Darlene's First Time

by RoperTrace

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, Spanking, Light Bond, White Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: Middle-aged woman has her first bdsm experience.

Darlene sighed as she worked her way through traffic. Her job as a credit specialist with a local manufacturing company could be very trying. After more than 25 years with the same company, she had worked in about a dozen different office positions and at fifty-four, she didn't get a lot of satisfaction with her work anymore. For that matter, she didn't get a lot of satisfaction with her home life either.

She'd been married to the same wonderful man for the past twenty-seven years, but at ten years her senior, Gary just wasn't very satisfying to her pent up sexual needs any more. Gary had a minor heart problem and the medications he'd been taking for several years left him all but impotent.

Darlene never would have dreamed that at fifty-four she'd be almost as horny as she was at twenty-four. Some women going through the change of life, as she did, experienced a major upswing in their libido. Unfortunately, Darlene had been one of them and she was quite frankly tired of another night with her trusty vibrator.

Although Darlene was in her fifties, a lifetime regimen of walking and playing a lot of golf and tennis had kept her trim body in great shape. Never having any children, her weight had not changed much from the one hundred and thirty pounds she weighed at her wedding. In fact, she could still get into that damned dress if she wanted to.

As she pulled into their driveway, she flipped the button that opened the door to their two-car garage. As the overhead door rose, she noted without any special concern that Gary's Jeep Cherokee wasn't in the empty spot. She then remembered that he'd gone with some friends to try out a new golf course near Philadelphia. He told her they'd probably stop for dinner and a few drinks before coming home.

Since it was only 5:30 in the afternoon, Darlene decided to take a long, hot bath, and unwind with a glass of sherry. After getting out of her Toyota Camry, she lowered the garage door, and went upstairs to the kitchen. The light was blinking on her answering machine, so she punched the button, while getting a wine glass and sherry from a cabinet.

As she poured herself a glass of the amber liquid, she heard Gary's voice on the machine. "Hey babe, it's just me. We got down here to the club, and met up with another buddy, and he offered us all tickets to the Sixers game tonight with the Lakers. If you don't mind, we're all going to stay for the game, and just get a hotel room. We'll be back around noon tomorrow. I'll give you a buzz later. Love ya." The machine beeped and clicked off.

"Great", Darlene moaned. Now she wouldn't even have Gary's warm body to snuggle up next to in bed tonight. She took her glass of sherry and proceeded upstairs.

She stepped out of her shoes as she walked into the bedroom. She walked into the master bath and unbuttoned her blouse with her free hand. Setting the sherry down on the vanity, Darlene slipped off her skirt, stockings, and panties. She quickly unhooked her bra and dropped all her clothes into a wicker hamper.

Darlene picked up the sherry and looked at her image in the large mirror in the bath. Her trim body looked firm and more like that of a woman of thirty than one of fifty plus. She always wanted bigger breasts, but they still stood out nicely and her still pinkish-brown nipples were unusually large for smaller breasts. She lowered the glass and rubbed the smooth surface against one nipple and then the other. She smiled as both nips swelled up instantly and remembered how Gary used to love sucking on them.

When she first got married, her breasts were both sore for months from his constant attention. Years of marriage had toughened them to the point that Darlene now craved a rougher touch, or for that matter, any touch at all would be nice.

She sipped from the glass before setting it down, and as the fluid warmed her insides she closed her eyes and cupped her pert little tits. Rolling her head back, she used her manicured fingernails and raked them over her breasts and taut belly. She felt moisture already seeping from her tight pussy.

She imagined the rough hands of a construction worker as she closed her eyes and savagely pinched both nipples until a teardrop formed in her eyes. While somewhat painful, it also brought an almost delicious sensation that Darlene couldn't explain to her husband. She almost craved the pain/pleasure that rough treatment of her body gave her.

When she finally loosened her grip, she smiled at herself in the mirror when she saw the fingernail marks remaining at several places on her tits and belly. Continuing to watch herself almost as if she were a voyeur, she lowered her fingers past the mound of her pussy until her long fingers found the wetness between her folds. Dipping a finger into herself, Darlene shuddered when a painted fingernail brushed over her clit. Lifting her hand to her mouth she tasted her own juices and sucked them from her two fingers. That was another thing she missed, her husband's lack of interest in oral sex.

Darlene sighed and walked over to fill the oversized tub in their bathroom. She adjusted the water to a hot temperature and sipped more sherry while the tub was filling. Draining the glass, she decided to go downstairs and get more. She slowed the spigot to about half stream and threw a towel over her shoulder with empty glass in hand.

Being alone gave her the freedom to walk around the house nude. Gary being a bit of a prude didn't like her doing it when he was home. He was always worried about the neighbors or some deliveryman, or some other unexpected visitors.

A few months ago, Darlene had been home alone during a vacation day and she was spending the whole day nude watching TV and just puttering around the house. She loved the freedom of not wearing any clothes, and proud of her lithe body, she liked to display it sometimes.

She had been watching a soap opera reclining nude on their sofa, when the doorbell rang. She only had a T-shirt handy, so she pulled it on and walked to the door with the shirt barely covering her ass. She opened the door and Kenny, the guy who maintained their lawn had stopped by to spray their grass for weeds.

Darlene had opened the door wide and Kenny's eyes quickly took in her attire. He smiled and Darlene blushed a little while he talked. She told him that today would be just fine to spray, and asked if he'd like anything to drink. Kenny thanked her and said no, that he'd better get started. Darlene had been holding the door as if for moral support and only realized after closing it, that with her hand holding the door at shoulder level, the bottom of her T-shirt had crept up so that a few of her dark pubes might have been showing. She laughed to herself, and said, "Oh well, he wasn't complaining."

Going back to her soaps, Darlene once again discarded the shirt and went into the kitchen for a cold bottle of beer. She was taking a chance at being seen since their kitchen had large windows to the back yard, but Darlene wasn't going to let a gardener restrict her normal activities at home. She carried the bottle back to the sofa and sat down.

Taking a long drink from the bottle, she was having trouble concentrating on the TV since Kenny had interrupted. She got up and went over to one of the front windows and stood next to the drapes while looking outside. Kenny was still at his pickup truck getting a small cart with his spray equipment ready to use. He had taken off his shirt in the hot sun and the sight of his muscular arms and back stirred up some raw sexual desire in Darlene.

She continued to watch him and drink her beer. With the bottle now empty she found herself unconsciously rubbing the smooth glass over her body. Imagining Kenny on his back, she wanted to straddle his hips and thrust her needy cunt onto his hard cock.

As Darlene continued to daydream about fucking the gardener, before she knew what she was doing, she found herself kneeling on the carpet next to the window. Still partially hidden by the drapes, she watched Kenny move around the front lawn while spraying. The sweat forming on his skin only served to highlight the hard muscles he had built up over the years.

Darlene while kneeling had placed the long-neck bottle on the floor between her legs. Using her knees to lower herself she adjusted the bottle until the long neck was touching her now-wet pussy lips. When she felt the cold glass touch her, she shivered in anticipation and raised up slightly. Releasing the tension in her strong thighs she once again lowered her hips and felt the bottle touch her gaping pussy. Without hesitation, she left her hips drop and felt the hard glass neck glide into her sopping cunt.

Adjusting to the unyielding bottle invading her body, she paused momentarily and then dropped another inch. With her right hand she adjusted the angle of the bottle slightly and felt more comfortable with her glass lover. She started to rock up and down on the glass while holding it solidly with her hand. Looking outside, she saw Kenny walking slowly around the yard, and she dropped her motions a little further. It was getting increasingly difficult to hold the bottle with one hand and her thighs were starting to burn.

With almost half the bottle now buried in her cunt, Darlene rolled over and lay on the floor directly under the window. The thrill of being seen with a glass phallus buried in her body only heightened her arousal. As she lay on her back with her knees drawn up, she used both hands to piston the glass up and down. She felt her vagina stretching further on each plunge, and the fullness within her pushed her over the edge.

As waves of her orgasm pulsed through her whole body, she saw a shadow out of the corner of her eye. She didn't make a move to hide but lay there under the window, and watched Kenny's tan arms pass the window on his rounds with the sprayer.

She closed her eyes and relaxed and felt the hard bottle gradually slip back out of her ravaged cunt, and heard the "thunk" as it struck the carpeted floor. She pressed her knees together and heard a little "whoosh" as excess air was expelled from her dilated pussy. After lying still for a few minutes, she arose and went to their bathroom to take a shower.

Darlene's long, trim legs carried her downstairs quickly, and she retrieved the bottle of sherry and decided to take it along upstairs to her bath.

Before she made it to the staircase, the downstairs phone rang. Pausing a few seconds, she listened as she quickly identified the voice of Sharon, a new friend she had met on the internet.

"Darlene, Are you Home?... If you're not doing anything tonight..." Darlene retrieved the handset and answered, "Hi Shy, what's up?"

Sharon or Shy as she was known to her "lifestyle" friends told Darlene that Joe, her Master was taking her out to dinner and Shy asked if she could take someone along. Joe said that she could. So Sharon decided that Darlene might enjoy their company.

Darlene nervously accepted their invitation, since she was a neophyte or actually she was a virgin where the bdsm lifestyle was concerned. True she had done a little experimenting with smacking her own ass, pinching her own breasts, and even tried tying herself up, mostly with little success.

They had met on an anonymous bulletin board on the internet for people interested in alternative lifestyles. The thought of someone else having control of her body, and possibly disciplining her made her heart skip a beat, maybe more like ten beats. After setting a time, Sharon said that they would pick her up around seven-thirty.

Darlene made a beeline for the bath, and decided to skip another glass of sherry. She suddenly felt "alive" and took a quick bath and shaved her legs and pussy. She had only recently decided to shave her most intimate area and loved the smooth feeling of her silky panties against her smooth, puffy lips. Gary hadn't even noticed, since he had not been interested in touching her there in recent months.

After drying herself and fixing her hair, which she wore short, Darlene opted for a form fitting black skirt, about knee length and a silky creme colored blouse that was semi-transparent. She wore stockings that matched her blouse, and black high heels that showed off her athletic calves. She was very proud of her trim body, even if she was old enough to be a grandmother.

She barely had enough time to grab a light raincoat when she heard Shy and Joe blowing the horn for her. She had opted for the raincoat since the forecast called for light showers this evening, and besides it complimented her sexy skirt and blouse. Without putting it on, she folded it over her arm, and hurried out to meet them after locking the door.

Joe was driving a dark green Cadillac Eldorado, and Shy had already opened the back door for her. She scooted in and closed the door behind her. The interior was done in a light, tan leather, and she liked the smooth feel of the leather on the backs of her thighs. Both Joe and Shy had complimented her on her appearance, and Darlene blushed a little. Like all women, she loved compliments and Shy had turned around and paid her the compliments while admiring Darlene's legs and tight blouse. Darlene blushed a little deeper, since she knew that Shy was bisexual and very open about her feelings towards men and women. Shy smiled again, and told Darlene that they were first taking her to the Roosevelt Tavern for dinner and if she felt adventurous, they were going to a private BDSM club that they belonged to.

Darlene had never experienced anything like these clubs, but her newfound interest and the research she had done on the internet, had only whetted her appetite. She told them that the choice was theirs, but she absolutely loved the Roosevelt and was excited to see one of these clubs.

As Darlene settled into her seat during the ride, she looked at Shy who was also fifty-four and wore her long, reddish brown hair down to the midpoint of her back, and had a short dress that Darlene wouldn't have worn in the last twenty years.

While Shy was a grandmother of four, she still had great legs and showed them off as one of her best assets along with her thick mane of hair. She proudly wore a thick gold chain around her neck showing her devotion and submission to Joe, who was a physically powerful man of fifty-six. Joe had made a small fortune in leveraged real estate deals and thrived on the business. He thought that his best years were still ahead of him, and kept his employees at his business stepping to keep pace with him.

Darlene envied the obvious devotion that Joe and Shy had for each other. She smiled to herself as Joe's hand rested on his Shy's upper thigh while he was driving. Shy showed no embarrassment as his hand gently pushed the dress up higher. From Darlene's vantage- point in the center of the back seat, she could see between the gap in the seats.

She watched as Joe's hand kneaded Shy's upper legs, and Shy slowly opened her legs in an act of submission to her master. Before it could get any more interesting, they arrived at the restaurant, and Joe quickly pulled down the hem to Shy's dress.

Leaving the car to be parked by a valet, they all got out of the car and Joe held his arm out to each of his escorts. They both took his arm and went into the restaurant. The Tavern had been around for over one hundred years and after several renovations, was considered one of the best places to dine in the city.

After being seated, they ordered drinks. They made small talk about work and family until the drinks came and Darlene started to sip her white wine. Before she got the glass to her lips, Joe and Shy had proposed a toast to "new beginnings" and held their glasses aloft for Darlene to join. Darlene voiced "To New Beginnings" and clinked her glass against theirs.

Darlene sipped the wine as she smiled at both Joe and Shy. She felt at ease in their presence and was unashamed of her secret desires to participate in the lifestyle they had chosen. Since the toast, they had stopped small talk and now their conversation revolved around what they might see at "The Armory", which was the local bdsm club they'd visit a little later.

Darlene felt the excitement growing with each sip of her wine, and was suddenly surprised when the conversation stopped momentarily.

Shy was looking at Darlene with the expectant eyes of a mother lion watching her cubs go on their first hunt. Darlene's attention suddenly shifted to Joe as he produced a braided gold necklace from the pocket of his blazer.

"Darlene, if you would allow me the honor, I'd like to give you a small gift. It will give you a taste of what it's like to be a submissive," Joe said as he looked into Darlene and Shy's eyes.

"Since you're still a newbie, we both thought that it's something you might want to experience, before you decide if the lifestyle's for you. But if you accept, (pause), you must submit to me for the rest of the evening.(long pause) Shy will be doing the same as your sister submissive."

Darlene's throat had become as dry as a desert even though she still had her drink in her hands. After only a moment, she nodded that yes, she would like that very much and she took the last gulp of her drink for moral support.

"Very well then, for the rest of the evening you will address me as Master, and you'll take some of your directions from Shy as she shows you the ropes. I'll expect you to follow her instructions explicitly. Is that understood?"

Darlene started to nod, but thought better of it and said "Yes Master, I understand." Both Joe and Shy smiled their approval, and Joe motioned to Shy to take the gold collar with her as she rose.

Shy touched Darlene's arm and said, "Come on honey, let's go to the ladies room and I'll put on your new collar." Darlene arose and followed Shy through the tables and went into the ladies room with her. Shy immediately hugged Darlene and kissed her cheek when they were alone. Taking her shoulder, she turned Darlene around and slipped the gold chain around her neck. Darlene loved the warm, heavy feeling that the chain imparted to her skin. Shy snapped the clasp and straightened it a little.

When she faced Shy again, Darlene was shocked at Shy's next instruction. "Darlene, Joe likes his submissives to not wear any panties when in his company, so we'll both have to go into one of the stalls and remove them."

As Darlene started to think of an objection, Shy hit her with another little surprise. She had reached into her purse and brought out two silver colored trinkets and laid one in her hand.

It looked like a little key-chain with a smooth torpedo shaped plug on the end of the chain. The torpedo was about five-eighths of an inch in diameter and two inches long. A beveled silver chain was attached to one end of the "torpedo" and a round stainless steel ring hung on the end.

"Darlene, when you go into the stall to remove your panties, don't put them into your purse. Just fold them up and carry them back to our seats. When you get there, just lay them on Joe's lap like it's a napkin. And after the panties are off, you may as well pee. Then after you've wiped yourself, just slip this little plug into your pussy. Joe likes you to have a constant reminder besides the collar that you're his submissive this evening."

Darlene's eyes were wide, but she didn't voice any objections. Her heart was beating a mile a minute as she went into the stall and hiked up her skirt. It felt strange to be sliding her panties down and off her feet in a restaurant bathroom. The excitement building in her was reaffirmed as she felt the cool air of the restroom mix with the wetness gathering in her pussy. Her nervous state helped the pee to flow copiously and after wiping herself, she took the sleek, silver torpedo and pushed it into her pussy. Even after wiping, she still had plenty of dew to lubricate the little plug as it slid into her delicate folds. She shivered from the feel of it, and after removing her fingers, her labia clamped down softly onto the beveled chain so that she thought she could almost count the links by their feel.

Looking down she saw that only the one-inch round ring kept the torpedo from working itself deeper into her shaved pussy. It felt delicious buried inside her, and she shook herself with little waves of pleasure both from the feel, and the idea that she had submitted her mind and body to a man other than her husband. After adjusting her skirt, she exited the stall and Shy had been waiting for her. They both washed their hands and picked up their panties that were lying on the marble sink top.

Darlene again followed Shy back to their seats. She had been holding the black panties in the same hand as her purse, so they weren't so noticeable against the dark leather. She stopped beside Joe and laid the black panties on his lap on top of the red linen napkin already lying there. Shy did the same with the thong she had been wearing.

Normally Shy would not have worn panties, but she did so tonight so she could share the experience with her "sister" Darlene. After both sat down, Joe complimented Darlene on her necklace-collar and smiled his approval.

He had their drinks refreshed during their absence and held his scotch up to his "dates." After once again clinking their glasses, they all took a drink. Darlene once again felt the color flush her cheeks when Joe lifted his napkins to his mouth and took a few seconds to "inhale" the fragrance from both his submissives' panties.

"Ladies, you both smell exquisite." Looking at Darlene with a devilish look in his eyes, he said, "Is that lilac you're wearing?"

"Yes Master, I hope you like it." Darlene answered without missing a beat. All three had a laugh at her quick response and Darlene started to enjoy the building excitement coursing through her body.

After finding out what his "subbies" wanted to eat, Joe ordered for all of them and they soon had salads brought to their table. Everything they ordered was done to perfection, and they all opted to only have coffee after their dinner and forego dessert. Shy said that maybe they could have something sweet to eat after the club.

After paying the bill, Joe collected all their coats at check-out and they went out to retrieve the car. The valet quickly had the Caddy in front of them, and Joe held the front door open and instructed Darlene that she should ride in the front this time. After opening the back door for Shy, he soon was back behind the wheel and pulled out of the parking lot.

The "Armory" was about thirty minutes away and Darlene's excitement was beginning to build again. After getting on the inter-state, she jumped a little when she felt Joe's hand touch her left knee. She had been talking to Shy during the ride, and Shy continued with their banter as Joe rested his hand on Darlene.

His strong hand was warm and felt nice on her leg. After sensing that Darlene was submitting to his touch, Joe slowly moved the black skirt up her thigh. Darlene didn't resist him and left her legs separate a little so he would have better access to her.

Closing her eyes, she felt his thick fingers kneading her inner thighs and left him pull her nearest leg towards him. The hem of her skirt was now pushed back to the same level as the seat belt crossing her lap. With her knees wide apart, Darlene felt the round ring on her little plug touch the seat between her legs. She shuddered a little as the warm air blowing out the climate control system wafted over her exposed pussy.

She was surprised the Joe's hand didn't move any higher up her thigh. He was content for now to knead her leg and she relaxed her neck and left her head rest against the back of the seat. She opened her eyes when she felt the car slowing for an exit. The Armory was only another five minutes from the highway and Joe pulled Darlene's skirt back down as he retrieved his hand for driving in the city.

Darlene turned to talk to Shy in the back seat, who had not stopped talking throughout the trip. Shy had been dressed in a silvery-black dress that was very short. When Darlene's eyes dropped to Shy's legs, the bottom of the dress barely came to mid-thigh and her pussy was exposed from Darlene's angle in the front seat.

Shy had explained to her that she only dressed like this for clubs and other special occasions. She was now changing into a pair of very high, "fuck me" heels that she had brought along for wearing into the club.

Shy had explained that when they were out in public, meaning vanilla types of establishments like the restaurant, she didn't like to openly flaunt their lifestyle to the unsuspecting public. Everything they had done at the restaurant was only visible to the three of them at their table. But things would be a little more open at the club.

Darlene's pulse quickened as they pulled into the parking lot next to the club. There was an attendant and he handed Joe a ticket and told him where he was to park.

The Armory had been just as it's name implied, a storage building for the army more than seventy-five years ago, and until the last few years had fallen into disrepair. Joe had handled the real estate deal bringing some wealthy BDSM aficionado's from nearby Baltimore. While the price had been low, there was a ton of money spent on rehabbing the old brick building, and Joe had brokered the deals to some of his contractor friends.

One of the attractions to his clients had been the inch-thick, double steel doors leading into the building. And since the old Armory had been used as a small jail many years ago, it still housed three jail cells with the old style wrought iron bars. Anyone associated with the lifestyle loved the idea of having real jail cells with iron bars for their use. After going through the main doors, Joe once again checked their coats and jackets. The club had been laid out on three different levels, There was an upstairs loft, that was open to the main floor, where they now stood, and a basement dungeon, where the jail cells were located. Most of the walls were still bricks done in black or other dark colors, and the main floor had a very high ceiling.

Lighting was typically low, like any bar or nite club. They were little side rooms and cubbyholes located on all for sides of the main floor, which was L-shaped. There was a juice and soda bar along the wall of the main floor. Joe bought each of them a drink and they just milled around to take in the sights.

Darlene no longer felt naked under her skirt and blouse, now that she saw some of the scenes being played out. At the one end of the L-shaped room was a small stage where an interesting scene was going on. They all took a seat at a small round table directly across from the stage.

A very voluptuous "Bo Peep" was lying across her master's knees and was being soundly spanked by his rather large appearing hands. She had blonde hair pulled back into pigtails and was dressed like a "bad" little schoolgirl. Perhaps voluptuous is being too kind, she was closer to very plump, with large breasts trying to spill out of her too small white blouse. She appeared to be somewhere between thirty-five and forty years old, and her Master was probably five to ten years older.

He was a handsome man with a great head of steely gray hair. He wore dark trousers, a long sleeve dark shirt, and a leather vest. At the moment he had his sleeves rolled up and her skirt was hiked up over a very large round ass. Her ass was already reddened as the group sat down, as were the tops of her plump thighs. "Bo Peep" tried to maintain some level of decorum as only her panties covered her privates and she squirmed and pleaded with each blow landing on her ass.

Darlene felt both frightened and excited by the force of the blows landing on the woman. She also felt a strange desire to have her own backside reddened, but probably not in front of thirty to forty total strangers. The amazing thing about the scene, was after each set of blows, the busty blonde was sassing her master in a kind of playful devilish way.

As he rubbed her sore ass after a few blows, she would talk back to him and wasn't apologizing to him in a sincere manner that he asked her to. She actually laughed at him after he landed a couple of hard blows on her ass that made her chubby thighs quiver and her boobs practically spill out of her blouse.

He was appearing to become more agitated with her smart remarks and reached for a small leather paddle sitting on a table next to him. She pleaded, half-laughingly for him to not use the paddle, but he looked even more determined. Grasping her hands behind her with his other large hand, he proceeded to "paint" her big ass with about ten hard blows until she was squealing rather loudly.

At this point, he asked her if she'd like to apologize, and she said with much more sincerity that she was "very sorry" and would show him more respect. Shy looked at Darlene with an astonished look on her face and feigned rubbing her own ass as if she had felt the blows.

As the couple collected their things and she straightened her clothes, Joe stood and they moved to the far corner of club. It was rather dark in the corner as if to provide a small amount of privacy to people while they played out their scenes. An apparatus was hanging from a one of the I-beams to which you could attach your partner. A blonde woman known to Shy as Dodie was removing her dress and stood with another man and woman who were going to "top" her.

Dodie was an attorney and at thirty-seven had only recently joined the lifestyle. Her marriage had been bankrupt for years and she was in the process of getting a divorce. Dodie had discovered that she had two turn-ons. One was being spanked or flogged and her other need was for rough sex. Her husband had been something of a pansy and was unable to give her either. Since the club didn't allow actual sex or masturbation to occur, Dodie would only be receiving one of her likes, at least right now.

Darlene and the others watched as the man, attached leather wrist straps to Dodie. At the same time a dark haired woman knelt at Dodie's feet to attach ankle restraints. Instructing her to lift her arms, the man attached each wrist to an overhead bar via a chain with snaps. The dark haired woman then walked over to the beam nearby and started to wind a hand winch until Dodie's arms were stretched overhead. They also chained her ankles to nearby rings in the floor, effectively keeping her legs spread open.

The woman attorney now stood helpless wearing only a thong. As the man knelt close to her and whispered into her ear, the other woman slipped a blindfold over Dodie's eyes.

Darlene was mesmerized by the scene before her, and actually nothing had happened yet except the fact that a professional woman had submitted herself to her "master" in front of dozens of other people. Shy leaned over to explain that people familiar with their lifestyle no longer found this to be strange, but almost normal to their thinking. It was an itch that needed scratching. They needed these activities to be happy and feel complete.

As Darlene watched, the man picked up a small flogger and had moved around to Dodie's back. At the same time the dark haired woman was standing in front of Dodie lightly rubbing her fingernails up her sides, over her belly and breasts. Dodie was swooning from the light touches of the woman, when the first blow landed across her ass. She yelped a little and jerked on her bound arms.

The woman continued to caress her front with light feathery touches while the man started to steadily flog her ass, legs, and back. Shy explained to Darlene that a combination of pain and pleasure sometimes makes it hard to differentiate between the two, especially when you don't know when it's coming.

Darlene and Shy watched this scene for a half-hour until it was almost finished as Joe talked to friends and acquaintances in the club. When Joe returned he spoke quietly to Shy while Darlene continued to watch the scene with an almost physical connection to Dodie's predicament.

Shy came over after talking to Joe and leaned close to Darlene. "Come with me honey, our Master wants you to make another change."

Darlene was startled from her trance watching the scene, and said with a little trepidaton, "What's he want us to do?" "Well actually, it's just you. He wants you to remove your bra. He said your breasts will look beautiful just wearing that thin blouse to cover them." Shy replied with a smile. Shy held out her hand and helped Darlene to her feet.

She followed her and they went into a darkly lit changing room. Shy took them over to one of the changing stalls and closed the curtain behind both of them. Darlene nervously undid her buttons and opened her blouse. Shy helped her to slip her arms out and held it while Darlene unhooked the bra. After removing it, Shy handed the blouse back to her and she redid it.

The cool air and excitement made her long nipples stand out, and they were clearly visible through the gauzy thin material. "You're going to be an even bigger hit now honey. You're absolutely beautiful!" Shy gave Darlene a light kiss on the cheek and placed the bra into her purse.

Darlene was glad that the lighting was low in the club, but now felt like her tits were lighting the way as she walked back into the dark club. She noticed that all the men and most of the women that they passed smiled broadly as she passed, but no one made any remarks, rude or otherwise.

She was glad when they found Joe and he kissed them both when they returned.

"You look positively ravishing my dear." and held out both arms for his subbies to take. They continued to tour the club, both upstairs and down, so he could display the two sexy women on his arm.

As they passed various cubbyholes and side rooms, Darlene saw a young man in only a thong being topped by two older Domme's. He was kneeling over a bench while they took turns flogging and spanking him with their hands. Both of the women were old enough to be his mother, and they were delighted to have such a young, good-looking man be their submissive.

He was fairly new to the lifestyle, and they weren't really dishing out that much punishment in their blows. From the erection growing in his thong, it seemed that their actions were having at least some positive effect.

As they moved on, a large group had gathered in one of the larger side rooms, where a handsome, male Dom was using a single tail whip on a very large half-nude woman. She had short, dark hair and was tied bent over a kneeling stand. With the large crowd watching, he had to be careful not to strike any of the audience with his whip. As Darlene and Shy stopped to watch, the Dom was using short, quick strikes that were landing rapid fire on her back and panty clad ass.

The large woman was under considerable duress and was starting to buck and rock sideways from the fast blows raining down on her skin. Without ever using her safe-word, the large woman finally managed to rock sideways and was going to upset her stand and probably fall to the floor. Several bystanders rushed to catch her and moved her back upright. The Dom was somewhat startled by this and quickly came to her side and released his subbie from her kneeling stand.

Darlene noticed him talking to her asking if she was all right, and she nodded yes. At any rate, he helped to get her clothes, and stopped the scene immediately. Shy explained to Darlene that perhaps the Dom wasn't paying enough attention to his sub's actions, since he was "performing" his whip proficiency for the audience watching. The woman dressed and stayed at her Master's side as they left the room.

Joe led his two subbies to the upstairs loft. Darlene watched as Shy walked up the steep stairway in front of her. With the steep angle of the steps and the short dress Shy was wearing, her ass and pussy were clearly visible from the steep up-skirt angle on the steps. Darlene was also aware, she too wasn't wearing any panties, but the hem of her black skirt was only mid thigh as she climbed the stairs. While no prude, she wasn't ready to display her "wares" to the club goers as Shy unashamedly did.

As they reached the top floor, they had a clear view of the entire lower level, and sat at one of the small tables situated upstairs. Darlene noticed Dodie, the lady attorney now talking to a small, wiry looking man at another table, Since her earlier scene, Dodie was only wearing a thin, black robe, and high heels. After a few minutes of conversation, they saw Dodie walk over to the corner with the stranger. He sat down on a leather sofa, and Dodie knelt at his side. He motioned to her, and she positioned herself over his knees.

Darlene watched as the man maneuvered Dodie across his knees so that her upper body was supported by the plush leather arm of the sofa. She watched intently as he pulled up her robe, exposing her large almost bare ass. Dodie was only wearing a thong and her near-bare backside was now facing the rest of the patrons sitting or standing on the upper level.

Darlene saw the man ask her something, and the blonde lawyer nodded in the affirmative. With his right hand he rubbed the plump cheeks across his knees and Dodie faced the corner and closed her eyes. Without wasting much time, the little man brought his arm back quickly and smacked the white mounds lying before him with considerable force.

Dodie yelped unexpectedly and looked back into his eyes as if to ask, "What the hell was that?!" He smiled as if to say, that he wasn't going to waste any valuable spanking time with unnecessary warm-ups.

Darlene watched the wiry little man, resume the spanking. After that initial blow, he settled into a more rhythmic pattern. Darlene's eyes were hypnotized as she watched Dodie clutching the leather sofa arm and she continued to yelp with every third of fourth blow. Within a minute or two, her large ass cheeks were starting to take on a rosy glow and Darlene fidgeted in her seat imagining her own firm ass enjoying that kind of punishment.

She watched as Dodie now pushed her ass out as if to meet hand striking it, her eyes now closed as she dropped into subspace. Darlene had only recently learned of that word from her conversations with Shy.

As the sound of his hand striking bare skin met her ears, Darlene felt the moisture starting to again seep from between her legs. She pressed her knees together to keep from spotting the chair on which she was sitting.

She looked over at Joe and Shy and noticed with some embarrassment that they were both watching her and smiling at her latest reaction. Darlene blushed a deep crimson, and both Joe and Shy reached over to touch her arm and give her their assurances that her reaction to the scene was perfectly normal, for someone who craved the same treatment.

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