The Surprise

by Bobo

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Lesbian, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: A husband is shocked to find his wife cheating on him with other women. He's even more shocked by his own reaction.

Friday evening. I had arranged to go out with the boys for a few drinks after work. Usually these outings, being few and far between, are anticipated greatly. This particular evening, however, while starting off well, was fading fast for me. It had been a long week at work, and my batteries were running low. This feeling was exacerbated by the martinis I was drinking, I'm sure. Usually on these outings it would be two or three AM before I returned home. Tonight I found myself on Interstate 95, headed north toward home at around 10:00 PM.

Sarah, my wife, would surely be stunned by this. With two toddlers at home, there was a certain amount of guilt that came along with these outings. I decided not to call. I'd surprise her. Who knows, maybe I'd even get lucky! After staring down the blouse of a sexy, raven haired waitress all night, I was sure horny enough.

Once home, I parked the Volvo wagon at the end of the driveway in order to grab the mail on the way in. Stumbling into the dark and quiet house, I wondered if Sarah was downstairs in the playroom watching TV, or if she had already called it a night and gone to bed. Then I heard something muffled. Voices? A TV? I froze, standing completely still, listening to see if I could detect any particular location for this unexpected sound.

I fixed the direction as being from the back yard. Making my way cautiously through the house towards the kitchen, the sounds got louder. At the edge of the room, I could see the light on in the back yard, illuminating the patio and pool. Several voices could be heard, and from the sound of it, they were having a good time.

It wasn't like Sarah to have someone over without telling me, let alone several. My antennas were up and I walked softly toward the French doors leading to the back. I wanted to get a good look at what was going on, before making my presence known.

I crept as silently as I could and stood with my back against the floral curtain on one side of the doors. I turned my head, listening. The voices were sporadic and light. Almost like children playing. I could hear the water of the pool churning. Slowly, I extended my head to the edge of the curtain, trying to see my targets while exposing as little of myself as possible. I grabbed the curtain and held it close to my face, letting my left eye slowly slide past the edge. As my view slid left to right, I could see the back yard, the patio and finally the pool. In it, were three heads bobbing up and down, like dark ink spots in a sea of turquoise. Alternately swimming, talking, gliding and splashing. I was relieved to see three as it somehow seemed less likely that my wife was involved in something illicit with that number.

I gazed around the pool and could see drinks, towels and assorted other items at the far end scattered around a table and chairs. As I listened, it became evident that I was only hearing higher voices. Another good sign... probably just Sarah and some of her girlfriends. I wasn't ready to give up my vantage point yet however. I wanted to see who exactly it was with her. As I watched the giggling and splashing, one of the three bobbing heads started to break away. It rose out of the water with two arms and shoulders and headed for the far end of the pool. I couldn't wait to see who it might be. As the person I focused on arrived at the far end of the pool, she grabbed the ladder to the left side of the diving board and began pulling herself out. In her ascension, one thing became perfectly clear. This young woman was not wearing a bathing suit... and she had a perfect ass.

It's funny how when you see someone out of their normal surroundings, they're much more difficult to recognize. As the young woman with dark and curly wet hair, turned and climbed onto the diving board, I strained to see her. Her body was solid, and well proportioned. Her breasts ample, although not as large as Sarah's, and her pubic area was thick with more dark curly hair. "Hmmmm, not a trimmer", I mused. As she stood on the diving board she giggled something to the two heads bobbing in the water. That's when I realized her identity. It was Mel, Sarah's friend from her old job. Mel lived in the same town as we, and she had worked with Sarah at the clinic downtown for a couple of years.

My heart pounded as I stole glimpses of her naked body. As she bounded off of the board I instinctively pulled back, hearing the water splash. I could feel my crotch tighten. The sight of my wife's friend in the nude had brought me to full arousal. I took deep breaths trying to calm myself down. The question ringing in my head was what to do next? My head cleared with my third breath and I wondered if I should crash this party... but how? Then I saw it. Sarah's digital camera was sitting on the counter top a few feet away, still there from her last trip to the beach with the kids. I peeked around the curtain and saw the three of them still treading water. Ducking down, I scooted quickly across the face of the doors to the kitchen counter area. I grabbed the camera and slid the dial to "REC", turning it on. Looking at the preview screen I could see I had enough memory left for plenty of pictures. I slid the flash button to the "OFF" setting to avoid detection. Walking in a squat, my chin just above the top of the counter, I passed the sink. I could see out a large window to the three heads in the pool as I did. Their chatter and play continued, unfazed by my lurking. Moving to the far side of the window and looking through the viewfinder, I located my waterlogged prey. Steadying my hands, I hit the zoom button. The heads grew larger until they filled the viewfinder, faces becoming clear. Sarah's profile was sharp, her auburn hair a wet tangle of curls. Her smooth, white shoulders visible above the water. Click.

Panning to my right, the back of the yet unknown third beauty's head was in sight. Her short hair wet and slicked back with a tinge of red. I waited for a second, but she didn't turn. I panned right once more and stopped with Mel in my view. She faced the camera smiling. Her curly dark hair and bright eyes were keenly visible. She smiled as she listened to the others. Since she was a tall girl, more of her skin was visible above the water line. Her breasts were above the waterline just to the top of her nipples. "Lovely," I thought. Click.

As if on queue, Sarah began to move, swimming toward the right side of the pool. She hauled herself up on the side, naked back side facing me. Click. Her petite body was glistening. She walked to the table area pulled three bottles from an ice tub, twisting the tops off of each as she did. She turned and walked back toward the pool, giving me a great full frontal view. Click. Click. It was oddly exciting to take voyeuristic pictures of my own naked wife. Her breasts bounced as she walked. They were big and full, with large pink nipples the size of silver dollars. Her vagina had curly auburn hair neatly trimmed. I couldn't wait to upload these shots to the Voyeurweb site. She sat down on the side of the pool, legs dangling in the water. The other girls joined her, taking the bottles from her. For the first time the third girls face was visible in profile. I adjusted the zoom. I could see her, but I wasn't sure who she was. "Who?"

Suddenly they laughed together in a loud burst. Startled, I ducked, catching my breath. As I rose again, I could see Sarah, still laughing, thrust her pelvis forward, her hands probing her vagina as if to show the others. The girls laughed again. Mel tipped her bottle, giggling, and pouring the pink contents on Sarah's pubic region. I held my breath and franticly adjusted the lens as Mel thrust her face between Sarah's legs. Sarah's head dropped back, while the third girl laughed wildly. Click. Mel's face popped up to say something to Sarah, smiling broadly. Then she again buried her face in Sarah's vagina. Click. Sarah took a long drink, obviously enjoying herself. Mel backed off again. The third girl grabbed her in a hug from behind, hands cupping breasts. Click. I wondered if I should interrupt yet. My dick was hard enough to hammer nails. I should be outraged, after all, technically this was cheating, but I was far too excited to worry about it. Mel's face rose from her target, smiling lustily.

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