First Time

by TheMoose63

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, .

Desc: Sex Story: 22 year old Brian is coming home from college and bringing his new girlfriend, 19 year old Dianne. She is bi and likes older women and Brian tells her not to hit on their neighbor but doesent say anything about his mom. Duiring the visit Dianne befriends Brian's mother and slowly seduces her. During the visit Dianne makes love to Brian and then to his mother.

I would like to extend a special note of appreciation to a young lady names Christie. She is a 27 year old lesbian that was nice enough to e-mail me with comments, thoughts and ideas on some of my previous stories and give me some sound advice on how to properly appreciate a woman's body. Christie, where ever you are, thank you so much for your insight and thoughts. Moose

Mary stepped out of the shower, dried off and walked over to the sink to do her hair. She looked at herself into the mirror and began yet another self-evaluation of her body. She stood just less than 5' 8" and still weighed a respectable 137 pounds. Her 34B bust line was her perceived down fall but the men she had known in her life seemed to like her small but pert breasts. Her nipples stood out like large erasers in the middle of her rose colored areolas. No Mary thought, for a 44-year-old mother of a college senior she looked just fine.

She walked into her bedroom, thumbed through her lingerie drawer and picked out a nice pair of panties with a matching bra and put them on. So, she thought if she still looked as good as she thought she did then why wasn't John paying as much attention to her as he had in the past? Well maybe it was just another aging marriage with its boring familiarity she thought, although when they did make love John still turned her on like he always had. Just the thought of his hard cock driving deep into her made her damp and she reached down and ran a finger just inside her labia to confirm her suspicions. Yup, she was wet.

Mary searched through her closet and finally selected a nice summer skirt and matching blouse and finished dressing. She really wanted to look good this morning because her son Brian was coming home from college for at least a week and he was bringing his latest girlfriend, Dianne. Dianne was all Brian had talked about on the phone for the last two weeks so it must be serious, maybe she was even marriage material. Well she thought, it's always best to make a good first impression.

Mary was at the kitchen sink when she heard a car pull into her driveway, park and the doors open. She dried off her hands and walked to the front door just in time to see her son walking up the steps with an absolutely blonde goddess on his arm. Mary opened the door and hugged her son and looked at the girl. "You must be Dianne. Brian has told me so much about you but he never told me how beautiful you were."

The girl by-passed Mary's out stretched hand and took her into her arms and hugged her and then kissed her on the cheek. "Why thank you Mrs. Rose, but to be honest you're even more beautiful than Brian described to me and I am so happy to finally get the chance to meet you."

Mary was a little taken aback by the girl's comments but she seemed to be genuinely sincere about meeting her so she dismissed them out of hand. "Why thank you Dianne that's nice of you to say. Oh, and please call me Mary"

"I will, thank you Mary."

"Hey you two, I need a drink, how about some iced tea. You did make some didn't you mom?"

"I sure did honey, it's in the fridge."

They walked into the kitchen and Brian and Dianne sat down at the table as Mary poured all three of them glasses of iced tea. When everyone had settled in and it was Mary that spoke first.

"So tell me, how long are you kids going to be home?"

"Well mom," Brian said, "I think well be here for about ten days, if that's OK with you and dad."

"Oh honey, of course it's alright and you know that your father can't wait to see you again."

"Look mom, I was thinking that I would go and get our bags out of the car and then Dianne and I could change into our suits and we could go out by the pool and get some sun. Dad did get it ready didn't he?"

"The pool is ready and I took the liberty of inviting over Beth and Ray Simmons over around noon and asked them to stay for an evening BBQ, I hope that is OK with you. Now why don't you get the bags and show Dianne to her room, then you guys can change and then we can sit by the pool?"

Brian looked strangely at his mother but said nothing about the proposed room assignments. "Sure mom, no problem. Look honey why don't you wait here with mom while I get the bags then we can get changed."

"OK baby."

Brian left the kitchen and went out to the car and grabbed both of their bags and went back inside the house. "Dianne, I'm back, let's go get changed." Dianne came out of the kitchen and followed Brian up the stairs.

"Is she kidding Brian, is your mother really going to make us sleep in separate rooms? I can't believe this. You told me that they were liberal and I don't want to sleep by myself can't you find a way to fix this?"

"Calm down it will be OK honey, I'll talk with mom and everything will be just fine, you'll see."

Brian showed Dianne to the spare bedroom and put her suitcase on the bed then went across the hall and tossed his suitcase into his old chair. For God's sake he thought, I'm 22 years old and I don't need this shit from mom. He changed into his swimsuit and then went across the hall to see if Dianne was ready. He opened to door and saw her standing by the window looking down at the pool. "Are you ready honey?"

"Sure babe, let go."

Brian and Dianne walked back downstairs, grabbed their iced teas and went out by the pool. Brian took two lounge chairs and turned them into the sun, laid towels down on them and helped Dianne get settled in. "So, what do you think of the house?"

"Oh Brian, I think the house is really great, and with the exception of the separate room assignment I really like your mom. Tell me about Mrs. Simmons though, what is she like?"

Oh, well she has been our next door neighbor the whole time I was growing up. I don't expect that you'll remember but she is the other lady in the picture of standing next to mom and me at the beach."

"Oh yea, I remember. The really slim, good looking, older lady with the big breasts. How old is she?"

"Ummm, I think around 55, why?"

"Oh, I was just thinking..."

"Dianne, didn't we have this discussion on the drive down here? I don't want you hitting on my mother's friend. For Christ sakes, she isn't gay or bi and besides she's 55 years old. If you're looking for another affair like you had with Janie then look somewhere else besides my next door neighbor."

"Oh Brian, you don't really think I would try and seduce your neighbor do you?"

"Yes I do and please don't."

Changing the subject Dianne said, "Oh look honey, here comes your mother now and look at that pretty bikini she's wearing."

"Hi mom." Brian said.

"Hi Mary. That suit looks just exquisite on you. Wherever did you buy it?"

"Oh, well thank you Dianne. Actually I bought it in Acapulco on my last visit."

"Hummm, well it looks very sexy on you. You must work really hard on keeping in shape. What do you do to keep up your muscle tone?"

"Oh just play tennis a couple of times a week with Beth and I do some exercises in the gym but nothing really special. But it sure is a nice compliment from someone as good looking as yourself."

At that moment the back gate opened and Beth joined them in the back yard. "Hi Brian," she called. "It's really nice to see you again and this must be Dianne - your mom has talked about her for days now. Dianne, I'm Beth, Mary's next door neighbor. My husband Ray was supposed to join us but he got tied up at the office."

They shook hands. "Pleased to me you Beth."

"Well Beth," Mary said, "why don't you help me get drinks and refills for everyone?"

Dianne watched as Beth joined Mary and they walked into the kitchen to get the drinks. Beth was wearing a short white sun skirt with a blue and pink paisley blouse and she was even more stunning than the picture Brian had on his desk at school. She and killer legs and large breasts, probably at least 36 C or D's and Dianne guessed that they sagged beautifully onto her chest. She thought that there wasn't anything better than an older woman with saggy tits, because they were much the better to pinch and suck on and she knew that almost all older women liked a lot of physical activity surrounding the sexual manipulations of their breasts. Yes indeed, Beth just might be a target of opportunity.

Brian watched as Dianne looked over his neighbor, then he whispered, "Dianne, didn't we just discuss this?"


"You know what I'm talking about, leave Beth alone."


"Yes you. Now come over here and sit down with me."

The ladies soon joined Brian and Dianne in the yard and they all sat around chatting about what Brian had missed since his last visit and what he and Dianne were planning on doing during their visit.

"Well I don't know about you three, but I'm going to get some sun," Mary said and she straightened out a towel on the lounge chair and lay down on her stomach.

Dianne looked over to Brian then she got up from her chair and walked over to Mary. "Mary would you like me put some sunscreen on your back?"

"Oh thanks honey, sure."

Dianne squirted some of the lotion into her palms and rubbed them together. She started spreading the lotion on Mary's shoulders and was working her way down her back when she came to Mary's bikini strap she just reached out and untied it and let it fall to the older woman's side. "Sorry Mary, I just don't want to get any grease on your suit."

"That's fine Dianne."

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