Darlene's First Time

by RoperTrace

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, Spanking, Light Bond, White Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: Middle-aged woman has her first bdsm experience.

Darlene sighed as she worked her way through traffic. Her job as a credit specialist with a local manufacturing company could be very trying. After more than 25 years with the same company, she had worked in about a dozen different office positions and at fifty-four, she didn't get a lot of satisfaction with her work anymore. For that matter, she didn't get a lot of satisfaction with her home life either.

She'd been married to the same wonderful man for the past twenty-seven years, but at ten years her senior, Gary just wasn't very satisfying to her pent up sexual needs any more. Gary had a minor heart problem and the medications he'd been taking for several years left him all but impotent.

Darlene never would have dreamed that at fifty-four she'd be almost as horny as she was at twenty-four. Some women going through the change of life, as she did, experienced a major upswing in their libido. Unfortunately, Darlene had been one of them and she was quite frankly tired of another night with her trusty vibrator.

Although Darlene was in her fifties, a lifetime regimen of walking and playing a lot of golf and tennis had kept her trim body in great shape. Never having any children, her weight had not changed much from the one hundred and thirty pounds she weighed at her wedding. In fact, she could still get into that damned dress if she wanted to.

As she pulled into their driveway, she flipped the button that opened the door to their two-car garage. As the overhead door rose, she noted without any special concern that Gary's Jeep Cherokee wasn't in the empty spot. She then remembered that he'd gone with some friends to try out a new golf course near Philadelphia. He told her they'd probably stop for dinner and a few drinks before coming home.

Since it was only 5:30 in the afternoon, Darlene decided to take a long, hot bath, and unwind with a glass of sherry. After getting out of her Toyota Camry, she lowered the garage door, and went upstairs to the kitchen. The light was blinking on her answering machine, so she punched the button, while getting a wine glass and sherry from a cabinet.

As she poured herself a glass of the amber liquid, she heard Gary's voice on the machine. "Hey babe, it's just me. We got down here to the club, and met up with another buddy, and he offered us all tickets to the Sixers game tonight with the Lakers. If you don't mind, we're all going to stay for the game, and just get a hotel room. We'll be back around noon tomorrow. I'll give you a buzz later. Love ya." The machine beeped and clicked off.

"Great", Darlene moaned. Now she wouldn't even have Gary's warm body to snuggle up next to in bed tonight. She took her glass of sherry and proceeded upstairs.

She stepped out of her shoes as she walked into the bedroom. She walked into the master bath and unbuttoned her blouse with her free hand. Setting the sherry down on the vanity, Darlene slipped off her skirt, stockings, and panties. She quickly unhooked her bra and dropped all her clothes into a wicker hamper.

Darlene picked up the sherry and looked at her image in the large mirror in the bath. Her trim body looked firm and more like that of a woman of thirty than one of fifty plus. She always wanted bigger breasts, but they still stood out nicely and her still pinkish-brown nipples were unusually large for smaller breasts. She lowered the glass and rubbed the smooth surface against one nipple and then the other. She smiled as both nips swelled up instantly and remembered how Gary used to love sucking on them.

When she first got married, her breasts were both sore for months from his constant attention. Years of marriage had toughened them to the point that Darlene now craved a rougher touch, or for that matter, any touch at all would be nice.

She sipped from the glass before setting it down, and as the fluid warmed her insides she closed her eyes and cupped her pert little tits. Rolling her head back, she used her manicured fingernails and raked them over her breasts and taut belly. She felt moisture already seeping from her tight pussy.

She imagined the rough hands of a construction worker as she closed her eyes and savagely pinched both nipples until a teardrop formed in her eyes. While somewhat painful, it also brought an almost delicious sensation that Darlene couldn't explain to her husband. She almost craved the pain/pleasure that rough treatment of her body gave her.

When she finally loosened her grip, she smiled at herself in the mirror when she saw the fingernail marks remaining at several places on her tits and belly. Continuing to watch herself almost as if she were a voyeur, she lowered her fingers past the mound of her pussy until her long fingers found the wetness between her folds. Dipping a finger into herself, Darlene shuddered when a painted fingernail brushed over her clit. Lifting her hand to her mouth she tasted her own juices and sucked them from her two fingers. That was another thing she missed, her husband's lack of interest in oral sex.

Darlene sighed and walked over to fill the oversized tub in their bathroom. She adjusted the water to a hot temperature and sipped more sherry while the tub was filling. Draining the glass, she decided to go downstairs and get more. She slowed the spigot to about half stream and threw a towel over her shoulder with empty glass in hand.

Being alone gave her the freedom to walk around the house nude. Gary being a bit of a prude didn't like her doing it when he was home. He was always worried about the neighbors or some deliveryman, or some other unexpected visitors.

A few months ago, Darlene had been home alone during a vacation day and she was spending the whole day nude watching TV and just puttering around the house. She loved the freedom of not wearing any clothes, and proud of her lithe body, she liked to display it sometimes.

She had been watching a soap opera reclining nude on their sofa, when the doorbell rang. She only had a T-shirt handy, so she pulled it on and walked to the door with the shirt barely covering her ass. She opened the door and Kenny, the guy who maintained their lawn had stopped by to spray their grass for weeds.

Darlene had opened the door wide and Kenny's eyes quickly took in her attire. He smiled and Darlene blushed a little while he talked. She told him that today would be just fine to spray, and asked if he'd like anything to drink. Kenny thanked her and said no, that he'd better get started. Darlene had been holding the door as if for moral support and only realized after closing it, that with her hand holding the door at shoulder level, the bottom of her T-shirt had crept up so that a few of her dark pubes might have been showing. She laughed to herself, and said, "Oh well, he wasn't complaining."

Going back to her soaps, Darlene once again discarded the shirt and went into the kitchen for a cold bottle of beer. She was taking a chance at being seen since their kitchen had large windows to the back yard, but Darlene wasn't going to let a gardener restrict her normal activities at home. She carried the bottle back to the sofa and sat down.

Taking a long drink from the bottle, she was having trouble concentrating on the TV since Kenny had interrupted. She got up and went over to one of the front windows and stood next to the drapes while looking outside. Kenny was still at his pickup truck getting a small cart with his spray equipment ready to use. He had taken off his shirt in the hot sun and the sight of his muscular arms and back stirred up some raw sexual desire in Darlene.

She continued to watch him and drink her beer. With the bottle now empty she found herself unconsciously rubbing the smooth glass over her body. Imagining Kenny on his back, she wanted to straddle his hips and thrust her needy cunt onto his hard cock.

As Darlene continued to daydream about fucking the gardener, before she knew what she was doing, she found herself kneeling on the carpet next to the window. Still partially hidden by the drapes, she watched Kenny move around the front lawn while spraying. The sweat forming on his skin only served to highlight the hard muscles he had built up over the years.

Darlene while kneeling had placed the long-neck bottle on the floor between her legs. Using her knees to lower herself she adjusted the bottle until the long neck was touching her now-wet pussy lips. When she felt the cold glass touch her, she shivered in anticipation and raised up slightly. Releasing the tension in her strong thighs she once again lowered her hips and felt the bottle touch her gaping pussy. Without hesitation, she left her hips drop and felt the hard glass neck glide into her sopping cunt.

Adjusting to the unyielding bottle invading her body, she paused momentarily and then dropped another inch. With her right hand she adjusted the angle of the bottle slightly and felt more comfortable with her glass lover. She started to rock up and down on the glass while holding it solidly with her hand. Looking outside, she saw Kenny walking slowly around the yard, and she dropped her motions a little further. It was getting increasingly difficult to hold the bottle with one hand and her thighs were starting to burn.

With almost half the bottle now buried in her cunt, Darlene rolled over and lay on the floor directly under the window. The thrill of being seen with a glass phallus buried in her body only heightened her arousal. As she lay on her back with her knees drawn up, she used both hands to piston the glass up and down. She felt her vagina stretching further on each plunge, and the fullness within her pushed her over the edge.

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