Truth or Dare

by AmandaMarais

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, .

Desc: Sex Story: Amanda gets into trouble after playing an innocent game...

Around Christmas time the spirit and the mood is perfect to organise these little private evenings with your friends. You know what I mean, you invite around 4 to 8 people, and you play some funny but mostly naughty games, like there is strip poker and spin the bottle, and lets not forget, the most favourite game all time : Truth or dare! Who hasn't played that before? Having to tell the truth to those annoying private question, confessing to your best friends, or dare something, to prove you are not a chicken? Yes, I guessed so, we all know what I am talking about. These games are most fun when the weather sucks, raining or snowing, wind blowing hard, so mostly we play these kind of games with friends on the winter evenings. And last year would be not different. So me and my partner, his name is Erik, invited 2 other couples to come on over that evening. It wasn't raining outside but it was cold, very cold, the wind blowing through your clothes. We took care of the drinks and the snacks and around 6 in the evening they arrived. The evening always starts with drinks and snacks, talking to each other, getting comfortable. Mostly a few drinks later the first game starts. We decided to start the evening with playing truth or dare.

We took place in the couches in our living room, nice and comfy, the lights dimmed, music playing softly in the background. Yes, the mood was set.

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