Making A Connection

by Reprobate Rodent

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Desc: Sex Story: Inviting someone into a polyamatory relationship is always difficult, but for Bob and Carol, it was just plain *complicated*


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"Bob, we need to talk," my girlfriend Terri said in That Tone of Voice.

We had just finished another bout of mind-blowing sex and I was almost ready for more, but suddenly the only thing hard about me was the cold, growing knot in my stomach.

I had been married long enough that I knew I had to respond. I also knew anything I said was probably going to be wrong. "About what darling?"

Tell her you love her. Reassure her.

"My treasure," I added, "my beautiful one. My true love."

Don't overdo it. Let her get it out.

"But I do love you so very much," I finished in my most reassuring tone of voice.

Terri gulped. She was obviously nerving herself up for something and I obviously wasn't going to like it. "I know darling and you know that I love you too. It's just that well..."

She trailed off again and I admired her while I collected my thoughts. Terri was a plump little strawberry blonde with big soft tits, nipples of the palest rose, softly swelling hips, a wonderfully rounded ass and the cutest little public patch of bright copper red fur. Altogether she looked good enough to eat - which I frequently did. She was a delight, a beauty, a wonder and a tiger in bed. We'd been together for three wonderful months and each time we were together was more delightful than the last.

Except, of course...

"Bob I know it's been hard for you since your wife died and I didn't want to push. But we've got to make some decisions. We've got to move forward, or..." her voice weakened and trailed off.

I reached out and touched her arm. "I love you. You know I love you more than life itself."

"I know you do, but... Well, it's like you're holding back. There's still a part of you that I can't connect to." Terri's face screwed up and she looked like she was going to cry. "Do you have any idea how hard that is? How frustrating? I love you so much and yet there's a part of you that I can't get to."

It was awfully quiet on the way home. I loved Terri, of that there was no doubt, and I knew she loved me. But I was scared that love would turn to scalding hate the minute she found out the true state of affairs. I went round and round in my head about it and by the time I pulled into the driveway I was well on my way to being thoroughly depressed.

Carol was ready for me with her own patented mood enhancer when I got home. Which is to say she attacked me the moment I walked through the door.

I felt her arms around my neck and her hips pressed against my thigh. Hi sailor, she whispered in my ear in that wonderful throaty voice, new in town?

I didn't bother with the lights. I just wrapped my arms around her waist, cupped her wonderfully rounded ass cheeks in both hands and kissed her, long and deep.

Without releasing my grip on her I maneuvered both of us through the darkened living room. Carol was already unbuttoning my shirt while keeping herself tight up against me. By the time we reached the bedroom door she had my belt undone and

There wasn't any more small talk. I rolled on top of her and thrust into her dripping pussy until our pubic bones ground together.

Oh yesss, she hissed. You got me so hot and I want you so much. I want you right there! She punctuated the last by thrusting her hips up off the mattress to meet me on the upstroke and then rode me down as I pushed forward.

I kept going, alternating periods of fast and slow strokes while Carol shuddered and mewed beneath me. Finally I couldn't hold out any longer and I drove hard and fast while I filled my mouth with her luscious breast. Carol twisted and screamed and that put me over the top, pumping spurt after spurt of cum into her gorgeous cunt.

Afterward, we lay together in the dark with her warm body pressing against mine. Carol knew I had something on my mind, but characteristically she waited for me to bring it up. Another reason why I love her so much.

"Terri's pushing hard," I said finally.

I know love.

"We can't go on like this. I'm going to have to tell her."

A gentle hand caressed my cheek. I know love. Carol repeated softly.

"And she's going to freak."

Again, the touch, feather light. Perhaps, but she loves you, you know. She loves you as much as I do.

"I feel like such a shit. A complete, utter shit!"

That's because you're a good man, Carol said gently. It's one of the reasons we both love you so much.

Carol shifted into our favorite snuggle position: Her head on my shoulder, her magnificent breasts pressing softly into my arm, a long leg thrown over mine and her hand resting over my heart. Darling when we first discussed this you told me you couldn't go on as we were. That you needed something more.

"Yeah, but that was different. That was just, release."

And with Terri it's become so much more. I know darling. But don't you see that's why this is so important? Now you want Terri to be part of your life - our 'life', she amended with a little chuckle. That means she's got to know about me, about us, and she's got to accept it if we're to move forward.

"You're right, love. But I'm so afraid it's going to hurt her. She's been hurt so badly before."

That's all the more reason she needs you. Carol raised up on one elbow and I could feel her staring at me in the dark. You love her and you'll never deliberately or thoughtlessly hurt her. Once she gets over how unconventional it is, she'll accept. Even if she ultimately can't bring herself to join us, I know she will never, ever hate you.

I do have one suggestion, though.


Ask her to make it permanent. Don't just tell her about us, lay everything out.

"What? Why?"

Because it's what you really, desperately want. And once she gets used to the idea she'll see it's what she wants too.

I didn't say anything. Carol was right about what I wanted. I wanted Terri and Carol and I to be together. I wanted to love them both and bask in their love in return. But was it what Terri wanted? Could she even accept it? I hoped, deeply hoped, that Carol was right about that as well.

There's another reason too, Carol said finally.

"I'm almost afraid to ask."

Darling, said Carol, the English major, have you ever heard the expression, 'hung for a sheep, hung for a lamb'? If you're going to break it to her, you should go all the way. I felt a soft warm hand cup my balls. Even though you're better hung than any sheep I ever heard of.

I reached for her, and that pretty much ended the serious conversation for the night.

Terri had to work nights for the rest of the week, so it was Saturday before we could get together again. The good news is, that gave me plenty of time to think about how to approach this. The bad news is, that gave me plenty of time to think about how to approach this. By the time I rang Terri's doorbell Saturday evening I was a nervous wreck.

Terri met me at the door wearing a denim skirt and a blouse that was tied under her breasts to expose her cute tummy. She obviously wasn't wearing a bra and I would have bet she didn't have anything on under the skirt either.

I stepped through the door and she slid into my arms, turning her face up for a kiss. I kissed her gently at first, then harder and fiercer as our tongues darted in and out of each other's mouths. Without breaking the lip lock, I reached down and undid the knot at the bottom of her blouse. I caressed one of her heavy boobs with one hand while I worried the buttons undone with the other. Then, still kissing her, I worked the blouse off her shoulders.

She was breathtaking in just that denim skirt. The blue set off her creamy skin and complemented her eyes. The little dusting of freckles all over her body accentuated her coloring and her breasts hung full and heavy with the nipple pink and hard and oh so kissable.

I moved toward her, but she spun on her heel and dashed down the hall toward the bedroom, her breasts jiggling enticingly.

I followed her into the bedroom, whether for a goodbye fuck or the beginning of a whole new relationship I wasn't sure.

She was on her back on the bed when I came into the bedroom. She held out her arms to me and opened her legs in a way that displayed the copper fur between them and left her bright pink cunt lips gaping hungrily.

It was three steps from the door to the bed and I covered the distance at a dead run. But somehow I was as naked as she was by the time I hit the bed, rolled on top of her and mounted her like a stallion.

I don't know if it was desperation because of our predicament or whether the days apart had left us horny as minks, but fucked as if we were possessed. Then we climaxed, rested without speaking and fucked like crazy again.

We were laying next to each other, with a just a sheet thrown over us to absorb the sweat and ward off the chill.

Go ahead and do it, whispered the voice of duty.

I took a deep breath and part of me wondered if it would be the last truly happy breath I would ever draw.

"Darling, about what you said the last time..."

She was suddenly serious, all attention and very serious.

"You were right that we need to discuss where we're going and that means you've got to understand something."

Now she wasn't merely intent, she was wary as well.

I sighed. "There's no easy way to say this, but I still have a relationship with my wife."

"I know you still love her," Terri said with the frown. "I'd never expect..."

"No, you don't understand. I still have a physical relationship with my wife."

Terri sat straight up in bed, her face white as the sheet she suddenly clutched to her. "You told me your wife was dead!"

I nodded miserably. "That's the thing. She is."

"But, You just said..." Her voice hardened. "What do you mean, she's dead?"

"Just that. She's dead."

"She's extinct," Carol whispered in my ear. "She's kicked the bucket, shuffled off her mortal coil, rung down the curtain and joined the choir invisible!" Then she stuck her tongue in my ear and tried to lick out the ear wax.

Carol knows how ticklish I am. Don't laugh, I thought desperately, oh God, please don't let me laugh. The bitch!

I didn't laugh, but Terri caught my look. "What?" she demanded.

"Well," I said lamely. "It's complicated." This wasn't going at all the way I had hoped. In fact it had gone completely off the rails and I had no idea how to get it back on track.

"Maybe," Terri said dangerously, "you'd better explain it to me. All of it!"

"Well, you know I loved Carol very much. And she loved me. We were wonderfully happy together." The look in Terri's eye told me this was not the approach to take.

"Anyway," I said hurriedly, "after she died it was like she was still with me. Then one night I was feeling really miserable and lonely and horny and I started to jack off. And all of a sudden she was there, jacking me off telling me how much she loved me and missed me. Since then she's pretty much been with me all the time.

That's because you're horny all the time, my ghost wife added. I ignored her to concentrate on Terri.

Terri clearly wasn't buying it. "So she's what? Inhabiting another woman's body?"

"No. She's just, well, insubstantial."

Not so insubstantial, Carol said as she wrapped her warm fingers around my cock and gave it a squeeze.

"You imagine her then, and she's with you?"

There was no imagination involved, but I didn't want to contradict one of the women I loved. So I just nodded. "Something like that."

"And you're not actually doing anything physical with anybody else?"

"Just Carol."

Terri had obviously decided I suffered from an unusually rich fantasy life, but that I still might be salvageable as relationship material. "And what," she asked carefully, "do you want from me?"

"We want you to join us."

"You want me," Terri said slowly, "to have a three-way with you and a ghost?"

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