Out of Work

by TheMoose63

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Incest, Mother, Daughter, Oral Sex, Cream Pie, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: 23 year old John looses his job and his wife of 9 months have to move in with her widowed 44 year old mother. Eventually mother-in-law seduces John and then the strangest thing happens.

Canned! Fired, let go, downsized... what difference did the choice of words make, I was out of work!

I was twenty three years old, with a wife and no job; and I wasn't sure how we were going to make ends meet without my weekly paycheck. I came home to our apartment that afternoon and broke the bad news to my bride of nine months.

Lola was calm about it, calmer than I thought she would be and certainly calmer than I was. "It will be just fine John, don't worry somehow we'll get by."

"Shit honey, I don't know how. The job market is so tight right now and I'm not sure that there jobs available especially for a guy whose total career experience has been as a shoe department assistant manager."

"Well, there isn't anything you can do about it tonight, so you might as well calm down."

I was sitting on the couch watching the evening news and seething about the management bastards that had cost me my job. I heard the phone ringing, looked down at my watch and knew that it was Lola's mother calling; she called almost every night and right around this time. With the bad news that day I certainly didn't want to talk with Marion so I went down the hall and into the bathroom to hide. When I thought it was safe to venture out again I opened the door a bit and listened carefully. I didn't hear my wife's voice, so I flushed the toilet and went back to the couch. I had just got settled in when Lola came out from the kitchen.

"Mom's going to help us out." She pronounced. "She has offered to put us up until you can find another job."

"What! Put us up? Christ Lola, were married, we can't go living with your mother." The last indignity that I needed was to have to crawl home to my wife's mothers' house and live under her roof.

"Look John, I understand that you want to be independent and the man of the house and all that crap, but until you get another job we just can't afford this apartment. Mom has that huge house and she's all alone. There is no logical reason that we shouldn't take advantage of her generosity until we get back on our feet."

I quit protesting, after all, she was right. With neither of us having a job the apartment was a luxury we couldn't afford. The next day I gave the apartment manager our notice and a week later we were ensconced in my mother-in-laws' house. Marion had always liked me and I liked her as well. She was only 44 but she had been widowed for almost six years now.

Marion's house was an old single-story ranch style home with a master bedroom on one end, the various living spaces in the center and the other three bedrooms on the other end. When it was built the designers thought that the parents would have more privacy being on the opposite side of the house from the kids. Lola and I had taken over two bedrooms, one to sleep in and the other to store our furnishings, the ones we couldn't get into the garage.

I applied for unemployment and was receiving a small weekly check, but it was barely enough to cover our credit card bills. I was looking daily for a job and so was Lola. We had argued about that, but Lola was insistent that she carry her share of the load and strangely her mother agreed with her. By the third week Lola had found a position in a maternity shop as a cashier and she started the next Monday. It only paid minimum wage, but it was a job.

On Sunday evening, after dinner, Lola announced that she was going to take a long hot bath in the Jacuzzi tub in her mother's bedroom. "My back is just killing me," she said, "I think it's from working in the garden yesterday and I don't want to show up my first day on the job and in pain."

Lola and Marion walked back to her bedroom leaving me sitting on the couch watching a boring made-for-HBO movie. About ten minutes later the movie ended and I was thinking that perhaps Lola would appreciate a cold glass of white wine while she soaked in the tub so I went into the kitchen and poured a glass then walked down the hallway to Marion's bedroom. I was just about to announce myself when I saw Marion standing in the middle of the bedroom - undressing. I stepped back into the darkness of the hallway and watched my mother-in-law as she slowly removed her blouse, turned and hung it on a hanger. She had on a plain white bra but from my vantage point her breasts looked to be a C or D cup. That was strange I thought because her daughter was barely a B cup. Marion reached behind her and unsnapped her bra and let it slide down her arms and then she tossed it into the laundry hamper. When she walked over to the dressing table her breasts swung back and forth like pendulums. She unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor, then hooked the waistband with her toes and kicked it up in the air and grabbed it. She folded it and laid it over the back of the dressing chair then she started removing her panties. Her butt was nicely shaped and looked wonderful as her panties slipped over her ass and down her legs. I was as hard as a rock watching her undress and it finally dawned on me that I should probably make an exit before I was discovered playing peeping Tom. I turned and slowly moved down the hallway until I was far away from the door then I quickly went back to the living room.

The next few weeks went by slowly for me. I had one interview and that didn't pan out. We settled into a nice routine around the house, getting up each morning around six, having breakfast then seeing Lola off for work around eight thirty. I would sit at the breakfast table and comb the want ads for any job I could find while Marion cleaned up the mornings dishes. After that I would try and help Marion with anything she needed help with. Routine, boring days. The events that occurred that evening weeks ago had long left my mind although I did have a different impression of my mother-in-law, sexually.

That evening when Lola and I finally crawled into bed she leaned over, kissed my lips and her hand found its way inside my shorts and she started stroking my cock.

"Oh Christ Lola, not now."

She turned over, switched on the bedside lamp and sat up in bed. "What's wrong with us John? We haven't made love more than twice since you lost your job. Is there something wrong with me?"

"Oh honey, there is nothing wrong with you, it's just... well I just don't feel like it, that's all."

"Well you had better see someone or figure out what's your problem because acting like this isn't good for our marriage. I have needs to John!"

A couple of days later Lola had left for work and I was pouring over the want ads when Marion leaned over my shoulder and looked down at the paper.

"Anything promising John?"

Her left breast was pressing into my shoulder and from the feel of it she wasn't wearing a bra. "Nothing yet mom." She kissed me on the cheek, then tussled my hair and walked back to the sink. I watched her butt as she walked and that one night, long ago came back into my mind. She did have a great ass.

That afternoon Marion came and found me on the back patio.

"John I need to get a couple of boxes down from the garage attic, could you help me with the ladder - please."

"Uh, sure mom, no problem." We walked into the garage and I open the ladder and moved it under the area she pointed to. "Tell me which boxes you want and I'll get them down for you."

"No that's OK John, I want to look inside, you just hold the ladder still and I'll climb up and look."

It was a 10 foot ladder and as I held it tightly by its sides as Marion climbed up near the top rung and was searching through a box. I looked up and was amazed as I realized that I could see right up her t-shirt and that her breasts were in plain sight, and she wasn't wearing a bra! I just stood there, my mouth agape watching my mother-in-laws breasts swaying in front of my eyes.

"Earth to John!"

"Wha... Oh, I'm sorry mom, my mind was elsewhere." I helped her down from the ladder and took the box from her hands.

"I think that's the only one I'll need honey. Can you put the ladder away?"

That evening as Lola and I were getting ready for bed, I turned to her and asked, "Hey honey, why hasn't you mom ever remarried?"

Lola stopped what she was doing and looked over at me. "Oh I guess that she just loved daddy so much that being with another man would be kind of like cheating. Why are you asking?"

"Uh, Oh I don't know... I was just thinking about it, that's all."

The next afternoon I was helping Marion with the dishes when she spoke up, "I've got an idea John, let's lie out in the sun and work on our tans."

I wasn't all that interested in tanning but the thought of Marion in a swim suit piqued my imagination. "Sure mom, just let me finish here and I'll go change."

"OK honey, you finish and I'll go change now."

We met on the patio in our swimsuits, our towels under our arms. Marion was wearing a fairly conservative two piece suit and I had on a pair of boxer-style trunks. Marion sat on the lounge chair and was rubbing sunscreen onto her arms, abdomen and legs. "John, would you mind getting my back and legs?"

I took the bottle from her hands and squirted some lotion into my palm and I started to rub it on her shoulder when she stopped me.

"Wait a second honey, let me lay down."

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