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by Tom Land

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, .

Desc: Sex Story: Robert Eddings commands certain attractive young ladies to come to his office but he gives them something in return.

Robert Eddings was the CEO of the company and he had nearly 600 people working for him. He kept his fingers pretty well over the pulse of his company's operations and he knew nearly everything that went on in the plant and the outlying facilities that belonged to him and the Board of Directors.

One thing that no one knew about Robert Eddings was that he exploited as many of his employees that he could in getting the sex he wanted with sexy young teenage women. He especially loved to fuck the older teenage daughters of men and women who worked for him, and he'd never failed to get a fuck or several fucks with whichever sexy young woman caught his attention.

This week his attention was focused on Lori Ann, the oldest daughter of one of the men who worked for him. Lori Ann was a recent graduate from high school, and Robert Eddings wanted to fuck her before she went off to college that fall. Robert had seen Lori Ann at one of their recent company picnics and he'd noticed that she'd grown into quite a sexy and attractive young woman. He wanted to bury his cock in her young tight pussy so badly that he could no longer wait.

Finally, Robert put his next "to be fucked" plan into action and he called Lori Ann's father into his office and told him what he wanted.

"No, absolutely not, Mr. Eddings. What are you saying? Are you crazy? You want me to bring my daughter to you and let you have sex with her?" Lori Ann's father said as he couldn't believe what his big corporate boss had just told him. He was in near shock.

"Yes, I meant exactly what I said -- and if you don't cooperate, you personally will be very sorry. So, go home tonight, think about it, and then tell Lori Ann to come see me here in my office tomorrow and here's how I want her to be dressed, do you understand?"

Robert Eddings handed Lori Ann's father a sheet that clearly described how she was to dress and be prepared for her meeting with him the next morning. He knew she'd do exactly what he asked -- they always did because they knew if they cooperated, the benefits were great; and if they didn't, the personal costs were beyond what they'd ever have imagined.

Sure enough, just as Robert Eddings expected, one hour after he'd arrived at work the next morning, the sexy young lady, Lori Ann, showed up at his secretary's desk and told her that she was expected by Mr. Eddings. His secretary buzzed him and informed him that "your next interviewee" is here. It was their codeword for the young girls that he'd arranged to have sent to him for his sexual pleasure. The secretary showed Lori Ann to Mr. Eddings' office door and she noticed exactly how the young teenager was dressed -- almost exactly like all the others where when they arrived.

Robert Eddings always picked the young women he wanted to exploit sexually very carefully. He had certain standards he aimed for in his selection and he usually met most of them. But one thing he always insisted on was that the young woman had to be dressed for the occasion. Basically, Robert Eddings wanted the young object of his lust to be pretty, to look nice but to be as sexy and even naughty underneath that innocent exterior as possible.

Lori Ann had dressed just as her father had been told she should. He'd finally given him to Mr. Eddings' demands, and she'd been willing to go along with her father's request for her to be "good to Mr. Eddings". Lori Ann wasn't quite sure what that meant but she had a pretty good idea of what would be expected from her when that door to Mr. Eddings' office closed behind her.

Lori Ann was wearing a nice looking dress and to anyone's casual examination, she looked like she was going for a nice job interview or something where it seemed appropriate for her to be in a dress. Underneath that dress, however, Robert Eddings knew that Lori Ann was going to have just what he'd asked for. He'd given her father, like he did all the fathers whose daughters he'd played with sexually, explicit instructions on how she was to present herself when she came into his office.

Lori Ann entered Robert Eddings' office and he quickly showed her over to the nearby couch where he offered her a seat. "Can I get you anything to drink, Lori Ann?" Robert asked as he looked Lori Ann up and down. He felt his cock throbbing hard and horny in his pants as he anticipated what she'd be like in a few moments when she came out of that dress she had on.

"Lori Ann, it's a real pleasure to have you here today," Robert Eddings said as he stood up and began undoing his tie. He looked at the attractive young woman sitting there in front of him, the skirt of her dress coming just to the top of her knees. Lori Ann's nicely rounded breasts pressed firmly against the bodice of her dress and Robert felt himself growing rapidly harder and very hot to sink his cock in Lori Ann's wet young pussy.

"Lori Ann, you know why I asked your father to send you here today, don't you?" Robert asked as he walked over in front of her and stood there, his erect cock very noticeable inside his pants.

"He told me to be good to you, Mr. Eddings," Lori Ann said as she felt her heart beginning to race as she really did start to wonder just what her dad's boss had on his mind.

"And what do you think he meant when he told you to be good to me, Lori Ann?" Robert asked. He waited a moment for the young woman to answer and then he took matters into his own hands. "He meant that you're to do whatever I ask you to, Lori Ann, so I want you to start undressing and you'll do everything I tell you, OK?"

"Yes, Mr. Eddings, I think I understand," Lori Ann said as she felt herself growing increasingly nervous. She wasn't a virgin but she also wasn't that well experienced sexually and she wondered if whatever Mr. Eddings told her, if she'd be able to please him. Her father had emphasized that Robert Eddings was to be satisfied, no matter what.

"OK, Lori Ann, I can see you're going to need a bit of direction, so first, I want you to pull your dress up and show me what kind of panties you're wearing," Robert said. He stood there and looked Lori Ann straight in the eyes as he told her what to do. Lori Ann hesitated for a moment, and then she stood up, and reached down, grabbing the hem of her dress and she slowly pulled it up until Robert could see that she was wearing a rather skimpy pair of high-cut French bikini panties. He loved the view of her pussy through the front panel of the panties and he could clearly see the outline of her pussy lips underneath. He also noticed the telltale signs that her wet pussy had soaked the crotch of her panties. He loved seeing that.

"OK, now, Lori Ann, I want you to take your dress off and stand her in front of me in only your bra and panties," Robert said. Lori Ann again waited just a moment, and then she reached behind her back, unzipped the zipper in back of her dress and then she let the dress slide forward off her body and down until she stepped out of it and Robert took it from her hands and laid it aside where it wouldn't get wrinkled.

"Is this what you wanted, Mr. Eddings?" Lori Ann asked as she stood there in front of Robert in only her demi-bra and panties. She was feeling a bit more comfortable now that he was making it clear what he wanted from her.

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