Time For a Checkup

by TheDarkKnight

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Desc: Sex Story: An erotic fantasy about something we all hate; the dreaded physical exam.

I guess I am like most men, I hate going to the doctor, especially for a physical. My wife had been bugging me about going for about a year when she decided to take matters into her own hands. I vaguely remember her asking me a couple of questions one night, like what day would be best, morning or afternoon, blah, blah. Next thing I know, a couple of days later she hands me a sticky note and said "Here's your appointment. Don't miss it".

My wife's handwriting is not the best, but I made out the words "Appt", "Dr. John Miller", "4:30" and "Feb .20". I had wanted a late appointment so I could just drop by after work and not have to worry about going back to the office. The part I didn't think about was that meant I couldn't eat or drink anything all day, so I would be ready for the blood tests. Not eating was not a big deal, but not drinking meant no coffee, and I have a serious caffeine addiction. By the time I left work and headed for Dr. Miller's office, I was really dragging.

I got to the office half-an-hour early, to allow time for the dreaded first-visit paperwork. Between all the paperwork, and doing without coffee all day, I was getting pretty cranky by the time 4:30 rolled around. I was not in a great mood for a physical, and having to wait even more did not help. Apparently mine was the last appointment for the day, because the waiting room was empty.

Finally, I heard my name being called. "Mr. James, Dr. Miller will see you now." I looked up, and saw a very cute Asian girl smiling at me and holding a clipboard with my recently completed history. I am quite attracted to Asian women, but even given that, this young lady would make any man look twice. She had a round little face with a perfect brown complexion, a tiny pixiesh nose, and full, dark red lips. Her face was framed by shiny shoulder-length black hair, that she wore parted in the middle. She looked like she was about sixteen, but one thing I have learned about Asian women is that it is dangerous to try to judge their age from their appearance.

She had an accent that I couldn't quite place, so I asked her where she was from. "I was born in Thailand, but I moved here six years ago, to go to nursing school," she said with a smile. So much for the 'sixteen' guess, mid-twenties was probably closer. Her nametag said "Dawn". I told her that didn't sound like a Thai name, and she said that her real name was much too long for Americans to remember, so she had started using Dawn when she came to the states.

She handed me a cup and directed me to a restroom which was conveniently equipped with a shelf and sliding door so I could leave my urine sample and not have to carry it around with me. Dawn was waiting when I came out. I asked her about the blood test that I had been fasting all day in preparation for. "I'm sorry, sir, the lab closes early on Friday's. We'll have to reschedule that for you."

Great, a day without coffee had been wasted. This was turning out to be everything I hated about a physical, and I hadn't even seen the doctor yet. Dawn had me step on the scales and recorded my height and weight, then led me to one of the examination rooms down the hall. Instead of the usual loose-fitting clothes that medical personnel usually wore, Dawn sported very tight pants. Watching that cute butt twitching in front of me as she led me down the hall was the first good thing that had happened since I got there. She had a good ass, and she knew it.

"I'm going to check your blood pressure now, sir, have a seat."

I sat down on the exam couch and rolled my sleeve up. I told her, "Are you sure you are supposed to be doing the blood pressure check? Just being around you must raise most men's pressure by twenty points." What a cheesy line, but she was polite enough to give me another smile. After she finished, she told me that the doctor would be in shortly, and she asked me to disrobe down to my underwear. She gave me one of those horrible, lace-up-the-back hospital gowns to put on.

I quickly undressed and wrapped the gown around me without attempting to tie it. Then I sat back down on the table, and waited. And waited. And waited. I finally lay down, closed my eyes, and started to doze off. I was really missing my caffeine. My energy level had been low all day, and the room was kind of warm.

Finally the door opened and in walked... Dr. Miller? Well, that's what the name on her white jacket said. Yes, I said her. I took another look at the name inscribed on her jacket, 'Dr. Joan Miller', it spelled out plainly. I guess my eyes were the next thing I needed to get checked. Either that or my wife needed to work on her penmanship.

OK, so I had a lady doctor. No problem, right? Well, not only was she a female, but a very attractive one at that. She looked to be in her mid to late thirties, and it appeared that she worked at keeping herself in good shape. She was tall, probably about 5'9" or 10", with a slim body and what seemed to be an impressive rack under her white coat. She had ash-blonde hair worn in one of those expensive, professional hairdos. She introduced herself, then sat down and looked over my history. Like most women, while she was reading she crossed her legs, and thanks to a fairly short skirt she was wearing, I got a good glimpse of one very attractive thigh. Since I was sitting there feeling somewhat uncomfortable in my drawers and that flimsy gown, I stopped staring at that her very attractive legs and tried to get back into a normal doctor-patient state of mind.

After she finished going over my chart, she came over to the table and asked me to lie down. Then she did the normal poking and prodding that doctors do during a physical, cold stethoscope and all. She then asked me to stand up. "Let's check you for hernias. Stand up and take off your underwear, please," she said as she sat on a wheeled stool and rolled herself over to me.

Great, a hernia check. This was probably the only time in my life I had been embarrassed about being naked in front of a woman. I'm not trying to brag here, but let's just say that I am more blessed than many when it comes to reproductive organs. That's a very fancy way of saying that I have a big dick. I'm not porn star size, but in my younger days before I got married, I had more than one woman tell me that I was the biggest they had ever had. I was interested to see if Dr. Miller could maintain her professional demeanor when I dropped my shorts.

She tried. She gripped one ball, told me to turn and cough, and repeated the process on the other side, straightforward and professional. But I did catch her taking what I thought was a longer than required look at me as she rolled back. And despite my efforts to stay cool and dispassionate, I could feel myself starting to rise a little.

I knew there was only one test left, the one that all men dread, the prostate exam. And sure enough, Dr. Miller opened a drawer and pulled out a rubber glove and tube of lubricant. She asked me to turn around and bend over the table. It looked like she said it with a bit of a smile on her face, which I found a bit unusual. I had never seen a doctor that looked forward to this part of the procedure. But I figured she was just trying to make me feel more comfortable.

Now I have to make a bit of a confession in order to explain what happened next. When I was a young man, I had picked up a girl in a bar one night and we had ended up in my bed. We were having what I thought was good, normal sex when she did something that I had not experienced before. As I was lying on her, after having climaxed, but while I was still semi-erect and buried in her pussy, she licked one of her fingers and suddenly thrust it into my ass. As I said, this was the first time I had experienced this, and after getting over the shock, I became aware that my erection was returning. And with the encouragement of her finger continuing to wiggle around, I got hard enough to start fucking her again, and this time I lasted until she had an orgasm. Now, of course, I know that she was massaging my prostate, but in those days all I knew was whatever she had done had felt good.

Anyway, based on that experience, I have always had a little fear that during a normal prostate exam I might become aroused. It had never actually happened, but all my previous physicals had been performed by some hairy-legged old guy. Now, there was a very attractive woman pulling on the rubber glove behind me. I assumed the position, and hoped for the best. My previous prostate exams were usually just a quick in-and-out, so there should have been nothing to worry about. I glanced over my shoulder, and noticed that she was putting a lot of lubrication on one of her delicate, feminine fingers, so if figured to be an easy insertion anyway.

I turned back to face the wall and tried to relax, and sure enough her finger slid in very easily and... WOW, SHE'S IN DEEP! WHAT IS SHE LOOKING FOR, MY TONSILS? She located my prostate with no trouble, but instead of a 2-3 second test, it seemed like she was massaging it for about five minutes. I'm sure it was just a few seconds, but it seemed longer. She said something about finding a nodule, and kept probing. And it was having the feared effect; Sgt. Johnson was reporting for duty.

When she finally withdrew, she handed me some tissue to clean up with and told me I could get dressed. She was busy making some notes, so I thought I would be able to turn away from her and slip my clothes back on without her noticing the effect she had had on me. No luck. I was just tucking my still-erect penis into my underwear when I heard the wheels on her stool rolling toward me.

"Well, well, looks like somebody enjoyed their physical," she said as she rolled to a stop a few inches away from the tent pole in my shorts. "Let me see that". She reached out and grabbed me, in a not very professional manner. Then it got even weirder. She went to the door, opened it a crack, and said, "Dawn, come in her please, I need some help."

Help? With what? I was soon to find out. Dawn must have been standing right outside the room, because she slipped into the room right away. I was still standing there, frozen on the spot, in all my glory. Her beautiful almond eyes widened as her gaze focused in on my erection.

"Nurse, Mr. James has quite a lot of swelling, as you can see. We need to relieve that before he leaves." Dr. Miller was leering at me as she said that. "Will you give me some assistance?"

"Of course, doctor," Dawn purred. "Please lie down on the table, Mr. James, and we'll get started."

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