Sandy and Graham

by RoperTrace

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Fiction, Group Sex, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: Young beauty is surprise guest at an all male circle jerk.<br>(CFNM=clothed female nude male)

Sandy was standing in her bra and panties brushing out her silky, blonde hair with long even strokes. She had lost count on how many strokes she had applied so far, and smiled nervously at herself in the mirror.

She was getting dolled up for a special treat this evening. Her friend, Graham, had called her earlier in the week and told her to reserve a spot in her social calendar for this coming Saturday evening.

When Sandy asked what was so special, Graham said, "Remember that conversation we had a few weeks back over drinks at the Rusty Pump, -- when we somewhat drunkenly talked about our fantasies?"

"Well, dear Girl, if you're up for it, I'm about to make one of yours come true."

Sandy almost squealed into the phone, "NO, YOU'RE NOT! Graham, is this on the level?"

"Absolutely! All you have to do is be ready at seven sharp. We'll grab a bite to eat first then off we go." Then Graham added, "And Sandy, why don't you wear that black sheath dress I love so much? You look stunning in black."

With that the phone clicked off, and Sandy was still gaping at the handset a few seconds before putting it back. Sandy set the hairbrush on her dresser, and turned towards the closet where her black dress was hanging. But she had another thought and opened one of her dresser drawers instead.

After shuffling through its contents, she retrieved a new thong and she quickly slipped off the bikini's she was wearing and stepped into the thong. Pulling it up her shapely legs, she made some final adjustments. Giving it her look of approval, she scooped up the discarded panties and tossed them onto her bed as she walked to the closet.

After slipping into the tight sheath and smoothing it to her approval, Sandy turned in the mirror and checked how it looked from the rear. Her shiny blonde hair hung mid-way down her back and provided great contrast to the tight, little black dress which came to mid-thigh. Casting an eye to her plump, shapely butt, Sandy made a face at her image, but then just shrugged her shoulders, knowing that Graham was especially fond of her ass. He had told her numerous times it was the perfect size for a sexy woman, and that a woman should not have a tiny backside like some ten year old boy. Since there was nothing to do about it now, Sandy slipped on her heels, picked up her small black, leather handbag and headed down the stairs to await Graham's arrival.

At six fifty-five sharp, Graham pulled into her drive, and quickly shut off the engine to escort his "date". Sandy was quite excited and didn't wait for him to knock, and had the door open and was halfway out as he arrived at her door.

"You look quite lovely in that dress," said Graham as he offered her his arm. Sandy leaned over, stood on her tiptoes and gave him a quick peck on the cheek and gave his salt and pepper goatee a playful tug. The beard was almost in direct contrast to his totally shaved and very tan head. "Thank you Gra'm," Sandy said with a nervous titter in her voice. She took the offered arm and walked towards his black Sedan.

He opened her door and gave her a playful pat on her bottom as she got into the car. Sandy just smiled at the touch and gave him a mischievous smile as he closed the door behind her.

Opening his door and positioning his long legs under the wheel, Graham put the Sedan into gear, and motored along the narrow road leading from her house, and soon they were turning onto a divided highway.

Sandy asked if she could play some music on the radio and Graham told her to tune into whatever she liked. Before long Sandy had found a station playing soft jazz, and knowing it was one of Graham's favorites left it there.

After about ten minutes on the highway, Graham turned off at the first exit and headed back onto a rural road with upscale, large homes surrounded by generous plots of land.

"If you don't mind, I'd like to stop for a drink at the Hawk's Gunning Club?" Graham announced. "That's fine, I'm really not very hungry at the moment anyway," Sandy said. "Is this the private club you've told me about? The one where you swap war-stories about your exploits and other manly tales?" she teased him.

"Yes, I'm afraid it is," he replied with a big smile. "But it's quite nice, and I think you'll enjoy the atmosphere."

They turned into a long lane which appeared to take them into a large farm. Soon the lane became tree covered and they proceeded about a quarter of a mile before a large cedar lodge came into view. Several cars were parked on the gravel parking lot beside the lodge and Graham found a space to park near the entrance. He walked round and opened the car door for Sandy, catching sight of her short dress riding high as she swung her shapely legs out of the door and making no attempt to avert his gaze.

They walked arm in arm together to the large double doors leading into the lodge and Graham ushered her inside. Sandy took a moment to let her eyes adjust to the dimly lit interior before allowing Graham to lead down a hallway which opened into a huge room dominated by an stone fireplace at one end. The blazing fire in the hearth created a maze of dancing shadows across the walls. Several round large tables with oversized chairs around their circumference occupied the space between the entrance and the stone fireplace, of which, only one table was taken by two couples. A traditional, old fashioned wooden bar ran the entire length of one wall where a few men were seated.

Sandy felt herself fall under close scrutiny as all heads turned toward them when they entered. A few of the men raised their drinks and tipped their glasses toward Graham in acknowledgement. He nodded back at them politely as he escorted Sandy to the far end of the bar.

Graham ordered a Chablis for Sandy and Bourbon on the rocks for himself when the bartender arrived to serve them. Taking Sandy's arm, he said, "Why don't I show you our private game room. It's usually only reserved for male members, but tonight's a special occasion, and I'm on the board of regents, so nobody will mind." Taking their drinks in hand, Sandy walked beside her much taller host and he was wearing a navy sport coat over khaki's with a light blue shirt.

A short hallway led to a closed door with a small darkened window in it. Graham pressed a small button and after several seconds the door buzzed for Graham to open. Holding the door open for Sandy, she stepped inside to find herself a room housing two billiards tables and several round card tables. A smaller bar flanked the one wall where several men were standing. Graham closed the door behind them and the lock clicked shut.

"Gentleman, may I have your attention?" Graham announced in a raised voice. "This is Sandy, she's our guest this evening, and I'm expecting you all to abide by the rules we've set out earlier. Understood?" The men all nodded their accord.

"Okay, if you'll get ready, we'll do the same." With that the men walked into a side room as a group.

Sandy was still kind of confused, when Graham said, "I'm afraid bringing you here for a drink has been something of a ruse, dear girl." He had a devilish smile and it quickly dawned on Sandy that her fantasy was to start here, right at this moment.

"Oh my God!" Sandy whispered excitedly, "Graham, I can't do this... not really, I'd be too embarrassed!"

"Of course you can, don't be silly — besides, they're expecting you and have gone to so much trouble on your behalf. Now here, you might need this coat for later!"

Graham helped Sandy out of her own jacket, and held up a long, white lab coat for her to put on. Despite her protest and nervous reluctance, Sandy slipped her arms into the sleeves as Graham helped her button the coat and gave her reassuring encouragement.

"The men have instructions to do as you command, within reason, and not to touch you in any way. You may touch them, but not the reverse." Graham explained. "I know all of them and know they'll obey these instructions."

Sandy heard a door open and the six men filed out of the smaller room wearing bathrobes or smoking jackets and walked bare foot to the center of the room. Graham found a dimmer switch and raised the light level slightly allowing better visibility.

The men lined up and stood somewhat to attention. Again taking her arm, Graham led her towards the men. She could see that some of the men already had erections pressing out the front of their bathrobes. Looking at the men, they varied in age from thirty-five to about fifty years of age, and all appeared to be fairly fit. Two had small potbellies, but their legs and arms were still muscular, as if hard work wasn't foreign to them.

"Sandy, I've told them that opening their robes would be up to your discretion. If you want to do the unwrapping, it's your choice, or they'll do it for you." Graham said in a quiet voice.

Sandy could feel her breathing quicken as they walked closer and she decided what to do. The men stood quietly, looking straight ahead, without trying to meet her gaze

Slowly, Sandy walked along the line of men and while they were undoubtedly as nervous as she was, they did their best to hide it. Her eyes glanced quickly from face to face, her confidence growing as she walked the line.

At the far end she turned on her heel and stood for several moments looking down the row of six men, who appeared to have tent poles under their robes. She bit her lip, her heart hammering in her chest as she fought to find her resolve. Suddenly she took a step forward and turned to the first man in line, Number One.

"Open your robe!" Her heart skipped a beat as she watched him pull on the belt. The knot slipped and the belt fell away, but the robe failed to open. "Show me!"

Suppressing a giggle, she watched in amazement as he nonchalantly opened the folds of his robes to display himself. She shrieked, hand springing to her mouth in surprise when she saw a small ribbon tied in a bow to his growing penis. She turned and looked back at Graham who was suppressing a laugh and he mouthed..."that was my idea". His eyes twinkling with delight at her surprised look.

Without a word Sandy moved to Number Two. He was about as old as Graham, maybe fifty, with a small pot belly, but still looked like a rugged man. He smiled, looking straight through her, as she touched his belt and deftly pulled his robe open. His cock, while still growing in length, looked to be over eight inches long and very thick. He exhaled loudly when the cool air hit his manhood. She raised a tentative finger, and then paused, glancing up at him with an amused smile.

"Can I touch?"

He nodded his head, once, sharply.

Her finger moved under his bulbous head and gently lifted it up and down in the air as if testing its weight. The skin felt almost hot resting on her finger, and when she touched him, he closed his eyes and inhaled deeply. His balls were pendulous and rested against the top of his hairy, muscular thighs. Sandy decided to take it a step further and used both her cool hands to untie his ribbon and bow. He smiled in silent gratitude.

Number three was a short, handsome man in his thirties. He had blonde wavy hair and very blue piercing eyes. Before his unveiling, Sandy decided to set the first man's cock free of its ribbon and bow and walked back to the start of the line. Without seeking approval, she took hold of his semi-hard cock and untied the ribbon and placed in the pocket of her lab coat with the other one.

Graham remained just a step in back of her, not that he was assisting, but just for moral support.

Returning to fair-haired Number Three; if he was the shortest man there, he also wore the biggest grin upon his handsome face. When Sandy untied his belt, his fully erect shaft sprang forth from beneath the robe. He had fine downy blonde hair all around his pubic area and as she reached out to untie his man-ribbon, he started nervously laughing to the point that his belly was shaking, causing his erection to bob up and down.

Sandy almost joined in the laughter, but suppressing her giggles, she quickly reached out and cupped his balls, lifting her hand slightly, forcing him to stand on tiptoes. Looking at the single-eyed snake aiming directly between her own eyes, she noticed a clear drop of liquid oozing from his cock not unlike a teardrop. She took her index finger and touched the slippery drop.

He was no longer laughing, and now had his eyes closed as if he were under her spell. Sandy untied the bow and lowered her other hand from his balls. She wiped her finger on his robe, and gave him a knowing smile.

Moving along the line of men, three had now been unveiled with three to go. Number Four was a handsome, dark-skinned man in his late thirties or early forties. Sandy was excited about what might be under his robe, since she'd never seen a dark-skinned man's penis in the flesh.

She watched his eyes and tentatively reached over to his robe. When it came undone, she was not disappointed. His cock while not yet erect, appeared to a little shorter than Number Two's but it was quite thick and resembled a dark mahogany baton used by the old-time policemen.

Number Four was not circumcised as were the first three, and the head of his penis bulged out to a much larger diameter than even Number Two's. As she placed her cool fingers around his bulbous shaft, her fingertips didn't completely make a full circle. Her fingers closed firmly around him and a small sigh escaped his lips.

Sandy took her time untying his ribbon and bow, enjoying the sight of him, the feel of his dark cock in her hand. She could almost feel the blood surging against her skin. Gently, she lowered his ever-growing cock down to rest upon his large, hairy balls. Only two remained, and when Sandy moved in front of Number Five, the rest of the men were snickering and trying their best to refrain from laughing.

Five was a red-haired man about six feet tall, fairly thin, and his face was covered in freckles. She turned an enquiring eye to Graham, but he wore his best poker face.

Number Five broke the ice. "Miss, my nickname's C.D. — short for Crooked Dick!" Now the men were softly laughing with their almost erect cock's bouncing up and down. Even Graham was chuckling from behind her back.

"Hello CD," Sandy replied with a friendly smile, reaching for the belt at the front of his robe, "Mind if I take a look?" She undid the robe and pulled one side away. There was nothing on show. With amused puzzlement, she opened the other fold. C.D.'s semi-erect cock was bowed neatly in the middle and pointing towards the last man in the line's feet. While not small by any means, his cock was bowed like a boomerang. Freckles covered his shaft, and the head of his cock was almost sun burnt red.

She gently touched the swollen head, and her finger left a white mark that quickly turned back to red. C.D. told her quietly, almost embarrassed, that he'd been born that way, and it didn't cause him any problems. "And very nice it is too..." Sandy told him, untying his ribbon. "So don't you listen to them CD!" When she let it drop from her grasp, it sprang back again pointing to the right. Sandy smiled and moved on to number six.

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