Saturday Overtime

by RoperTrace

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Oral Sex, Sex Toys, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: He shows lady sales manager how inventive engineers can be.

Working as an engineer meant that sometimes I needed to work overtime on big projects. Our material handling business had been slow for months, so when we landed the contract to design and build twenty-one large lifters for a major aluminum company, everyone rose to the occasion. Since we had had several personnel cutbacks over the previous three years, our engineering staff was running pretty lean.

My boss had given me a three-week window in which I was to complete my phase of the project. I always liked to get things done a few days early, so if any unforeseen problems arose, I'd still get it done in time. That meant I was working the last two Saturdays, at least for four to five hours each. Anyway, I'd already been in for two hours, when I heard the outside door to our building close. Looking up I expected to see Al, our chief design engineer. He had the same bad habits as me. Working late and even on Saturdays if the job required it.

To my surprise, I saw that it was Lynn, our sales manager in the other division. Lynn was in her forties, and she had always been friendly even when I first started about three years ago. We always had a harmless, little flirtation thing going on around the coffee machines in our little office cafeteria.

While Lynn was no raving beauty, she had beautiful large breasts and a nice plump ass that she could swing with the best of them. Coupled with her quick smile and bright wit, she was a very desirable woman in my eyes. On Fridays, our company had a casual dress code, and I loved the way Lynn's jeans hugged her hips and her plump derriere looked as she sashayed the hallways of our office building.

While they're were certainly younger and slimmer women in our office, Lynn had a certain sexiness that always appealed to me. Besides, she was very competent in her job, and she had a friendly aura that had caught my eye from my first week on the job.

As I continued to work out the details for the project another hour had passed and I decided that a cup of strong coffee was needed to recharge my brain cells. Walking over to our cafeteria, I saw that there was a light on in our display room. This room was a marketing area that our sales force used to demo hardware displays to our sales reps. I heard Lynn talking to herself as she was attempting to rearrange some of the displays.

Walking over to the doorway, I stopped and looked inside, and Lynn had her arms full as she tried to move some of the heavy display stands. "Need a hand?" I asked.

"I didn't want to disturb you, but that would be nice if you could just help me a minute." she said.

I quickly went to her side and grabbed the display stand she was holding, and together we moved it to the other side of the small room.

"I needed a break anyway, and this will take my mind off the project for a few minutes." "I would really appreciate it, if you could help me move just one more rack," said Lynn. She was dressed in tight jeans and a Baltimore Raven's jersey. She wore her dark brown hair short, but that seemed to be the thing for successful women in a business setting.

As she directed me to the other rack, I grazed her bare arm in the close quarters as she prepared to lift the display stand. I smiled to myself as I noticed the goose bumps quickly rising on her forearm from my inadvertent touch. We moved the rack and stood back to see if that was where she wanted it, like when a woman asks you to move her furniture.

I stood there with a half-smile on my face, and she said, "What are you thinking?"

"Oh, I was just thinking about chaining you to one of these racks." I said for purely shock value.

Lynn's mouth opened and she said, "I don't believe you said that."

"Why not? I've always had a thing for chains, and having you alone in this room, set my evil mind to work." I said kiddingly.

"Well, what exactly would you do?" Lynn said teasingly. And she walked over to the chain coils on display and lifted her arms to grab onto the chains. Since she asked, I walked over to where she stood and pulled a length of smooth chain off the roll and wrapped it around one wrist and attached a chrome clip to the links.

Lynn smiled and didn't move her other hand, so I repeated the process to the other arm. "Okay, so now what?" she added, still with a slight mocking tone in her voice.

Without saying a word, I walked over to the doorway and closed and locked the door to the small room. Lynn kept the smirk on her face as I approached her. She was a tall woman, and I leaned over and kissed her long and hard on her lips. She didn't pull away and tasted wonderful. With her arms chained at her shoulder level, her large chest was obviously rising and falling as her breathing had deepened.

Looking around the room, I found one of the company tee shirts we had for sale to employees, and I ripped it into strips. Taking the longest strip, I wrapped it around her head and covered her eyes. Lynn squealed when she felt my hands reaching under her Ravens jersey. Lynn was a strong, aggressive woman in a business environment, but I'd found out that many of these types of women liked to be dominated in a non-work situation. Because of this, I didn't ask for her permission when I had chained her fast.

Lynn's mouth again formed a big "O" when she felt my hands at the buckle to her jeans. She started to protest, but I shoved a wad of the torn tee shirt into her open mouth and secured it with the last strip of the shirt and tied it around the back of her head.

Now with her arms and mouth secured, I quickly unbuckled her jeans and pulled them down. More goose bumps raised up on her large, beautiful thighs. As I pulled her shoes, and jeans off her feet, Lynn was not resisting my actions. I leaned over close to her ear and whispered that the Ravens jersey would have to go. Taking out my sharp lock blade knife, I carefully cut the front of her Jersey apart and removed it completely. Lynn now stood before me in her panties and large sized bra that she used to encase her mammoth breasts. She wore one of those four-clasp type bras that only women with large breasts had to wear. I reached around to her back and slowly undid the clasps. When the last clasp let go, her huge titties came out of their cups, and I cupped each one roughly. Her thick brown nipples stiffened as my hands kneaded her titties. When they were fully erect against my palms, I started to gently twist and pull on them until they stood out like chocolate tootsie rolls. With her head rolled back onto her shoulders. I gave each nipple a harder tug, until Lynn came up onto her tiptoes.

Since she was a strong woman, Lynn didn't want to cry out and I was going to give each nipple a much harder twist when my eyes saw the chromed clips on our display racks. I raked my fingernails up her sides at her ribs, and said, "Don't go anywhere."

Walking over to the display racks, I selected several medium to larger clips we used to attach chains to different things. They are the kinds of clips you might use on the end of a leash for large dogs. Tearing them from the plastic, Lynn was mumbling something into her gag, but I just laughed a little in her ear with my most evil voice. I took two the large clips, and temporarily clipped them to her ear lobes.

While not painful, it told her what I had in my hands. I flicked both of her ear clips with my fingers and she jumped again. While they dangled there, I moved my mouth to her succulent breasts and gave each thick nipple some needed attention. If possible, they swelled to an even larger size as blood pumped into her delicate tissue. I then unclipped her right earlobe clip and moved it to her breast. I could feel Lynn tensing as she felt the heavy clip bite onto her engorged nipple.

She now moaned a little louder into her gag. Without wasting time, the other breast was clipped in the same way and her moans continued and she did a little dance in her bare feet. As she adjusted to the pressure of the steel clips "biting" her titties, her dance settled down and she stopped moaning. At this point I tugged on both clips to renew her touch with my reality. Her dance resumed, and I asked her if she wanted to be set free. She didn't answer right away, so I repeated the question. She shook her head no, and I left her get used to the rude clips on her titties.

Not tormenting her for the moment, I moved my hands down to the beautiful swell of her large hips and moved my fingers inside the elastic to her panties. I pulled her panties down over her hips, and down her plump thighs in almost slow motion. She stood still and as I bent over, I ran my tongue across her lower abdomen. She made a little noise in her gag, but it didn't sound like before. As my mouth moved lower, I softly blew my hot breath across the brown curls of her bush.

Getting down on my knees, I slid the panties down her muscular calves and she picked each foot up so I could remove them. Taking them in my hand, I inhaled the beautiful scent from her damp panties. All women in the aroused state emit that sweet scent that gives me an instant erection. At the moment, it only made mine larger.

While on my knees, I pulled another length of the same display chain off the roll, and wrapped it around her left ankle twice. Taking the end of the chain around the back of the stand, I brought it around to the front and after tapping her right ankle to move her legs wider apart, I wrapped the other ankle and clipped it fast. Lynn now stood before me, blindfolded, chained, gagged, and mostly naked, except where her open bra hung by her shoulder straps.

Her legs were also spread open with her feet about two feet apart. Standing up, I decided to give her another little surprise. Taking several of the medium sized clips that I had retrieved earlier, I opened one and pulled out the one side of her labia and slipped the thick skin into the clip. Gently letting the clip close, Lynn jumped but didn't moan as she felt the steel on her pussy lip. I repeated the process until she had four of the heavy clips dangling from her pussy.

While not that painful, it only added to all the stimulation that her body was getting. The added weight of the four clips made her pussy lips hang down about an inch from her slit. Kneeling before her, I moved my nose inside the dangling clips, and ever so lightly flicked the tip of my tongue up and down the sides of pussy opening. Lynn resumed moaning into her gag. Before standing, I gave her clit a quick flick, but didn't linger there more than a second or two. Lynn sounded like she was begging something unintelligible into her gag, like she wanted me to continue, but she was at my disposal, and not the reverse.

I whispered into her ears, if she'd like for me to remove the painful clamps on her nipples. She nodded yes, so I took them both in hands and gave them a little jingle. She jumped from the little shaking and quickly settled back down. Just as her breathing grew calmer, I quickly unclipped both clamps simultaneously. Lynn tensed and moaned anew as fresh blood coursed through her previously clipped titties. She had just learned a valuable lesson in the area of bdsm; clamps on nipples usually hurt as much coming off as they did going on.

Wanting to humiliate this powerful businesswoman in a way that would also stimulate her, I had yet another "little" surprise for her. But first I ran back to the cafeteria and retrieved a tub of soft butter from the refrigerator. She heard my footsteps as I re-entered the display room and locked the door.

Lynn turned her blindfolded eyes in the direction of the small electric motor she now heard purring. The little hoist we had on display in our display room, was a small unit with only 500 pounds of capacity and was positioned overhead on a small jib boom. The jib allowed it to swing in a 180 degree arc over about one third of the room. As I maneuvered the hoist next to her, I lowered the chain on which a smooth cast iron hook was attached. I stopped lowering the hook when it came to about the middle of her spread-thighs.

Having some idea, what I had in mind, she moved her head sideways to protest what she knew I was going to do with the hook. The hook had smooth point on the end of it, and curved upward in a gentle arc about four to five inches from the bottom of the curve. While skinny at the blunt point, it grew thicker as it went downward until it was about two inches thick at the bottom. While small by crane hook standards, it was anything but small when it came to the human body.

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