Chance Encounter

by TheMoose63

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: This is not a stroke story per se. It is a chance encounter, an interlude between a young mother of two and an a older businessman at the Detroit airport. After their flight is delayed - sparks fly between them. How can two people ever be intimate in an airport? This is a romantic tryst and only the reader will find out how they ever got together.

The first time I noticed him I was standing in the passenger line waiting for my turn at the Northwest Airlines check-in counter in Detroit. He sauntered up to the First Class/Gold Card Members line and presented the agent his tickets. Even wearing a suit coat I could tell that he had a great ass! He appeared to be around six foot-four, maybe in his late forties or early fifties, salt and pepper hair and very trim. All he carried with him was a briefcase.

The next time I bumped into him - literally - was at the check-in counter at Gate 17 as we both stepped up to check in for our flight.

He looked at me, smiled, and then took a step backward and said, "Excuse me, you first." Then, still sporting his beautiful smile, he stepped backwards and let me get my seating assignment.

I smiled back at him, my eyes taking in his body. "No problem and thank you."

After receiving my seat assignment and boarding pass I walked over to the gift shop and picked up a copy of USA Today and then returned to the gate and looked for a place to sit while waiting for them to call for boarding. I noticed that he was sitting by the window next to a large potted palm and that the adjacent seat was empty and on a spur of the moment thought; I walked over and sat down next to him. I'm really not sure why I did that, after all I am a 32-year old married mother of two children, and a walking advertisement for soccer moms. I've been married nine years and have never even given a moment's thought to being unfaithful to my husband. Oh, from time to time, I check out the good-looking men; but looking doesn't harm anyone. But there was something in this man that intrigued me, I mean really intrigued me! If I were ever in my life going to cheat on my husband, it would definitely be with someone like him. He was what I always had thought of as handsome man; he was tall, well build, sexually alluring, definitely a man's man. I sat in the chair pretending to read my paper but catching furtive glances of him out of the corner of my eye. Did he know I was checking him out? I didn't think so, but it was hard to tell because he had his face buried inside a Wall Street Journal.

Damn, I was right, Jim thought, she is watching me, not overtly, but casually out of the corner of her eye. I had been pretty sure that she was watching after I bumped into her at the gate, but now that she had sat beside me I was positive. I mean there were 20 or 30 empty seats in the waiting area, but she chose the seat right next to me. Well she was a good-looking woman, probably on a business trip just like me. I wonder if she is looking for something or someone, perhaps we could get together in D.C.?

"On a business trip?"

I was so startled by his question that I almost jumped out of my seat. "Excuse me?"

"I was just wondering if you were on a business trip. I mean you are nicely dressed, not like your typical tourist, so I figured you were either in Detroit on business or headed to D.C. on business."

"Oh, well thanks for the compliment, but no, I'm not on a business trip, I was just up here visiting my mother. I'm on my way home to D.C., well actually to Northern Virginia. I live there. Well, we live there, my husband and two kids. Old Town Alexandria." Good God she thought, I'm babbling like a schoolgirl.

"I see. Well I'm headed to D.C. on business, just a couple of days then home to Cleveland." He held out his hand, "By the way, my name is Jim, Jim Dalton."

She shook his hand. "Patty England, nice to meet you Jim. So you're from Cleveland? I guess I thought that being in Detroit... well you know."

"Ah, I see. No I am just connecting in Detroit. There are no direct flights on Northwest from Cleveland into the District.

"Why don't you fly some other airline then?"

"Businessmen always pick a primary airline so the frequent flier miles pile up in one airline account. I am a 'Million Miler' with Northwest, which always gets me free upgrades to First Class, as well as head of the line and early boarding privileges. When you travel as much as I do it's all about the perks."

"Gosh I never knew there were so many privileges for frequent fliers."

After that simple exchange the conversation pretty much died down as he went back to reading his WSJ and she opened the Life section of USA Today. Just then the boarding area intercom erupted with a burst of static as the gate agent made an announcement.

"May I have your attention please? All passengers on flight 1173, Detroit to Washington Reagan National airport please listen carefully. There is a huge thunderstorm in the Memphis area and our plane that was due here in twenty minutes is still sitting on the tarmac in Memphis. At this time we do not have another piece of equipment available here in Detroit but there are other Northwest flights available, albeit with limited seating. If you would like to reschedule on another flight please see the gate agent for assistance. I'm sorry, but it looks as if this will be a lengthy delay. We apologize for this inconvenience and thank you for flying Northwest Airlines."

Patty looked over at Jim. "Oh, I guess we should go to the counter and try to reschedule?"

"Nope, that's a bad idea! You never go to a gate agent; they are always overwhelmed with the rush of people. Come with me and I'll show you how to beat the game."

She followed Jim down the corridor until they reached a recessed door with a small sign reading 'Northwest Airlines WorldClub', he hit the buzzer and when the door buzzed back Jim pulled it open. Once they were inside Patty saw a large exclusive club that featured a food center, a bar, offices and a huge lounge area. Jim walked up to the counter and checked them both in then gave the clerk both his and Patty's tickets.

"We're on the way to DC and the 1173 flight is really delayed and I was wondering if you could get me and my business associate on another flight, together preferably."

The agent smiled up at both of them, and then replied, "We'll check Mr. Dalton. Why don't you and Ms. England wait in the lounge, I'll call you when we have something confirmed."

"Thanks, I appreciate your help." He took a hold of Patty's hand and led her into the lounge. "How about a drink."

She glanced down at her watch, 3:30 p.m., "Sure, why not."

"What would you like?"

"Hummm, a white wine would be nice." She watched as he opened the small bar fridge, spotted an opened bottle of Chablis and poured her a glass. "Are the drinks here free? I mean I don't see anywhere to pay for them."

He chuckled at her question. "Oh they're free alright, but club dues are four hundred dollars a year, so they get their money back."

He led her over into a corner and an L-shaped settee and they had just settled in when the Northwest agent came up to them.

"Excuse me, Mr. Dalton. I found a 5:45 flight and booked both you and Ms. England into First Class, I hope that's alright?"

"Yes, that's great and thanks for your help."

Patty listened as the attendant explained the details to Jim. When the agent left Patty turned to Jim, "God, First Class no less. That's great Jim, how can I ever thank you?

"Well having you around for company while we wait for the next two hours is reward enough for me."

"Excuse me Jim but I have to call my husband so he'll know when to pick me up." She picked up the handset on the side table, dialed in her credit card number and when her husband answered told him her flight had been delayed and her new flight number. "Oh nothing honey, I'm just setting here in the airport reading a paper. I love you too."

Jim noted that she hadn't told her husband she was in the WorldClub or that she was with someone else. That was a good sign.

They both sat there, sipping their glasses of wine, chatting and looking at each other. Nothing was said or even implied but the sexual tension between the two of them was escalating and becoming unimaginable; Patty felt it and Jim did too. She was watching his eyes as he mentally undressed her and as piece after piece of her imaginary clothing disappeared, the hotter she became. Patty had never experience anything like this in her life; her nipples became hard and she knew that she was leaking in her panties. God, she thought, the feeling is exhilarating!

"Jim I don't mean to be so... ah... forward, but..."

"Me too Patty. I don't come on to women I have just met but I have never met a woman who has excited me as quickly as you have. I can't explain it; it is just what it is."

"Look Jim, I've been married for nine years and have never even though about cheating on my husband, but I swear to God if I had a place right now I would fuck your brains out, excuse my French!"

Jim laughed at her use of the vulgarity. "Well, let me see if there isn't something that I can do to remedy that problem - about a place I mean. Oh, and the vulgarity... it's OK, I speak French too."

She watched as he set down his glass of wine and walked out to the reception desk. He was back in a couple of minutes, smiling down at her and swinging a key on a handle.

"What's the key for?"

"I rented one of their private business office booths. As the name implies, they are private, they have a couch, chairs and a table and this one has a sink and towels. We have it reserved for the next two hours."

He took her hand and helped her up off the settee. "Grab your purse and let's go."

She was nervous and a little hesitant but she picked up her purse and followed him out to the main entrance and then to the left where there were four locked rooms. He put the key into number three and they walked inside. The room was much larger than she thought it would be probably a good 20x15. It had a large couch, probably at least 8 feet long on the far wall, and a business table in the center of the room with four stuffed chairs around it and a sink in the near corner.

When the door closed he locked it and then took her purse and set it on one of the chairs then he took her into his arms and gently kissed her on the lips. He felt her arms encircled his neck as she pressed close into his chest, her breasts pushing on him and providing him a glimpse into the future as they snuggled together. His tongue entered her mouth and darted around, touching her here and there, searching for a treasure, and then finally sparing with her tongue like all lovers do. His hand slid down her back and cupped her buttocks, squeezing and rubbing and just enjoying the feeling of this beautiful woman.

"Oh God Jim, you feel so damn good. I don't know what has gotten into me but I am so horny."

"I know what you mean. I haven't felt this way in months, maybe even years."

She stepped back from him and looked at the older man who was obviously ogling her body. "I can see it in your eyes - that you appreciate my body, so sit down and enjoy yourself."

Jim took off his suit coat, folded it and laid it on a chair and then he sat down on the couch and waited for her.

Patty thought about what she was doing, something that a mere two hours ago would have seemed unimaginable to her. She was going to take off her clothes and make love to a complete stranger, and in an airport lounge no less. She was going to risk her marriage and her life, as she knew it, for a two-hour fling with a total stranger. Well girl I sure hope you know what the hell you're doing. She reached down and unbuttoned her suit jacked and let it slide gently off her shoulders then she draped it on the chair with her purse. She was wearing an opaque beige blouse that buttoned up to her neck. She reached up and slowly unbuttoned her blouse, button after button until it was open to her waist, and then she pulled the tails out from her skirt and took the blouse off and deposited it with her jacket. She stood before Jim wearing only her skirt and bra and didn't care that no one but her husband and her doctor had ever seen her in this state of undress.

"So, what do you think so far?" She grinned at him as she spoke.

"I think you're a beautiful woman, that's what I think."

Patty reached behind her and unbuttoned and then unzipped her skirt and let it slide down her long legs until it pooled at her feet. When she reached down to retrieve it she pulled off her heels and then picked up the skirt and tossed it onto the chair. She put her thumbs inside the waistband of her panty hose and shimmied them down over her hips and butt, and then slid them down her legs and off.

"Watch carefully Jim because here comes the best part." She looked at him as she made the remark and she could see the bulge in the front of his pants, and she was pleased that she was exciting him.

The bra came off first; Patty put her arm across her chest then pulled her shoulder straps down and reached back with one arm and unsnapped her bra. She let the bra slowly slide down her arms intentionally tantalizing the man on the couch. As she removed the bra her 36C breasts bounded free of their confinement and stood out proudly on her chest, her nipples at attention. She spun, turning her back to him, bent over and slowly inched her panties down over her hips and off, giving him a perfect view of her blood engorged labia as well as her anus. She rose and walked to the couch and stuck out her hand and when he took it she pulled him up and directly into her lips, kissing him fully, then she whispered in his ear, "Your turn sweetie, I want to see you too."

Jim reached up and loosened his tie then slipped it out from under his collar. Patty couldn't wait for him any longer and she reached out started unbuttoning his shirt and when she finished she pulled it out and slid the shirt down and off his back. She leaned in and kissed him again, then let her tongue trail down his neck and finally to his nipples where she suck and nibbled on them. Then Patty's hand dropped down and cupped his balls and caressed his hardness through his pants and she liked the feeling of what he had waiting for her.

She leaned into him, kissing him again while her fingers danced around on his chest, her hot breath enticing him even more now that they both were almost naked. Her hand continued to caresses his cock through his trousers. "Feels like your eager for me honey, you are, aren't you?"

Jim couldn't wait to get out of his clothing. "Oh I'm ready for you, really ready. I haven't been this excited in a long time."

She slid down on her haunches and unbuckled his belt then unzipped his pants and let them fall to the floor. Jim stepped out of his trousers and carelessly tossed them onto the chair with her clothes. They were both in a hurry now, eager to experience each other and certainly not worrying about wrinkling their clothes. Patty reached out and pulled down his Jockey shorts. Jim's very hard cock popped into view, its large crown dripping with pre-cum. She held onto his butt and bent her head until she could lick the dew-like cum off his head. His cock twitched at the touch of her tongue and she grabbed his shaft and estimated that his cock was about seven or eight inches in length and was thick too, Christ she couldn't even get her hand around the shaft. She looked up at him and smiled.

"Jim, I want to give you a blow job and swallow your cum, but can you cum again? I mean I really want to suck you off, but I also want your cum in my pussy too."

"I can, I'm sure of it. I haven't cum in weeks so I think I can go twice in a couple of hours. Let's go for it."

She turned him so that his butt was resting on the table then she slowly lowered her mouth down and onto his hard cock. She swirled her tongue around the crown then licked down to the ridge. His cock was warm and pulsating in her fingers and mouth as she slowly moved her hand up and down his shaft while her tongue teased his head. Patty reached under her and found her clit and began stroking herself as she sucked Jim's cock into her mouth.

"Oh my God. Oh Patty that's wonderful. God don't stop!"

Patty had no intentions of stopping. She sped up her nodding motion on his cock and reached under him and began to caress his balls, then she felt them tightening and she knew he was almost there. That thought was confirmed when he grabbed her head so he could ensure that she would take his full load when he finally delivered it. When Jim rose up on his tiptoes she was ready for what came next and she sucked for all she was worth.

"Ohhhh Fuck! Oh fuck me. Here it is, take it all baby, I'mmmmm cummiinngggggg."

The force of his cum surprised Patty. The first spurt hit the back of her throat and almost bounced backwards. Then he came again, and again filling her mouth until she couldn't swallow any more, then his cock stopped spurting and just lie there on her tongue, pulsating, while her mouth milked every last drop out of him. Finally he stopped pulsating and his cock began to shrivel back to a flaccid state.

Jim pushed himself up off of the table, walked over and flopped down on the couch. He heaved a large sigh then said; "I've got to tell you Patty that was the best blow job I've ever had - bar none! God woman you are really something else."

"Why thank you kind sir, now for my treat..."

"Oh no, I'm not going to be ready that fast, but let me show you what I like to do best."

"And that would be... ?"

"I love to eat pussy. In my formative years I learned about sex from an older woman, she was 35 and I was just 19. Her number one golden rule was that you never use your cock on a woman until she has had a minimum of three orgasms. Never!"

Patty laughed out loud. "I think I like her a lot."

"Come over here Patty England and let me make love to you like you did to me."

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