Weekend Away

by Executive Gent

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Desc: Sex Story: A romantic time away during bad weather

We went away for a couple of days to a cottage in West Wales that belonged to a friend of mine. There was just the two of us, no kids. The first day was lovely, we walked on the beach and along the headlands and planned a meal in the cottage that evening and relax, just reading and taking some time out together. Around seven o'clock the weather started to turn for the worse, and within an our or so it was a full blown storm, with gales, thunder and lightning, just before the weather got angry, she had gone to the local village to get some minor provisions that we had forgotten to bring with us. So as the weather worsened I began to worry about her knowing how worried she would be out in the weather alone.

I have never understood the fear some people had of thunderstorms. Ever since I was a child, I loved to feel the shudder in my chest with the loud rumble that occurred during big storms. Even now as an adult the middle of a pitch black night and a thunderstorm were one of my favourite things. However, since she was a small girl my wife had always been extremely scared of storms. Parents can screw up a child's mind in so many ways; this was only one of the things she had held onto through her childhood and into adulthood. She still only thinks of one thing when it there is a bad storm, hiding away until it was over. I always knew of her fear of storms and though I couldn't understand, I did have empathy for her and I have also had a desire to prove to her that she could feel safe, and possibly even enjoy a storm as I did. Although in truth I know this will never happen, but it worries me that it is something I can't share with her.

Later she told me that when she drove the car up the long drive she had an incredible feeling of power, not only had she driven through a torrential downpour, but she also did it in the dark and alone, something she had always found extremely hard to cope with. I know most people would find such fear stupid, but to Becky and I it was a major accomplishment, nonetheless.

I had just finished feeding the dog and sat down with my book trying to take my mind off whether she was ok, when I heard the keys in the lock.

"Simon, you here sweetheart?" I heard her call out. I jumped up from the sofa and almost flew into the kitchen,

"My darling!"

I greeted her with a smile, and arms wide open to welcome her.

"I was so worried about you babe, I thought you might wait it out for an hour in town." I told her.

"Well, to be honest" She said, "I started to wait it out, but decided since I hate storms and being alone in a strange town, I would grit my teeth and drive out here slowly, because if was with you, I'd be safe."

I grinned and pulled her into my arms hugging her tightly, so pleased she made it back to the cottage.

"Well, babe, first things first, those wet clothes have got to go."

I unbuttoned her shirt and helped her remove it.

"Throw your jeans on the floor and we can dry them later" I smiled.

Now standing in her knickers and Bra she headed to the bedroom to find some clean clothes, and I began to run a warm bath and lit some scented candles for her while she looked.

"Simon you know I am capable of doing these things myself baby." She told me.

"I know but this is my treat for you since you were so brave and drove out here alone." I replied smiling and closed the bathroom door leaving her alone to wash up.

Only a short time into her bath, the lights flickered then the power went out. Thank goodness I had left her candle burning. Becky dried off slipped her clean shorts and vest on and headed for the living room.

"Simon where are you?" She said in a panic

"Siiimmonn" a cool breeze was all she felt in the room, but it was the noise of the wind and the roar of thunder that frightened her.

"Over here on the sofa sweety" I said. Just as I said that the wind blew thru the window blowing out the only candle we had in the living room and everything was suddenly totally dark.

"Oh shit" I heard her mutter.

"Now what?" she said the tension in her voice obvious.

"Now" I said, "we wait for the power to come back on since the only candles we have are out in the garage.

"Simon, you know I hate storms," she said quietly.

"Its OK darling" I said, "I can find you something to take your mind off the storm."

I felt in the dark for her hand and pulled her toward me. I slid behind her with me sitting in between her legs.

"How about a massage to rub the days cares away?" I whispered.

Feeling the tenseness in her shoulders and neck, as I rubbed gently, I softly said,

"Let me help you kick this fear".

Becky melted back into my arms and leaned back as I kissed her gently on the lips.

"I love you darling," I said. My hands worked down her shoulders, over her upper arm gently rubbing and stroking the fear away.

I could feel her full breasts pressed thru her vest into my chest. Each time leant forward I could feel her cleavage press into me, she would sigh and whimper as I gently stroked and kissed her softly, as I continued she began to search for my lips as moved toward her and also moved one hand to her thigh and began stroking her there also.

"I think you've gone past relaxed and into excitement" I told her. "Which is good as then the storm will be out of your mind." I smiled.

I felt her hand on my thigh rubbing up and down searching me out as I continued to stroke and kiss her lovingly.

"Darling I cant see a thing," she said.

"Well, then sweetie, you will just have to feel your way around," I said.

I took my hand from her thigh and slid it toward her pussy, sliding under the waistband of her shorts I could feel how wet she was, as I circled her swollen clit and first inserted one finger then two. Her breathing was heavy and as I moved the shorts down over her hips I could feel the rise and fall of her chest as her breathing increased. With her free hand she adjusted my cock in my shorts, just with her touch I felt it throbbing and it growing harder by the minute.

The thunder got louder, as I felt her way along her body. The nightie straps had fallen over her shoulders; I kissed them gently while cupping her breast in my hands. I slid her hand into the front of my shorts, the tip of her fingers sliding thru the precum on my cockhead. Her firm grip on my shaft made me buck my hips forward to offer her more.

Lightning lit up the room for a brief second, I glanced down to see her tongue touch the tip of my cock, licking and swirling her tongue around the head she tasted every bit I offered her. He moaned loudly forgetting the thunder outside.

"Simon I need you inside me."

I leaned back on the couch and held open her clean-shaven pussy lips. Lightning gave me a glance at her wetness, as I bent down and plunged my tongue into her wet hole.

"Oh God Simon, I need to cum, MMMM, suck my clit while you finger me" she said. I obliged taking my time alternating between sucking and licking her hard pink clit. My fingers slid in and out of her wetness, until I felt them being gripped by her pussy as she reached her first orgasm.

"I'm cumming babe," she moaned.

"Becky, lay back let me inside you, let me fill you"

I lay back on the couch and felt my cock slide easily into her past the shaven lips and into her deep wet hole, making the noise that I loved to hear.

"Oh darling you feel so wet, I can't contain myself long, I'm going to pump you full of my seed." I spoke as I pumped hard and deep into her, I felt her muscles tighten around my cock, and my cum beginning to run down her crack of her arse. I had stayed partially up while I fucked her hard, now with one motion we had rolled so that she was on top my cock sliding up and down over all of my inches, her moans now drowning out the thunder, I could see from the lightning flashes her nipples were hard and ready to be sucked, I leaned up and grabbed on in my lips as I fucked her. I sucked, hard, along with each thrust, the timing was perfect, the sound of the thunder, the strokes of my cock inside her, I felt my balls tighten beneath her arse, as I shot my hot wet load into her, she moaned and let loose her orgasm, with me, pulling her breast from my mouth as she collapsed on me. Our breaths matching and calming together as we listened to the thunder in the distance and heard the rain gently on the roof, as we drifted off peacefully to sleep.

The sun was shining through the window as I raised myself up on one elbow. She rested against me in the bed, her warm back pressing against my stomach and chest. I watched her as her rhythmic breathing filling the room. She was curled against her pillow, sleeping soundly, with me spooned around her. Listening to her breath, I still marvelled at how good it felt even after ten years to have her next to me in the morning. As I rested on my arm and watched her sleep, I thought about how far we had come and wondered how far we had yet to go.

Her stirring broke my reverie as I took my hand and placed it against her hip, steadying her against me. I didn't want to lose this contact, this amazing connection I felt with her this morning. Our time alone together was so fleeting and so precious that every moment I could spend with her, next to her, touching her was magical. I knew that we had to find more time together, my job was keeping us apart to much, Until coming here for the weekend, we had only spent 6 days in the same country during the last 4 weeks. I draped my arm in the hollow of her waist and looked at her again. Her luxurious dark hair was in a flurry around her exquisite face, I would never tire of looking at her, and she was everything I could ever ask for in a partner, infact she was my soul mate, my ideal in every way.

She was a very light sleeper, never still, always reacting to the slightest noise, or creak, and as a result her hair looked so dishevelled every morning. This was the first night that we had spent together in ages that I remember her actually being still and quiet next to me. Yet she still gripped her pillow in stubborn defiance as if she had been fighting her own personal battle during the night.

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