Just a Plain Everyday Girl

by Softly

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Humor, .

Desc: Sex Story: Ellen has left her home and boyfriend who wanted to marry her. Her new boss phones his son, and tell him to "get your sorry ass home this weekend and check out the babysitter." What he finds is a once in a lifetime girl.

The Brown insurance agency that I worked for specialized in estate planning for doctors and other wealthy persons, whose estates often totaled several million dollars. I have heard Mr. Brown telling other agents that our clients were very busy, and that he recently signed up one doctor for a five million dollar policy in the men's room at the Montreal airport.

Mr. Brown had his own airplane, which he used for business, and to fly he and his wife on frequent vacations, such as skiing in Colorado.

One day he came to me and asked, "Ellen, would you be interested in taking care of my twin sons, when my wife and I are away for a week?"

I had moved over three hundred miles away from my family, and was one of four girls living in an apartment, so the idea of staying at Mr. Brown's home, which I considered a mansion, was appealing. Especially, since he had a huge swimming pool, and horses, which I would take care of too.

Friday night, after the twins were in bed, I heard the front door unlock and open. In walked Mr. Brown's oldest son, who I had heard of, but had never met.

"Hi, I'm Frank." He said pleasantly, while giving me the once over.

You should know that I'm nobody special. Just your average five-foot, four-inch girl, with a plain face, and average body. At twenty-three, I was no virgin, but my experience was confined to just two guys.

Standing in front of me was the most beautiful man that I have ever personally seen, except in the movies. I stood. "I'm Ellen Berry. I work for your father."

"Yeah, my dad said that you would be here. I'm taking three classes at State, so sometimes I stay at the frat house, and sometimes here. I could really go for a drink. You want one?"

"Yes. Sure." I said sheepishly. I'd had a few beers in the past, but that was it as far a drinking was concerned. The fact that a boy with Frank's looks would spend a minute with me just blew me away. I mean, if we were in a bar, or at a party, the really hot chicks would be three deep trying to get his attention.

Frank handed me a milk glass that was full to the brim. "What is this?" I said.

"It's a "Gunderson Moto" that is the favorite drink at my frat house. When you really want to chill out, this is the drink for you."

I took a sip. Could not taste any booze, so was not concerned about getting drunk. Big mistake. I would later learn that Frank used 150 proof vodka in it.

It was a hot summer night. Thunderstorms were approaching.

"Let's go sit in the swing on the porch?" Frank suggested.

"Would love to."

"Let me refill your drink?" Frank said to me several minutes later.


God, He intended to stay out on the porch with me? Wow!

Brown's home sits on top of a hill, so we could see for miles. The storms were still ten miles away, so Frank turned to me. "So, dad said that you are from New Jersey. What brings you to New Hampshire?"

"Had to get away from my family and a boyfriend, who asked me to marry him."

"Saw the light at the last minute?"

This was not where I wanted the conversation to go, but I answered. "He is a very good looking guy, who was a football star. But he was so full of himself, that when he gave me a ring, I could just not picture myself living with him."

Frank smiled to himself as he thought. If they had gone together long enough for him to give her a ring, sure as hell, he was screwing her.

The storms were now close. Lightning flickered high overhead as the lightning streaked from cloud to cloud. The wind picked up. Lightning struck the ground less than a mile from us. Constantly, the thunder rumbled. We could hear the horses prancing nervously in their stalls.

Rain started to patter on the roof, as Frank murmured, "I just love to watch a storm like this."

"Me too."

He turned to smile at me, with a different look, like for the first time he was wondering what kind of person I was. I had been around frat guys enough to know that their first thoughts, when they meet a new girl, are all about her standard equipment. I had always thought that was funny, since that is what they are; standard equipment. What make girls different from one another are their minds, which have been shaped by their life experiences. Time after time, I have seen boys pick up another girl instead of me, not knowing, as I did, that the other girl was a lazy person, who would have sex with any guy with money. Their loss. I knew that I would find a guy that was just right for me.

Frank got himself a third drink. I was still nursing my second; since I could now tell "Gunderson Motos" were strong.

He moved closer to me. I felt his arm go behind me, and then it eased onto my shoulders. The wind was now strong, cooler and gusty, so I was a little cold. His arm on me felt good. Neither of us said anything for a long time. Then, I looked at him. He had passed out. Chill out, indeed, I thought.

I touched his face. No movement. I don't know what came over me. I reached down and slowly slid his pants zipper down. He wasn't wearing any skivvies, so I was able to grab his cock, and pull it out of his pants. I just love the feel of a cock. It is so soft, warm, and delicate. Frank was uncut, so I eased his foreskin back so I could rub his cock-head. He was so-out-of-it, that none of this fondling had any effect on him.

I studied his face, close-up, as I eased my hand up and down his softness. Shifting in my seat, I took all of his cock into my mouth, sucking it like a lollypop.

It dawned upon me that I was very drunk. Laughing to myself, I went into the house. I rummaged through Mrs. Brown's sewing kit. I found a red ribbon, which I cut in a two-foot length. Returning to Frank, I tied it around his cock and balls, with the bow just above his cock. I pushed his cock into his pants, and zipped him up. To bed I went.

I was feeding the twins when Frank came down from his bedroom. "Morning Ellen."

"Good morning, Frank." I said with a twinkle in my eye, as I cast him a glance, which he caught.

He laughed, while shaking his head. "You know, I woke up by myself on the porch. Went to bed. When I got up this morning, I discovered the craziest thing, I was gift wrapped for someone."

I almost dropped the skillet, I was laughing so hard. "Really? Was it all of you, or just part of you that was to be the gift?"

"Don't really know, come to think of it. But, I'd have to tell you that if a person received the gift wrapped part, that the rest of me would be right there too."

The twins were looking at us, like we were nuts. Soon they went back to watching the TV in the kitchen.

"Is the rest of you as interesting as the gift wrapped part, or is the gift wrapped part the central command center?"

Frank was laughing so hard now, that tears came to his eyes.

"Touché, my fair maiden. Thou have displayed a trait of devilish mischief, that this Knight has never seen in the fair sex."

"Perhaps because the Knight's vision was clouded by the mountains and tunnels?"

Frank's eyes locked on mine. His face got serious. What he said next shook me to the core. "Mountains and tunnels were this Knight's interest. But now, this Knight has found a jousting companion of great interest. Me think that this Knight has found an equal that he might forsake all others for."

I set the skillet down. My arms fell to my sides. Tears streamed down my face. "Me?"

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