Sunday Spin

by Aussiegirl

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Light Bond, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Emma's failed relationship with Peter left her hurt, disillusioned, and without a washing machine. A week in a new office leads to wild sex and new experiences with her new boss. She finally moves on with her life.

With a basket full of my dirty clothes, I struggled into the local Laundromat. It was three years since I had routinely been to the Laundromat, but after splitting with my boyfriend it became a Sunday tradition. No Sunday roast with my parents, instead I spent the nicest part of the day sitting on a hard little wooden bench. You see, Peter got the washing machine in the split, and I hadn't got around to replacing it. As much as I hated to admit it, I still needed to feel hard done by; reflecting on how our relationship had failed.

I'd been with Peter for 5 years, and the last 3 years we lived together. Our house had been perfect, but the relationship hadn't. We broke up amicably, which made it even tougher to feel hard done by.

When we broke up, I moved in temporarily with my friend Rachel while I found a place of my own. Rachel had been great and understanding, but from day one urged me to get on with my life. She said, "Emma, these things happen for a reason. It's fate. Just accept it and move on." That was easier said than done.

Sex with Peter had been the thing that kept us together for so long. We certainly didn't connect on any other level. But the sex was special. Being at the Laundromat reminded me of Peter, which reminded me of the sex. And oh God, I missed that.

I missed going to bed at night, knowing that he was there. I missed him cuddling me and telling me how much he loved my tits. They are medium sized, with nipples that were almost always pert. Peter used to say 'not too big, not too small', with a killer smile that reassured me that he loved them just the way they were. He loved giving oral, and I missed that too. His tongue felt so good between my legs.

Beep-beep-beep. I almost jumped with surprise. The washing machine cycle had finished and I hadn't even opened my magazine. Wow, 20 minutes of thinking about my ex. I had to get over him. As I moved my washing from washing machine to the tumble drier I separated my load into heavy and light. I transferred several delicate tops and my lingerie bag into the second dryer and set it to low heat.

As I closed the door I heard someone behind me. I hated being in a Laundromat with others. Just felt so uncomfortable being in that confined space with others, and so often the others seemed like complete losers. I turned around, and was surprised to see a very well-dressed man.

He was cute, tall with short blond hair and he even smiled a little as he noticed me there. I sat down on the small bench and this time actually paid attention to my magazine.

I flicked the magazine to an article titled "Jen's revenge romance". I tried for a few minutes to get involved in the love life of Jennifer Aniston. Apparently she was being revengeful going out with someone else after her and Brad split. I wasn't yet sure how that was meant to be revengeful.

Soon however, I was transfixed by my Laundromat companion. He was wearing what looked like the bottom half of a suit, probably too hot for the jacket today, and a crisp navy shirt with a dark tie. His shoulders were broad, slightly muscled and he had a firm butt. He turned around and I very quickly went back to my magazine. I sat staring at the page but not reading it. I was wondering instead what sort of person visits the Laundromat dressed that nicely. Let alone - who wears a suit on a weekend? He looked as though he had come straight from work.

My washing had finished drying. As I was leaving he looked up from his book and our eyes met. I smiled and left. I wondered if I might see him again next Sunday. Little did I know it would be a lot sooner than that.

The alarm clock went early the next day. I bounced out of bed, alive with energy for the day. I had a good feeling about the coming week. I worked for a major accounting firm, and as part of that we would do audits for other companies. That week was an audit of a small law firm. Oh, sure I thought the law firm workplace might be a bit uptight and self-centred, but it was work in the city. The last audit I did was for a mining company 1000 km away from my town. It was a welcome change.

I jumped in the shower, pausing to look at myself in the mirror. I'm really not overweight, but I don't feel as confident with my body as I used to before I met Peter. During our relationship, I'd put on a few kilos around my hips and on my breasts. I guess it's the stability that does that. They say that married couples are 20 kilos heavier than they were when they met. Peter told me that he liked me better that way, more cuddly, but I wanted to lose the extra weight now that I was available again.

In the shower I paused to rub my breasts. I had been so horny in the last few months since separating from Peter. Feeling the water beat down on my back, my mind melted away. My left hand drifted downwards and began to touch my clit. I rubbed it in gentle circles until it stood out against the hood. It felt so good, but I stopped myself. I didn't want to be late today.

In my bedroom I considered what to wear. I wanted to make a good impression, look professional and sexy but not too sexy. I decided on a burgundy skirt and jacket. The skirt was shortish, but still conservative enough. I had great legs anyway.

Peter would have wanted me to wear my black suspender belt with stockings, but instead I decided on a pair of almost black stay-up stockings. They had a thick lace section at the top and I loved how smooth the nylon felt on my legs. The dark coloured stockings worked really well with the burgundy skirt and cream collared shirt. I quickly blow dried my long, dark, chestnut, hair, and pulled it loosely up. I liked the contrast of conservative dress but sexy hair.

I wasn't sure how long it would take me to get to the inner city office, but since it was peak hour I left early. Surprisingly there wasn't as much traffic as I had thought there would be, so I got to the office almost half an hour early.

Rather than go in that early, I decided to grab a coffee. There was a Starbucks just down the street so I went and bought a double espresso. Drinking a double espresso doesn't take too long, so I was still early by the time I returned to the office building.

I took the lift up to the 15th floor, and entered the law office. The office was conservatively decorated in dark blue and had a very professional feeling about it. I was a bit surprised to see that it was already a hive of activity. I noticed the receptionist and went to introduce myself.

"Hi, my name is Emma Dodds. I'm from Deloitte and Tomasich... for the audit this week"

"Great, nice to meet you. I'm Claire. Mr Shaw will be available soon, and will meet with you in the conference room. You can take a seat in there now if you want, or just wait here."

"Here is fine," I said, figuring that it would be more interesting waiting where I could watch the rest of the people in the office.

"No problem," Claire said, "Have a seat over there. Do you want a coffee?"

"Sure, that would be great"

I would normally have said no, since I had just had a double espresso. But I felt nervous waiting. Having a coffee to drink would give me something to do.

Claire made me a coffee and I took a seat in the reception area. I noticed from there I had a clean view over the whole office. There were a dozen people in view, and much of the main room was divided up into smaller cubicles. I also noticed the view out of the window - you could see straight out over the river. I picked up a magazine in the waiting area. I laughed as I realised it was the same piece of trash that I was reading the day before.

"I thought you read that magazine yesterday," a man's voice said startling me, "Hi I'm Nick Shaw"

I looked up and was absolutely astounded to see the man from the Laundromat.

"Are you stalking me?" I said laughing a little, "I'm Emma, from Deloitte and Tomasich". But it was freaky. I see a man the day before at my local Laundromat and the next day I'm working with him? That was weird!

"Come on, let's go through to the conference room and we can go through everything you will need to know to get through this week."

I followed Nick Shaw into the conference room. If I thought the view from the main office was good, then I was mistaken. This room had a huge window at the end of it, with a stunning view both over a local park and across the river. A large oval beech table was in the centre of the room with ten chairs. We talked a little, and then he introduced me to the staff I would need to liaise with that week.

The day proceeded very well. I managed to make an excellent start on the audit, even with being distracted occasionally when Nick walked through the room. Most of the time, however, he was in his own office - a separate room off from the conference room. I hadn't been inside there yet.

Towards the end of the day, Claire told me that Mr Shaw would like to see me before I left for home. So at 5.40pm I knocked on his door and his deep voice called me inside. Nick was sitting behind a large, old-fashioned oak desk, the kind with a green, leather matt in the centre. His laptop was off to one side. The room felt formal and professional, in keeping with his dress style.

"Hi Emma, thanks for coming by," Nick said, "How did everything go today?"

"Oh, great thanks. Everyone was very helpful and I made a good start on the audit," I replied.

"Good." Nick stood up, picked a piece of paper off his computer and came around his desk towards me. "I also wanted to show you these figures, I thought they might be of interest."

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