The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste

by TitMilker

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Science Fiction, Lactation, .

Desc: Sex Story: While driving in a severe desert storm lightning strikes my car. I still don't belive all that happened.

The weather had been on and off with the rain. Dark storm clouds raced across the sky turning day into almost night. When the rain came it was hard flooding the roads in minutes. Thunder boomed so loud one couldn't hear the radio play at near max volume. Lightning flashed causing temporary blindness and the hair on your head would stand up straight.

I was praying I would get home before another big cloudburst hit. My luck didn't hold. There was an odd tingling in my fingers as I held the steering wheel. Only half a second before lightning had struck my car. My eyesight dimmed momentarily then became clear again. Finally I was home and felt exhausted. Fully dressed I flopped on the sofa and didn't wake until the next morning.

Bright sun and a clear blue sky greeted me as I headed for work the following day. Just like the desert during the monsoon season. Flooding rain one day, sunshine and humid the next. Since I'd spent the night on my sofa I was running late having to shower and change clothes. I looked at the speedometer and saw I was doing fifteen over the limit. Obviously that's why the left door mirror was winking blue at me. The police car pulled behind me as I slowed and parked on the shoulder. Maybe, I was thinking, if I'm real nice and explain last night and this morning I wouldn't get a ticket. One more and I would loose my license. I watched as the lady cop got out and slowly approached. Again I was thinking she didn't really want all the paperwork giving me a ticket would cause her.

"Good morning, Sir," she greeted. "I'll need to see your driver's license, registration and insurance card." Her voice was soft and pleasant going well with her lovely smile.

I got the stuff from the glove box and dug into my hip pocket for my wallet. Handing the documents out the window I noticed how muggy and hot it was and that she was sweating. Even with her wearing a flack jacket it was easy to see she was very well endowed. She leaned over just enough to take my offered documents and my eyes caught a brief glimpse at her cleavage.

'Nice, I was thinking, but it looks like she's really too warm wearing that thing. I'll bet she'd love to take off the thick heavy flack jacket and let her chest breathe. In fact if she did and popped a couple of buttons the next time she leans over I'd get a real good looking down the front of her blouse.'

"Excuse me, Sir, I'll be right back. I'll need to run your license." She turned away and I watched her sexy tight butt in the rear view mirror. Boy, was that mirror correctly named.

Because of the way she had parked behind me I couldn't really see much in the mirror. Besides the sun was glinting off her windshield and I had to shift my body to keep from being blinded. A few minutes later she was walking back towards me. I took a moment to admire her long legs even if they were covered with pants. She stopped beside my door and leaned close.

"You don't have any wants or warrants, Sir, but I really must advise you to slow down." As she was speaking my eyes dropped down and saw she had indeed removed the thick heavy flack jacket and loosened two buttons of her blouse.

"I can't agree with more, officer," I replied speaking to her chest and the expanse of cleavage she was showing.

'I wonder how long I can get her keep leaning like this and letting me look at her nice big tits. What I wouldn't do for ten minutes feeling, licking and sucking them.'

"I hope I'm not upsetting you, Sir. Normally I would never remove my armor but it's so muggy and hot and the air in my patrol car isn't very good. I just couldn't help but loosen a couple of buttons."

"Actually I really should apologize, officer," I breathed lamely. "I know it's rude to talk to a woman's chest."

'Maybe half an hour would be better. Yeah, half and hour just fondling and playing with those big firm looking tits. Wish we were on one the back roads instead of this busy highway.'

"Normally I wouldn't suggest this, Sir, but I think it would be best of you followed me to a quieter place. I need to explain more as to why you need to slow down your driving."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Just seconds before I wanted us to be in some quiet deserted spot and now she was giving me an order to follow to such a place. It seemed her nice sexy wide hips swayed more than before and she walked back to her car. She pulled out and I followed more from curiosity than anything. Could she be acting on my thoughts?

Twenty minutes later she stopped under the shade of a few trees at the end of a long dusty road. I parked beside her car and felt the cooling the shade provided. The officer had gotten out of her car and was approaching my window. I noticed a third button had been undone.

"Would you please step out of the car, Sir?" she requested in her soft lovely voice.

I complied and stood a few feet from her. I saw the sweat trickle down her long neck and into that valley between her breasts. The only sounds I heard were a few birds, some crickets and her breathing. Each breath she took only expanded her chest and forced her breasts to fill the front of her uniform blouse. A fleeting thought crossed my feeble mind. I was wondering if she was becoming sexually aroused. If you had asked me an hour ago if I could mentally suggest a person do my bidding I would have called you insane, but something seemed odd. So far everything I had thought was coming true. It started with my hoping I wouldn't get a ticket and now here we were in a quiet secluded spot. Well, I thought, nothing ventured nothing gained.

'That dark uniform blouse is much too hot. You will feel much better slowly unbuttoning it and taking it off.'

Right, like that was going to happen. My eyes grew wide as she began doing exactly what I had thought. Her manicured fingers slowly slipped each button from the hole until all were undone. Keeping her eyes directly at mine she slipped her dark uniform blouse from her shoulders and let it fall at her feet. I couldn't believe my luck or how much her breasts pushed themselves above the lace cups of her bra. Both cup had a hard looking nub pressing against the material and the centers were wet.

"You said you wanted half and hour with my breasts but I must warn you it will take much longer," she sighed her fingers lightly stroking the exposed tops of her breasts. "Just before I pulled you over I was about to take my break. I normally stop twice during each shift and relieve the pressure."

"Pressure? I don't think I understand." Now I was puzzled.

"In case you haven't noticed my bra cups are wet. I'm lactating and need to stop twice in my shift to express my milk. Since I have you here I can't think of a better way than for you to have what you want, to fondle play and suckle my breasts."

"Yes, I would very much love that but I don't think it would be a good idea. After all you are a police officer."

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