Nika's Story
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Swinging, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Nika is beautiful, intelligent, and talented. She's also a little kinky and very adventurous. This is her story, a spin off from "Prekrasna Isidora".

Nika glanced over at Garth as they cruised along the Interstate toward western Maryland. She liked what she saw. He was tall and lean and had the most piercing blue eyes. Just like mine, she thought. He radiated self-confidence and charm. No wonder the ladies liked him. Is he seeing anyone? She wondered.

Garth stole a glance at Nika's legs. Hot! He thought to himself. Very sexy! I wonder if Trent got into her pants? I wonder if I can?

Neither Nika nor Garth noticed the white sedan following at a discrete distance, nor did they notice when a larger silver sedan joined it just before they turned off of the Washington Beltway.

The property Garth was considering was a forty-acre tract about an hour and a half drive from his home in Alexandria. It was on a forested hillside just at the West Virginia line and accessible only by a poorly graded dirt road, and then a deeply rutted jeep trail. For most of the drive, Garth and Nika engaged in a subtle little dance. Each was seeking to gather critical intimate intelligence about the other, all the while attempting to maintain the pretense of casual conversation. The dance ended as they neared their destination and Garth began to pay more attention to the narrow and winding roads. When they finally came to the dirt jeep trail, he shifted his Bronco into four-wheel drive. They turned onto the trail and made a slow climb for about a quarter of a mile into ever more densely wooded terrain. When the trail finally ended in a small clearing, Garth stopped the truck and came around to Nika's side to help her out.

He thought to himself. With those beautiful legs, she should be running around to help me out. But at least I get an excuse to hold her hand and maybe get in a little feel.

She thought to herself. I can't believe he's playing the courteous gentleman just so he can get a feel. Maybe I'll get to hold his hand for a while.

They did hold hands and for longer than was really necessary. As they walked together to survey the perimeter of the property, there always seemed to be an reason why Garth should offer a hand to Nika or to take her arm or place a hand on her back to guide her around some obstacle. They were both full of smiles, laughing and teasing the whole while, and by the time Garth helped Nika back into the truck, there was an unspoken agreement that their relationship had passed the initial test. Soon it would be on to the next level.

Garth and Nika were engaged in flirtatious banter as the Bronco crept back down the jeep trail, and it wasn't until they were almost to the graded dirt road when Garth saw the other vehicles. At almost the instant he saw them, there was the bark of automatic weapons fire and the windshield on the Bronco turned nearly white.

He was stunned, but only for a second. He shouted a command. "Nika, get down."

Garth slammed the Bronco into reverse and backed wildly up the jeep trail as Nika dove for the floorboards. They careened crazily back up the hill to the clearing before Garth stopped.

Nika was calm but curious. "What the hell was that? Did you see who was shooting at us?"

"I saw two guys, and from the sound and impact of the weapons, they both were firing something like M-16s. We'd be dead if this wasn't my work truck."

"Work truck?" She wondered.

"Yeah, I'm in Witness Security. This truck is armored. That's the reason the windshield held. Whoever was shooting at us probably wasn't counting on that."

"So what are we going to do?"

Garth thought for a while. "Can you handle a gun?"

Nika smiled and nodded. "Yes, I've had some experience."

Things were moving in slow motion for her again. She felt in her element and she thought to herself. Maybe Trent was right. Maybe I am an adrenaline junky.

Garth climbed out of the truck and Nika followed suit, not waiting for him to come around and help this time. He reached into a compartment behind the driver's seat and extracted a nasty looking shotgun and handed it to Nika.

"It's a Benelli Nova. You've got six rounds of buckshot. Just put the laser dot on what you want to hit. It's an automatic. Just pull the trigger. Can you figure out the safety?"

Once again Nika smiled and nodded. She hefted the shotgun and Garth noticed that she looked right at home with it. He reached back into the truck and pulled out another weapon, an M4-A1 carbine. He groped around once more and came up with two extra loaded clips.

"OK, let's get away from the truck. I figure we have a couple of minutes if they come up here looking for us. Once we get clear I'm going to get on the phone and call some backup, you just keep your eyes open and your head down. Cover me while I'm talking."

Garth motioned to Nika and they ran off into the woods at a right angle to the road they had just come up. Once they were about 100 meters into the woods, Garth motioned Nika to the ground. He kneeled beside her and flipped open his cell phone. His 911 call was picked up immediately. He identified himself as a U.S. Marshall in need of assistance and described the location and situation as best he could. When the dispatcher has all the necessary information, he ended the call and shut off the phone after clarifying that he had more important things to attend to than staying on the line.

"The smartest thing to do is just to wait here." He explained in a whisper. "Maybe they won't come looking for us, but if they do, once the sheriff's department gets here, we'll have them boxed in from both sides."

Nika agreed. "Yeah, I guess if they decided to just pull out now, we probably couldn't do much about it anyway."

As Nika finished speaking, they heard the sound of someone moving through the brush down the hill. Whoever was coming wasn't making too much effort to move quietly. Garth thought to himself. He's probably thinking we're unarmed.

"Looks like they've spread out on either side of the road and they're coming to look for us." He whispered. "I'll try to take him without shooting. While I'm dealing with him, you keep your eyes open for the second man. Just watch my back."

The sounds grew closer, and shortly a man carrying an automatic rifle at the ready emerged from the brush only twenty meters from where Garth and Nika lay concealed.

From his position on the ground Garth shouted. "U.S. Marshall. Drop your weapon and you'll live."

The man never hesitated but turned and brought his rifle to bear on Garth and Nika. It was a bad decision on his part. He was caught in the chest with a three round burst from Garth's carbine. The impact of the bullets threw him back into the brush. He was obviously dead before he hit the ground.

"We're going to have company soon." Garth growled. "Just stay down and keep your eyes open."

It didn't take long before there was a crashing through the brush from the direction of the other side of the road. A man called out.

"Jeff? Jeff? Did you get him?"

The second man emerged from the brush, again about twenty meters distant, and again Garth called out a challenge. The second man was just as foolish as Jeff, and as he raised his rifle toward the sound of Garth's voice, he too was cut down by a burst of three rounds.

"Stupid sons-of-bitches." Garth muttered as he rose to a kneeling position. He surveyed the scene for thirty seconds and then rose to his feet. With his carbine at the ready he carefully approached the spot where the second man lay. He knelt beside the man and felt for a pulse. There was none. Both of the attackers were dead. As Garth searched the pockets of the second man, he heard a little rustle from the brush to his right. He turned to confront the barrel of an automatic rifle aimed right at his chest. The man holding the rifle sported an evil grin.

"Time to die motherfucker." The man snarled.

As the man clenched the trigger on his rifle, Garth was bowled over by the WHAM, WHAM of a shotgun. The man holding the rifle was literally thrown off his feet. He landed in an immobile heap.

Garth raised his head from the ground to see Nika casually holding a smoking shotgun. He looked at her. She shrugged.

"Well, you did say to watch your back didn't you."

As if on cue, sirens in the distance signaled the arrival of the sheriff's department.

The fact that Garth was a U.S. Marshall kept the taking of statements relatively brief, but even then, it was early in the evening before he and Nika were free to go on their way. The sheriff's department had wanted to impound Garth's truck as evidence, but Garth convinced them that all they'd need was the windshield. The sheriff's department kept the windshield, and the tow truck driver took Garth, Nika, and Garth's truck to Cumberland where a new, stock windshield could be fitted next morning.

As Nika and Garth finished dinner in the restaurant adjacent to the motel where they had booked a double room for the night, Nika turned to Garth.

"You know, you Lyons boys are definitely something else."

"What do you mean?" Garth wondered.

"This is the most fun I've ever had on a first date." She smiled.

"You consider this a first date?"

"Garth honey, please don't tell me you're like your cousin. If you get a girl all excited and then check her into a motel then you'd better be prepared to deliver. For the sake of my pride, let's at least call it a date."

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