Massage and TLC with a sexy older woman

by eric

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Oral Sex, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: All Marcia wanted from me was a massage and some Tender Loving Cunnilingus (TLC). I wanted so much more.

Some people might say it was sexual harassment, but everything that happened between us was completely consensual. It happened before the phrase sexual harassment was part of the popular lexicon anyway. I was just out of college and had taken a job as a temporary worker at a biotech company while I continued to look for a real job. I worked in the receiving department unloading trucks and organizing inventory. I must have noticed Marcia the first week on the job. She had come out to the warehouse to deliver some paperwork. Marcia was tall, elegant, sexy, and about twenty years older than I was. In other words she was way out of my league so I barely paid attention to her. Well, I managed a few discreet glances at her, but I tried not to leer. The lady was eye candy for sure. She had medium length dark hair that was frosted with silver. Her hairstyle probably cost more than my paycheck. She wore a tasteful beige business suit, low heels, and carried herself with an air of dignity. She was not model thin, but her figure was perfectly proportioned in my opinion. A few of the guys cracked jokes as she left earshot and returned to the offices. What a bunch of apes, but I must admit that I also noticed the sway of her hips and the perfect roundness of her bottom. Marcia had much more than raw sex appeal. She had just about the prettiest face I'd ever seen. Her features were perfect, her teeth were perfect, her makeup was perfect, and her deep green eyes could light up the room.

I noticed a wedding ring with a very large diamond. Her husband was one lucky man.

I continued to work at the warehouse for the next few weeks and noticed Marcia from time to time as she came to the warehouse or dined at the cafeteria. I avoided eye contact and tried not to look at her. It was about like going to Niagara Falls and trying not to notice all the water. My dedication to the job was rewarded with more responsibility, but not more pay. I was soon doing almost all the data entry and researching inventory that had been misplaced. Performing these duties required the occasional visit to Marcia's office, or a visit from her to my dusty cubicle in the warehouse. Marcia had some kind of bean counter/computer job. She had enough pull to have an actual office instead of a cubicle. I kept my visits brief and professional. Marcia was friendly and fun to work with, but she was not a flirt. I am sure our friendship would have stayed that way if it had not been for her car accident.

She was rear ended on the freeway on the way to work one morning and her car was totaled. When she returned to work she wore a collar to support her neck and was in obvious discomfort. After a week she no longer wore the collar, but she was still in some pain. She moved her shoulder kind of funny and I asked her if she was OK. She smiled and said yes of course, but I pressed the issue. Indicating a spot between my own shoulder and neck I asked her where it hurt. She said, "Yes. It hurts there. It hurts a few places. I'll be OK." I took a step around behind her chair and gently rested a hand on her shoulder. I offered, "If you'd like me to I may be able to loosen it up a bit for you." Marcia repeated that she was Ok, but I had already begun to gently knead. I told her I was working on her trapezius muscle. I mentioned that my Dad had been hurt in a similar accident and that I had been able to help him with his injury. I continued to work on Marcia's neck and shoulders for a couple of minutes avoiding any direct pressure to her spine and using a very cautious approach. I quit and stepped back. Marcia said, "Thank you Tim. It does feel a bit better." She returned her attention to a computer screen.

Two days later I had to drop some papers in her office. This time she somewhat tentatively asked me if I could work on her neck for a couple of minutes. Of course I complied with her wishes. I gave her a more thorough neck massage this time and experimented with gentle traction as she sat in the chair. She kind of stretched in her chair and told me I had magic hands then she dismissed me and returned to work.

This turned into a bit of a routine in the days and weeks that followed. After a while Marcia started to ring my voicemail and ask me to come to her office. I would then work on her neck and shoulders and leave. "It's these damn screens," she complained. "I have to hunch down all day and my neck starts hurting." I told her I liked making her feel better and told her to call me anytime.

The next day I was summoned to her office a little later in the day than usual. It was almost quitting time and a lot of people had already left. I massaged her neck and shoulders as usual, and worked my way down her back. I had gradually been extending my massages all the way down her arms to her hands and massaging her back as she leaned forward in the chair. I was always careful not to go to far down her spine and kept my hands away from her bottom. This time as I finished her massage Marcia made a request.

"Could you give me a foot massage Tim? I've been on my feet a lot today and my feet are really killing me."

I pulled a chair over in front of hers so that she could remove her shoes and place her feet in my lap. She closed her eyes and gave a little sigh of pleasure as I worked on her feet. I then wrapped my hands around one of her lovely calves and drew my hands downward toward her foot. Her eyes popped open and she noticed the huge bulge in my trousers mere inches from her stocking feet.

"You find me very attractive don't you Tim." She said softly. I acknowledged the obvious and she continued, "I'm a married woman so we mustn't let things get out of my hand. I really enjoy your magic hands Tim. Can we just keep it like this between us? I'm a happily married woman."

I told her she was beautiful and that I really did like her. I told her I enjoyed making her feel good. She responded by once more emphasizing that she was married. She made it clear that she was not looking for an affair. Sex was to be off limits for us. My hands continued to massage her feet and calves as if they had a mind of their own. Marcia noticed my crestfallen look and stood. I stood in front of her. We were the same height so I was gazing directly into her deep green eyes. I stepped toward her. Her lips parted slightly. I moved to kiss her. Our lips barely brushed. She put her hands on my chest between us.

"We can't go too far Tim. I really enjoy kissing, but we shouldn't." I moved to embrace her. A warm hug between friends to tell her that I understood, but she felt my throbbing hardness as we stood so close together. I felt her lips brush my earlobe and then her teeth gently bit me there. Marcia whispered in my ear, "I know you like to make me feel good honey. Would you like to make me feel really good?" I was about as aroused as I had ever been in my life so of course I told her yes. She took a step back and told me that we had to be completely discreet. She made me promise never to tell a soul. Then she asked me.

"Do you enjoy kissing Tim? Would you like to please me with your kiss?

I told her yes and stepped toward her. Once more she put her hands up to my chest and gently stopped me. She said," Whatever happens between us has to be completely on my terms. I make the rules. It is the only way our friendship can work. You must respect my wishes."

I was so hot for her I was light headed and feverish so of course I promised.

"Kneel for me Tim." She commanded in a gentle voice that was barely above a whisper. I knelt in front of her and she took a step back. She extended a hand toward me palm up like a traffic cop telling me to stop. I softly kissed her finger. She drew her hands back and placed them under her skirt. Marcia reached under her skirt and removed her panties without hiking her skirt any more than necessary. She eased them down her long lovely legs and stepped out of them still holding them in her right hand. I was barely breathing. She extended her hand again this time holding her underwear. I gently kissed her fingers through the soft cotton fabric. I inhaled the warm feminine scent of her. Marcia poked her index finger into the fabric and placed the fabric covered finger gently into my mouth. I tasted my hearts desire for the first time as she stood over me. She ran the fingers of her other hand through my hair and stepped back. She held up the stop signal once more as she sat back in her executive chair.

Marcia beckoned me forward. I knelt closer between her legs and kissed her above the knees. I slowly and gently ran my kisses along her thighs until my head was partially under her dark skirt. I could dimly see the dark triangle of her pubic mound in front of me. She parted her legs wider and I pressed my lips to her above her vulva. I let her enjoy the simple pleasure of warm pressure over her mons without moving my mouth directly into her moist warmth yet. I kissed her inner thighs and once more opened my mouth wider to kiss her through her dark, soft down. Marcia shifted in the chair and embraced my head with both hands. I finally began to delicately trace her outer petals with the tip of my tongue moving ever so gently. I tried to keep my tongue soft so that I barely caressed her with a touch as soft as a butterfly wing. I wanted to prolong the sensation and enjoy every minute of this. Marcia leaned back in the chair forcing my head into an uncomfortable angle as I knelt in front of her. I sat on the floor and gripped the chair for leverage. Still softly tracing her with my lips and tongue I gently opened her delicate flower with my tongue. I opened my mouth a bit more and allowed my tongue to barely brush under her clitoris. I had been giving her some indirect clitoral stimulation thorough her outer lips and the direct contact with her firm button caused a deep moan of pleasure. I was softly suckling her inner labia now and using my tongue to caress under and beside her clitoris, but never directly over the top. Her breathing was becoming more rapid and she was moaning deeply now. Finally she said, "Press." She pulled my face firmly to her. I opened my lips more and received the most joyful kiss a man can receive as she orgasmed in my mouth. Marcia's shuddering lasted a few moments and I eased the pressure of my kiss. I continued the gentle tracing of her moist warmth. I still wanted to prolong the experience. I wanted it to go on for hours. I formed my tongue into a small tube and gently probed her vaginal opening. I was trying to taste all of her and not let a single drop of her sweet dew escape.

Marcia must have found this unpleasant because she said, "Lick me honey like you were before. Kiss me and lick me." I moved my kiss from her vagina and resumed my gentle worship of her clitoris. It might have been five or ten more minutes when she said press again and pulled my more firmly to her by my hair. "Ahh. Little waves." She said as a longer and gentler orgasm rolled through her. As she came down from the climax she sat more upright.

"That was wonderful Tim," she said as I sensed that she was satiated for the time being. I still sat on the floor and kissed her inner thighs hoping that she might change her mind. She pushed me back gently and I stood. I stepped toward her wanting to embrace her and kiss her fully on the lips, but once more she put her hands between us. I started to removed my belt and remove my trousers. Her hands were on my chest as she stood with me.

"Please don't Tim. We must not go too far. I just can't"

I was so hot for her I was out of my mind. I wanted to take her in the chair, on the floor, on the desk. I did not care. I wanted her to be my woman. I had to press myself fully to her and penetrate her deeply. I embraced her and kissed her, but she struggled. She pushed me back and said.


"You agreed that we couldn't go too far. I am a married woman and you must respect my wishes."

I was hungry for her, but I knew that she meant business. I told her how much I desired her and how wonderful our lovemaking had been. She agreed and said it was TLC tender loving cunnilingus and explained that it was the most enjoyable form of lovemaking for her. I was still fully clothed and Marcia was still wearing everything but her panties and shoes, yet it was the most intense experience I had ever had with a woman. I agreed with her that TLC was great, but I pointed to the bulge in my trousers and said I still had a problem.

Marcia explained that she had shared as much intimacy with me as she could. She expressed a desire to get together often, but it would remain on her terms and I had to respect her wishes. I embraced her and she kissed me softly on the forehead. It felt condescending to me after the incredible intimacy I had just enjoyed with her.

I stepped away from her and left her office. I returned home and masturbated feverishly.

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