Sara's Intruder

by Laerad

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Rape, Heterosexual, Sadistic, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: A voyuer's lust turns to violent rape when a new girl moves into the neighbourhood

Sara had moved in two weeks ago. Her father had moved to Ohio and Sara had decided to stay in Chicago with her friends and her life and her new job. At twenty one she was just finding herself and enjoying her newfound freedom. John lived in the flat next door and had seen her as she moved in with her brother, her spitting image and only a year older than her, and father helping move stuff in. John had stopped to say hi and offer a hand. They'd declined the help but Sara had invited him to drop by sometime.

It was later that night that he had been out in the communal garden and saw some light coming from Sara's bedroom window. Moving towards the light he saw that the curtains didn't shut fully and moving next to the window he was shielded from casual view by the bushes near the window. Looking in, his breath caught in his lungs, sitting in front of the computer with only a towel loosely around her. She was looking at pictures on the computer and was obviously entranced. Settling down John waited, hoping that more would be revealed.

Breathing in deeply, John tried to stretch his back out, the muscles stiff from his prolonged vigil at the window. Sara was sitting in front her computer, the towel draped around her now hung open, exposing her to the glow of the monitor. Her hand was below the desk, her arm moving slowly as she typed occasionally on the keyboard. Shrugging, Sara removed the towel from round her and sat there exposed to John's hungry view. John took the opportunity to appreciate Sara's body, her long blonde hair draped back over her shoulders, her thick shapely lips and her nipples firm topping her tits hanging in a lovely half moon shape. John could now see that her hand was firmly between her legs, occasionally moving up to toy with her nipples.

John reached down and grabbed the front of his jeans, feeling his cock straining against the material. His tongue licked his lips as he saw the moisture glistening on her hand as she toyed with her nipple, pinching it and rubbing around it. His mind span as he watched this young girl fingering herself, playing with herself in front of the computer. Racing, his thoughts latched onto the fact that the previous owner of Sara's flat was a good friend of his and he knew that he kept a key under a rock at the side of the path.

He began to move towards the path to Sara's door. His mind and thoughts split in two. One half was screaming at him not to do this and what was he going to do anyway. His skin was numb and his limbs leaden as he bent down and, with a single sharp gesture, he flung the rock away exposing the key to the moonlight. As he picked the key up he could feel all the bits of soil on the key, the coolness a contrast to the heat from his skin. Still on autopilot he turned to the door and fitted the key to the keyhole, softly he slid the key in, feeling it judder as he slid it in to the hilt and then began to slowly turn it to prevent any noise giving Sara any warning.

Warning about what? Christ, what was he doing, he was going to go in there to see her better? Suddenly the conscious moral part of his brain shut down as he heard moans from the bedroom, the sounds shot straight down to his cock, which twitched in his jeans. Moving into the flat his shoes making small noises against the laminate flooring, he walked to the bedroom as he turned into the bedroom Sara turned round and saw him. Launching into action John ran forward and grabbed her mouth, his hand muffling any noise she might make.

His movement carried them both to the floor, johns greater weight bearing her down to the floor, his hands moved to her tits, grabbing them, pawing at her ass and her legs he scrabbled with Sara's struggling form. Little savage grunts from Sara was all the sound that he heard but he was determined to finish what he had started now.

A switch had been turned in his head, he wasn't looking at any of the consequences now. He had his female and he was going to fuck her hard. The more her soft, hot flesh wriggled against him, trying to break free, the more turned on he got. Blood pounding through him, he took a firm hold of her hair and dragged her to her feet. Her mouth stretched open and john felt her lungs fill as she prepared to scream. His lips skinned back from his teeth and he pulled his fist back and slammed it hard into her stomach making a soft smacking sound as he drove the air from her lungs.

She collapsed bonelessly on the floor, small sucking, gasping sounds as she tried to get her breath back. Looking about john's eyes fell on her strapless bra and panties lying, kicked off under the computer desk. Leaving the helpless Sara on the floor he reached out and grabbed the panties from the floor, his fingers wrapped around the crotch and felt the dampness. Absently rubbing the wet material between his fingers he also leaned over the grabbed the bra as well.

He straddled the fallen Sara who was now, still breathless, trying to crawl towards the door. He sat down on her back forcing her to the floor, grabbing her hair he pulled her head back, as she cried weakly in pain John forced the panties into her mouth and then wrapped the bra to hold them firmly in. Her struggles were becoming more forceful again, realising that he needed to tie her hands together john again cast about looking for something, his eye fell upon the towling robe on the back of her door. Roughly tearing it from the hook John tore the belt from the robe and, pulling Sara's hands above her head, he tied her hands firmly with the belt.

Grunting, he dragged Sara to her feet again and threw her down on the bed. Now recovered and moved to panic Sara was fighting hard again to escape, the muffled screams rang in Johns ears tearing him to increased lust and raging guilt. The guilt he ruthlessly crushed behind anger. If she hadn't been sitting these like a slut, naked in front of a window, tempting him, making him do this, it was all her fault! She caused this to herself, it wasn't his fault, she should have closed the curtains and this would never have happened. Stupid fucking Bitch! It was at this point one of Sara's wild kicks connected with his knee and pain blossomed in John's leg. A growling cry escaped John, his eyes narrowed and he dealt a vicious backhanded slap to Sara's jaw.

He flung the stunned Sara back on the mattress then, leaning his body across her, pulled her arms above her and used the slack from the belt to tie her arms above her head and to the headboard of her bed. As he stepped back Sara again tried to twist to escape off the bed. Cursing, John grabbed her, pinning her down to the bed, her face into the mattress john leaned down to her ear and hissed, "Stop struggling Sara. You are tied up, no one will hear you and if you keep trying to roll off the bed you will likely pull your arm from it's socket and," he paused to gentle stroke her hair in a mockery of intimate affection, "please do not think that will stop me from finishing what I've started here. Work with me and it will be all over soon."

The fight seemed to flow out of Sara then, she turned her head and her tear bright eyes looked in silent entreaty into John's. John's cold, angry eyes looked back at her, he drew back from the bed and hope seemed to begin in Sara only to be cruelly crushed as he stripped off his shirt, kicked off his shoes and socks and began to undo his belt and trousers.

Sara began to make muffled cries through the makeshift gag, her fingers fumbled at the rough knot holding her hands above her head, turning in the bed she curled into a ball with her legs between her John and her naked vulnerable body, tears rolling down her cheeks. The shame burned in John's head when he seen this, as he was taking his trousers off. He recoiled from the shame and guilt and the now familiar burn of anger surged through him.

"Why are you crying!! This is your fault! It's all your fault!" He stormed over to the curtains and grabbed them, "You were sitting here displaying yourself to the whole world weren't you, Weren't you!!" He screamed at her, frantically she shook her head, twisting to keep herself as covered from his eyes as she could. "Of course you were you fucking slut, you wanted someone to see you, you wanted to tease them, to torment them while you got off on the fact that they could do nothing about it! Now look what it's done, now look what your whoring ways have brought about and you have no one to blame but you" During this John has stormed over and grabbed her hair at either side of her head and was pressing her head down into the mattress. At this Sara began to scream into her gag, her legs began to flail wildly and she managed to strike a solid blow into John's ribs.

An animal cry of rage ripped out of John and he stumbled backwards. Angry now, he stooped down and ripped his belt from his trousers, the noise of several of the loops being ripped away barely registered on John's ears. Storming back to the bed he grabbed one leg and flung Sara over onto her stomach and, as she sprawled out across the bed he began to lay savage blows across her back and ass with his belt.

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