Tuesday Morning Hangover

by Patricia51

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Mult, Lesbian, Spanking, Light Bond, Oral Sex, Sex Toys, .

Desc: Sex Story: A sequel to my "Monday Night Football". Rizzo awakens to a pounding head, the inability to move her arms and the happy memory of the night before. But there's more in store for her.

(Those of you who have enjoyed my stories know that I try to give my characters depth and real emotion. I try to put them into real situations and have them react as real people. Well, this story isn't one of those. This has no moral conclusion or message. The plot is pretty flimsy. No insult is meant to any of the very nice butches I have met before. Please don't take offense. If you do, get over it. Its just about the sex.)

I groaned. While it probably could be heard several blocks away, hopefully it couldn't be traced back to me and my hangover. I winced as the tiny gnomes wielding their sledgehammers inside my head worked up to speed. My mouth tasted like my favorite Cowboys had stampeded through it with their shoes off. My arms... exactly what was wrong with my arms? I didn't seem to be able to move them. I wanted to lift my head and see what was going on but thought I should rest first. 48 hours sounded good for a start.

Okay, think Riz. Last night, I assumed it was last night but I wasn't making any promises, even to myself, I went to Antoines. Well, it was Monday night again, football was on and I was hoping that I could find Sally. Sandra was out of town for the umpteenth time lately, and if I couldn't find Sally I was determined to find someone. I'm perfectly happy to be hammering the same femme every day, but the point is its got to be everyday. I go into withdrawal otherwise. I swear, I'm as bad as some guys I know.

I had gone to Antoines. I definitely remembered that. I had armed myself with a generous but not excessively large strapon, a mere 8 inch one. After all, I couldn't expect everyone I met to have Sally's capacity or endurance.

As it turned out, what I was packing had turned out to be ample. I had picked up this just into middle age blonde female named Carol. She was another one who thought that she was outsmarting someone by taking her wedding rings off. I could tell from her non-stop nervous chatter that she would probably bolt if I suggested going to my place so I had instead taken a firm grip on her arm and escorted her to the ladies room.

It only took me a moment to throw out the 5 or 6 women who thought they needed to be in there and lock the door. By now Carol had shifted into babble mode. I really didn't care about her husband or her six kids and whether or not the three girls were blonde like her. She had nice legs under a short skirt and I thought she would look pretty good on her knees. So I kissed her and put her hand on the crotch of my jeans. She fell almost immediately to her knees, still talking. Then I shut her up by unzipping my jeans and feeding her the head of my strapon.

One good thing about most married females is that they usually can do a pretty good job of sucking cock, my latex one anyway (the other kind *shudder* I don't even want to think about). Carol was going to town, having found something better to do with her mouth than talk. Not only was she giving the old boi a decent workout, it obviously wasn't the first time she had sucked a dildo. She knew to lock her lips over it when she had swallowed it and push the base back inside me. She did a great head bob and shake that was doing wonders on my clit. I closed my eyes and showed my appreciation by grabbing the back of her head and slamming my womancock all the way down her throat.

She showed her appreciation by turning blue and her body spasmed and shook until the vibrations sent me all the way off. I fell back and she gasped in deep whoops, obviously overcome with me and my incredible lovemaking.

Well, fair is fair. I pulled her up and kissed her. Leaning her against the sink, I pulled her short skirt up around her waist. She picked that moment to start talking again. I've really heard "I've never done this before" and all its varieties so I simply ripped her panties off and stuffed them in her mouth.

Relieved of listening I hoisted her onto the sink, slapped her legs wide and thrust with my hips. I have to say that I'm not bragging, from a distance of over a foot I impaled her wet pussy right on my womancock and rammed it all the way up her.

I had sighed at the way she took it. I would have been great to have Sally back. She would have whooped and hollered for more. Carol's eyes bugged out like I had done something to her she didn't enjoy. Well I knew better than that so I grabbed each ankle and spread her out like a wishbone. Once I had her open I commenced to pound her like I was tenderizing her for her husband. Who knows? Maybe it did.

Finally she had bucked up with her hips, pulled her ankles out of my hands and locked her legs around my waist. She tightened her legs and her internal muscles and then we were both whooping and hollering and coming together. I like that.

I let her get back on her knees for a while and lick everything clean. Then giving her one last fond pat with the head of my strapon, I had zipped up and unlocked the door. Apparently we had been in there longer than I thought. There sure was a crowd gathered around the door. They must have all had to go really bad. I couldn't think of any other reason so many people were standing there.

I drank three beers on the way to the door. One of the bouncers wanted me to hold on a minute but I was tired and wanted to go home. So I stretched him out with a gentle tap on the chin, grabbed a pitcher off some abandoned table (well it looked abandoned to me) and left. Can I help it if the sink broke off the wall in the bathroom? I wasn't the one on it. Talk to Carol.

Okay, that all pretty well settled where I was last night, or my last conscious night. Now what was going on here now? I tried moving my hands. No Luck. I could seem to move my feet however.

My musings where broken by the bed bouncing. "Hey there, Sleepin' Beauty," came a cheery voice. Once I stopped moaning from the pain of movement, I managed to turn my head and squint against the light.


"Hey there, pretty good guess. Yeah, its me." The shapely older femme sat at the head of the bed where I could look at her without too much pain. "You were really out of it last night, Riz. You staggered through the door and fell into bed. I really thought you might have noticed I was on the dining room table with my legs wrapped around Sandra and her pounding me with a nice strapon. I mean, I'm not the quietest fuck by any means."

"Now my head was really spinning and not just from last night's alcohol. "Wait just a minute. Whadda you mean Sandra was fucking you? Sandra's a femme, like you. You all don't do that."

Sally shook her head. "Golly, Rizzo. For a pretty smart and experienced woman sometimes you don't know jack shit. My girlfriend is as femme as they come. You have should see her in the coral dress and black high heels she was wearing the day we first met. The sight would have made you mouth water. Mine did."

"The point of the matter," she continued, "is that as good as you are, she can do me better and twice on Sunday. Femme has nothing to do with it. Its all about attitude. Now I stopped by here last night just as Sandra was getting home. We introduced ourselves and hit it right off. Now did you even know she was curious about being on the other end of the dildo for a change?"

Damn. I hadn't any idea that Sandra would be at all interested in doing that. I never thought of such a thing. It was sort of outside my experience.

"You've got a girlfriend?" As soon as I said that I knew it had to sound just as stupid to her as it did to me. "And where's Sandra?"

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