Cheating Wife

by Alexand Morgan

Copyright┬ę 2005 by Alexand Morgan

Sex Story: The wife's side of the tale. Part 2 to The Outside Man. It is not connected in any way to Cheating Wife and Retribution. They only share the names of the two main characters. My apologies to those I have confused.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Cheating   .


I was surprised to see an email from Lucille after she was on her way back home to her husband but knowing her nothing should have surprised me about her. Here is her version of the events that unfolded

Have you ever felt that you had absolutely no control whatsoever over your entire life and that you were living your life according to someone else's script? Well that is how I feel about my entire life. My husband controls where I go, when I go and what I do. When I first met you at the community college where I was pursuing my business diploma something just clicked between us. Just talking to you and interacting with you made me feel so alive and just overwhelmed me. You never hit on me initially but after I started flirting outrageously with you I could tell straight away that you were interested.

We could talk about any and everything for hours and it was so wonderful. I don't know what I found so attractive about you but I realised quickly it was just how you were that turned me on so. That day that you asked me to come over by your apartment on Saturday to just hang out and watch some DVD's I was so ecstatic that I packed some skimpy shorts to parade in front of you with to see if I could get you to show some initiative and seduce me.

It was awkward at first but after I changed off the shorts we started talking and after a while I felt that we had found our comfort zone. Up to this point though you had tried nothing and I was starting to get a little frustrated. So eventually I worked the conversation around to massage and kept hinting about how sore my back muscles were. Eventually you finally got the message and suggested giving me a massage. It was so cute when you warned me that you were new to all this and not to blame you if you hurt me in any way. I smiled sweetly to myself but said nothing.

Your hands were so gentle and felt so damn good on me that I started to get wet. You had me so horny that I moaned softly at your touching my back and working my muscles slowly relieving the soreness from me. Eventually my top started to get in the way so I innocently suggested removing it. He said nothing for a while but finally said ok to do it. After a while though I just could not take it anymore and said to him "I think it is your turn."

His body while not muscular was fairly trim and he had a slight stomach but he was all that I wanted at that time. I worked my magic on his back until he finally cried "that's enough!"

He turned over and looked me square in the eye and started to tell me let's go and finish watching the DVD. I sighed and just said screw it and kissed him. He responded instantly and started to kiss me so tenderly and gently that my panties soon lost the battle of keeping the moisture in. He suddenly stopped and looked at me and told me "We have to stop. Look Lucille, if we do not stop right now we will not until both of us end up doing something we both regret. You are married and while I am not strongly religious I was raised to respect to respect the institution of marriage. I am strongly attracted to you yes but I cannot and will not share any woman I am in a relationship with physically or emotionally with any another partner.

I stared at him in shock because here I was half naked and obviously horny in front of a young equally horny man and here he was stopping and trying to be rational. I mean you read about men like that in books and see them in TV shows but you do not expect to find them in real life. I quickly explained to him how unhappy I was in my marriage and how I was planning to get a divorce after I finished my business diploma. This along with my sitting in his lap and telling him how strongly I felt about him while raining kisses up and down his neck was finally enough to overcome his objections.

Have you ever been with someone and felt like they had released some pent up monster in you. That is how he made me feel. Looking back his penis was average but his lovemaking was not. He gave himself completely to me in bed and drew me in with him as well. He encouraged me to let him know what was good and what felt great but I can honestly say it all did. He was so gentle and so loving that it just blew me away. He kissed and nibbled all over my body for over an hour before I even got my panties off and after that he just took his time and destroyed all my conceptions of what good sex should be.

When he told me afterwards that he had been celibate for about two years and that you were really not that experienced lover but you had blown me away regardless. I thought you were joking at first but when I looked into your eyes I knew that you were being totally honest. He told me that a relationship has to be based on honesty and that I should always be able to talk to him about anything.

Our relationship had to be hidden which he put up with for a while but eventually he started to get restless and frustrated with us hiding and sneaking around. I begged him to be patient with me and to give me a chance to get my mess of a life sorted out. He agreed to give me that time and after a while we grew closer and I fell more in love with him than before.

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