Lonely Weekend

by Openbook

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Desc: : The ex-wife needs a favor, Danny wants to tell her no, but they reach a deal and wind up rehashing old times and past hurts.

I had just finished a very long and tiring week of sales calls, traveling through three of the five western states my company had assigned to me. I was spending practically all my time traveling from one client to another, making a frantic effort to head off the catastrophe that was looming if I couldn't improve on my sales numbers. It felt good to get back home to my little one bedroom apartment, but I still had a suitcase full of dirty laundry, a week's worth of unread mail and a whole stack of pressing things I needed to take care of before I had to rush off again on Monday morning. This was another week's trip to make yet more sales calls on all the clients in the other two states in my territory. It was 8:00 P.M. on Friday when I got back home. I had been thinking on the flight home about making a list of the things I needed to take care of before I left. Thinking was about as far as I had gotten though. The very first thing on my mental list was to get myself a nice cold drink and to start decompressing from all the stress I felt building up inside. I made a coconut flavored vodka drink with shaved ice and cranberry juice. Delicious. I wished that all my problems were so easy to solve.

I grabbed my cell phone and pressed the button to connect me to my ex's phone. I had programmed the number into my cell during the past week. Kelly and I had met two years before. She liked my looks, my restored car, and the fact that I worked and made pretty good money. I liked her looks, especially her fantastic ass, and the fact that she wanted to fuck as much as I did. I was 24 years old when we met, and had never felt like I had enough time for more than a little partying and a few very casual relationships before meeting her. She was 22 years old and looking to settle down after four years of heavy partying in college.

We met at a party thrown by a college fraternity brother one balmy June Saturday night. Two hours later we were lying on my king size bed, trying to catch our breath after a torrid 20 minute sexual romp. We started really going out together after that, had one of those whirlwind courtships, and two months later, we ran off and got married in Las Vegas at a really seedy wedding chapel, drunk as hell, and laughing crazily as a fake Elvis sang us the Hawaiian Wedding Song.

The wedding was really the major highlight of the time we spent married and living together. A few months later, we had a huge fight that began over nothing at all really, and it just kept escalating, picking up in intensity, until suddenly she ended up slapping my face and running out of my apartment, back home to stay with her mother. I woke up the next morning, still pissed at her, and later convinced myself that I really didn't really miss having her around that much and I'd be better off without her.

After I deliberately made no attempt to contact her for more than a week, she finally ended up calling me. By the end of that conversation, which consisted mostly of her crying and me shouting, I think we both started to realize that whatever hopes we'd had for being with each other were now finished. She ended up asking me to take care of filing for a divorce, and so I went ahead and complied with her wishes. Since there were no kids, or jointly owned real estate, and because neither of us had acquired anything new during our short time together, it was agreed that we'd just go our separate ways. My parents acted much more upset about the whole thing than either Kelly or I. After the divorce was final, we'd had zero contact until this past week.

I had been so busy with my work for the past year and a half that I hadn't made any time to socialize since we split up. I kept meaning to make the time, but had to put it off due to all my travel and the pressures of two bad sales years in a row. No one had singled me out for any of the blame for the sales slump as of yet, but it didn't take a genius to know that the company couldn't sit back forever and watch their sales volume keep shrinking in my territory.

Kelly had called for the past three days and left at least 10 voice messages on my phones. 'Call me, urgent.' 'Need to talk with you right away.' 'Danny I have to see you immediately.' Those kind of messages. I don't hear from her for more than a year and now, all of a sudden, she has to see me?

"Hello?" Damn she still had the sexiest voice.

"Hi Kel, it's Danny. You needed to talk to me?"

"Danny, oh God, thanks for calling! I was afraid, when you didn't call me back that you didn't get any of my messages."

"No, I got them, but I was out of state and just got back five minutes ago. What's so important?"

"Danny, I need you to do me a huge favor, it's like a matter of life or death for me." I didn't say anything, waiting for her to continue. After a long pause, she did. "Danny, after we split up, you knew that I kept the last name Taylor?" No, I didn't know that, but if my maiden name had been Horsely, I'd have probably done the same thing, too.

"No, I didn't, but it isn't a problem for me, you're welcome to keep it." I still couldn't figure how having my last name would be important to anyone else, or make her so anxious to speak with me.

"Thanks, it was the only thing I kept from our marriage, and I didn't think you'd mind. The thing is though Danny, about a year and a half ago I got this job working with the Christian Broadcasting Network as a broadcast editor?" I heard her question, and assumed it to be rhetorical. "I got it because I said I was married, Danny. They don't hire single people usually, it's a family values issue with them or something. Anyway, I love the job, and I'm damn good at it too. In fact, I'm being promoted to be an associate producer. And now, because I'm going to be more easily identified with the network, they insist on meeting my husband." She shut up at that point and I couldn't seem to out wait her for once.


"And, I don't get the promotion and would probably lose my job if I can't produce my husband. Danny, all I need is for you to show up at a few things over the next couple of weeks. Tomorrow there's a big Affiliates convention and it would be perfect for me to bring you to it and introduce my husband to the bosses. Danny, I know it's asking a lot, but please do this for me."

"Kel, you know I'd like to do it for you, but this is really a bad time for you to be asking. I'm just getting in, after a week on the road, I'm only here for two days, and then I'm heading back out again early on Monday morning for another week. I'm almost 20% off on meeting my annual quota already, and I'm busting my hump just to try and keep my own job. I've got so many things I need to get done this weekend, I just can't spare the time, sorry Kel." I felt bad, but I really couldn't do it for her.

"Danny, it would only be for a few hours. The affiliates thing lasts from 6 to 9 or so and then there's a little dinner afterwards for the network family. you'd be home by 11. I'm only asking for about six hours, Danny. If they meet you and they like you, maybe that's all you have to do, and I get my promotion and I'd owe you a big favor for doing it."

"Kelly, I don't have 6 minutes to spare this weekend, let alone six hours. I've got to do so many things that I'll probably miss doing some of them just because there isn't enough time. I only called you back because we have a history together. Your messages are the only calls I'm returning. Sorry Kel, I've got to go."

"Danny, don't hang up! Are you still in that tiny apartment on Delano Street?"

Yeah, why?"

"I'll come over there right now. I'll help you get things done so you'll have it all finished in time for Monday. I'll save you more than the time it takes to do what I'm asking, Danny, please, I need this job and I want this promotion."

"Kel, I've got to write up my expense account and do my sales summary, you can't help me with that. I've got to balance my check book and pay all the charge cards and utilities and things. I've got to get my suits dry cleaned and my other clothes washed and packed for Monday morning. I've got to get mom and dad an anniversary present and take it over to them. I've got to get something for Mike and Tammi's wedding which is next weekend. There's too much to do, I've got to go, sorry Kel. I hope you can work it out someways for yourself. Bye."

I hung up the phone and made another drink. I was sipping at my third drink and working on my expense sheet when I heard an insistent knocking at my door. I got up, thinking it was probably a neighbor, and opened my door to see Kelly. She barged right past me and stood in the middle of my living room, arms crossed around those gorgeous tits and a very determined look on her pretty face.

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