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Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Science Fiction, Orgy, Petting, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Sex Story: On planet Alpha, the sex drives of men and women are reversed from Earth men and women. Alpha women are interested in sex and Alpha men are interested in romance. This works out to the benefit of the men and women of both planets.

Prologue: The Discovery

100 years in the future the monumental discovery that we had been waiting for decades has finally come true. We discovered extra-terrestrial life on another planet. For so long it had been the subject of TV shows like "Star Trek" that there are other alien forms of life throughout the galaxy, and now that dream has been realized. There was a similar human-like species on Alpha.

The discovery of life on Alpha became the single most newsworthy event in history. The news coverage of the first attack of the Persian Gulf War, or the death of Princess Diana paled in comparison to the coverage of this monumental discovery. It was the top story of every newspaper and TV channel for months. The entire TV schedule was abandoned during that time in favor of non-stop coverage of the discovery.

The Earth civilization had become a bit more technologically advanced over those 100 years. Again, a major theme of the "Star Trek" series was transporters. According to Einstein's Theory of Relativity, using the equation E=mc2, matter could be converted into energy and energy converted into matter. Using that principle it was possible to actually build a functioning transporter. A person would step on a transporter pad, where the entire mass of their body would be converted into energy. That energy was then "beamed" to another location. The transporter pad there would collect all that energy and reconstruct it back into matter, arranging the atoms of matter in the same position. There was a limited range for transporters of around 100 miles. After that distance, the energy beam starts to dissipate.

A side application of transporter technology was the ability to create gateways. A gateway is an improved version of a transporter. By linking the transporter stream to the subspace layer of space-time, the energy could travel at much farther distances and at much faster speeds than was possible using a regular transporter. It required an incredible amount of energy to create a gateway, but once created it required only as much energy to operate as a regular transporter.

Now that Alpha and Earth had become aware of the existence of each other, Earth decided to create gateways on Alpha to link the two planets' populations together. Alpha was about 1000 light years away, so the trip through a gateway took two minutes. They created a gateway in every major city, linking Earth to Alpha in thousands of different locations.

Chapter 1: Alan

Alan had been so frustrated when it came to dating. He had to jump through so many hoops to get a chance to go to bed with the women. He just wanted to stick his dick in their pussies, but women just were not built like that. No, they needed romance. Talking. "Getting to know each other first." Dates (which he of course was still expected pay for, the "woman equality movement" notwithstanding.) And all that just for the possibility that after one of those dates, usually at least ten, the woman might cozy up enough that he would get a night in bed with that woman.

When he got news of the discovery of life on Alpha, he was just as ecstatic as all the rest of them. He bought the newspapers and he was glued to the TV for hours on end every day. In college, he had been a "Trekkie" watching "Star Trek" every night with his friends. "Star Trek: The Next Generation" was his favorite among the five series.

Alan decided that he was going visit Alpha and see this new world. He took two weeks of vacation from his job, and packed his suitcase with clothes, money, and his Universal Translator. He paid the 100-credit charge to use the gateway. He walked through the gateway and stepped out into the city in Alpha.

The city looked about like what an Earth city would look like in the year 2000. Alpha was a bit less technologically advanced than Earth. They had computers, but they were very primitive compared to Earth. The people were driving around the city in what looked like a more streamlined version of a Honda Civic. They had not discovered fusion yet, but the cars were running on ethanol, and the computer system installed in the cars made them completely self-driving. You just inputted a destination into the computer and the car drove itself to the destination.

That was the first impression that he got of the city. The next impression came when he noticed the women. Most of the women were very attractive, and they dressed in dresses and skirts.

He rented a car and prepared to tour the city. He was pretty much touring the city aimlessly. He even set his computer to just drive him around on a random route. He would look around and if he saw a neat looking place, he would park there, walk around a bit, and then get back into his car.

As he was walking around in one store, one woman approached him and said, "Are you from Earth?"

"Yeah. I'm visiting here for two weeks. I'm Alan."

"Hi. I'm Rena. Have you been enjoying the city so far?"

"Yeah, it's pretty impressive. I've been looking around the city for most of the day, and so far it's pretty neat. I was just getting ready to go someplace for dinner after I was done looking around this store."

"Well, how would you like to go to dinner with me?"

A date! This woman was asking him on a date? "Yes, I would like that."

"I know this place close to here that makes a great Ignian Pasta. Let's go."

They went into the restaurant, and he ordered the Ignian Pasta. On Earth, they would have just replicated the dish, but Alpha didn't have replicators yet, so the food was cooked by hand.

They talked about themselves, their jobs, their families, their hobbies. As they talked, they realized that they did not really have much in common. The conversations were dull, boring, and shallow. The food was delicious, but it was a rather less-than-successful date. Not much chance of getting laid tonight, he thought.

What Alan didn't know was that Rena was having the exact same problems with the Alpha men. Alpha men were only interested in romance. All she wanted to do was take the man home, lay him down on the bed, and stick his cock into her pussy. Rena was not connecting with Alan and she was contemplating spending the night alone. But despite the awkwardness, she did notice a few signals. She was wearing a tight pink sweater and a black cloth miniskirt. She caught him taking brief glances at her chest and her nice smooth legs. She wasn't wearing a bra, so her nipples were visible. She had even given him a few panty shots, by looking behind her and letting her legs drift slightly apart while she was doing it. Men had never paid attention to her body, but here was this Earth man that did seem interested in looking at her body, so maybe there was still a possibility.

Alan got the check and drove Rena back to her house. As he pulled into her driveway, he again contemplated this failed date and he sat there wondering what would happen next. He was pleasantly surprised when she invited him inside.

Once inside, the awkwardness was again back. This was the moment of truth. What would happen? Would he just get a 'see ya, goodbye' or would something happen?

"Well, I had fun," she said.

"Yeah, I had fun too," he said.

And they stood there awkwardly. Rena looked at Alan's face, and that is where she saw the "big signal". He wasn't making any move to leave. He was just standing there and he was nervous. She could directly relate to this because she had experienced that same nervousness on her dates with men, as she wondered if she could go further. With that nervous expression, plus the attention he had paid to her body during the date, she decided that he was indeed interested.

She leaned into him and planted a gentle kiss on his lips. She heard him moan and felt him slide his arms around her waist and pull her in. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders and they continued with their very passionate kiss. She felt the hardness in his pants. The guys that she had dated she had to move a bit slower with, but this guy was turned on by just this kiss. She felt his hands starting to drift down her waist. She decided to give him encouragement as she immediately put her hand on his ass, and started rubbing his ass.

Alan could hardly believe how well this was going. First a bad date, now a passionate kiss, and now a hand on his ass. He continued his journey, sliding his hand on her ass and rubbing her ass. He pulled her skirt up and was fondling the silky fabric of her panties, sliding his hand from one asscheek to another. She placed her hand on his hard cock and pulled his face into her chest as he felt the soft sweater fabric over her nice firm breasts. They spent several more minutes grabbing at each other's privates, each one giving absolutely no resistance.

The shirt came off. Then the sweater. Then the pants and skirt. Then the briefs and panties. It was a frenzy as they each removed each other's clothes. They embraced and again locked lips. With her hands wrapped around Alan, Rena walked to her bedroom pulling Alan along with her. She was ready to push him onto the bed when, again to her surprise, she instead found herself being pushed onto the bed. She had never had a man be this enthusiastic about initiating sex.

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