

He laughed out loud. She'd take it for an obscene caller and not give it another thought. He'd remind her that he had warned her though, when he had her alone.

He drove back to her place and parked opposite the garage entrance around nine thirty. Better early than late, he thought. She drove out a little after eleven. He followed.

The drive wasn't long and ended at a mid sized building in the city's business park. Hovertech, it said on a big sign. This wasn't good, now that he thought of it. The place had to have an alarm system, probably a real good one, and maybe even security guards.

He went home. No way was he going to go skulking around the place at night. He looked up their number in the phone book and called. It rang a dozen times without an answer. That was good news. Usually if there was a security guard he'd answer the phone.

He called a couple more times but there was still no answer. He smiled and slept a few hours, then drove back to the building and waited for Dale to leave. She pulled out and drove home, stopping along the way to pick up some things at a grocery store.

He got on his best suit and drove back to Hovertech, carrying an expensive briefcase. He handed the receptionist a card which identified him as a salesman for a security company. His smile was warm, for he was happy at finding a receptionist instead of a guard.

In due course he was shown in to see the building manager, who didn't even wait for his sales pitch. He told him that Hovertech had an excellent alarm system already. He tried to tell the guy that alarm systems were all well and good but security guards were much better. The guy wasn't having any of it.

"Security guards are a waste of money," the guy said.

So now he knew there weren't any security guards. The short walk from the front door to the manager's office revealed no indications of electric eye beams, and no motion detectors. The floor was stone with no rugs to hide sensor pads. The stupid bastard probably only had those silly little magnetic alarms on the doors and windows.

On his way out he detoured and went out a fire escape. Yep, only the magnetic contact switches. He looked around quickly, then reached up with his knife and cut the wires leading to the contact on the door. He let it shut and went home.

Dale could hardly stop yawning as she drove to work. It wasn't the midnight shift that was making her tired. She'd gotten used to it in the past few months. No, it was some stupid bastard who had called her on the phone several times during the day, waking her up each time with a chilling promise to rape her.

She'd taken the phone off the hook after the third call, despite knowing she was on call for any computer trouble and could get into trouble if they couldn't reach her.

Straight out of University she'd been hired here. There was great promotion potential with Hovertech. They paid well and had great fringe benefits. Unfortunately their policy called for all new people to start out on the midnight shift babysitting the computers and fixing bugs.

Her social life had been shot to hell, but the job was worth it. Anyway, in another few months it would be some other new guy, or girl's problem. She'd be shifted to evenings then, and have company on her shift. And in another six months she'd be on days. She could forego a social life for that long.

She'd talked to Jenny Murphy, who'd been hired just two years ago. Already she was out of the computer room and had her own office as a programmer. There were places where she could have started right off the bat as a programmer but none had the potential of Hovertech, which was one of the best companies to work for in the country.

She greeted Jack and Paul as she walked into the vast computer room. They chatted a bit, then the guys left her alone and went home. She yawned again and sat down in the main operators chair, scanning the screens lined up before her. Everything was just fine.

She nodded off.

Something woke her. She wasn't sure what at first. She panicked, thinking it had been a call for something on the computer but a fast scan showed everything was all right. Then her eyes slid up above the screens and she saw the black man smiling at her.

She screamed and jumped to her feet, sending the chair rolling back into a tape drive. He just smiled at her as she stared up at him in shock.

"Wh... who are you? How did you get in here?" she demanded fearfully.

He didn't answer.

"If you don't leave I'll call security," she stuttered.

"Ain't no security in this building, honey," he smiled. "There's just you... and me."

She gave a gasp of terror, her hands going to her mouth as she recognized his voice.

"I believe we spoke earlier on the telephone," he said suavely.

She turned and ran for the door, her heart pounding. She grabbed at the knob and jerked hard but it wouldn't open. She saw now that a chain had been wound tightly around the two doorknobs that led out into the hall. It was locked in place by a padlock.

She turned and saw him smiling as he approached. She screamed again and raced past him towards the exit on the other side of the room. She dodged in and out of the computers until she came to it. It was locked tightly, just like the other doors.

She stifled a sob of fear, her mind racing as she tried to think of another way out.

The phone. She'd call 911. She ran to the nearest one, set on a wall and tore the receiver off the cradle, her finger stabbing the buttons. There was no response. She looked down below the phone and saw the wire had been cut.

She dropped the phone and backed away, then turned around. He was walking towards her slowly, and was now completely nude. He was an enormous black man, muscles rippling all along his powerful body as he padded across the tiled floor towards her. His penis was erect and pointing at her like a spear.

She screamed again as she saw him, and screamed even louder when she saw the size of his cock. She turned and raced off towards the other side of the room. He padded after.

She grabbed at phones but all had been cut. She tried to hide, scurrying behind the big machines.

"Come out, come out, wherever you are," he called.

She whimpered, her pulse roaring in her ears. She snuck between two machines as he came past. But he'd seen her. He reached back with a gigantic hand and grabbed her arm, yanking her out from behind them.

She screamed and screamed, trying to claw him with her fingernails, but she didn't have any nails really, having been worn down by all her typing.

He simply held her there, not moving. Watching her scream, and smiling. Gradually her screams diminished into short sobs, and then those too eased as she stared in fright at the big naked man grinning down at her.

"Feel better now?" he asked.

"What... what are you going to do with me?" she sniffled.

"I'm going to fuck you a lot, then I'm going to go home. How does that sound to you?"

"Please don't. Please don't touch me," she moaned.

"Why not? You look like you could use a good fuck."

"No... No I... I... "

He shoved her backwards. She stumbled a few steps before catching herself.

"Take off your clothes, baby," he ordered, folding his thick arms across his massive chest.

"No. Please don't... "

"You got a choice, baby. You can take off those close, get fucked, then be left alone, or I can rip them off fuck you and leave you tied up naked for your friends to find in the morning, maybe with your legs up around your ears and your pussy stuffed with a dildo."

She turned red at the very thought, her eyes getting even bigger than they were before.

"Strip, girl, or I'll do it for you, an' I won't be gentle." He glared ferociously and she gave a little cry of fright, her hands going to her white jacket.

He had never had to so much as slap any of the women he raped. He found his hard look and powerful body more than enough to frighten them into submission.

Dale, her hands trembling, slipped off the white lab coat all the computer room workers had to wear, then hesitantly, let it drop to the floor. She stood there in her flower print dress, staring at him.

"You got five seconds," he hissed menacingly.

She whimpered and reached back, unsnapping the neck, then slowly pulled it forward across her shoulders and let it slide down to just above her breasts. Then, closing her eyes in shame, she let it slide further, revealing her small, bare, pink nippled breasts, then her smooth, slim belly, and finally her rounded hips and her pink satin, string bikini panties.

She stepped out of the dress and stood there in just her little white boots and pink panties. She tried to fold her arms over her breasts but he growled in an ugly way.

"Don't forget the rest," he snarled.

Sobbing, she slipped her boots off, then, after a mute appeal to him, had to slip her panties down and off.

She stood there, shaking, again folding her arms together, trying to cover her little pussy with one hand.

"Put your hands behind your head, slut," he barked.

She gasped, then slowly brought her hands up and put them behind her head. She looked down at the floor, humiliated and unable to look him in the face.

"Straighten up, whore, and raise your head. Look at me!" he snapped.

She obeyed reluctantly and forced her back straight. her small but perfectly rounded breasts stuck out firmly as she looked him. He looked down at her and grinned smugly.

"Nice. Little but nice," he commented. "Nice little titties. I bet you like havin' them sucked." He slid his hands over her round breasts, caressing the skin with a light stroke. He fingered her hard pink nipples, rolling them between his fingers as she stood there in horrible humilation.

One of his hands slid down her belly and in between her thighs. He slid it up and down her inner thigh, then fingered her pussy.

"Spread your legs, whore, and pull your head back. That's a good little girl," he purred.

He stroked her cunt, rubbing his hand up and down, then bent and began to lick at her hard nipples, sucking on the right, then the left, then the right again as he stroked a single finger up and down her cunt slit. He pressed the side of his finger into her cunt cleft, forcing her pussy lips aside, and sawed it up and down her pink flesh.

His hands came up to her glasses suddenly and he lifted them off her nose. She blinked her eyes, hardly able to see more than a big black, unfocused shadow in front of her.

"Okay, white bitch, now turn around and lets see your pretty little ass."

She shuffled around, beet red, mortified and frightened out of her wits as the big black man loomed over her. She gasped as she felt his hand cupping her buttocks. His hand totally covered her round ass flesh.

"Bend over, whore, and spread your legs."

She grimaced but obeyed, too frightened not to, and knowing he could force her to do anything he wanted. She bent over, keeping her hands behind her head. Her legs shifted apart inch by inch. Then she almost fell as his big hand slipped between her white thighs and he palmed her pussy mound, squeezing and rubbing the soft, pulpy flesh.

"Bet you're tight," he mused. He straightened one big finger and rubbed it up and down her tightly clenched little slit, then wiggled it inside. Dale gasped and grit her teeth as she felt his big finger pushing up inside her.

"Yeah. Nice and tight, all right," he sighed, feeling her cunt tunnel clutching his finger tightly.

He cupped and fondled her pussy, then rubbed his big paws over her ass meat for long seconds.

"Reach over and grab the corners of that computer, slut, then lean over and spread your legs. You seen it done on cops shows all the time."

She grabbed the corners of the tall computer and spread her legs, leaning over in the classic police frisk pose, her body trembling in shock and terror and mortification. His hands stroked her cunt and ass, sliding up and down her inner thighs and then up her back.

"Don't move, whore. I'll be right back."

He moved away, padding across the tiled floor naked on his big black feet. Dale stayed in place, fighting back further useless tears and trying to use the brains she had always prided herself on to get her out of the terrible fix she was in.

The familiar sounds of the computer room filled the air, and made her awful plight seem almost unbelievable. Never would she have dreamed anything like this could happen here. Her feet were cold on the tiles and her skin was rapidly becoming covered in goose bumps as the cool air swept over her. She knew a sudden fear, that he would see her hard nipples and think she was enjoying his evil assault.

He came back, and she saw he was carrying a satchel. He set it down on the operator's desk, then opened it and pulled out two cords, one long, the other short. He came over to her and stopped right behind her.

"Okay, white girl, stand straight and put your arms behind your back.

"Please," she said. "I... I've got money. I can get you more money if you... "

"Did I ask for money, slut?" he demanded. "I ain't no thief! Now do what you're told."

She stood straight and put her arms behind her.

"Cross your wrists, slut, "he ordered.

She did so and felt the cord sliding around her right wrist and then felt a loop pulled tight around it. He began to carefully criss-cross her wrists with the cord, humming as he worked.

"Some people prefer handcuffs," he said casually. "Me, I think rope, thin rope is best looking, more attractive. And I like the wrists crossed. With handcuffs, you see, the wrists are side by side. Some guys like em' like that. I like em' crossed.

He wound it around her wrists several times, then tied it snugly tight.Her wrists were tightly bound, but not too tight that they hurt. He pulled her around and forced her to her knees in front of him.

"Now I want you to open that pretty little mouth wide, and suck on this big black nigger cock here," he leered. "And remember, it's goin' down your tight little fuck hole in a couple of minutes, so you want it nice and slippery, so it don't hurt you. Right?"

She stared up at his big cock in appalled silence, her mouth opening and closing several times. She could only bring the first few inches into focus, the rest of his cock disappearing into the fog that was the world around her. She squinted her eyes, trying to see it all. The thing was hugely thick.

"Get to work, bitch, or I'll shove it up your cunt dry. You'll be screamin' then all right."

She stared up at his thick hard cock, panting for breath as the adrenalin raced through her veins.

"Suck it, baby, or I'll bend you over and stuff it up your cunt dry."

She had to pull her head back and raise herself up to her fullest height to reach his cock. Even then she was too short on her knees and he had to push his cock downward and spread his legs apart to lower himself.

She slid her lips over his black cockhead and whined in misery as she tasted its salty tang. Still, she gulped in more, sliding her lips up the shaft, whipping her tongue up and down and all around the head. She slid her lips up further, not looking up at the smug black face as the man stood there, his arms still folded arrogantly across his chest.

Her hands pulled impotently at the cord binding them, and she moved her lips up higher still, trying to bring saliva to a fear dried mouth. Her tongue worked over the thick veins and ridges of his black cock as he began to slowly hump against her.

Again, the unreality of the situation struck her. She was here at work, in the big, high tech computer room, naked, on her knees, hands tied behind her back as she sucked a giant black cock. How could this be? she demanded of herself.

He pulled his big cock from her lips and rubbed it up and down her face, wiping his cockhead across her nose and cheeks and eyes and forehead, then drying it against her chin.

"Better wet it down again, little white girl," he sniggered.

He pushed it into her mouth again and once again she began to lick and suck on the thick black organ. It was all she could do to pull her mouth wide enough to get the massive thing inside, and she couldn't get more than a third of the length into her mouth.

She pulled her mouth off the end and began licking up and down the shaft, knowing he would rape her with the fat cock and wanting to ease her own pain when he pushed it into her. She had had very few lovers and none with a cock as fat or as long as this one.

He sat back on her chair then, spreading his legs. He held her by the hair, pulling her down as he eased into the chair, and forcing her to quickly shuffle forward on her knees. He sighed as he sat back and let go of her hair.

She bobbed her lips up and down on his cock, taking in as much as she could without gagging. He rested his hand on her head but didn't try to force her down further, content, it seemed, for her to bob up and down on the front third.

He leaned forward and began to slide his hand over her head, stroking it like she was a puppy. His hand slid up and down her back, then slid down onto her ass cheeks, squeezing and kneading the soft flesh as she sucked him.

"Nice little ass," he grunted. "Wouldn't you like it if I called a few of my friends over, white girl. You really need a hard one up the pussy right now, when you're all bend over suckin' me like this."

She trembled but made no answer as she continued to suck him. He slid his hand under her buttocks, stroking her crotch. He forced a finger into her snatch, pumping it in and out with intimate familiarity.

"Okay, white girl, that's enough," he sighed. "Turn around and bend over, and spread those skinny legs of yours. I'm gonna shove this nigger cock so far up your pussy it comes out your mouth."

His words seared her but she obeyed, starting to whimper again as she pressed her shoulders down against the cold tiles and spread her legs.

"Raise that round little ass higher," he instructed, fondling her ass cheeks and pussy.

She felt his cock, hard and hot and round and immensely thick, probe the entrance to her fuck tunnel. She groaned as he pressed it against her snatch and began to bring pressure against her tightly closed cunt doors.

She clenched her teeth and groaned in pain as her pussy lips were slowly forced in and back before the awesome force of his mighty fuck-pole. Air puffed out between her clenched teeth as she hissed in sharp biting pain. His fat cock forced her cunt wider than it had ever been before as it slowly pushed forward into her body.

"Oohhhhh GOdddddddddd," she groaned. "Uuuunnngghh!"

"Yeah. You like that, don't you, bitch?" he sneered.

He gripped her hips in his massive hands, able to almost get them linked around her narrow waist. He pumped against her, his cockknob battering its way up her tight fuck sheath as he revelled in the feel of her soft skin.

His cock pushed deeper and deeper and she moaned even more loudly as it pushed higher into her belly than any cock ever had.

"Oh God help me," she sobbed.

"God built you to be fucked," he sneered. "That's why you got a cunt and a tight round ass, white girl."

He gave a sudden lunge and she screamed as several inches of black meat slid into her box.

"Jesus you're tight. You tryin' to snap my cock off, bitch?"

Her arms jerked fitfully behind her but she couldn't move otherwise as his cock impaled her, bloating out her fuck tunnel with its huge thickness. It continued to batter away at the hidden recesses of her fuck hole, driving ever deeper as he grunted with the strain.

He jerked back on her hips, jamming her against his cock as he drove it forward. She screamed, feeing like she had been spiked by a steel spear. He ground his hips in circles, twisting the fat prong around in her guts, then pulled back and thrust hard. Again she screamed as his cock finally was buried in her belly.

She felt his massive round balls pressing into her as his hips mashed against her soft white ass flesh.

"Now you got it," he groaned. "Your dream come true, white girl. Your pussy's full o' nigger cock. Yeahhhhh!"

He ground his hips against her in slow circles, first clockwise, then counter-clockwise. His hands stroked her body, massaging her shoulders and back and sides and ass while he forced her cunt walls apart.

He started pumping, using slow, hard strokes. Gradually he eased her tightness and increased both the speed and length of his strokes. Sooner than he expected he was able to fuck her with long, powerful strokes, the full length of his fuck tool sliding back and forth in her small tight belly.

He gripped her by the hair, making her squeal as he pulled her shoulders off the floor and raised her upper torso, bringing her back against his chest. He squeezed her tits in his hard, rough hands, rolling and twisting the tender mammaries as he ground his hips into her ass.

"Tell me you never dreamed of me, whore. Tell me you never wished a big nigger buck with a big cock would take you on your knees. Tell me that, slut! Dirty stinking cunt faced whore!"

He bit her on the side of the throat, munching and chewing his way along her neck, up across her chin and over her jaws to her mouth. His hand pressed her head back so hard she thought her neck would break, and then his lips slid onto hers and his tongue pushed into her mouth.

He sucked and licked at her mouth as he ground his hips into her and fucked with short pumping motions. She whimpered helplessly, his cock far up inside her belly giving her cramps and pains.

He laughed and let go of her, letting her fall forward again. She almost fell on her face but turned aside and took the impact on her shoulder as he began to fuck her once again. His hips slapped hard against her soft fleshy ass cheeks, jerking her forward on the floor as he hammered into her.

Then she cried out in shock as she felt him pressing a finger down against her asshole.

"What are you doing?" she cried.

"Anything I want, white girl," he sneered.

His finger probed her asshole, then eased into it as she bit her tongue against the pain. He pushed his finger all the way inside her, ignoring her squeaks and groans of pain as he pumped it slowly up and down in her rectum.

He curled it upwards against her tailbone and jerked up a little, forcing her ass to jerk up. He grinned and began jerking up again and again, pulling against her tailbone, jerking her up like a fish caught on a hook. Each time he pulled her ass up he thrust into her hard, then eased out as he let her ass back down.

He watched her ass bounce up and down as he fucked it, her moans and groans sweet music to his ears.

He slid his cock out so only the tip was inside her.

"Beg for it, white girl," he sneered.

She didn't reply.

"I said beg me for it, slut! Beg for my cock!"

"P... p... please," she whimpered.

"Please what, slut?"

"Please, fuck me," she whined.

"Fuck you? You want me to fuck your little white pussy?"

"Please," she sobbed.

"Say it, whore. Say fuck me with your big nigger cock!"

"Please fuck me! Please fuck me with your big nigger cock!"

"Say more, slut? Tell me what you want."

"Fuck me! Fuck me with your nigger cock! I want your nigger cock!"

"Where, white curl?"

"In... in my... my cunt. I want it in my cunt!"

"You want me to stick it up that shiny little pink twat?"

"Yes," she moaned. "Stick it in my cu... cunt! Fuck me with your big niggeAAAAHHHhhgghghgh!!"

He buried twelve inches of thick black cock in her with one mighty thrust. She jerked and shivered and convulsed on the floor, her head whipping back at first, then falling forward onto the floor.

He pulled back and thrust hard, drawing another cry of pain from her. He sniggered and began to fuck wildly, rutting into her, his prick a jackhammer as it punched into her cervix. His hips pounded against her buttocks, turning them red with pain.

"I'm gonna give you a ride you won't forget, white girl, just like you been dreaming of."

An insane thought came to her, that somehow she had imagined him, that he was created by her daydreams, her fantasies. She had, on occasion, dreamed of being crudely taken by a huge black man, a crude, savage muscular man who would use her with cruel violence. She had never wished it to happen for real, of course, but she had rubbed her little clitty in bed while dreaming of it.

Now her clitty was being virtually spanked as his big balls bounced against it again and again. Her body was jerked and pounded by his powerful hips and her cunt was being skewered by his fat fuck pole. She grunted repeatedly, the air almost knocked out of her by the force of his blows.

"Don't, uhgn... feel so, ungh... fuckin' snotty... ungh... now, do you, ungh... bitch, ungh!"

He rode her furiously, her entire body bouncing and jerking as his hips rammed into her aching behind. He kept pulling up on her tailbone, his finger jerking up painfully high, almost lifting her right off her knees as he drove his fuck pole deep into her buttery little guts.

He grabbed her hair and pulled her face up off the floor as she squealed in pain. He held her up by the hair as he rutted into her, ignoring her cries of pain as her made her body jiggle and shake.

"This is what you were made for, you cunt faced, slut! This is why you're here on God's earth, so men can fuck their cocks up your tight little snatch. You're a walkin' fuck pad, bitch!"

He pulled his finger out of her sucking ass hole and gripped her hips as he rammed into her. He thrust deep, riding up over her round ass, riding over her like a dog fucking its bitch. His hands came down on the floor beside her head as he pounded down into her cunt from above, smashing her down towards the hard tiles.

Then he howled, his back arching and his head pulling back. He screamed like a madman as his cum blasted down into the tiny brunette's pussy. Wad after wad spat down into her belly, sizzling and bubbling against her pink flesh.

"Uuuuunnnggghhh," he groaned as he leaned forward again, his hands coming down on the terrified woman's ass.

He rested for a few seconds, then rose to his feet. He jerked the girl up by one arm and then produced a knife. Her eyes got wide but he only cut her wrists free, then put the knife back in his bag.

He stared at her for a second as she shivered before him, then pushed her back against one of the big tape drives and pulled a camera out of the bag.

"Gonna take some pictures, slut," he grinned.

He raised the camera and turned on the flash, then snapped several shots of the frightened woman.

"Okay, whore, stand straight, head up, arms at your sides," he instructed.

She did as he ordered, her face a mask of fear. He snapped a couple more shots.

"Now raise your hands and put them high in the air. No. Spread them apart. That's it, now arch you back." The flash snapped again and again.

"Spread your legs, slut." Again the flash snapped.

"Now turn around and grab the computer. Spread your legs and bend."

He took more pictures.

"Okay, whore, now bend way over and grab your ankles."

She looked back at him from between her legs as he took more pictures, several of them closeups of her cunt and asshole.

"Go lay back across that, bitch." He pointed at a printer.

She went back and stood in front of it, then slid her ass up onto the keyboard and draped herself backwards as he took pictures. She spread her legs as he asked, then got up again, turning around and bending forward across the desk. He took more pictures, making her spread her legs again.

"Get back on the table, white girl, on your back."

She did as ordered and he stood in front of her.

"Pull your legs way up and back against you, whore. Pull them in under your arms.

"I... I can't," she whined.

He forced her legs back and she pulled her arms over them. He grinned, then went around behind her and pulled her ankles together behind her head. She groaned at the pressure put on her back.

He chuckled and picked up the short piece of cord he'd dumped on the table earlier, tying her ankles together behind her head. He moved around to the other side of the table, grinning down at her.

"Now you're all cunt and ass and mouth," he sneered. "You're the perfect woman."

She blinked her eyes as she looked up at him. Her tits were squeezed together between her thighs, only inches from her chin. Her cunt gaped open and her little puckered asshole was obscenely visible.

"Here's one to send your friends at Christmas, bitch," he sneered, snapping several shots of her like that.

"Put your hands on your ass, slut. Cup your ass for me." He snapped several more pictures of her like that, giggling in amusement. She was mortified at anyone seeing her like this, her pussy and asshole so utterly open and exposed.

"What do you think, white girl? Should I tie you up like that and leave you for your friends to find in the morning?"

"No! Please no!"

He chuckled and pulled more cords out of his bag, then tied her arms behind her back, pinning her legs back hard beneath her armpits. He ran another cord from the one binding her wrists, up to the cord around her ankles, just so she couldn't pull her hands out from under her ass and straighten herself.

"There," he said, smiling. "Now there's no way you can shift yourself."

He swung her around so she faced the main doors.

"You're friends are gonna get a hell of a greeting when they walk in tomorrow morning," he snickered.

"NO! Don't! Please! I'll do anything! I've got money! P... p... p... leeeeeesse!" She stuttered desperately, more terrified at the thought of being left like this than anything else.

"Whatsamatter, white girl? Don't want them to see you're pussy and ass hole?"

He bent and pulled a big black dildo out of the bag, then slowly pushed it into her cunt. He left half of it stick out and then took more pictures.

"That'll be even better," he said, smiling and nodding in satisfaction.

"Nooooooo!" Dale was horrified. Her dignity had always been of paramount importance to her. To be found with her legs behind her head and her cunt and ass so lewdly and crudely displayed would unbearable. She would die of humiliation.

Oh, no doubt they'd make sympathetic noises, but she'd quickly be the source of disgusting jokes and stories, especially if the dildo was sticking out of her pussy.

"You don't want me to leave? Is that what you're saying, white girl?"

"No! I mean, Yes. I mean. Untie me. Pleeeasse!"

"Why should I?"

"Please! I... I won't tell anyone about this! I'll keep my mouth shut!"

"What do I care? You want me to stay you gotta offer me something?"

"Money? I have money in the bank. I can... "

"I don't want money, white girl."

"What? Anything! My car! Do you want my car?"

"I don't want your car either, pussy."

"Whaaaat?" she groaned.

He sauntered back and stood right in front of her, his semi- flaccid cock inches from her buttocks.

"Tell me you want me." She stared at him in shock.

"I want you!" she blurted.

"Uh uh. I don't want a parrot, baby. I want you to tell me how much you want me to fuck you. I want you to be creative and sound real, real sincere. I want you to tell me how you want to suck my nigger cock, how you want me to pound my meat down your twat and up your asshole. I want you to beg for it so hard you make me cry."

"Oh Godddd!

"I'm waiting, whore."

She licked her lips, panicking as all words escaped her. He sighed and moved towards the door.

"Wait! Please fuck me! Please come and... and stick your cock in my pussy! I need it! I need a big black cock in my cunt! Stick it up my asshole too. I love having a big nigger cock in my asshole! Ream me out! Stuff it all up my asshole until I scream!

"Pleeeease! I love nigger cock! I love to suck it! Let me taste your sperm! I want to drink it all down! I want to suck your balls and... and lick them, and feel your juice shooting up my ass and down my pussy. Pleeeease fuck me! Please! Please! I need to be sodomised sooo bad! I need a cock up my asshole!

"I'll do anything if you'll just fuck me in the ass! You can do it as hard as you want! Please, please, please, pleeeeeasse!" she sobbed.

"You want it up your ass, baby?"

"Yes! Yes! Oh please, yes! Please sodomise me! Rip my asshole apart! Fuck my brains out! I need to feel that big nigger cock up my ass and up my cunt!"

He placed the tip of his cock against her mouth and she frantically licked at it. He teased her, pulling it back just out of reach, making her jerk her head forward as she tried to get her tongue on it.

"Please! Please! Let me suck it!" she begged.

He let her tongue reach it, then pushed it forward into her mouth. She sucked desperately, her tongue whipping all around his big cock tip as he drove it into her oral cavity. He let her lick on it a little then pulled it free.

"Want this in your cunt, Dale?"

"Yes! Yes, please! Fuck me with it!"

He pushed his cockhead against her snatch and she watched, her eyes wide as it slid down into her body. Her cunt slit was only about a foot from her nose and she had a close up view as his pole split her lips open and drove down into her tight belly.

"OOooohhhh! Yeessss! That feels so gooood!" she groaned.

He snickered and pumped his cock up and down in her cunt tunnel. Dale watched, entranced, amazed at the sight of such a thick cock sliding down into her body. She'd never seen her cunt getting a cock in it before, for that matter. She'd never been in a position to. Now she stared in amazement at his long gleaming black tool as it slid back and forth between her pussy lips.

His fingers rolled her hard nipples as he slowly worked his cock back and forth inside her. He loved the way she was staring at her cunt getting fucked. Her desperate begging had tailed off as she watched herself getting fucked.

"Like that, slut?"

"Yes! Yes! I love it?" she moaned, still staring. She took her eyes off his steadily pumping cock and ran them up his powerfully muscled frame, up to his handsome face with its gleaming teeth. She was dazed with all that had happened, all that was happening. Adrenalin had been flooding her system for too long and she was getting drunk on it.

Her eyes slid back down to her slit, to her cunt lips, which were tight and taut around his sliding black tube of flesh.

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