Computer Room Rape

by Dark Dreamer

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Rape, Heterosexual, MaleDom, Light Bond, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: A computer operator is raped by a big black intruder


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He didn't even see her at first. She was behind a counter and invisible. Then she came out from behind it and drew his eyes. She was short, maybe only five feet. Her face was narrow but very pretty, pixiesh, cute like he liked them.

She was petite but it looked like she was pretty well built, even if it was all downsized. Her breasts were probably not that big but looked pretty good on her narrow chest. She had big green eyes, or maybe it was just those round glasses she wore that made them look big. Her hair was a soft, glistening brown, straight and collar length. She looked very intelligent and walked with a straight back.

He watched her bring the magazine up to the counter. She was wearing a long blue and green dress with a glowing hem. Below that she had black, high heeled boots, expensive ones, he thought. Her voice was soft, and a little high pitched as she paid for the magazine.

He stared at the cover over her shoulders as he moved in behind her. The magazine was all about computers, Byte, it was called. You can bite me any time, baby, he thought. She turned slightly as she was waiting for her change. Her eyes passed right over him.

Snotty bitch, he thought, pretending I ain't even here. Just some nigger, not worth noticing.

She walked out into the mall and he paid for his cola and followed. He trailed her down the mall, pausing when she went into women's stores, then following again when she came out. She went out into the parking lot and he followed, sliding further behind. Women tended to get paranoid in parking lots. It was the one place white women always noticed niggers hanging around.

She stopped and got into a tiny blue sports car. He strolled past, getting the licence number and memorizing it. He hurried across the lot to his own car and sped towards the exit she would have used but couldn't pick her up again.

He went home and called a friend of his at the DMV. Roy would give anyone a make on a car for twenty bucks. He was cooperative as always.

The car was registered to a Dale McMann, age twenty four, who lived on Pinehurst. Bad news though, she lived in an apartment building. He drove over there and didn't like what he saw. The building was fifteen stories tall with three branches, shaped like a Y in other words. There was a parking lot out front.

He got into the building easy enough, following a resident. There was a floor plan right on the wall between the elevators. Hers was apartment six fourteen, and that meant she faced the front parking lot. That was more bad news.

He went down to the basement and checked the parking lot. He wandered around for several minutes and finally found the car. Okay, now he thought he knew where he'd hit her. Certainly he couldn't grab her upstairs. A scream in a building like this would be heard by the neighbours. It the window was open the shape of the building would act like a megaphone. Everyone would hear her for blocks around.

He arrived the next morning, waiting outside to see what time she left for work. He almost missed her because she was pulling in to the parking lot, not pulling out. He spotted her just before she drove into the garage.

Maybe the cunt works midnights, he thought, excited at the idea. If so maybe he could hit her at work. Who worked midnights, he wondered. She could be a nurse, or maybe a doctor. He'd love to screw a doctor, rich fucking bastards.

He waited for an hour, just to be sure she hadn't left for work early and then forgotten something and come home again for it. She didn't show up. He drove home then called her number. It rang a number of times before she answered it. Her voice was sleepy. Hot damn, he thought.

"Hello?" she moaned.

"I'm gonna fuck you baby," he said, then hung up.

He laughed out loud. She'd take it for an obscene caller and not give it another thought. He'd remind her that he had warned her though, when he had her alone.

He drove back to her place and parked opposite the garage entrance around nine thirty. Better early than late, he thought. She drove out a little after eleven. He followed.

The drive wasn't long and ended at a mid sized building in the city's business park. Hovertech, it said on a big sign. This wasn't good, now that he thought of it. The place had to have an alarm system, probably a real good one, and maybe even security guards.

He went home. No way was he going to go skulking around the place at night. He looked up their number in the phone book and called. It rang a dozen times without an answer. That was good news. Usually if there was a security guard he'd answer the phone.

He called a couple more times but there was still no answer. He smiled and slept a few hours, then drove back to the building and waited for Dale to leave. She pulled out and drove home, stopping along the way to pick up some things at a grocery store.

He got on his best suit and drove back to Hovertech, carrying an expensive briefcase. He handed the receptionist a card which identified him as a salesman for a security company. His smile was warm, for he was happy at finding a receptionist instead of a guard.

In due course he was shown in to see the building manager, who didn't even wait for his sales pitch. He told him that Hovertech had an excellent alarm system already. He tried to tell the guy that alarm systems were all well and good but security guards were much better. The guy wasn't having any of it.

"Security guards are a waste of money," the guy said.

So now he knew there weren't any security guards. The short walk from the front door to the manager's office revealed no indications of electric eye beams, and no motion detectors. The floor was stone with no rugs to hide sensor pads. The stupid bastard probably only had those silly little magnetic alarms on the doors and windows.

On his way out he detoured and went out a fire escape. Yep, only the magnetic contact switches. He looked around quickly, then reached up with his knife and cut the wires leading to the contact on the door. He let it shut and went home.

Dale could hardly stop yawning as she drove to work. It wasn't the midnight shift that was making her tired. She'd gotten used to it in the past few months. No, it was some stupid bastard who had called her on the phone several times during the day, waking her up each time with a chilling promise to rape her.

She'd taken the phone off the hook after the third call, despite knowing she was on call for any computer trouble and could get into trouble if they couldn't reach her.

Straight out of University she'd been hired here. There was great promotion potential with Hovertech. They paid well and had great fringe benefits. Unfortunately their policy called for all new people to start out on the midnight shift babysitting the computers and fixing bugs.

Her social life had been shot to hell, but the job was worth it. Anyway, in another few months it would be some other new guy, or girl's problem. She'd be shifted to evenings then, and have company on her shift. And in another six months she'd be on days. She could forego a social life for that long.

She'd talked to Jenny Murphy, who'd been hired just two years ago. Already she was out of the computer room and had her own office as a programmer. There were places where she could have started right off the bat as a programmer but none had the potential of Hovertech, which was one of the best companies to work for in the country.

She greeted Jack and Paul as she walked into the vast computer room. They chatted a bit, then the guys left her alone and went home. She yawned again and sat down in the main operators chair, scanning the screens lined up before her. Everything was just fine.

She nodded off.

Something woke her. She wasn't sure what at first. She panicked, thinking it had been a call for something on the computer but a fast scan showed everything was all right. Then her eyes slid up above the screens and she saw the black man smiling at her.

She screamed and jumped to her feet, sending the chair rolling back into a tape drive. He just smiled at her as she stared up at him in shock.

"Wh... who are you? How did you get in here?" she demanded fearfully.

He didn't answer.

"If you don't leave I'll call security," she stuttered.

"Ain't no security in this building, honey," he smiled. "There's just you... and me."

She gave a gasp of terror, her hands going to her mouth as she recognized his voice.

"I believe we spoke earlier on the telephone," he said suavely.

She turned and ran for the door, her heart pounding. She grabbed at the knob and jerked hard but it wouldn't open. She saw now that a chain had been wound tightly around the two doorknobs that led out into the hall. It was locked in place by a padlock.

She turned and saw him smiling as he approached. She screamed again and raced past him towards the exit on the other side of the room. She dodged in and out of the computers until she came to it. It was locked tightly, just like the other doors.

She stifled a sob of fear, her mind racing as she tried to think of another way out.

The phone. She'd call 911. She ran to the nearest one, set on a wall and tore the receiver off the cradle, her finger stabbing the buttons. There was no response. She looked down below the phone and saw the wire had been cut.

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