Just Couldn't

by Lord Robar

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Incest, Mother, Son, Masturbation, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: A veteran suffering from post traumatic stress wakes up from a nightmare and is comforted by his mother.

I heard a loud explosion, the concussion hit me so hard it stole my breath away. Even through ringing ears, I could hear the screams of my buddies. I looked around at twisted metal and mangled bodies. The Humvee we had been traveling in was now a smoking death bed.

I was trying to crawl out of the over turned vehicle when someone run ran up and laid a hand on my shoulder. I could see his lips moving, but couldn't make out the words. I struggled to get out, but this man I knew as Corporal O'Dell kept trying to keep me from moving.

My own screams woke me, I was flailing in the bed trying to set sit up, sweat pouring off my shaking body. I was sucking in air so heavily, I was starting to hyperventilate. The door to my bedroom flew open and banged against the wall so hard it startled me.

"Oh Jake" my mother fretfully whined as she rushed over and sat down beside me. Pulling me into her arms and rocking me as if I was still a young boy.

"Shhhhh, it's okay Jake, you're at home now. It's just a dream, Shhh."

"No mom, that's just it", I sobbed "It's not just a dream, it's a fucking memory!"

"I know Jacob, I know" she soothed, still rocking.

After I calmed a bit mother released me. "Jake honey, I will go get you a glass of water and one of your pills. I'll be right back sweety."

I watched my mother's slim form walked walk out the door as she headed downstairs to the kitchen, while I rocked back and forth on the edge of my bed. I couldn't stop shaking, I was a fucking basket case and I knew it, but knowing and being able to do something about it were two totally different things. That all expenses paid trip to Baghdad that ol' Dubyah had sent me on really had made a lasting impression. No need for vacation photos, I would carry the pictures in my head for the rest of my life.

I heard mother coming up the stairs and turned my head to watch her come in. She held a pill and a small glass of water in one hand and a pillow in the other. Dropping the pillow at the head of the bed she handed me the pill and the water.

After taking the pill I slid over next to the wall and let mom crawl in. It was tight quarters being only a twin bed, but once she got in and the pillows all situated, she was in a comfortable, reclined, sitting position. She had been in that same position a whole lot in the two months I had been home.

Once she was situated I snuggled up and got comfortable. I put my arms around her with my head laying on her generous bosom. Her breasts were soft and comforting, and her heartbeat hypnotic. She gently stroked my hair as mothers do to reassure their children. I fell asleep warm, and safe, in the arms of the woman who loved me.

I lay still as I let my senses come to full power and become wide awake. I was in bed with my mother again. "God, that just sounds nasty!", I thought to myself. At least I hadn't woke up to find my hands touching my mother where I shouldn't be. That had happened more then just a couple times. At those times, I would ever so slowly move them from impropriety, with the utmost care. I was sure if my mother, the very proper Lorna Hagen were to awake and find my hand anywhere near her breasts or God forbid her vaginal region she would have been consumed by shame.

It was bad enough that I was laying here in whitey-tightys with morning wood against her thigh and the nipple of her right breast pushing into my cheek. I had to try and get out without waking mom so I could drain the lizard. She stirred a bit but I don't think she woke up.

When I returned and slid back in from the foot of the bed. My mother at slowly opened her eyes. Giving me a small smile and opening her arms to allow me to slip back into place she asked.

"Everything okay?"

"Yeah mom, everythings Jake", I said, Smiling at our old Joke that meant everything was fine.

I snuggled back in with my head to her breast. There was something very soothing about laying there listening to my mother's heartbeat. I didn't try to understand it, I just excepted accepted it as I lay there and drifted back off toward sleep.

Lorna lay there with her son, fighting the feelings and emotions at war in her body. Her body was coming closer and closer to total betrayal. Her quim now smoldering, had her panties well past damp. "And they talk about men only thinking with their cocks, I'm just as bad", she berated herself. But the fact that in her arms, was a young, virile man, one that she loved more then any other in this world, did not escape her. At least not at the hormone driven subconscious level. At forty four Lorna was far from one of those sweet young things, brazenly shaking their near naked bodies on the T.V., but she wasn't a dried up old hag either. She was very proud that her body was still slim and fairly attractive and even a bit prideful that she hadn't even started into menopause yet.

As She lay there stroking Jake's hair wrapped up in her thoughts she was pretty sure Jake was back to sleep. She felt ashamed for what she was about to do. It wasn't the first time she had given into temptation, nor would it most likely be the last. Her need had now overshadowed her fear and self loathing.

Slowly she slid her left hand under the comforter at her lap, pulling up her night gown just enough to reach her swollen pussy. She ran her finger tips across the protruding inner lips, feeling the slipperiness that covered her soft folds. "God is my pussy swollen" the words ran through her mind as she pushed two fingers into her crease to spread the lubrication. She let out a soft moan as her whole body shivered with a small spasm. The musk that was her own, hit her nostrils turning up the heat even farther. As she slowly, She carefully, stroked up and down her crease doing a couple of circles around her clit then returning to the up and down stroke to begin the cycle once again.

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