Incestuous Strip Poker

by JAX

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Drunk/Drugged, Heterosexual, Fiction, Incest, Brother, Sister, Group Sex, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Almost by default we started to play. No rules had been voiced or how the game would end, we all just picked up the dealt cards and played.

It was well after midnight and I had a good buzz going on in my head and I suspect my five guests had, also. By now, we had migrated to sitting on the carpet and playing a noisy game of cards.

"Shit, this is getting boring," sighed Kathy, my elder sister.

Next to her sat her husband, Mark. By my side was my girlfriend, Lisa, who would become my wife about a year later. Next to her was her older brother Terry, with his girlfriend Judy next to him.

"I'll get some more drinks," I offered, getting up and heading for my small kitchen.

It wasn't a big flat but it was mine and I was proud of it.

"We're playing strip poker," yelled an excited Lisa.

"Who's idea was that?" I asked as I sat down again.

Nobody owned up but a few looked pointedly at my sister.

"Let's play," offered Terry who had been shuffling the cards.

Almost by default we started to play. No rules had been voiced or how the game would end, we all just picked up the dealt cards and played.

"I win," shouted Katy.

"I lose," mumbled Lisa.

"Shoes don't count," pointed Kathy, who was effectively running the game.

Lisa just shrugged her shoulders and slipped off her skirt.

A word about each player at this point. Lisa was my idea of heaven on two legs, the youngest there at just seventeen, a bit overweight but not fat. Large breasts and hips, with great shapely legs, too. My sister Kathy was the oldest at twenty two, slim, elegant even. Judy was somewhere in the middle, body type and age too. Us guys, well, we were just guys.

Slowly, but with plenty of noise, the game proceeded until Lisa had to remove her blouse. Her bra was busting with her size D breasts and all eyes especially Mark's and her brother Terry were staring.

"Stop staring," said Kathy sternly, who was also by now sitting in just her underwear.

The game continued with things evening out, then came the first big moment.

"Shit," gasped Kathy, who threw down her pair of fours to still be the lowest hand.

She reached around and unclipped her bra. Her breasts were small and round, probably a A/B cup but I noticed her nipples were up.

"Right, whose deal?" she said, throwing her discarded bra onto her pile of clothes.

Judy was next to lose her bra but she was less off hand about it and had to be coaxed.

"Come on, Judy," said Katy, "I've been sitting her for ages with my tits out."

Reluctantly, she shed her bra and threw it behind her. I don't know why she was so shy for her breasts were just beautiful, full and round, about a C cup, I would say. All of us guys were now sporting a good hard-on and it was not very comfortable sitting there in our underwear. Terry, that's Lisa brother, was the first to be naked.

"Get 'm off, get 'm off," chanted Kathy.

Terry just slid his boxers down and threw them behind him. Now it was Lisa's turn to lose her bra and suddenly the room became quiet as she reached behind to unclip her bra.

"Fuck me," whispered someone as her beautiful big breasts came into view.

"Jesus, girl," said Katy, "You've got some tits there. No wonder my baby brother likes you so much."

Kathy lost so she became the first girl to be naked.

"Shit, whose idea was this game?" she said as she rolled her knickers down her long slim legs.

It was the first time I had seen my sister like this, oh she used to wander about the house in her underwear but this was something new. The very next hand she lost again.

"Shit, someone's cheating here," she said. "So what happens now, I've got no more clothes to lose?"

"You'll have to do a forfeit," suggested Terry.

"Yeah, like what?" giggled Kathy.

"She could run around the close," suggested Judy.

"Fuck me no way!" laughed Kathy, "it's much too fucking cold out there."

"She could kiss Mark," said Terry.

"God, no way," she laughed, "he's my husband. Tell you what, I'll kiss one of you two guys."

"Shit, you're my sister," I said.

"So it's looks like you're the lucky guy, Terry," she said.

She crawled on all fours across the circle and then she kissed Terry deeply and I notice her hand was in his lap giving his exposed cock a rub.

"Right, whose deal?" she said pulling away. "I don't want to be the only girl here naked."

I lost next and now Terry, Kathy and me were now naked. Then I lost again.

"Shit," I said, "and I'm not kissing Terry, no way guys."

My comments brought a big laugh from everybody.

"You better kiss Judy then," said Lisa.

Our lips met and my hand found one of her fine tits, a good handful and nice and firm too.

Lisa lost her knickers to be the fourth one naked then Terry lost.

"Perhaps I should return the favour and kiss Kathy," he suggested.

"No make him kiss Lisa," shouted Mark.

"No way," shouted Lisa, "he's my brother."

"So," said Katy with a funny look on her face.

"Yeah make him kiss his sister," said Judy.

Terry grabbed her and together they fell down. Lisa struggled a bit but not too much but the rest of us cheered as their lips met and Terry's hand grabbed and handful of her fine plump tits.

"Times up," shouted Judy, and a little red faced, the two parted.

Then I lost.

Make him kiss his sister," said Lisa.

I looked over at Kathy and she smiled.

"Come on, baby brother," she leered, "time to become a man."

Shit, her tits were firm and her nipples were hard.

"Enough," said Lisa who pulled at my shoulder.

Shit, I was about to spurt, for my sexy sister had been rubbing my erection while I manhandled her small tits.

"How was that big boy?" Kathy said with a giggle.

Things were rapidly getting out of hand. Judy lost next and she was kissing Mark when Kathy grabbed me again and we kissed. She pulled me on top of her and my cock found it's own way to the target. I was so near that I spurted almost as soon as her hips pushed against me but not before her whole body jerked as her orgasm washed through her.

As soon as we had both finished, we looked up totally embarrassed about our loss of control but there on the floor next to me was Terry thrusting between Lisa's open legs and Mark was doing the same with Judy, on the opposite side of Kathy. I felt a stab of jealously but it quickly faded for who was I to be jealous after what Kathy and I had just done. We didn't have to wait long for with such a charged atmosphere everybody was finishing quickly.

"Time for bed," I said, grabbing Lisa hand and pulling her off to my one and only bedroom.

The rest would have to sort themselves out about sleeping arrangements. By the time Lisa and I had snuggled down I was sporting a new erection so I rolled on top of her.

"Spread 'em," I whispered coarsely.

She was sopping from her brother's spunk and I slipped into her easily. She clung on tightly while I pounded into her.

"I bet that's not the first time Terry's fucked you," I whispered close to her ear.

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