As You Wish

by TitMilker

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Incest, Mother, Son, Brother, Sister, Father, Lactation, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: What I did when I found Dad and brother raping my sister.

The flesh was warm and soft against my cheek. Between my lips I felt the hard nub as I suckled. My mouth was filled over and over with the warm sweet liquid. I felt the large firm globe my hand caressed and gently squeezed. A hand smoothed the hair of my head as another firmly grasped and stroked my turgid manhood.

"Shouldn't you save some for your Father," she asked quietly?

Filling my mouth one last time I released the long thick nipple and swallowed the warm breast milk.

"Why, has he done something to warrant a reward?" My hand slipped from the large firm breast it was playing with and slipped down to caress the wet sex between her legs.

"He's been very good the entire week. I did tease him the other day by dripping on his chest. His lips remained tightly closed."

"What about sex?"

"By now his testicles must be so full they hurt. He was walking rather strangely this morning."

"Hmmm, could that have been because you were sucking and stroking him early this morning," I asked?

"Well, you did tell me to keep in aroused," she sighed contentedly as two of my fingers slipped inside her body.

"Then I will allow him his reward but only after he does something special."

"Mind telling me what you have in store?"

Just then the front door opened a large man entered. He quietly closed the door and stood silently gazing at our naked bodies.

"You're just in time. I'm told you've been very good and deserve a reward. Come closer." He quickly stood beside us as we reclined on the sofa. "I have decided you deserve a reward for being good. Make yourself naked and kneel beside us."

"Yes, Sir," he replied and rushed to strip off his clothes. I couldn't help but notice his raging organ that bobbed between his hairy legs.

"Now, you may watch but not touch. You will not allow your tongue to leave your mouth."

"Yes, Sir," he spoke with excitement in his voice.

I moved my body and slipped my turgid manhood into the wet warm nest between her legs. She was more than wet enough that I easily glided in fully as my heavy testicles rested just below her sex. My hips began moving as I pulled my organ almost to the point of exit only to fully plunge it deeply into her. We quickly set up a rhythm, our skin slapping noisily at our joining. She cupped one breast, aimed it towards the naked kneeling man and forced the milk out to spray onto his face. He moved his head making it easier for her to keep and accurate aim thus quickly coating his entire face.

I had been primed for over and hour just waiting until he came home. It wasn't long before my climax reared itself and I felt myself spewing my seed deeply into the greedy sex of the woman. Several minutes passed as my breathing calmed and I removed myself from atop her naked body. Looking down I saw a sexy large breasted lactating woman who'd just been filled with my potent sperm.

"Before you may taste her milk you must drink mine," I told the man kneeling beside the sofa.

It only took seconds before his lips were firmly attached to her freshly sperm filled sex, his tongue hungrily lapped and sucking out my seed. As he completed his task she moaned with another orgasm before allowing him to withdraw. A large smile creased his face as he now moved higher and eagerly began to suckle her offered milky breast.

"You may now pleasure yourself," I told him with some small amount of disgust.

Only two minutes was all he needed before great gouts of his while sperm gushed from his swollen penis and soaked the towel left there for just that purpose.

"Thank you, Sir," he said quietly looking at my bare feet.

I can easily imagine what is going through your mind after reading this far. You see, if you haven't already guessed, it was the breast of my Mother I was nursing and my Father was the one feasting on cream pie. But now I owe an explanation.

Four months ago Mom had given birth at a late age. She was shy of being forty and the pregnancy had been difficult. The baby, a girl, hadn't lived very long. As an explanation they were told it wasn't unusual for a late in life baby to not survive. I wasn't convinced.

Three months later I was discharged from the military and went home to find out what had happened. I wasn't pleased by any of what I found. First, it was Dad that had not been paying attention. The baby was on medication because of health problems during Moms pregnancy. He had failed to pay attention to the instructions. Instead of giving the baby what she needed at the right time he delayed. Within hours she was in the hospital and soon after she died.

Two weeks after the funeral Mom was shopping and I came home from work. What I saw in the front room shocked me beyond belief. Dad was naked on the sofa. Karen, my eighteen year old sister, was just as naked and on his lap facing him. She was bouncing up and down obviously with his pecker inside her. Alex, my brother and a year older than Karen, was standing behind Karen and was hunching his hips to her buttocks. Immediately I knew they were giving her a double dose together. Enraged I ran towards them with my fist slamming hard against the side of Alex's head knocking him to the floor. I wrapped my arms around Karen's waist and pulled her away from Dad. Carefully letting her stand I turned and looked at Dad. His prick, wet with the juices from Karen's body, slapped his hairy belly smearing the dampness on his skin. I was so filled with anger I didn't think. My foot lifted and with force smashed between his wide spread legs. His body instantly curled into a ball as his hands covered his newly damaged gentiles. Alex was starting to get up from the floor when I turned to him. He was still on his knees his legs widely apart. I knew I smiled when my foot connected with his privates. Undigested food gushed from his mouth as he screamed out his agony before forming himself into a ball. I was just about to see how badly Karen was hurt when Mom came home. I explained what I found and she took Karen to her room.

While a Navy Seal I had learned many ways to kill a man quickly and silently using only my hands. Fear raced icily through my body as I desperately fought my instincts to kill. I wanted nothing more at that moment to end two lives but common sense and a sudden calm stopped me. Turning away I raced from the house and didn't stop running for ten miles.

Leaning against a tree my body slumped to the ground where I sat regaining my breath. I spent the next few hours reliving that sight and thinking. I finally came to a decision and headed home.

I was caught totally off guard. Closing the front door my arms were instantly held behind me. It must have been Alex because Dad was standing in front of me with an evil smile on his face. He said nothing as his body moved. I felt his fist bury itself just below my solar plexus and nearly touching my backbone. Air whooshed from my body and stars filled my eyesight. I was on my knees before my brain kicked into gear. Quickly I forced myself to roll taking Alex with me. My body was on top of his and because I had forty pounds of solid muscle over his scrawny frame he had to release me. I won't go into detail but rest assured the remainder of the fight was quick. Mom came out hearing the racket and it was only her scream that stayed my ridged hand from killing my Father.

From the garage I'd found some rope and tied the two of them back to back. Experience with subduing and restraining bad guys made sure they weren't going anywhere without lots of help. Mom and I went to the kitchen to talk. There was a lot I didn't know and questions tripped over themselves with the need for answers.

"They baby wasn't your Father's," Mom was saying. "He held me down while Alex raped me."

"Why didn't to write or call and tell me?" I wanted to know forcing down my rising anger.

"Because they would have hurt Karen. It all started about a year ago. I had caught your brother doing sexual things with your sister. I stopped him from raping her. When your Father came home I explained what had happened. He got a funny look in his eye. He called for Alex and confronted him. Alex admitted he was trying to have sex with his sister. Your Father used his fist to knock him down."

"So how did thinks get out of hand?"

"He got Karen into the front room and I thought he was going to punish Alex. What he did I still can't believe. He told Alex that it wasn't up to him to pop her cherry. That belonged to him. Before I knew it he had Karen stripped naked, her clothes in shreds at her feet. I tried to stop him but he told Alex to hold me. To make a long story short your Father pushed Karen down on her back on the floor. He quickly dropped his pants, spread her legs and knelt between them. She was virgin and dry but he didn't care. Without any thought he rammed himself into her body. Karen screamed and fought but still he rammed himself into her. It was over in just a few minutes but not before he had emptied himself in her. Then he said Alex could now have her. He had broken her in so now she was his to fuck anytime he wanted."

"I think I'm gonna kill that bastard," I said breathing hard. "OK, how did Alex come to rape you?"

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