by Al Steiner

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Science Fiction,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: A riveting story that takes place on Mars, a corporate planet controlled by powerful firms on Earth. Although humans, citizens of Mars are treated as a lower class race. The wind of change brings a new Governor, Laura Whiting, who will lead the Martian revolution. What will happen next to this fascinating society? Will they succeed to live in a world free of corporate puppeteers?

This is in response to those asking for more of my conventional writings. For those who read A Perfect World, this story takes place in the same universe and is the story of Laura Whiting and the Martian Revolution. I started it several years ago, wrote to Chapter 13, and then set it aside because I felt it was too complex. I picked it up again after "Intemperance" was complete and it is now tying nicely into A Perfect World. This is a science fiction and political story.
Prologue Chapter 1A Chapter 1B Chapter 1C Chapter 1D Chapter 2A Chapter 2B Chapter 2C Chapter 3A Chapter 3B Chapter 3C Chapter 4A Chapter 4B Chapter 4C Chapter 5A Chapter 5B Chapter 5C Chapter 6A Chapter 6B Chapter 6C Chapter 7A Chapter 7B Chapter 7C Chapter 8A Chapter 8B Chapter 8C Chapter 9A Chapter 9B Chapter 9C Chapter 10A Chapter 10B Chapter 10C Chapter 11A Chapter 11B Chapter 12A Chapter 12B Chapter 12C Chapter 13a Chapter 13b Chapter 14A Chapter 14B Chapter 15A Chapter 15B Chapter 16A Chapter 16B Chapter 17A Chapter 17B Chapter 18A Chapter 18B Chapter 19A Chapter 19B Chapter 19C Chapter 20A Chapter 20B Chapter 21A Chapter 21B Chapter 21C Chapter 22A Chapter 22B Chapter 23A Chapter 23B Chapter 24A Chapter 24B Chapter 25A Chapter 25B Chapter 26A Chapter 26B Chapter 27A Chapter 27B Chapter 27C Chapter 27D

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