Retraining Terri

by RoperTrace

Copyright┬ę 2005 by RoperTrace

Sex Story: Voluptuous wife agrees to be submissive.

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After twenty plus years of marriage to my high school sweetheart, our marriage had become as dull as yesterday's news, maybe last month's news. And that's probably an understatement. We both had become so complacent in our marriage to each other, that we both were clearly unhappy with our lives.

The main problem was that we both still loved each other, but had become less affectionate over time, and our love life had become almost mechanical. The fact that we still loved each other could also be a blessing in disguise if we were to reestablish the happiness that our marriage first started out to be many years ago.

Even at forty- three, Terri was still attractive and very desirable to me. True she had gained some weight over the years, but to my eyes she was a voluptuous woman and very desirable. She stood almost five- foot eight inches tall, had medium length brown hair, pretty, expressive brown eyes, and very large, beautiful breasts. I still couldn't keep my hands off them. From the way her nipples stood out at my attention, she still seemed to enjoy my hands on her.

One Friday evening after returning from our usual dinner at a local favorite of ours, we sat down to have coffee and watch the usual TV shows. I broached the subject of our stale marriage.

"Honey, you know we talked about our lives with each other almost a year ago next month. And as I told you then, I don't need a "sister", I need a wife."

Terri gave me the usual look that she did when I brought up serious subjects.

I told her again that I still loved her, but needed more if I was going to be happy. She reaffirmed that "Yes" she still loved me too, but wasn't offering any suggestions on how to get us out of our dull, marriage rut.

I sat on the edge of our sofa, and she came over to me and hugged me. She stooped down and we kissed and I hugged myself into her body with my face cradled between her large breasts. Terri was wearing a long, tan skirt and even though it was a cool fall evening, she had neglected to wear any stockings or pantyhose underneath. I wouldn't have known except she informed me of this as we were going to the restaurant.

Probably only a man could get turned on by the fact that his wife or girlfriend's legs were bare under her skirt in cooler weather. Hell, maybe I was alone in that this bit of info got me turned on.

Anyway, as we hugged and talked, my hands found their way under skirt and slowly moved up her smooth thighs. With her still standing, I slipped my hands between her legs until they moved apart. I could feel my cock throbbing from the touch of her smooth skin. Without going to the obvious place, my hands found their way around to her butt cheeks and slipped under her panties.

After kneading her ass in my hands for a short time, I reached to the top of her panties and pulled them down. She started to squirm and voiced a minor objection that our daughter and her boyfriend might soon come home from their dinner at the local Italian restaurant. I told her that I needed to feel her, and she allowed her panties to slide down her silky thighs. When they stopped at her feet, she lifted her legs, and I slipped them off. Taking the panties, I brought them to my face and inhaled her sweet scent. My wife's clean, musky scent was one of the greatest aphrodisiacs that I had ever known. Again, I was probably alone in this but who cares? As I sniffed her panties, she laughingly told me that I must be a sick puppy.

I told her that she smelled delicious and I could eat her up. She laughed and made reference to her extra weight, and said that were would be a lot to eat. I didn't flinch and said that yes I would eat every square inch of her, and she knew what I meant.

Anyway we held each other for a little bit more, and I started to talk again about our situation.

Reaffirming the fact that I had, (hell we both had) been unhappy with our stale relationship; I forged ahead with our talk.

"Baby, what I need from you is to show me your love by being a more submissive wife." This was the first time that I actually had used that word, "submissive."

As usual Terri's eyebrows had arched and I was imagining her thinking that I wanted her to be my slave. Without saying anything, she allowed me to continue. Her reservations were for now being kept to herself. Trying to explain myself better, I told her that menial or belittling tasks were not my intention. I then described my whole proposal, as best I could. Even though I had rehearsed this for months, no explanation had ever made me more nervous.

I started by telling her that my love for her was as strong as ever, it just needed some new life to rekindle what we once had. By her nods, she agreed more or less with this statement. I told her that being a submissive meant at least to me, that she would re- dedicate herself to me as her husband, her loving master. With her eyebrows still in the arched mode, she listened without speaking or interrupting. Her reticence at times could be more unnerving than a full- blown argument or vocal disagreement.

Taking several deep breaths I outlined my proposals for rekindling our love and reestablishing our marriage on a different groundwork. I told her to please hold any objections until I was finished, so I could get through my list.

Here is my list for the changes I was proposing for my lovely wife.

- We would both show more affection; always hug and kiss when leaving or arriving home. This may seem like a minor issue, but it's something that had gone out of our marriage.

- She would wear only skirts or dresses when going out with me. And the length wouldn't be down to her ankles either.

- She would wear front- buttoning blouses with v- or scoop necklines that show a moderate amount of cleavage. And she had the breasts to fill this one easily.

- If pullover type blouses are worn, must have my approval and be tight. - Get the kind of bras that accomplish the third request.

- Must wear shoes with high heels- nothing too high, but no flat bottom shoes with me, except when type of activity requires them.

- No pantyhose ever in my company, only bikini style panties. Since I knew Terri hated thongs anyway.

- Be in bed by ten o'clock sharp. If she asks, she may watch some ten o'clock shows with me in bed.

- Wear only gowns or nightshirts to bed. Never any panties or bottoms, except during that time of month.

- Become a participant in our love making with more with actions or talk.

- Be more affectionate in every day activities with more touching. Okay maybe a slight repeat of the first one, but can one get too much?

- Terri was to get her bath before actual bedtime, and wear robe or night shirt or lingerie- no panties when ready for bed, even it's relatively early.

- Keep her pussy trimmed. At times, I may want to actually shave her pussy when we're having a play session. It shows that you're grooming your private area just to please me (which it does!

- I may want to play bondage games with you sometimes, and or spank your bottom. This will always be a light spanking, unless you ask for it to be harder.

- I may want to "eat" you frequently, since that it is a very big turn- on for me. (This might seem like a stupid request to some of you, but Terri has always had a hang- up about this being an unsavory activity. And she's always been a "reluctant" cocksucker at best. I blame it on her parents' puritanical upbringing. More on that later.)

- When you wear jeans or long pants in my company, they have to be tight to my approval.

- Hair must never be cut short, I prefer it moderately long, but will give you some leeway in this matter.

- When sitting next to me in the car or a dark movie theater, keep legs uncrossed. If I put my hands on your legs, don't resist, open yourself to my touches.

- If we meet someone in public don't be afraid to show affection to me. Hold my hand, put your arm around me. If we meet someone that we both know, give them a nice hug, both men and women. It shows your loving nature.

- Call me at work sometimes, just to talk to me, not the usual problems for me to fix.

I had asked my now- quiet wife to take down all my requests in a notebook. She looked at what I had dictated and asked her if she had any questions. She raised one eyebrow and had a tight- lipped smile in the corner of her mouth. While she looked at me, I told her to think about these requests in the coming week, and not give me an answer either way until next Friday night.

I told her I would love her regardless of her answer, but couldn't promise any real excitement if things stayed status quo. I kissed her and suggested she keep her list in her purse, so she could look at all the points in the coming week. I then hugged her and kissed her and told her that I loved her and only wanted her for my soul mate.

We spent the rest of the weekend without discussing the list, although we made love Friday, Saturday and again on Sunday. Normally, we only made love once or twice at most a week at this stage in our dull routine.

Just to set the record straight, I wanted this potential change to our marriage to be one of give and take. Besides my absolute love and devotion to my wife, I announced that I would be taking on some of the more menial tasks around the house.

My wife was an excellent cook, and since she usually had her afternoons free, she had always prepared our dinners on nights we ate in. But she really hated to clean up after dinner, so that was going to just one of the tasks I'd perform without complaint. I would gladly clean up after dinner and take my wife's coffee into the TV room while she watched one of her sitcoms and just relaxed.

The other major concession to her was I'd go grocery shopping with her on a weekly basis without complaint. I know a lot of men already do that chore with their spouses, but I'd been guilty of shirking that one. They're were several other lesser things I'd offered to do for her, like drawing her bath water in the evenings, but I'd been doing that for her for years, so it wasn't anything new.

In any event, I told her to think of other concessions she'd like from me, and tell them to me on Friday evening.

I knew that Monday was Terri's day to go visit with her mother, and she would have at least two hours during the drive to think about our situation. At least this was my hope, as I often did my best thinking during long drives.

During the next week, we went about our normal boring work routines and were a little more affectionate with each other, but still no words about my proposal. I must say, she was making me nervous by Thursday evening. She knew that I wanted an answer by Friday, and it seemed that she was taking her good old time about giving me some indication of how she felt.

I kissed her good bye Friday morning, as I left early for work. She hugged me and gave me an extra sweet kiss before I departed. She did that sometimes, so I was still guessing about our situation. Friday was one of the longest days I could remember, and it had nothing to do with my workload. I returned home that afternoon around four- o'clock and noticed that her blue car wasn't in the driveway.

I decided to do a light workout with my dumbbells, since nervous energy was usually burned off by strenuous exercise. I worked out for a little over an hour, and went into the bathroom to get my shower. By now it was almost five- thirty, and Terri still wasn't home. As I was toweling off after my shower, I heard her come in the door. As she walked back the hallway next to the bathroom, I could hear bags rustling as she brushed them against the walls in the hallway. She must have dropped off her bags on the bed and then came into the bath while I stood naked getting dried off. She gave me a quick kiss and told me she had done a little shopping. I left the bath to get dressed in our bedroom, and she told me she was going to get a quick bath.

I lounged on our bed in my underwear, and watched TV while she took a bath. Terri usually preferred to take tub baths, and I actually loved the effect the hot water had on her skin. She always smelled so sweet after one of her bathes and it made her skin hot and silky.

While watching TV, I had to move some of her shopping bags in order to see around them. She usually got off work at school by one o'clock, and she must have been hitting the mall for the past four hours.

She emerged from her bath wrapped in a large towel that did little to hide her large breasts, and told me to let her get dressed in private in a good natured way. So I grabbed some pants and a shirt and went back to the bathroom to finish getting dressed for dinner. Being a man, this took exactly two minutes, so I retreated to the living room to watch a sports talk show.

Terri took at least forty minutes to put on her makeup and get dressed for dinner. While waiting for her, I drank a bottle of lite beer and watched highlights of last night's basketball games. I finally heard her walking out the hall, and she didn't disappoint me with her attire.

She stopped in the center of the room, and said, "Do you like this dress?" She slowly turned so I could get a good view. It was a dark dress with some type of floral pattern giving it a little color. It was about knee length and hugged her generous hips displaying them nicely. There was some frilly type of front across her large chest and was cut in a v- shape at her throat.

My eyes must have been bugging out of my sockets when I took in her ample cleavage peeking out from the frilly opening.

"Does it make me look fat?"

"Oh my God baby, you're beautiful!" I exclaimed. I quickly stood up and took her in my arms. We hugged tightly, and when we kissed she warned me about getting her make- up on my shirt. In the three- inch heels she was wearing her lips were easier to reach, and after kissing her again, I stepped back to take another look at my sexy wife.

"May I please see what's underneath?" I asked. She rolled her eyes at my request, but didn't hesitate about hiking up the hem to her dress.

I whistled as she revealed black bikini panties, a garter belt and dark nylons. She dropped the hem and smoothed her dress at her legs. The high heels set off her shapely calves and thin ankles. She wore a light type of all weather coat, which I held for her to put on.

While her clothes were clearly to my liking, it still didn't totally reveal what her decision would be later on at dinner. She had sometimes done this to me in the past. Giving in temporarily to some of my requests as if to appease me, and then later on stopped doing anything. I offered her my arm and together we walked to our car. I opened the door and helped her inside as I've done since our dating days, and then went around to get in myself. Driving to the restaurant, we made small talk about our kids and our days at work. I still didn't know which way Terri was leaning on becoming a submissive wife.

Arriving at our favorite spot in about ten minutes, we quickly went inside and the hostess showed us to our seats. Being semi- regulars, we knew the owners and most of the waitresses for years. When they saw my beautiful wife in her sexy dress, a couple of the waitresses came over to our table and complimented her and asked us what the big occasion was this evening. We told them nothing special, so we could have our privacy.

After we were alone at our table, I looked inquisitively into Terri's eyes as if to say, "Okay, what's it going to be?"

Terri was smiling somewhat mischievously and still said nothing until I started to fidget in my seat.

After a minute, she spoke in a low voice, and said, "Honey, you know that I've always loved you, and I want you to be happy with me, so I'll agree to most of what you've asked me, Okay?"

"Baby, you know how much I love you too, and your happiness is very important to me, but not if being a submissive wife makes you miserable," I said while leaning close to her.

"I'm willing to try what you've asked me, and actually it kind of excites me," she said.

"And you were right saying that we've been in a rut, and this kind of gives us a new start with our marriage," she added. Terri was smiling broadly at me from across the table. I've often sat looking into her pretty brown eyes when we've been together and told myself what a lucky man I am.

And now after hearing that my wife was willing to submit to me as I'd requested, I was swelling with pride and love for my beautiful wife.

"Are you absolutely sure, you want to do this? And if so, you have to understand that being my submissive starts right now, is that totally understood?" I asked with a serious look at my wife.

She continued to smile and nodded her head yes while taking my hand from across the table. If anyone was watching us, they must have thought, why are those two smiling like lovesick teenagers?

"Thank you baby," I said as I lightly kissed the back of her hand. I inhaled the Tabu perfume she was wearing and smiled knowing that she knew the effect it had on me. Putting my hand in my pocket, I retrieved a small, decorative wooden box that had gold colored ribbon around it.

Terri's eyes lit up, since like all women she loved receiving presents.

"What is it?" She asked excitedly while opening the ribbon. She lifted the lid and broke into a big smile.

"Oh honey, it's beautiful!" Terri delicately lifted the glass dolphin from the cotton padding in the box. From our many trips to the seashore, I knew of her love for dolphins.

The one she held and admired in her hands was a smoky translucent, grey color and fashioned out of smooth acrylic glass- like material. The dolphin was about three and one- half to four inches long and had a slight arch in his body as if it was jumping a wave. The body was almost an inch across in the center with rounded smooth fins that protruded outward at the top and bottom. The tail was almost two inches high tapered gracefully back from the front of the dolphin.

"This is the most beautiful one you've ever bought for me," Terri announced. She had been collecting various dolphins ever since she first saw them as a teenager.

"Where did you get it?" she asked.

"Well, this might come as a surprise honey, but I bought it online from a glass dildo company."

I let her think about that for few seconds.

"You don't mean?" she asked with her lips parted.

"Yup. I bought this little gift with just you in mind," I said devilishly.

Terri was now smiling sheepishly as my intended use for the glass dolphin finally dawned upon her.

She continued smiling at me silently as she hefted the beautiful dolphin in her fingers.

"After we order, I want you to excuse yourself to the ladies room, and slip this little fishie into your lovely pussy." I told her quietly.

Terri smiled but looked a little apprehensive.

"And what about the tail fin?" Terri asked with more than a little trepidation.

"Don't worry sweetie, that tail will just fit perfectly in you slit," I remarked.

At that remark, Terri's mouth had dropped open, and she was silently mouthing, "You're kidding!"

I just smiled as devilishly as possible and continued on, "And while you're in there, please remove those black panties you're wearing and bring them to me." In the past, Terri would have thought I was kidding, but the look on her face told me, that she knew better this time.

"I don't remember any of these items on your list," she replied matter- of- factly.

"That's right, they weren't. But if you're really going to submit to me, you'll do this and other things as I think of them. Is that understood?" I replied semi- sternly, but still maintaining the smile I wore from a few minutes earlier. "Yes sir. Where would you like me to put my panties?" Terri asked without any challenge in her voice.

"Just slip them into your purse, but rest assured, I may ask to see them." I replied.

After we ordered drinks and our dinner, my lovely wife excused herself to the ladies room.

Terri knew beforehand, that if she accepted her new role as a submissive wife, her darling hubby would give her a little test.

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