Alpha & Omega

by Cat5

Copyright© 2005 by Cat5

Sex Story: Romantic spoof: His older sister encouraged him to go to her old college. Then she urged him to join a club. However, she "forgot" to tell him about Hell Day.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Humor   Oral Sex   Slow   School   .

I wasn't just a little nervous; I was in absolute panic over the unknown that I was about to face.

My name is John and I'm a freshman at Grayson College. Most people haven't heard of Grayson, but it's existed for over fifty years. The college is located in the Northeast and has demanding entrance requirements—top grades in high school, very high SAT scores, extra curricular activity a definite plus. The only exception to their purely quantitative admission criteria is that past family alumni count in the admission criteria. My older sister had graduated from Grayson four years earlier, and she strongly encouraged me to go to her old school. I'm sure her letter to the admission committee helped, since I was accepted.

Grayson is intellectually challenging with a slightly liberal tilt politically and a very liberal tilt sexually. Its policy on sexual activity is well past the point of condoning and strongly approaches encouragement. There are twenty-four hour visitation rights from the first day. Freshmen have to room with a person of the same sex, but after the first year you have the option of a roommate of your choice regardless of gender. The college swimming pool is clothing optional, as is the sun deck above the gym.

The first semester at college was a heavy scholastic load for all the freshmen. In addition to the normal basic introductory courses that would weed out the lazy and the misfits, each freshman was required to take an intensive sex education course. Heavy reading, a term paper, and videos were all part of the class. Women were strongly encouraged to begin birth control and all students were required to have STD tests periodically.

I was buried that first semester—homesick, barely passing some of my classes because of poor study habits, and no real friends since shyness seems to be one of my more dominant character traits.

My shyness came in two categories. With men I rarely initiated a conversation, but once I became comfortable with them, most of my inhibitions would disappear. With women my shyness was a total disaster; when I met the same woman the second time, I was as big a klutz as if we had just met. I was an anomaly since my whole family was outgoing except for the youngest child, which happened to be me.

Halfway through the first semester things began to improve as my study habits got better and college life slowly became comfortable, or at least predictable. However, nothing cured my shyness.

Finals came and I scored higher than I expected, and when the semester ended I headed home for the holidays. On Christmas Eve we had the traditional family party.

My older sister Carol, the Grayson graduate, was at the party. She was a great older sister, always laughing and kidding, and a bit of an exhibitionist. She had a terrific figure with big breasts that she always flaunted to tease me. When she pushed me to go to Grayson she kept telling me that if any college could get me out of my personal little shell, it would be her college. She pointed out that she met her husband Gene at Grayson.

When she saw me she asked, "Well doesn't your big sister get a hug?"

I started to hug her and she pulled me tight and ground my chest against her breasts and giggled when I blushed. She teased, "Got you again; you're so cute when you blush."

Later in the evening Carol asked me, "Are you going to rush the clubs next semester?"

There are no fraternities or sororities at Grayson. The equivalent was the clubs. The college rule was that there couldn't be more than forty members per club. Although the club could have a house for meetings and parties, dormitory living was still required of all students. What had evolved over the decades was that a club was either all male or all female, but each male club had a female club partnership. My sister had been an Omega; the partner male club for Omega was Alpha.

Grayson did not allow club membership during the first semester on the theory that too many new and demanding requirements were being put on the incoming freshman already, and so rush was delayed until the beginning of the second semester.

I blushed a little and said to Carol, "I don't think any club would take me; I barely know the people in my dorm."

Carol teased, "The old shyness thing again I bet."

I nodded yes.

She said, "Before you say no to the clubs without even trying, promise me that you at least go to rush just for the experience. And if you do, you have to choose Alpha as one of the ones you try."

I muttered something that might have been a yes, but Carol kept bugging me until she finally got me to promise I would go to rush.

I did rush. It was a three-night affair. The first night I went to four different clubs spending about forty-five minutes at each club. I was nervous and quiet at the first two clubs, but opened up at the third club, and actually enjoyed myself a little at the fourth club, which was Alpha.

Not surprisingly, I was not invited back to either of the first two clubs, but I did receive an invitation from the third club and from Alpha.

The second night went a little better; I spent two hours at each club. At Alpha I got into the middle of a somewhat spirited political discussion and held my own against some of the club members. Towards the end of the night I met a senior named Dave who was extremely friendly and had me talking about my career goals, courses I was taking, and my impression of Grayson so far. We got along fine—not as a senior talking to a freshman, but rather as two friends having a discussion.

I waited nervously during the third day. The third club didn't invite me back for the final night, but Alpha sent me an invitation for the last night of rush. I spent four hours at Alpha that night and was comfortable talking to the club members, most of whom I now knew by sight and some by name.

During the night a trivia contest had started and I was invited to join in. Trivia is one of my things, so it turned out well for me as I scored more points for my side than any other person. Dave came over to watch the game and eventually said, "Okay guys. This is the last night of rush so kill the game and make sure you talk to everyone that we invited."

He looked at me and grinned as he said, "And John, make sure you speak to each of the club brothers before you go. This is the last night."

I went back to the dorm that evening and thought, "I really hope they invite me to join Alpha. They're nice guys."

I checked my mailbox three times the next day. Finally, the mail came and there was a small envelope included in my mail—it was an invitation to join Alpha!

The Alpha pledge class met the next Saturday morning. We were told the rules of the club, what was expected of us as pledges, and that we would become full-fledged club brothers after about eight weeks of pledging. We were all assigned a big brother—mine was Dave who also happened to be the Vice-President of Alpha.

Big brothers were responsible for us in many ways. Scholastically they made sure that pledging did not interfere with our studies. If grades started to slip, they found tutors. They also assigned pledge projects. Most pledge projects were functional. For example, one weekend we would pick up trash along the highway that bordered the school. Usually the pledge class of Omega would join us in whatever project we had, so gradually the pledges of Alpha and Omega got to know each other.

Another weekend we visited elderly people in the local nursing home bringing them flowers, crossword books and other useful things. For that activity the pledges of Omega again joined us so that each room visited had an Alpha male and an Omega female. I was paired up with a pledge named Linda who was pretty and outgoing. She had me laughing a few times, but my normal shyness kept rearing its ugly head and I knew she thought I was pretty much of a nothing.

One night the pledge class had to entertain the Alpha members with songs and skits. We were all terrible singers, but the skits gave us the opportunity to poke fun at the club members without getting into trouble.

I had an idea of a skit that would pick on Dave; it was a huge success and everybody laughed at Dave causing him to point at me and say, "What goes around, comes around pledge John; don't forget that."

Every two weeks I met with Dave to review my progress. At one meeting he assigned me as a tutor to help another pledge who was having a difficult time in Calculus. He gave me high marks for enthusiasm on pledge projects. His one negative comment came at the end of the meeting when he said, "We all have noticed one problem that you have. Do you know what is?"

"I guess I'm a little too shy," I muttered.

"A little," grinned Dave to take out the sting. "That's like saying the Titanic hit an ice cube. At the last social with Omega, how many girls did you talk to and how many did you dance with?"

I blushed and answered, "Maybe four girls and I danced twice."

"Was one of those girls my girlfriend Judy," John asked.

"Yea," I mumbled caught in a little lie.

One dance was a disaster. I asked a pretty blond girl named Mary, who was an Omega pledge to dance. Most of the songs were fast music that night, but this song was slow so she came into my arms. Even a dork like me could find a girl to have sex with at Grayson, and during the first semester I had three "mercy fucks" as I thought of them. The girls probably felt sorry for me, and nothing ever happened after the one time—my fault of course. But I hadn't had sex at all during the second semester and as soon as I felt Mary's hair and smelled her perfume, I got hard and pushed into her groin. She felt me and flinched, which caused me to blush and that caused her to blush. I felt like an idiot and finished the dance well apart from Mary. I muttered some words of thank you and escaped.

Dave sighed and said, "My personal project is to get you over this shyness bullshit. You do fine with the guys, but you're a disaster with the girls.

"Don't be discouraged; we just have to find the right solution."

The eight weeks passed quickly. The pledges were at another Alpha meeting and we were told that hell day initiation would now start. No one had time for a week of initiation; instead each week one pledge would go through a single hell day. Once he passed it, he became an Alpha brother.

They picked one of the other pledges for the first week. He passed and that Monday we asked the new Alpha brother what happened. He grinned and ominously said, "I gave an oath not to say a word."

The second week another pledge became a brother. Dave came up to me the following Monday and said, "Next Saturday is your hell day. I will tell you more about it later."

I called my sister Carol and said, "I'm an Alpha pledge and my hell day is coming up this Saturday. You must know what happens since you were Omega. Can you tell me anything?"

Carol replied, "Congratulations little brother on joining Alpha; I'm really happy for you. And yes, I do know everything that goes on during hell day because Omega does the same thing with their pledges."

"Well, like what?" I interrupted eagerly.

Carol giggled and said, "But unfortunately little brother, I gave a solemn oath never to reveal any Alpha or Omega secrets, so I can't say anything other than to wish you good luck on your hell day... I guarantee that you'll never forget it."

She continued ominously, "By the way, I sure hope you're good friends with your big brother."

After another couple of attempts to get information from her, I gave up and ended the phone call. I was on my own.

On Friday, Dave talked to me again. "Wear your Alpha sport shorts and Alpha T-shirt; shoes and socks—nothing else. Meet me at eight in the morning at the Alpha house."

As I walked up the stairs of Alpha I was in absolute panic fearing the unknown that I was about to face. I opened the door and went in; Dave was waiting for me. His face was serious as he said, "I'm going to blindfold you and then we're going for a drive."

We went to his car and he blindfolded me. We drove for thirty minutes. For the first two minutes I knew where we were, but shortly afterward I lost all sense of direction. Finally he stopped and led me into a building. We entered a room and Dave told me to sit down in a chair and say nothing, no matter what happened. I heard other noises and people walking but no words were spoken.

Finally, I heard Dave say, "Take off the blindfolds."

My blindfold was removed and the first thing I saw was a girl sitting directly in front of me; her knees were almost touching mine. There was one overhead light, which was directly above our two chairs, but the rest of the room remained in darkness.

It was Mary, the Omega pledge that I had the disastrous dance with, and she looked scared. She was about five-foot eight-inches or so, on the thin side but with full breasts, blond hair, blue eyes and a fair complexion. She was wearing an Omega T-shirt and shorts similar to mine. It didn't look like she was wearing a bra; and, if she was like me, no panties either. She bit her lip in a nervous gesture, and then gave me a quick, shy grin.

Dave was standing behind me and I heard him say, "John, I would like you to meet Omega pledge Mary. Standing behind Mary is her big sister Judy."

"Shit," I thought, "my sister could have at least told me I was going through hell day with an Omega pledge."

Of course I knew Judy; she was Dave's girlfriend and we had talked several times when she had come over to the Alpha house. Dave and she had been rooming together for the last two years, and although the date wasn't set, they would be married some time after graduation.

Dave continued, "During your hell day neither you nor Mary are allowed to speak to either Judy or myself. We will tell you what to do, but you must not answer us. If you understand, both nod your heads."

Mary and I nodded our heads that we understood.

Judy spoke for the first time in a teasing voice, "Dave and I have spent a lot of time and effort so this day would be perfect for you two. I even remember one night we were both really horny and were going to bed when Dave just insisted that since John put so much effort in the skit making fun of him, that we had to put even more effort to make sure that you two get everything you deserve. And by the time we were through talking it was too late for sex, and we went to sleep incredibly horny that night."

Judy continued, "We have different themes for hell day depending on the pledges, but for many years one thing is consistent—an Alpha pledge must go through hell day with an Omega pledge. It is a partnership day where each pledge must support the other pledge no matter what happens. Mary is your partner; you must help her today, and she must help you. We know that partner support won't make this day always fun, but we know it will make it bearable.

"We have carefully considered the theme for today. Your brothers have observed you for eight weeks, and Mary's sisters have watched her. Our collective decision is that you and Mary are the two shyest pledges in Alpha and Omega.

"The objective today is to make you overcome your personal shyness and," she continued ominously, "we will do anything to make that come true. Do you both understand?"

I nodded my head as did Mary, but Mary was obviously flustered. She was blushing furiously and staring at the floor.

Judy said, "Shoes and socks aren't needed today. Mary, remove John's shoes and socks, and then John, take off Mary's."

When I took off Mary's shoes and socks I could see her slim calves and firm thighs disappearing into her shorts. She caught me looking and blushed.

Dave said, "John, move your chair closer to Mary so that your knees are touching hers."

I moved the chair as directed. Judy said, "John, take Mary's hands and hold them. Mary, lift up your head and look into John's eyes. Don't look anywhere else except at John's eyes."

Mary reluctantly looked at me; her face remained flustered as she stared at me.

Judy waited for at least three minutes as we held hands and stared at each other and then continued, "It is a tradition that when the pledge partners are introduced at the beginning of hell day, they kiss as a symbol of their support for each other. Stand up and kiss—no little peck either guys, we want a real kiss to keep up the tradition."

We stood and I stepped forward and lowered my mouth to Mary. I could smell a hint of her perfume. Her lips were warm and soft, and I could feel her breasts pushing against my thin T-shirt as she but her arms around my neck. I increased the pressure on her lips and she responded. My tongue pressed against her lips and they briefly opened and our tongues touched before Mary pulled back. Her face was red from embarrassment.

Dave said, "John, reach out with your right hand and hold Mary's left hand."

I reached out my right hand to Mary who gave me her left hand. I squeezed her hand lightly in encouragement. Dave walked around my chair and tied a plastic restraint around my wrist and the other end around Mary's wrist.

Judy said, "For the rest of hell day, no matter what we ask you to do, you must always be touching your partner in some way. The wrist cuffs are to remind you of the primary rule—you must always be in physical contact with your partner. Do you understand?"

We both nodded. Dave said, "We are going to blindfold you and then we'll lead you to your first challenge. Remember, you must always be touching your partner."

The room went dark as the blindfold went on. Dave grabbed my arm and said, "Follow my lead and walk slowly so Mary can follow. I'll make sure that you don't trip."

We were guided out of the room and down a hallway. Mary and I continued to hold hands. Eventually we came to another room. Dave had me stop and waited until Mary was put in position and then he said, "Both of you lean forward."

I leaned forward until I felt a padded table that supported my chest at an angle.

Dave ordered, "Now reach out with your free hand and find your partner's hand, and spread your legs."

I reached out and felt Mary's hand. A wrist restraint was put on my other wrist and I assumed on Mary's, so now both our wrists were tied to each other, and we were holding hands. Then I felt restraints put on each of my ankles. My blindfold was taken off and I found myself looking at Mary's face about eighteen inches away. She was in the identical position—my feet were spread, and I was supporting my upper body with the inclined padded table that actually was quite comfortable. My ass was sticking out and both my hands were holding Mary's hands. An overhead light was above us, but the surrounding area was in darkness.

Judy said, "Mary, remember you must always look at John's eyes; you can't look away and you can't close them. And the same rule applies to you John.

"You two are now going to have a getting acquainted talk with each other. You are partners and partners shouldn't have any secrets. So we will ask each of you questions, and you should answer these questions by talking to your partner. Since you both are overly shy, it's necessary to have some means of motivation to overcome this shyness. If we ask a question and you don't start talking within three seconds or if you fail to answer the question completely, we will have to punish you. However, since you're partners, if Mary fails, John will be punished; and if John fails, Mary will be punished.

"Mary, we'll start with you. Describe your body to John starting with your head and going down without skipping any important part of your body."

Mary blushed and said, "I am five-foot eight-inches tall and weigh one hundred and twenty pounds. I have blond hair and blue eyes. I have a tiny scar under my chin where I was cut once. I would describe my shoulders as broad and my stomach as fairly flat. My waist is..."

WHACK! My ass was on fire as a paddle had hit it with considerable force. I yelled, "Shit... ouch!"

Dave said, "Mary, you caused your partner to be punished. There are other parts of your body between your shoulders and your stomach. You failed to describe them, and therefore, John has been punished. Start back with your shoulders."

Mary had tears in her eyes as she stammered, "I have broad shoulders. My breasts are 34C and I have small areolae but large nipples. My stomach is fairly flat and my waist is about twenty-four inches. My hips are a little big for my body I think, but my thighs and calves are slim, and..."

WHACK! My ass was on fire again as the paddle really laid into me this time. "Damn," I shouted.

Dave chuckled and said, "Mary, once again you caused your partner to be punished. There are parts of your body between your hips and your thighs that you forgot to mention. Start over from your hips."

Mary looked at me with tears in her eyes and said, "I'm sorry John. My hips are a little big for my body. My pubic hairs are blond but thin, and I have trimmed them in the shape of a heart. My behind is about the right size for my body I think, but I wish it were smaller. My thighs and calves are slim and I think they are one of my better features. My feet are too big and I get embarrassed when I have to buy a larger size than most women."

Judy spoke, "Thank you Mary; I agree with your description although you might be a little overly critical about your hips.

"Now John, it is your turn. When is the last time you masturbated and how many times have you masturbated this week?"

I was astonished because I assumed I was going to be asked to describe my body similar to Mary. I blushed when I thought of the last time I masturbated and tried to...

WHACK! Mary screamed with pain as the paddle now hit her ass. Her hands squeezed me tightly as if that would reduce her agony.

Judy chuckled and said, "John, you have three seconds to start talking. You failed and the result was that you caused your partner great pain. You are supposed to be supporting her and not hurting her."

I didn't want Mary to be hit again and I quickly said, "I masturbated last night and I did it five or six times in the last week."

Judy said, "Very good John. How big is your cock?"

I hesitated but then quickly said, "I think it is about six or seven inches."

Judy laughed as she said, "Your hesitation almost caused Mary more pain, but you're learning.

"Now you can describe your body to Mary."

I described my body and then Dave said, "Mary it's your turn. Describe the first time you had sex and whether you enjoyed it."

Mary blushed violently and looked where Dave's voice came from and asked, "Is sex intercourse or something..."

WHACK! WHACK! My ass was on fire with the double hit and I just moaned.

Dave chuckled and said, "Mary, you failed again. You are not allowed to look at anyone but John. You can't talk to us. And you almost took more than three seconds to start talking. So John almost got three hits instead of the two.

Mary quickly said, "I was seventeen and went to an outdoor movie with my boyfriend. We got in the back seat and he took off my bra and panties and ate me, and then I gave him a blowjob. I was embarrassed and didn't enjoy it."

The questions continued, but we had learned our lesson by then. Whatever they asked we answered with little hesitation. Some questions were innocent like what courses we were taking. But many sexually embarrassing questions were asked. We looked at each other the entire time.

One question caused me to hesitate and Mary was paddled again. I looked at her and said, "I'm sorry Mary, I'm really sorry."

From that point on Mary and I answered every question without hesitation, but it became more than just answering. I quickly tuned out the other people in the room and focused on Mary. My eyes never left her face and when some question was asked from the darkness, I responded by telling Mary everything. It was obvious that the same thing was happening to her—she was talking to me and me alone. When a sexually embarrassing question was asked to one of us, the other squeezed the other's hands in encouragement. There was no hesitation now from either of us.

At some point late in the session I heard a Judy ask, "John, describe Mary."

Without thinking I blurted out my first thought, "She's beautiful."

If that had been an early question I'm sure Mary would have blushed with embarrassment, but when she heard my answer she beamed at my compliment and squeezed both my hands.

By the end of an hour I knew more about Mary and she about me then I ever thought possible.

Judy finally said, "Both of you did fairly well on the first challenge. You are to be complimented. Now that you know each other I think it's time to move on to challenge two... don't you think so Dave?"

"Definitely," Dave responded, "I've really been looking forward to challenge two."

Our ankle restraints were released and we stretched. One of our wrist restraints was released as we were blindfolded and led into another room.

Dave said, "I always screw this one up John, but I'll try to do it right. There is a block in front of you, stand on it."

I stepped up and felt my feet being locked into a shoe-like device that was secured to the block.

Judy said, "Mary, step up."

Mary's pelvis was forced against me as her legs were spread and her feet were secured to a different block that was slightly behind me so that our groins were pinned against each other. I grew hard and my cock pushed against my shorts and into her groin.

I was told to hold a bar above Mary's head and a restraint was tied from the bar to each of my wrists. The bar was raised so that I was stretched. Mary was told to grab a bar above my head and her wrists were also connected to that bar. Then her bar was raised to stretch her. The result was that our groins were pinned against each other and our upper bodies were also touching so that Mary's breasts pushed into my chest.

Dave laughed and said, "This is where I always screw up. Judy, hit the switch for a test run."

The block that I was standing on and the bar I was holding slowly moved up. Mary's block and bar did not move. The result was that my cock was moved from below Mary's vagina to her belly button and then down again. I could feel my cock stretching the material of my shorts.

Dave said, "Judy, I still think we're missing something, but it seems to be working right. I think forty-five minutes should be about right."

Judy said, "Forty-five minutes sounds good. The timer is set; let's get a soda."

They removed our blindfolds and started the blocks. Our bodies moved against each other and I was hard. I could feel Mary's nipples through my T-shirt and I could tell they were also hard.

I said, "I don't know if I can take this for forty-five minutes Mary."

Mary gasped, "I'm so embarrassed. You keep rubbing against my breasts and your... your cock keeps rubbing me down there."

We suffered for five minutes. The constant friction of our bodies against each other was getting harder and harder to take and I knew that I couldn't last forty-five minutes without coming.

The door to the room suddenly opened and Dave said, "Damn, I just knew we forgot something. I kept telling Judy that we weren't doing this right, but then like an inspiration, we remembered."

I was confused, "Remembered what?"

I felt something cold touch my waist as the elastic of my shorts were pulled out and I heard a snip. I was astonished; he was cutting off my shorts! My T-shirt quickly followed. Obviously, the same thing happened to Mary. She screamed in embarrassment as her breasts felt my bare chest and my cock touched her pussy hairs.

Mary begged, "Please don't do this to me."

Dave laughed and said, "Better reset the clock for forty-five minutes Judy."

Judy chuckled and replied, "Already done. Let's go back to our break."

The block started moving again, but now it was much worse. Each cycle my cock moved through her pussy hair teasing her slit as my chest teased her breasts.

Mary was crying and sobbed, "Why did I let my brother talk me into going to Grayson. I can't believe they are doing this to me."

I said, "Mary, each time I move through you I get more and more excited. I don't think I can hold myself much longer."

Mary answered, "Your cock keeps touching my clit as you go through me.

In fact I... oh no, not now," and I could feel her come as she violently convulsed into me repeatedly.

That was all it took. I started coming and my cum spurted on her pussy hairs up to her belly button before I stopped.

There would be a period of time when we tried to recover and then one of us would come again; when one of us came it usually triggered the other, but it was obvious that Mary was having more orgasms because of the constant teasing of her clit. We quit being embarrassed—when you keep coming against your partner, it starts to become expected.

When the forty-five minutes were over, Mary was exhausted and was mostly supported by her hands holding onto the bar as her legs had become fatigued with her constant orgasms. Her head rested on my shoulder. The door opened and Dave said, "I think we may have overdone this a little bit Judy. Look at all that cum on Mary. Maybe we should use one of rooms and let them relax?"

"I think that's a good idea," answered Judy.

They unhooked us from the blocks and blindfolded us again as we were led to another room; one of my wrists were still tied to Mary and we held hands.

We were in different room. The blindfolds were removed and we saw a single twin bed in the center of the room. I shivered, as the room was cold.

Judy chuckled and said, "We're a little short of room right now so this is all we have for the rest period. You will have to share. We only have one blanket, so you will have to share that also."

Once we were lying on the bed facing each other they cut off the wrist restraint and then tied one of our ankles together and then to the end of the bed with some slack in the rope. Judy gave us the one blanket.

Dave said, "Judy, it's too cold in here. We'll adjust the temperature."

As they left I saw Dave adjust the thermostat.

We lay on the bed facing each other with a little space in the middle so we weren't touching. I said, "Mary, I'm sorry I came all over you. I couldn't help it with those damn blocks teasing me."

She was about to answer me when I heard the heating unit turn on, but it was cold air coming out—the room was becoming colder. In minutes the room was very cold.

Mary wailed, "I'm freezing."

I pulled her to me and hugged her to try to keep her warm.

Mary said, "John I'm so embarrassed that you felt me come and that we were naked together; and I told you everything about me. You have been wonderful. Thank you."

I replied, "Mary, it's us against them. They will only win if we let them."

Quickly it was obvious that the blanket wasn't enough. Mary was shivering and I started to rub her back, legs, and ass trying to keep her warm. At any other time I'm sure I would have been aroused, but the previous forty-five minutes had exhausted me. My only thought was to keep rubbing Mary everywhere so she wouldn't be too cold.

She did the same for me; rubbing and hugging me tightly trying to keep us warm.

It was uniquely erotic, but both of us had come so many times on the blocks that neither of us became aroused as we helped each other stay warm

Thirty minutes later the door opened and Judy innocently said, "Goodness, it's way too cold in here. I wonder what went wrong? We have to warm these two up."

They quickly blindfolded us and pulled us into the next room.

Dave said to me, "There is a spa in front of you. Feel it with your hand and get into it."

I stepped into the spa and sat into a seat that was angled slightly up. The water was pleasantly hot and I relaxed in pleasure at the warmth.

Dave said, "I'm going to secure your wrists and ankles so just relax."

Each of my ankles was secured to the side of the spa so my legs were spread.

Judy said, "Mary, I'm going to put you into the spa and you will be sitting on John. Just let me guide you."

I felt Mary as she sat on me and it was obvious that her ankles were also being secured to each side of the spa. Her free wrist was then tied to mine and tied to the edge of the spa. She leaned against me in relief as the warm water let her relax from the previous thirty minutes of freezing temperatures. Our blindfolds were removed.

"Are you two comfortable?" asked Judy.

We nodded yes.

Judy continued, "Well you need a break, so we will be back in about thirty minutes."

We sat there for a few moments completely relaxed and very comfortable when we heard Judy say, "I almost forgot; you two would never forgive me if I didn't turn the water jets on. Here's the switch."

Immediately I felt a jet of warm water strike my balls and then my cock. It was quickly gone and I felt Mary jerk as the jets of water hit her vagina. It soon became obvious that there was a pulsating jet of water positioned so that it stroked my balls and cock and then moved to her vagina and then down again. It was pleasant at first and then I got hard. Minutes later I came as my hips convulsed violently. Mary immediately had her own orgasm.

The water jets never stopped and the sexual torture continued. I came twice but Mary kept gasping and convulsing as her body reacted to the teasing of her clit. When Dave and Judy returned, Mary was unable to speak; she was exhausted.

Dave said, "Judy, I think we goofed again. These pledges need a break. Don't you agree?"

"Absolutely," Judy replied giggling.

We were released from the spa and allowed to dry each other. Then we were blindfolded again with one wrist still attached to the other as we held hands.

We were in yet another room and told to sit in two chairs facing each other. We were positioned so that one of Mary's legs was between mine. Her knee was almost touching my balls, and my knee was very close to her vagina. The wrist restraint was cut off and one of our ankles was bound. The blindfolds were removed. At our side was a table lit by two candles. Soft music played in the background.

Judy said, "You've really done wonderful so far—much better than we expected. As a reward we have prepared a very nice lunch for you and then a short nap break to recover."

Dave and Judy brought several covered dishes to the table and then lifted the covers to reveal wonderful smells of beef chunks with a rich gravy sauce, and pork pieces with sweet and sour dip as well as a mustard dip. Biscuit rolls were on the side. A large pitcher of water was on the table with two glasses. The smells were wonderful, as the previous challenges had made me extremely hungry.

Judy said, "We have spent a lot time and effort to make this lunch an experience you will never forget. You should both be starving and we wanted you to have a suitable meal during this day.

"You can see there is no silverware. At this point you two should be a couple and we demand two things—you must feed each other and, not to be wasteful, you must eat everything. We'll be back in exactly an hour. There is a clock on the wall so you know how much time you have, but remember, eat everything."

The door closed and we were alone. I looked at Mary and said, "You're beautiful. Can I give you a bite to eat?"

She smiled and answered, "I've been terrible during this and you've been really supportive. I never thought you were such a nice person when I first met you. Was that my shyness or yours?"

I grinned and answered, "Probably both."

She took a piece of beef out of the dish and leaned over to put it into my mouth. Part of the gravy clung to her fingers and I took her fingers into my mouth and licked them clean. Then I took a piece of chicken and dipped it into the sweet and sour sauce and brought it to her mouth. She cleaned my fingers with her lips.

The erotic meal continued as we fed each other. Her breasts jutted out each time she leaned over to feed me a piece of food and my eyes lusted over her. She saw me staring at her breasts and smiled.

At one point some beef gravy fell on one of her breasts. She looked at me and then giggled when I leaned over and licked the gravy from her breast. Later she deliberately dropped some mustard sauce on my chest and similarly licked it up.

The time went by quickly as we fed each other. We were actually starting to enjoy ourselves; I teased her that she had come at least ten times more than me that morning. She started to blush and then giggled and said, "I think it was more like fifteen times."

Our gentle teasing of each other continued as we ate. I was hard now, which Mary saw and tenderly squeezed my cock once. I thought that if they did allow us a nap, Mary and I could have some fun together.

I took a piece of chicken and dipped it in sweet and sour sauce and then rubbed her areola and nipple with it. Her other breast was teased with the mustard sauce. I cleaned both breasts with my tongue as Mary laughed, giggled and then sighed. I said, "Nipple a la sweet and sour is definitely better than nipple a la mustard."

Mary impishly grinned as she reached for the beef and asked, "Maybe we should see how good the cock a la beef gravy is?"

Remembering the warning to finish everything I glanced at the clock and said, "Mary, we only have five minutes until they come back and there's still food and water left. Let's not get ourselves in trouble now."

We quickly consumed the last morsels of food and finished the water just as Dave and Judy entered the room.

Judy said, "You've done very well so far, and we know the morning was strenuous for both of you; we don't want your hell day to be too extreme, so it's time for your nap. Stand up and be blindfolded.

We stood and the blindfold once again turned my world to black. I clutched Mary's hand as they led us to another room. The blindfolds were removed and we were in another bedroom with a queen-size bed, toilet area and a large open shower. Dave took our free wrists and quickly put another cuff on so that both our wrists were tied to each other. He said, "We will leave you for two hours so that you can have your nap. We won't tie you to the bed so other than your wrists tied to each other, make yourself comfortable."

Mary said to me, "They really have been nice to us; the meal was wonderful."

My anxiety arose when I saw a quick smirk on Judy's face as they left the room.

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