by Noda

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Desc: Sex Story: A young woman sees me leering at her across the food court in the mall as she breastfeeds her child. She is pissed, and rather than try to get out of it I admit why I was watching and make a couple lewd comments. She returns to her table blushing, then returns. I'm expecting to be slapped or yelled at, but instead she hands me a note.

"Shit, she's gonna kick my ass." was all that ran through my head as she got up and headed across the food court towards me, baby in her arms, stroller behind her, and a pissed off look on her face.

We had been in opposite corners of the room, and I had been staring off an on for several minutes. Leering really. I couldn't help it. She was just incredibly fine. Somewhat tall, long straight red hair and gorgeous green eyes. Incredibly cute. Not much older than me, probably in her late twenties. She was also very curvy. Even sitting there in a long black skirt as she was, you could tell her hips and thighs were thick as hell. Probably her ass too.

But her tits were what I had really noticed. She was wearing a loose unbuttoned brown sweater with a white blouse underneath. And under the blouse were what were clearly quite massive tits. And at the time I was staring at her, one was half out, her child sucking it hungrily.

Yeah, I had been leering at her while she was breast feeding. And here she came, striding across the room, looking rather pissed.

"Enjoying the show?"

Stuttering and stammering I managed a half-assed "Sorry..." before she launched into it.

"I'm feeding my baby and you're sitting over here leering at me. What the fuck's wrong with you? You're seriously gonna get off on that?!" she hissed, practically spitting in me.

My eyes flicked around. I was trying not to stare at her body, and couldn't look in her eyes. Stuttering more, I got off a couple "I... I..."'s before thinking 'what the hell', she's probably already gonna kick my ass or get security.

"Ye... yeah I guess." I said while looking down at the ground.

Silence. Complete and utter silence. I kept my floor staring up for several seconds, then looked up. Her previously pale face and neck were now bright red, freckles standing out even more as she blushed, a look of shock on her face.

'Well this is gonna get bad.' I thought looking up at her still stunned face.

"That... turns you on? she finally whispered, green eyes staring at me widely.

Now it was my turn to blush, a rather difficult feat considering the fact that I was biracial, specifically half black and half white.

"What the hell." I said out loud this time, staring up into her eyes as I said it.

"Yeah, it certainly does. You're fine as hell to begin with, and the way you looked when you were... ya know, breast feeding, was really..." I trailed off. "Hot."

More silence as she stared at me incredulously.

"That's... sick." she finally said, hissing it as she glanced around the room.

"So's most of the fun shit in life." I said as I returned my gaze to her body again, standing close to me this time rather than sitting across the room. And it was even better up close. 'Curvy' barely captured it. She was just incredible. Thick thighs, wide hips, a waist that somehow managed to be comparatively small while having a bit of a pooch in the front of her stomach. And her tits were indeed massive, obvious even through the multiple layers. I took it all in slowly from toe to head, my gaze finally falling on her face.

Her previous blush was now back, far deeper than before, and now it was her turn to stare at the floor.

I smiled as she alternated between staring at the floor and glancing around the room nervously. Finally she turned without a word, and strode back across the room, child, stroller, and bags in tow. All I could do was stare at her swaying ass and hips as she strode back to her seat. Even nicer than I had imagined.

Back at her seat she stared at the tabletop for the next several minutes, occasionally glancing up at me, green eyes meeting mine for a fraction of a second before turning away. The whole time cradling her child in one arm, her other looking poised to open her blouse back up.

And I was now firmly back to leering, waiting for her to start back up again. However she didn't. Ten minutes of fidgeting and staring at the table, and she put her child back into the stroller and then reached into her purse, took a scrap of paper out and quickly wrote something. And then she was back up, striding toward me again, this time with a slightly harder to read look across her face. She kept her eyes on the floor as she reached my table, stopped just long enough to toss the scrap of paper on the table, then continued around the corner, disappearing down the long hall to the restrooms.

I watched her incredible ass disappear down the hall, then grabbed the note.

"I'm going to the rest room. I don't need people watching. Be there in 5 minutes you sicko."

I read it a half dozen times as it sunk it.

"Gonna call me a sicko?" I said under my breath chuckling.

Five minutes later I passed the women's rest room and knocked a couple times as I walked hurriedly past. Ten feet farther down the hall I heard the door and looked back, her head peeking out. Stunned that she was really here, I turned back, stepping inside quickly. She ignored me and closed the door behind me the second I was inside.

"Here." was all she said as she pulled me and the stroller bearing her baby into the handicapped stall, locking the door behind us. Once inside she managed one more word. "Sit." she said, pushing me back against the toilet. I sat and she took her child from the stroller. "Put your feet up or people will see you." she whispered.

"Heh. Are you fucking serious?" I asked.

"Be a little quiet dumb ass. You do see where you are, right?"

Rolling my eyes, I set my feet up on the now empty stroller and leaned back against the toilet back. She stood near the door, facing me, child in her arms. She was flushed red again, and staring at the floor. I just smiled as I looked at her. Rock hard erection now quite visible straining against the dockers I wore.

"This is sick." she said biting her bottom lip.

"And you love it, don't you?" I said with a smile.

Her blush deepened to an impossible red as she nodded slightly, then began unbuttoning her blouse with one hand. Seconds later the buttons were undone, and she pulled each side of it around, exposing her massive breasts snug inside a maternity bra and the slightly flabby and stretch-marked belly below. She reached back up with her free hand, undoing one of the catches on her bra. My eyes widened as her left breast was exposed. Massive and a pale white like the rest of her skin, the flesh leading up toward her neck was covered with freckles. Her huge pink areola was dotted with small bumps and topped by a large purplish-red nipple. Her entire breast was streaked with slightly raised blue veins.

She rearranged herself slightly, pulling her breast fully out, then after a quick caress and pat of her baby's head, she cradled the child closer, her head near her now exposed breast. Immediately her child pulled her nipple into it's mouth and began noisily sucking it. She continued to bite her lip nervously and stare at the floor, face, shoulders, and chest flushed a bright red.

I reached down and popped the front of my pants open, my cock straining against only my boxers now. And soon not even them as I unsnapped the two buttons on it. My cock sprang up, huge and light brown, the head dark and glistening with pre cum. I slid my hand around it as I watched her continue to breast-feed her child.

She glanced up quickly and then gasped, whispering "No." angrily. Even as she whispered that, she reached down with her free hand and began slowly gathering her long black skirt up with one hand. Soon the front was pulled up nearly to her crotch, exposing the milky white thighs I had admired under the skirt from across the room before. Gathering up a couple more handfuls of the material, and her panty clad cunt was completely exposed. White cotton panties tightly covered her, and a few wisps of red hair poked out from under the edges. She clumsily tried slipping them off, but with one arm cradling her breast feeding child and the other holding her skirt up, she couldn't quite manage.

Smiling I asked her to step closer. Hesitating for a few seconds, she finally did, still clutching her skirt with one hand. As she got near me, our eyes met. Without taking my eyes off her I slid my hand between her inner thighs and cupped her cunt in my hand. I slowly began groping her through the material when we both jumped, startled by the sound of someone entering the restroom. Her eyes widened with fear, but I just smiled and continued to grind the palm of my hand against her hairy cunt as the woman took the stall two over, and quickly pissed. The whole time I kept fondling her with one hand, stroking my cock with the other. Seconds after the intruder washed her hands and left, I reached up and hooked both my thumbs under the sides of her panties before slipping them past her thighs and letting them fall to the floor. She stepped out of them, legs spreading slightly and giving me a wonderful view of her hairy pussy as she did it.

I reached down picking them up, then held them in front of me. Smiling again I smelled the crotch, a large wet spot clearly visible. So fucking hot. I tossed them in front of me, snagging them on the door's hook behind her. She was now back to staring at the floor, the hand that had held her skirt up was now buried in her hairy crotch, fingers working busily. I went back to stroking myself as I watched the scene before me. This gorgeous red haired woman, baby cradled in one arm, still sucking her breast as she rather frantically diddled herself with the other hand. The entire time, she stared at the ground, biting her lip.

I watched for a minute or two, then reached out and grasped her wrist. She looked up at me angrily as I pulled it from between her legs.

"Let me taste."

She just looked at me, then extended her hand to me, her first two fingers outstretched and slick with her fluids. I sucked each one into my mouth, savoring the fluid I cleaned off. As she started to return her hand, I spoke up again, whispering "No. Get over here, you've had enough fun with yourself I think."

She blushed again, and then stepped one leg over me, straddling my legs and letting her skirt drop. She stepped forward a foot or two till she now stood directly over me, the bottom of her skirt resting against my cock. She stared down at it, and then looked back up to my eyes, blushing bright red again.

"We shouldn't be doing this."

Licking my lips, I responded. "Heh. You know we both want to though, whether we should or not."

"A year." she whispered. "I haven't been fucked in a year."

"Lets do something about that." I said, slipping my hands under her skirt and up her thighs, then grasping as much of her massive ass as I could. I pulled her forward and down as she reached between her legs with her free hand, grasping my massive cock and pointing it into her. He soft curly hair brushed past the tip and then surrounded me as I pulled her forward onto me. Slipping past the hair and then her thick slippery lips, she held my dick tightly as I sunk deeply into her sopping wet and burning hot cunt. All either of us managed was a low grunt and a sigh as she removed her hand, pushing forward the rest of the way, my cock now buried deep in her cunt.

Hands on her ass, I pulled her down, and pushed up, our bodies grinding together. The feeling of her cunt wrapped around my dick was incredible. Nearly as hot was the feeling of her thick thighs wrapped around my legs, her belly pushed against mine. I leaned forward, kissing her as we continued grinding ourselves together. Close to her child, I could hear her feeding between our chests. I looked down at the child, watching as it pulled it's mother's nipple into it's mouth.

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