Employment Recruiting Strategy - Sex Policy

by MadDog

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, MaleDom, Harem, Petting, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Sex Story: I was interviewing for a job at Vandelay Industries. The town that the company was in was a real hellhole. No men would want to live there. But as I was interviewing, I soon discovered that they had a sex policy at the company that made living in that town all worth it.

As I drove into this town, I thought about my upcoming interview for this company. I had applied for a Software Developer position at Vandelay Industries. They manufacture latex and I was supposed to develop, code, test, and implement an inventory management control system for the company. I have been writing computer applications for nine years now, and I was sure that I had the experience necessary for the job. Even more interesting is that I would be writing the application with the new.NET framework using VB.NET. That would keep my skills with the latest technologies current and keep me viable as a programmer.

As I continued driving through the town, my impression of the town was not good. The place looked like a real hellhole. It was a barren desertlike place with little vegetation and a few trees. There were some nice houses and small stores, but otherwise the place was like a ghost town. I think I even saw a tumbleweed blowing by in the wind!

Well, if the company I was interviewing for was good, I don't think I would mind too much living here. I'm a pretty private person; I don't go out very much, preferring to spend my time by myself in my apartment. Just give me a computer with a good Internet connection and a TV, and I'm happy. What I would later find out is that I would have even more than adequate entertainment at my apartment.

All this I considered as I pulled into the parking lot of Vandelay Industries. It was a very nice five-story building that was in direct contrast to the desolate dreary scenery of the town.

As I walked into the building, I immediately noticed a few oddities. I walked by two women. One woman was wearing a very short dress and the other was wearing a short miniskirt. I wonder if they are wearing panties... Okay, snap out of it. I'm here for an interview. Keep my mind on that and don't blow it.

I got to the reception desk and the receptionist was similarly dressed. "I'm here for an interview for the Software Developer position."

Looking over at a sheet of paper nearby and reading from it, "Oh, yes, Mark Donnelly interviewing with Jamie, Software Developer position, 2:30. Okay come with me and we'll get you set up for the interview."

As I walked with her to a room, I noticed a few more women in short dresses and skirts. What is up with all the skirts? And as the shocker of the day, a man was giving a woman a very passionate kiss right out in the hall and his hand was underneath the woman's skirt and resting on her ass! We entered a room and I sat down.

"Jamie will be here shortly to start your interview. And one more thing. Would you like to have sex?" She said this casually like it was no big deal.

I practically jumped in my seat at those words! Did she just say what I think she said? I think I distinctly heard the words uttered 'would you like to have sex' but no it couldn't have been that. I must be hearing things.

She caught my shocked expression. "Oh, I see you haven't been informed about that. That will be explained to you in the interview. But, yes, that is a serious offer. Would you like to have sex?"

After a few moments, I stammered heavily, "Uh-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba, A-ya-ya-ya, O-owowowowowkaaaaay," I babbled this incoherently then I snapped my mouth shut. I collected myself and forced a calm reply. "Yes, I would like that very much."

"Heh, heh, heh," she giggled to herself. "It is so cute to see the reaction of interviewees to that."

She reached underneath her skirt and pulled her panties off. She laid down on the couch and opened her legs. She pulled my pants down, grabbed my cock, and inserted it into her pussy. She then put her arms around me and kissed me on the lips passionately. I pumped into her for a few minutes. I felt the contractions of her pussy, felt her legs tightening around me, and heard her moaning as I reached my climax and poured into her.

We laid there a few moments resting and then she reached down for her panties and I zipped up my pants. She said, "Thanks, I haven't had a good fuck in a few weeks. Jamie will be in shortly for the interview." As I waited, I sat there amazed at what had just happened.

Jamie entered, again similarly dressed in a skimpy dress. "Mr. Donnelly, very nice to meet you." Now, you would think that the response to this would be a handshake, but no, instead she gave me a kiss on the lips and inserted her tongue into my mouth!

"Welcome to Vandelay Industries. I read your resume and I am very impressed by your skills. I think you will fit in very well here. First I'll tell you about the company. Vandelay Industries was founded in 1990. We have been manufacturing high-quality latex for fifteen years. The company has a total of 542 employees. 531 women and 11 men."

"As I heard from Amanda, you have not been informed about the sex policy here."

"Well, as a matter of fact, no, I was kind of wondering about that."

"I'm sure you were," she chuckled. "Employment has been a huge problem here. Out here in 'sticksville', nobody wants to live out here. They all want to live in a big city or a suburb, not a dreary area like this. The women are bad enough, but they are rather okay with this place, in fact a few women even like being away from the noisy city; the men however are completely opposed to living here. Even the high pay rate could not convince them. So as you can imagine, we have a huge problem getting people that want to work here. Especially in the hi-tech computer programming field. The problem got even worse with the dot-com companies scooping up all the workers. The situation became so desperate that we implemented a sex policy."

"I'm sure you've heard about the so-called 'sexual harassment' scandals in other companies," she said, rolling her eyes. "Men demanding sexual favors from the women as a job condition, and the women complaining about it. What a bunch of fucking prudes! Well here, we've completely eliminated the notion of sexual harassment. Instead of prohibiting it, we condone it. We embrace it. We encourage it. All the women here are expected to provide sex to all the men anytime that they want it."

This was all too much for me! "You mean, I get to have sex with all of these women?"

"That's right. We have a dress code that requires all women to wear only short dresses, short miniskirts, or micro-miniskirts. The dresses must all be at least six inches above the knee. Some women wear panties and some women go without panties. Some women shave their pussies. Oh, and no bras allowed either. They all will submit to any kind of sexual contact. If you want to squeeze their breasts or put your hand on their ass, you can do it. If you want a kiss, walk up to a woman, put your arms around her, and give her a full kiss on the lips, bringing your tongue into the kiss. You can put your hand under her skirt and fondle her ass or pussy. If a woman is sitting down and you want a panty shot, either tell her to open her legs or put your hand on her knees and open the legs yourself. That is usually not a problem, since the women usually sit with their legs open anyway. If you want, you can even slide your hand between her legs and play with her thighs and pussy. If you want to see her bare pussy, tell her to take off her panties, or just take off the panties yourself. If a woman is bending over, it is perfectly acceptable to put your hand up her skirt and play with her ass. If you want to have a woman lay across your lap presenting her bare butt, breasts, or pussy for your inspection, just call the woman over to you. No woman will object to you doing any of these things."

It just keeps getting better and better and better. "Okay, so kissing, hugging, touching, groping, and fondling are all in. What about actual sex?"

"Well of course, silly! Of course that's acceptable! That's the whole point of the sex policy. Any time you want to get laid, just walk up to a woman and say 'you want to have sex' or 'you want to fuck' or 'lay down and spread your legs' or anything like that. Hell, you don't even have to ask. Just push her against a wall, or over a table, or to the ground, and put it in her. She will give you absolutely no objection to doing that to her."

It was so incredibly hard to get a handle on the fact that this was even possible! "The women really don't complain about being required to submit to all the sex?"

"With the hiring situation as horrible as it is, they are eager to give it away. You have to understand how desperate the hiring situation is here. We are especially short on men. As I said earlier, we have 531 women and 11 men working here. If spreading their legs is what it takes to recruit men and keep them here, then they will gladly do it without complaint. In fact with the man-to-woman ratio as it is, it is incredibly hard for women to GET sex. And with the skimpy miniskirts that they wear all day, and from exposing their panties or their bare butt frequently, they are all very horny. So they are all not only willing, they are very eager for you to fuck them. The woman will be glad you are choosing her over the other 500 women you could be fucking. In fact, I think you will have women coming to your desk practically begging you to 'please, please, please, will you fuck me' Or inviting you to their place for the night. It is considered rude for a woman to beg for sex, but a few women do it nonetheless. No, I assure you that it is all completely okay with the women. Don't worry one bit about it."

'Well okay, if you say so, ' I thought.

"Now let's take a tour of the building," she said. We exited the room, and walked to an open office area, and I was again shocked by the scene before me. Around three dozen beautiful women in short dresses and miniskirts. Some of them were sitting at their desk in a chair with their legs open. A few were bending over. One woman had a skirt so short that it covered only the top half of her ass, and she was not even bending over! Some of the women were wearing high heels that raised them up several inches making their legs an even more attractive appearance, and even moreso accenting the shortness of their dresses. One woman was completely naked. So apparently fully naked is acceptable here. As I took in the scene, a few women looked over to me and smiled at the attention they were receiving. One woman sitting at her desk uncrossed her legs and opened them for my viewing pleasure. From a couple women, I noticed a wet spot on their panties.

I looked to Jamie and indicated the naked woman, "Why is that woman naked?"

"Well," she replied, "as I said, all skirts have to be at least six inches above the knee. She probably violated the dress code. The punishment for violating the dress code is that she has to strip off all her clothes and be naked for that day and the next two days."

We walked down a hallway to the next part of the building. While we were walking, I decided to test what Jamie had said I was allowed to do. I placed my hands on a few breasts, grabbed a few asses, kissed a few lips, slid my hand between a few womens' legs, lifted up a few dresses, lowered the panties on one of the women, ordered one to lift up her dress, and pulled one woman's t-shirt up. A few of the women giggled while I was exploring their charms. A few women even decided to brush their hands across my butt and groin.

We entered another room where they were packaging the latex, and if I though the scene in the office was amazing, this was something else. I saw upskirts up the wazoo! Women in various positions of sitting, bending over, squatting. One woman was climbing a ladder up to a raised platform with several more women standing on that platform. The women again saw me looking at them and smiled back at me. From several of the women I saw that their pussies were shaved.

All this stimulation was making me incredibly horny. "You said I could fuck these women. Can I do it now?"

"Sure," Jamie said, "let's take a break."

I walked over to a woman that was busy putting latex into a box and tapped her shoulder.

"Hi," I said awkwardly.

"Hi," she said nicely and smiled.

"Do, uh, you want to... uh you know... have sex?" I said awkwardly.

"Sure," she said nicely and smiled, not the least bit offended by the request.

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