Swapping Young - Round Two

by Tom Land

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Spanking, Swinging, Group Sex, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Larry and Beth continue their evening of fun with Sam and Rhonda.

Chapter 1

Larry and Beth were so happy they'd met Sam and Rhonda and hit it off so hotly with them that Larry pulled Beth into his arms there in the family room and they were kissing passionately. Sam laughed, "It almost seems weird seeing you guys embracing and standing here, naked and looking so hot," as he put his arms around Rhonda and cupped both of her naked breasts as his growing hardon pushed against her naked ass. "Mmmm, fuck, guys, I'm getting horny and hot to fuck again," Sam said as he considered pushing his own wife, Rhonda, over, and sliding his cock up inside her from behind, doggy style.

"Yeah, I agree, Sam," Larry said as he felt his own cock rapidly approaching full erection. But, he didn't waver for a moment as to who would be the recipient of his big hard cock. It would be Rhonda again. Larry loved his wife, Beth, and he definitely loved fucking her but tonight was the time to enjoy another man's wife and Rhonda had been as hot a fuck as he'd ever enjoyed in their first session. He was more than ready to do her again.

Larry kissed Beth again very lovingly and then he looked her in the eyes, sending her a clear signal that she was his one and only love, but he was going to enjoy another lusty fuck with Rhonda. Beth leaned over, kissing him again and then she immediately turned and walked over to Sam, as Larry headed towards Rhonda to join her for another lusty go-round.

"I would ask if you're happy to see me, Larry," Rhonda said, "but it's pretty obvious by looking at your cock how you feel about me," she laughed as she let him pull her into his arms, and she loved the feel of his big hard cock pressing quickly against her wet horny pussy mound. She loved the feel of Larry's arms holding her, and she felt herself growing very wet and more than hot for him to slide his big cock inside her and fuck her again as her full breasts pressed hotly against his naked chest. Larry's hands slid down from where he was holding Rhonda close and he cupped her naked tight asscheeks, pulling her tight against his big thick hardon against her pussy.

"Rhonda, you're sure hot, baby," Larry said, knowing Beth could hear him paying another man's wife compliments but he looked over and Sam had Beth close in his arms, and he'd just lowered his mouth to her left nipple, licking it and caressing her other naked breast as he was getting her turned on for another fuck, too.

Sam quickly had Beth hot to trot, and he knelt in front of her, spreading her thighs and then he buried his face in her wet pussy, licking her and making her whimper from the intense pleasure of having someone other than her own man eating her horny pussy. "Ohhhhhhhhhhh, yes, yes, Sam, eat me, baby, lick my pussy and make me cum, Sam," Beth moaned and she thought she was going to collapse from how hotly Sam was tonguing her and then he slid a finger inside her and was finger fucking her. "Ohhhhhhhhhhh, Sam, mmmmmmmmmm, oh fuckkkkkkkkkk," Beth moaned as she loved the feeling of having Sam's finger sliding in and out of her pussy. He stood, still with his finger in her hot cunt and he drilled it in and out, grazing it over her aroused clit until she began to cum on his finger. "OHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, damn, mmmmmmmmmmm, I'm cumming, baby," Beth moaned.

Rhonda couldn't stand it any longer. Sam was doing Beth and her pussy was now sopping wet from hearing Sam and Beth together. Rhonda was as intensely hot for Larry this time as she had been their first time that night. She was so turned on she didn't know whether he and her would last longer than their first time or not. She leaned on her knees in front of Larry, took his hardon in her hand and opened her lips, slipping them quickly over his cockhead and she soon had her hot lips bobbing up and down over Larry's erection. She ensured Larry was fully ready to fuck her and then she motioned for him to sit in a nearby armless chair. When Larry was seated, Rhonda began doing a sexy little dance there in front of Larry. Sort of his own little private table dance. She swayed and moved in an obvious tease with her naked breasts and pussy just out of his arms' reach.

As she danced for Larry, Rhonda glanced over and saw Beth in Sam's embrace again. She wanted to beat her husband to the fuck this time so as she saw Beth and Sam continuing their lusty foreplay, Rhonda moved closer to Larry, bending over and taking his hard cock in her hand and stroked him. Larry leaned back, giving Rhonda good access to his hardon and then Rhonda decided it was time. She moved towards Larry, spreading her legs and she quickly straddled him, moving up over the rod of his erect cock and used her hand on his hardon to guide the swollen head straight up towards her wet pussy.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, yeah, baby, give me your sweet pussy," Larry moaned as Rhonda felt his hard cockhead spreading her pussy and then she began letting the hard thickness enter her hot horny cunt as she smoothly slid down over his dick. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, yessssssssssssssss," Larry said as he reached up, taking Rhonda's rounded tits in his hands and he squeezed both of them, actually pulling downward and forcing her pussy to be completely impaled on the cock she was mounting.

"Larry, you feel so fucking good inside me," Rhonda said as she used her leg and thigh muscles to start sliding slowly up and down on Larry's cock. "I want you to let me fuck you, Larry, until we're both moaning in cums, baby," she said as she bent over, kissing Larry's lips and then she looked over and saw that Beth and Rhonda's husband Sam were kissing hotly and their hands were all over each other's naked bodies. Rhonda turned back to the fuck at hand, and she began to move on top of Larry's cock with more and more concentration as she felt herself rapidly approaching another orgasm. Rhonda began to pick up the rhythm of her wet pussy riding up and down on Larry's cock and he pulled her breasts to him mouth, licking his tongue across her aroused hard nipples while he let her control their coupling at the moment. Her tight wet cunt sliding hotly on Larry's big hardon was bringing him quickly to another ejaculation of his hot cum, too.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh, yes, yes, lick my tits, baby, lick my hot nipples, Larry," Rhonda said and as she and Larry were busily occupied in their fuck, Sam had Beth over on the bed nearby and he had maneuvered her into the position he wanted to fuck her in this time. He wanted to have the pleasure of taking Beth from behind, doggy style, like he was a horny male dog driving his hard cock into his fertile willing bitch.

Sam got Beth on her hands and knees and then he moved in behind her, reaching down to sexily stroke his hand up and down over Beth's wet hot pussy. Beth spread her legs wider in response to his caresses, and then Sam moved up behind her, guiding his hardon straight into her waiting pussy with his hand. Beth began little movements back onto Sam like she could hardly wait for him to mount and start thrusting his cock inside her. As soon as Sam felt his hard cock touch Beth's wet pussy lips, he pushed his ass forward, looking down and watching as his cockhead popped in between Beth's pussy and then two inches of his cock smoothly slid inside her as well.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yeah, give me all your cock, baby, give it all to me, Sam," Beth moaned as Sam leaned over, reaching underneath Beth's naked chest and cupping her large full breasts as he used her upper body to leverage himself and he went ahead and bumped his ass forward, feeling his entire cock slam inside her. With their having fucked earlier that night, Sam knew what a hot lover Beth was and now he grasped both her large tits firmly and he began rutting into her like the male/female dog coupled together that he liked to envision when he fucked in this position.

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