Secret Needs

by Jessy19

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Fiction, Incest, Brother, Sister, First, Oral Sex, School, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: An incest movie makes a girl realize she needs her brother.


"Hey didn't you say you didn't want this sweater?"

Laura looked up from reading her fashion magazine and stared at the green low cut sweater her friend Elsie held up. She realized she'd only worn it once last winter. "Uh, no I never said that."

Elsie laughed. Her fiery red curly hair was up in a ponytail showing off her big green eyes. "Yes you did. Don't be that way."

Laura rolled her eyes. "I guess. You can have it, just like you've had almost all my clothes."

Elise held the sweater against her body. She studied herself in the mirror smiling. "Thanks Laura. You have such great taste in clothes."

"I should really sell it to you," Laura teased.

Elsie continued to admire her reflection. Just then they heard footsteps. Elsie looked at Laura who was too involved in her magazine. Laura could feel her friend staring at her. "Yes Elsie, it's Alex."

Elsie giggled. "Ooh!"

Laura narrowed her brown eyes at her friend. "Would you stop drooling over my brother, he's such a dork."

Elsie sighed. "Of course you think he's a dork, but I on the other hand think he's super hot!" She went and flopped down on the bed next to Laura. She kept holding the sweater against her body. "I love his big brown eyes, long eyelashes and shaggy brown hair. Mmm, those lips, dark eyebrows, that body..."

Laura cringed. "Eww, shut up! I don't want to hear that! You don't hear me talking about your brother like that."

Elsie frowned. "Of course not! He's only fifteen years old, you chester!"

Laura burst out laughing. "You know what I mean. Even if he was legal, I would have the decency to keep my horny feelings to myself."

"Yeah, yeah. I still think your brother is totally hot. You're so lucky to live with him and see him every single day," Elsie went on.

Laura sighed. Elsie had been in love with Alex ever since she first saw him back in Seventh grade when Laura and Alex's family had moved into town. Laura and Alex were twins. She felt they were both similar yet different. Laura was more outgoing while Alex was really shy. Even though he was shy, Laura had to admit her twin was quite a looker. He was tall, slightly built and really smart. He'd had a few girlfriends since high school and now in college seemed that he was more into his studies other than chasing anything with a skirt. Laura on the other hand, had spent her first year in college partying and doing less studying. Elsie was more studious and often helped Laura with her work.

After high school, Laura and Alex were forced to live together by their parents. They could only afford to send one away to college but luckily Alex managed to get a scholarship to pay for all four years. Room and board was included for Alex so Laura had no other choice than to live with him. That, or get a job and that would mean no more parties. For the meantime Laura was stuck with him but hoped to move in with Elsie the next year when Elsie's roommate would graduate. Not that Laura hated living with Alex, it's just that she wanted her privacy. She wanted to bring guys over and with her brother around she just didn't feel right.

"So are you going out with Craig tonight?" Laura asked Elsie changing the subject.

Elsie shrugged. "I don't know. I've called him three times and he's never returned my phone calls."

Laura felt bad for her friend. "Ah he was a jerk anyway. How about Chad?"

Elsie nodded. "No, he's got a girlfriend. What's wrong with these guys Laura? I mean I'm not ugly am I?"

Laura smiled. "Not at all. They have the problem Elsie. You're beautiful and such a wonderful person."

"I wish the guys would see that, especially Alex," Elsie added.

Laura rolled her eyes. "There you go again. I have a hot date with Darren tonight."

Elsie frowned. "How can you go out with him? He's such a jerk."

Laura was about to protest.

Knock! Knock!

Elsie quickly raised her body up and fixed her hair. She knew it was Alex. Laura laughed and got up to answer the door. She opened the door and saw Alex was dressed up. It seemed as if he had a date.

"Hey," he said softly staring down at his twin.

"What's up?" Laura asked casually.

Alex took one quick look at Elsie and smiled. "Hey Elsie."

"H-hi," Elsie stammered like a little schoolgirl

Alex focused back on his twin. "Listen, I'm going out with my friends tonight and probably won't be back until tomorrow."

Laura raised a brow. "Tomorrow?"

Alex nodded. "Yeah."

"What are you going to do all night?" Laura asked. She felt concerned.

Alex laughed. "Just out with the guys. They're having a party at the frat house."

Laura looked puzzled. "Wow! You're actually going to a party at a frat house? I'm shocked."

Alex shrugged. "I'm not really in the mood to go but Gary wants to join this frat so I'm just there for support."

Gary was Alex's best friend in college. He was shy like Alex too and Laura noticed he wanted to fit in so bad. "Oh, I see. I thought you'd be out with a lady friend," Laura teased.

"Yeah right," Alex replied coyly.

"Don't be so modest bro, I know of at least one lady who would love to go out with you," Laura looked over at Elsie who was turning red.

"Anyway, I have to go. What are your plans for tonight sis?"

Laura didn't want to mention her date with Darren. "Um nothing. Elsie and I were just going to the library for a while to finish some of our work and then we're going out for coffee."

"No hot date tonight huh?" Alex asked looking almost relieved.

Laura felt awful for lying to her twin. "Yeah, no date."

"Ah that's good... I-I mean that's cool," Alex said nervously. "I better go. By Elsie," he waved at the blushing red head.

"Bye," Elsie said softly.

After he was gone, Laura closed her door and Elsie sighed. "You almost told him I want him didn't you!"

Laura smiled devilishly. "Maybe."

"Laura! That's so embarrassing."

"Why? You want him so he needs to know."

"No! I'm too shy!"

Laura nodded. "I don't understand you Elsie. You go on and on about my brother and I'm trying to help you but you don't want my help."

Elsie fell back on the bed. "I know. I'm such a dork."

Laura could only think about Darren. This would be her chance to bring a guy over for the first time ever. It wasn't like she never had sex, two guys she'd slept with in her entire 19 years, but finally she'd be able to have sex at her place instead of the guys' place. She'd wanted Darren ever since she first saw him. He was gorgeous with short dark curly hair and big blue eyes. She couldn't wait to bring him home that night.


It was only a few hours later, when Laura and Elsie got back from the library that Saturday afternoon. Elsie had forgot the swear Laura had given her so they went back to get it. As they walked down the short hallway, Elsie looked at Alex's room. Laura had gone to get the sweater and when she came back she realized Elsie was gone.


"In here," Elsie replied.

Laura frowned realizing her friend was in her brother's room. "Elsie what are you doing here?"

Elsie sat on Alex's bed. "Just admiring your brother's room. You know I'm surprised he doesn't have bikini babes all over his wall."

"My brother's not like that," Laura shot back.

"Mmm, another reason for me to be more in love," Elsie said.

"Come on, let's get going. I don't want to be late for my date."

"Late for your date? You still have over two hours!"

"Hey, I'm going to need those two hours to look good for him."

"If he liked you for who you are, you wouldn't need that much time Laura."

Laura laughed. "Yeah right."

Elsie looked around Alex's room. Something caught her eye. "Ooh! What's this?"

Laura saw her friend run towards the TV. "What's what?"

"This!" Elsie held up a DVD video.

Laura stared at the cover. It was obviously a porno. So what? Didn't all college guys watch pornos? "Put that away Elsie. That's private."

"Hmm, it's called 'Secret Needs' wonder what that's about."

"Here, give me that," Laura demanded trying to take the movie away from her friend.

"No! Come on, let's watch it. Let's see what Alex likes to watch!"

Laura threw her hands up in the air. "Ok! Whatever Elsie. I don't think I want to know what my own brother beats off to."

Elsie giggled. She put the DVD on and turned on the TV. She grabbed the remote and took a comfortable seat on Alex's bed. Laura stood by the door, feeling almost paranoid that Alex would walk in even though he said he'd be gone all night. Elsie fast-forward the so-called commercials and previews. Once the movie started, it looked like any other porno. Laura groaned. She'd seen a few pornos and they didn't impress her at all.

"Hurry up," Laura pleaded.

"Hold on, it's getting interesting." Elsie's green eyes were glued to the TV.

As the movie went on Laura suddenly turned. Something had caught her attention. She looked at the TV screen and realized it was a really hot sex scene with a young guy and girl. The guy was kissing her and whispering things to her. Laura's heart pounded when she heard the guy say, "Mmm sis, you're really hot."

"Did he just say 'sis'?" Laura asked frantically.

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