Cab Ride Home

by Patricia51

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Light Bond, Oral Sex, Sex Toys, .

Desc: Sex Story: MaryAnn waits for Sally to come home. When she does, fireworks take place outside and inside.

(This story continues the adventures of Sally and her friends. They all stand pretty independant of each other, so its not a requirement you read the others. Obviously I wouldn't mind it though.)

"Where the hell is that girl?" muttered MaryAnn to herself, her hands busy pulling the nylon stockings tight and knotting them. An indistinct mumble answered her. "Oh I'm sorry Cindy," she informed the plump, black-haired woman. She had just finished lashing the younger woman over the ornate table in the living room of the second floor apartment they were in. "I'm afraid I was talking out loud."

"What's the trouble?" The other woman experimentally pulled on the nylon stockings holding her to the table. "By the way, I certainly don't want to come across as a whinner, but would you mind putting a pillow under my hips? Right where you have me bent over the table's edge."

Always considerate, MaryAnn loosened the ties around Cindy's ankles and slipped a throw pillow from the nearback couch under her. "Better?"

"Much, thank you. I enjoy being tied up and used but there's no reason to be uncomfortable after all." She paused. "Do you want to gag me now? I'm quite the screamer when I get going and this already has me quite excited. Oh, and I can still wiggle my left foot quite a lot. WOuld you tighten it? I hate to be anything but helpless."

MaryAnn considered. At first she had planned to stuff the woman's own panties in her mouth. However, when she had pulled Cindy's clothes off before tying her to the legs of the old fashion table, she had discovered the woman wasn't wearing any. Normally MaryAnn would have been perfectly pleased with this. She had picked Cindy up in a lesbian bar as a present and did love a woman who came prepared to be fucked.

However, her long-time partner's failure to arrive home on time was putting in a foul mood. Glancing around, she snatched up a red double headed dildo out of the "Toy Cabinet" standing open nearby. "Open wide, please, she instructed. Since one was as good as the other, she stuffed the handiest end in Cindy's mouth and double-checked to make sure the woman's wrists were tightly bound.

Just as she finished lashing the other woman to her satisfaction, with her feet right on the floor and her rounded body on the wood top, she heard a gnashing of gears and the grinding of a set of brakes that sadly needed replacing. She leaned over until she could see out the window. She realized that she was leaning on top of Cindy when the woman grunted under her and moved her full plump ass against the shaft of the long, black strapon MaryAnn had been preparing to use on her. From the squirming it seemed that Cindy was trying to get the head inside herself by sheer force of wiggling.

"Oh DAMN," fumed MaryAnn as she stood up. She glared out of the glass door towards the cab parked discreetly under the trees at the side of the building. "That TRAMP." She started to open the door and bound down the stairs along the side of the building. Remembering that all she wore was her strapon, she paused and pulled on a white sundress. She didn't even care that the middle of the sundress bulged alarmingly.

A noise of protest came from Cindy's direction, somewhat muffled by the mouthful of dildo. MaryAnn freed the item and rather distractedly asked, "What?"

"NOW what? When we met at Antoine's you said we were going somewhere to have some fun! Now you have me tied up and you weren't doing anything and then you started and now you've stopped and I need to be home before my husband and..." the rest of the words were interrupted as MaryAnn took the head of the black strapon she was wearing and fed it into Cindy's mouth.

Knowing that was a very temporary fix and she needed to get moving, MaryAnn thought quickly. In one series of movements, she bent way over and shoved the wet end of the red dildo in Cindy's pussy. She pulled the head of the strapon from Cindy's mouth, not without difficulty, as Cindy was applying considerable suction to it. As Cindy opened her mouth for another protest, MaryAnn stuffed her own bra in it. Since she was extremely well endowed, one cup served the purpose. After all, MaryAnn reasoned as she wound the straps over the Cindy's head, she didn't want to choke the woman.

She scampered down the metal stairway and approached the parked taxi. The dark skinned man behind the wheel was turned sideways, his back against the door. His eyes were closed and a blissful smile was on his face. MaryAnn knew why. The hint of brown hair she could glimpse through the window gave it all away.

She wrenched open the passenger's side door and stared. She rolled her eyes and heaved a sigh of resignation. The driver's eyes opened.

"Hello, Missy MaryAnn," he said in a strongly accented voice.

"Hi Achmed. How are you?" MaryAnn propped herself against the open door. She looked down at the petite woman crouched on the seat, her head bobbing up and down."

"I am very well, thank you Missy." He stifled a groan.

A hand rose from the side of the woman as she continued to suck Achmed's cock. The fingers fluttered in a wave in MaryAnn's direction.

"Oh well, hi to you too, Sally. Nice of you to notice I'm here." The fingers fluttered again. "Achmed is a very nice guy, but can't you just give him a regular tip? You know. Money?"

The muffled response wasn't intelligible and Maryann didn't care anyway. Her eyes narrowed. Sally was kneeling on the seat, her head rising and falling as her lips slid along Achmed's dusky cock. MaryAnn reached down and flipped up Sally's skirt. Just as she thought. No panties and the smaller middle-aged female was rubbing her pussy with her free hand.

"Well, crap." MaryAnn shrugged. She glanced around. Trust Sally to have had Achmed park in a place where no casual passerby could see them. She lifted the hem of her sundress, aimed the head of the strapon, and plunged it into Sally.

"Mmmumph!" commented Sally. Her hips punched back and up, welcoming the head and the shaft. One long heave and MaryAnn found the leather harness slapped up against Sally's raised ass cheeks.

"Mmmmmmmuuuummmmphhhhhh," Sally said again. She began to buck wildly back and forth. MaryAnn would draw back for another stroke and Sally would lean forward, engulfing Achmed's cock until her nose touched his groin. Then as the busty woman thrust forward, the smaller brunette slammed her hips back to meet her. At the same time, Sally's lips remained locked on Achmed. His eyes were open now but glazed over as Sally's mouth slid faster and faster up and down his cock. MaryAnn admitted to herself that although she believed Sally's excursions to the "Dark Side of the Force", as she thought of it, were silly wastes of time, her lover seemed skilled at pleasing everyone she ran across.

Lost in those thoughts MaryAnn almost missed Achmed's strangled groan and Sally's equally smothered cry. She didn't miss Sally's almost patented muscle clamp that locked the dildo inside her pussy and brought MaryAnn's hips to a screeching halt as the last thrust of her well built legs served to cram the base end of the dildo inside her own pussy. She could barely see the workings of Sally's throat and realized that two out of three of them had just orgasmed.

Make that three, MaryAnn corrected herself as the friction against her clit, already stimulated from Cindy, pushed her over the edge herself. "Damn!" she thought shaking her head. No matter how mad she got at Sally's antics, as soon as she started fucking her, even in this ridiculous position, she lit off like a firecracker.

When all the quaking was done, MaryAnn stepped back and tried to pull her dress down over the rampantly standing up strapon. Sally pulled down her skirt and slipped backwards out of the cab's front seat, looking as if butter wouldn't melt in her mouth. Achmed hastily adjusted his clothing and scampered to get Sally's bag out of the cab and put it at the base of the stairs. He managed to turn the cab around. As he prepared to take off, Sally bent down and kissed him lightly on the cheek.

"Thanks for the ride Achmed." She pressed a bill into his hand.

"Thank YOU Missy Sally," Achmed smiled happily. He clashed the gears again and the taxi took off. Sally waved goodbye as MaryAnn grabbed Sally's bag.

"I still say," groused MaryAnn as they trudged up the steps. Well, she trudged. Sally, unencumbered by luggage bounded up the stairway. "Achmed could use the money more than your blow jobs. Do you hear how that cab is falling apart? I'm scared for you to ride in it."

"He just had the brakes fixed," assured Sally, knowing what was on MaryAnn's mind. "The new pads are just settling in. Will you relax? Its in better shape than most of them around and he is always waiting for me when I get back."

"Humph," observed MaryAnn. She drew a deep breath to continue the argument. What she was going to say was lost when they came through the door and Sally saw the plump white bottom on the table's edge and the waving red dildo sticking up from it.

"MARYANN!" Sally scolded. "Is that anyway to treat company?" She rushed over to Cindy. She stopped and plucked the red dildo free. She licked the slick part of the shaft, mumbling "Tastes great AND less filling" as she unwond the bra from the other woman's mouth. Stooping, Sally kissed the black haired girl. "Hey there, I'm Sally," she introduced herself as she finally broke the minute long, open mouthed kiss with the startled but pleased Cindy.

"Cindy," the woman gasped.

Sally kissed Cindy again. "Pleased to meet you." She stood up and when she did her dress stayed behind, falling to the floor in a little heap of white and yellow. "How thoughtful of you honey," she smiled at MaryAnn. "Is she a 'welcome-home' present?"

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