Hey Gorgeous

by GentleButFirm

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Humor, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: A random encounter? Well, not quite. This story is the result of a whole lot of feedback. I assembled a list of buttons, and tried to push them all. Let me know if I pushed yours!

"Hey gorgeous!"

"Ah... hi."

"Kiss me, quick!"

"What? Listen..."

"Hush. Lips. Here. Now."

"Yeah, but..."

"Shh... Just kiss me. Please."

Hell, I didn't have a clue who she was. It was a shopping mall, for God's sake. But she had blonde spiky hair, a stunning smile, and she was just the right height. What was I supposed to do? Say no? Not a chance. I put my arms around her, pulled her close, and kissed her. Properly. She didn't resist a bit, pressing her breasts into me, tipping her smiling face up and latching on. Her hands continued to pull me, and she pushed our groins together as well.

The kiss was a stunner. It was as though we'd been doing this for a long time. None of that first kiss awkwardness. No hesitation. Her lips were wonderful, and her tongue showed up at just the right moment. Time stopped. The kiss continued.

As suddenly as she started, she stopped again, separated herself, with what seemed to be a little reluctance, and stood back, smiling at me again.

"Thanks handsome. Lots."

"Yeah, but..."

"No questions, no answers. Deal?"

"Oh, I just..."

"Nope. Not saying. Gotta go. Oh hey, you're very good, you know that?"


"Impromptu kissing. Some guys would be fazed."

"I... I didn't have time!"


She turned then, to go. I noticed her tight jeans, sexy but not slutty, and the way she filled her shirt. Suddenly, while I was still trying to work out what to say, she turned back again.


"Ah, yep."

"Well... I never do this. Dinner?"


"Yeah. You know. Cutlery. Food. Wine. Conversation."

"Oh. Yes!"

"Thought so. Tonight?"

"Ah, yeah. Yeah, okay."

"Got a pen?"

"No, I..."

"Never mind. One in here."

"Oh, I have some paper."

"You are a boy scout aren't you? What were you going to do with it, with no pen? Self defence?"

"No, it's... grocery list. You're difficult to hold a conversation with."

"Be better at dinner. You know what? For safety's sake, better not to give you the number. You like Mexican?"

"Yep, sure. What do you mean..."

"That Cantina up on The Crescent. You know it?"

"Yeah. Yep, I do."


"Seven tonight? Sure. But listen, about the..."

"No, no. I'll explain tonight. Gotta go."



She reached up then, and gave me a quick peck on the cheek. Nothing else was said. She turned, and sauntered away down the mall, leaving me standing there speechless.

I still didn't understand what was going on, but you could guarantee where I'd be at Seven o'clock. And yes, I stared at her butt again. Of course.

I was there before she arrived. I'd finished my errands and headed home first, showered and changed my clothes, and then, as it wasn't far, walked down to the restaurant. Yeah, so I was a few minutes early. I was intrigued. Wouldn't you be?

I sat in the bar for a while, and waited. I wondered if she was actually going to show up. I wasn't disappointed when she did. She was a vision. Again. I wonder if I need to explain. She wasn't beautiful in the supermodel sense. She wasn't tall enough, for a start. But she was pretty, and cute. Bubbly, and friendly. She had changed her clothes as well. White T-shirt, rather short denim skirt, and black tights.

"Excuse me handsome, is this seat taken?"

"No. It's reserved for a blonde. You'll do."

"Whew, lucky I didn't colour it. I was going to go for red."




"Okay, you're the boss, for now at least."

"That's good. In that case, what is your name?"

"Aha! You been thinking about that all day?"

"Well, I was wondering, as you didn't give me your number in the end, and I don't know your name, what was I going to do if you didn't show up?"

"Oh, I'm reliable."

"I can see that, but I don't want to call you that."

"You first."

"Do we have to do this?"


"You are most exasperating, you know that? Aaron."

"Yeah, I know. Deal with it. Aaron? That's not bad."

"Thanks. And?"


"That's not a name. That's a letter."

"With two 'e's."

"That really your name?"

"What, do I look more like a Bruce, Aaron?"

"No, no. I just can't imagine someone naming their cute blonde daughter Dee."

"Oh. Oh, thanks."

"But I like it."

"Oh, good."

"Yeah. So listen, you want a drink, or should we get a table, and find some food?"

"Table, fajitas, beer."

"In that order, Dee?"


"You ever have any trouble making decisions?"

"Not often. You have any complaints?"

"Not yet. If we are having Fajitas, can we have flaming ones?"

"You like the pretty lights, Aaron?"

"I like the whooshing sound."

"Works for me. You going to get a waiter, or do I need to wiggle my butt at one?"

"Tell you what. I get the waiter, then you get to wiggle at me."

"Can't. No flirting."


"Not before food."

"Oh. You're unusual, aren't you Dee?"

'Weird, Aaron. Don't beat around the bush."



I managed to get the attention of a waiter, and we were shown to a nice table in the back of the restaurant. It seems that no discussion as to our plans was possible, because as soon as we sat down, Dee told the waiter that we needed flaming fajitas for two, and two Corona beers, and sent him away. I never even saw the menu.

"Aaron, you can't drink it like that."

"What do you mean?"

"You have to push it in."

"In the bottle?"

"Yeah. Come on, it's just lime."

"You want me to put this fruit in my beer?"


I did as she asked. I was getting used to it.

The meal was good too. They brought in a sizzling platter of chicken and things, doused it with tequila, and set fire to it. We had bowls of other ingredients, and warm tortillas to wrap it all in. Great stuff. And Dee was great company too, laughing about my inept wrapping, and trying to help a little. We didn't really talk much more until we'd finished the food, and ordered another couple of Coronas. With limes, of course.

"So Aaron, I see you got all dressed up."

"What? No. I changed. I went home, and had a shower, like you do, before... Oh."

"Before what?"

"Well, I was... I was going to say before a date. But I'm still not sure if this is one."

"Well, what do I need to do to make it a date?"


"Yeah. What's the difference? Maybe if you take me home, it's a date?"


"Yeah. You don't live with your mother, do you?"

"No. No, I don't. Why?"

"Well, mothers don't tend to like me much."

"Oh, why not?"

"Well, Aaron, they think I'm going to corrupt their little boys."

"And... are you?"

"Well, depends how corrupt you are already."

"I'm not sure what the reference points are, Dee."

"Take me home, and you'll find out."

"Are you always like this?"

"No, sometimes I'm a little forward."




"Shall we go?"

"Oh. Good idea."

We strolled the few blocks back from the restaurant, continuing our discussion, but it seemed no matter what I asked, or said, I didn't find out anything about Dee. Instead, she somehow made me recite my family history, give her a breakdown of my job, and tell her all about my succession of girlfriends. I was, as you might guess, a little bewildered. But nicely bewildered, you understand?

I lived in a small block of apartments, nothing fancy, but not too bad either. I'd tried sharing the place with various people in the past, but the current situation worked best. One room was rented by a travelling sales guy who was only in town one week out of four, then there was my room, and a spare. I was conscious of the fact that I hadn't been expecting to take Dee home with me, and hadn't cleaned up much, but decided not to worry about it.

It was a cool evening, so as soon as we arrived, I turned the gas heating on in the open plan living area, and sent Dee to find some music she liked while I opened some wine. Soon we were sitting happily, sipping wine in front of the gas fire. Dee was already comfortable in the armchair when I got there, so I handed her a large glass of wine, put the bottle within easy reach, and went and sat on the sofa opposite.

"So," she started, peering at me across the dim room. "How long since you brought a girl back here?"

"Ummm... Is that any of your business, Dee?" I smiled, lowering the impact of the question. She took no notice anyway.

"Well, you know, days, weeks, months, years?"

"Can we try for months?"

"No sex for months, Aaron? You're an attractive man. What's the problem?"

"I didn't say anything about sex. I was talking about bringing girls home."

"Sex all by yourself doesn't count. Not that there's anything wrong with that."

"But I could have had sex elsewhere."

"You didn't though. Did you Aaron?"

"I don't know how you do this. No. I didn't."

"That's a bit lonely, isn't it? You prefer it that way?"

"Huh? No, of course not."

"You like girls?"

"Were you not house trained at all, Dee?"

"Tent. Well?"

"Yes, of course I like girls."

"I knew that."

"You did? How?"

"The kiss."

"Oh. Yeah, that might have been a giveaway."

"Are you shy about sex?"

"I imagine everyone is shy, compared to you."

"Then why are you looking up my skirt?"

"What? I am not!"

"Why not?"

"Huh? Well, the light's not very good in here, for a start."

"Oh. Is this better?" She'd pulled her knees apart, making it impossible to not look.

"Yeah, that's better. What are you up to?"

"Nothing, nothing. I just like to show off."

"I can see that."

"Would you like me to show you?"

"Umm... you are showing me, Dee."

"No, no. Just relax there in the chair. No more talking, okay?"


"Good. Now just watch."

As she finished speaking, she stood up from the chair, put the wineglass down carefully, and grinned at me. Before I realised what she was doing, she ran her hands up her sides, and hoisted her skirt up around her hips. Grabbing the sides of the black tights, she slowly twisted and pulled them down, smiling at me the whole time, stopping as the tights reached the tops of her legs to turn around and wiggle her white pantied butt at me as she continued to bend down. Kicking her shoes away, she lifted one leg and then the other, watching me over her shoulder to make sure I was still looking. I have to say that there was zero chance that I'd be doing anything else right then.

The tights were kicked over with the shoes, and she turned back to face me, lifting her skirt again, just for effect. With it still in her hands, she sat back down in the armchair, let go of the hem, and lifted both of her feet up onto the cushion, spreading her knees wide. At this point, there was very little, excepting what was under the panties, that I couldn't see.

"Well, should I stop? Are you embarrassed?"

"Ummm... no. Entranced."

"Oh, good."

She put both her hands then on the top of her head, grinned again, and started to massage her scalp. It was truly bizarre. This girl was obviously highly aroused, and she was messing with her head!

The scalp massage didn't last very long though, as her slender fingers made their way down both sides of her head, stopping to massage both earlobes before continuing on to her neck.

The hands kept on wandering down over her shoulders, and down over her breasts. I could see her body shake as her hands tickled her nipples, and then she stopped again, and looked at me.



"On or off?"


"You're not making sense. Blood rushed somewhere, Aaron?"

"Oh, the shirt?"

"Of course the shirt."

"Oh. Off please. If you're sure you're okay with that."

"Don't I look okay with that?"

"Oh yeah, more than okay."

"Yeah? Good. Shut up."

Her hands left her breasts then, and crossed over in front of her stomach to grab the hem of the shirt. She hoisted it up and over her body with little ceremony, revealing a white lacy bra, which I guess matched the panties, though it was difficult to tell in the light.

"This, by the way, Aaron, is a nice bra."

"I can see that!"

"No, not the way it looks. The way it feels." Her hands returned to caressing her breasts, through the bra, and her body swayed a little in time with her movements. "Well?"

"Huh? Oh. Off please. As nice as it is."

"That's good. Appreciation without a fetish."

"You sure you're okay with this?"

"Okay? I'm dripping wet, Aaron. That sound okay?"

"Oh yeah."

Taking her hands from her breasts for a moment, she leaned forward, reached behind her back, and unclipped the bra with what was obviously a familiar lack of effort. As her hands fell forward, the bra fell with them, revealing two perky breasts with largish dark nipples. Hard, aroused nipples. Dee threw the bra to the floor, and returned her attentions to her breasts, relieved to be able to touch them directly, tweaking and squeezing them, groans escaping her mouth.

"You like?"

"God, they're beautiful Dee. You're beautiful."

"Mmmhmmm... horny women are always beautiful Aaron."

"You could be right."

"Yeah. Now hush."

Dee was only wearing her panties now, and her hands were able to roam freely over her body, and whilst one concentrated on her nipples, the other tickled up and down her chest and stomach. She obviously found her navel area interesting, because she kept stopping there.

I sat silently, a huge tent in my trousers, and a dark spot starting to leak through. I didn't notice though. My attention was on Dee.

There was a limit to the amount of this she could take, and eventually her hand slid lower, over the front of her panties, and down to the obvious damp patch. As her fingertips touched the area, her body jerked, and she pulled her hand away, before grinning, returning it slowly, and rubbing a little more gently.

Dee's widespread legs quivered as she explored further, and as her groin became accustomed to the attention, she moved her other hand down as well, and caressed her panties in delicate circles, fingertips sliding sometimes in unison, and at other times crossing paths.

Looking up at me again, she smiled. "Last step I think." Hooking her thumbs in the waistband of her drenched panties, she put her feet down, and lifted her butt carefully from the seat. The panties slid down while she grinned at me. "See how easy it is to get into my panties?" She continued to grin as she unclipped the somewhat superfluous skirt, and let it drop to the floor.

I didn't answer. I was staring.

Dee lifted her legs back up and slowly spread her knees again, with a sigh. Without panties to block the view, Aaron could see the relatively sparse blonde thatch on top of an obviously wet area of dark pink skin. "Aaron, maybe I should get a towel?" I just shook my head, unwilling to let anything hold up the conclusion.

"Okay, well, I'll just go ahead then, huh?" I nodded.

Both hands fell meaningfully to the area recently covered by the panties, her body desperate now for attention. Fingertips dug, and rubbed, touched and pressed, and soon her whole body was moving as she impaled herself on the fingers of one hand, and manipulated her clitoris swiftly with the other.

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