Viva Las Vegas

by TheMoose63

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Oral Sex, Petting, Cream Pie, .

Desc: Sex Story: Terry's company is having its annual business meeting in Las Vegas and he is taking his wife, Jan with him. Jan hopes to revitalize their sagging sex life, but Terry is too busy. Jim's wife is an executive with the same company and attending the meeting and Jim has nothing to do. Eventually Jim connects up with Jan and a romance begins. This is a love story.

Jan was ecstatic with the news! Her husband, Terry, had just called and told her that his company was having its annual corporate business meeting in Las Vegas and that he, as a senior manager, was allowed to bring her along on the trip. Jan and Terry had been married just over ten years and they hadn't had a vacation in the last seven - and Vegas was going to be the perfect place to renew their sagging sex life. There had been subtle changes over the past two years, their once imaginative three to four times a week sex life had dwindled to once or twice a month. Terry always seemed to be preoccupied with work and his client base and didn't seem to have any time for her. Now they would have a whole week together in Las Vegas. Well she knew that during the day Terry would be busy with company business, but at least the nights would be theirs.

Terry and Jan Perkins home was just outside Orlando, Florida. Jan, after getting the good news, drove down to the mall to shop for some nice clothes for the trip. She bought herself a new, bright neon green bikini that she thought nicely set off her tanned skin and golden blonde hair. In the Learner's shop she found a gorgeous black, spaghetti strap cocktail dress that would be perfect for eveningwear. She stopped at Victoria's Secret and selected three bras with matching panties, one in white, one in black and one was a dashing purple color. Jan took all of her bundles to her car and drove back home.

On April 17th Jan and Terry boarded American Airlines flight number 777 direct from Orlando to Las Vegas. They arrived at 11 a.m. and took one of the plentiful taxis to their hotel, the Rio. The Rio Hotel and Casino is located just west of Interstate 15 and thus they could avoid the rush of the Vegas 'strip'. They were checked in and in their room just in time to grab some lunch.

"Terry, you want to go downstairs and get some lunch? I saw several restaurants as we walked through the lobby."

"Oh, sure honey. What ever you want."

"Well let me go to the bathroom, run a comb through my hair and I'll be ready."

"OK, fine."

God she thought as she sat on the toilet. He hadn't been paying any attention to her since they left home. She wasn't sure where his head was but it sure wasn't with her. She flushed the toilet, washed her hands and fixed her hair. Jan looked at herself in the bathroom mirror, not too bad for 37.

They took the elevator to the lobby, walked across the casino floor to the 'All-you-can-eat' restaurant, and were seated by a waitress. They placed their orders and waited while the waitress served them their iced teas.

Jan looked across the table at Terry. "So I was thinking that maybe we could find a nice nightclub and maybe even take in a show while were here, what do you think?"

Terry didn't move nor did he answer her.

"Terry? Did you hear what I said?"

"Wha... what? I'm sorry; my mind is a million miles away. Christ Jan, I've got three contracts outstanding and I have to get them signed. The clients will be here today and tomorrow and I have to wine and dine them."

"God Damn it Terry, what about us?"

"I can't help it Jan, I've got to get these contract done or I'm in deep shit. After lunch I'm going to meet the guys from Billings in the lobby and we'll be busy until well after 10 p.m. You'll just have to fend for yourself. Go out, have some fun, then by the end of the week we can spend some time together."

Jan had tears in her eyes. She got up from the table and started to walk out of the restaurant.

"Hey honey, where are you going?"

"What the fuck difference does it make to you? You're busy with business anyway so I'll just go out and fend for myself." Jan stomped out of the restaurant and went back up to their room. She had decided that today she would spend some time at the pool so when she got back to her room she stripped off her clothes and grabbed her bikini from the drawer. She put on the bottom and noticed a little bit of hair showing so she took her scissors and went into the bathroom to trim it off before heading out to the pool. Her reflection in the mirror caught her attention. She looked critically at herself turning first this way and then that way. Her butt was still firm with almost no sag, there was no sag to her breasts mainly because they were 34B, but they look real good on her 5'7", 124 pound frame. No she thought there were many men that would like to try and get into her panties. She finished dressing and went down to the hotel pool.

Jan picked out a nice lounge chair, spread her towel and ordered a vodka and tonic from the roving waiter. After spreading sun screen on her arms and legs she lay back and 'people watched' through her sunglasses. There was a ton of women with their children, some young girls but very few 'single' men. Well, just my luck anyway. Then 'he' walked into the pool and grabbed a chair near the bar. Jesus for an older man, he is a god!

He looked to be in his late 40's or early 50's. He was well over six feet and was in great shape, no body fat anywhere. His hair was a salt and pepper color and he couldn't have been more than 195 pounds. Jan had never thought about an older man as a lover, well except when she was a teen and had a crush on had father, but this is one good looking man - if he could carry a conversation he would be a perfect lover. As she watched him through her sunglasses she noticed that he was wearing a gold wedding ring. Just my luck.

Jan was asleep that night when Terry finally returned to the room. He was just a bit tipsy and he clumsily tried to get undressed. She felt bad about that afternoon and was determined to make it up to him.

"Hi honey, how did it go? They sign on the dotted line?"

"Ah... yea... finally. Shit heads musta drunk half the bar before tho. How are you?"

"Good baby, Look." Jan pulled back the sheet to reveal that she was nude. "I've been waiting for you."

"Oh... nice, but not... now. I gotta check my e-mails. Maybe in the mornin."

Jan rolled over in the bed and as the tears flowed down her cheeks she silently sobbed.

The next two days were exact copies of the previous day. Terry would get up in the morning, dress and go off to meetings. He would get back to the room by three or four, change clothes again and then head off to meet his clients. He actually hadn't even kissed her in two days!

At seven that night Jan decided that it was her turn to do something, anything. She took a hot shower, put on her black lace panties and bra, she decided against wearing pantyhose, as it was just too hot if she went outside, and then donned her black cocktail dress. She took the elevator to the lobby and wandered around the casino floor playing quarter slots as they took her fancy. Jan really wasn't into gambling so she quickly got bored with the machines and ended up at a small lounge bar in the center of the floor. She ordered a vodka and tonic and sipped her drink as she watched the people all around her gambling away their money.

"Excuse me?"

Jan turned and saw HIM standing right behind her. "Yes?"

"Well I really don't mean to intrude on your space, but I saw you out at the pool the other day, alone and now again tonight. I'm not trying to pick you up or anything, but my wife is off on business and I'm all alone too so, Christ I'm making a mess of this, I was wondering if you would like to share a dinner table with me?"

"Uh, I don't think so..."

"Oh come on, I'm not going to bite or anything. I'm just lonely and I thought... well maybe you would..."

Why the fuck not Jan, that asshole husband has left you alone for three days, why not have a little fun, after all it's only a dinner. "OK, why not. Jan, my name is Jan."

"Oh God thank you. Jim. Jim Burton."

"Nice to meet you Jim Burton." Jan chuckled and took his arm.

Jim walked her to the hotel front door and hailed a cab and he gave a local address to the driver. "I know a really great Italian restaurant on the East side of town, you'll love the food."

Jan was a little nervous about leaving the hotel with a perfect stranger, but by the time they were in the cab it was too late to change her mind. "Good, I really love Italian."

Jim paid the driver and they went inside and were seated in a nice booth near the back of the restaurant. "So tell me Jan, what is a beautiful woman like you doing all alone in Las Vegas?"

"Well I'm a business widow. My husband is a region VP and his company is having their annual corporate business meeting here. My husband, Terry, is taking care of clients, so I am left to fend for myself. What about you?"

"God it sounds like exactly the same thing. My wife, Marion is a regional too and here for the same type of meeting. Your husband doesn't work for Agustian Worldwide per chance?"

"Yes he does. You've got to be kidding? They both work for the same company?"

"Apparently so."

Their dinner arrived and they began eating. Jim had ordered a nice bottle of red wine and they toasted to a new friendship.

"Tell me Jim, how are you able to get away for this meeting. I mean I'm just a housewife, but how do you do it?"

"Well I am actually just a house husband. Ten years ago I developed a small company in San Jose and two years ago, just before the fall of the industry I sold it for a bundle. I kind of retired to enjoy life but Marion wouldn't quit working, so here I am."

They had an after dinner drink and then left to go dancing. Jim took her to an off the strip lounge that featured a nice combo, slow music and a wonderful bar. They got a booth, ordered drinks and went out onto the dance floor. It was a great experience, slow, soft music and dancing in the arms of a man who really wanted to be with her. His arm went around her back as he led her around the floor. They danced to two songs and then retired to their booth to catch their breaths.

"You are a very good dancer Jim."

"Thank you, you are too. It's always easy to be a good leader when you have a great partner following."

They finished their drinks and order another round. When it arrived Jan looked at her watch and saw that it was almost ten. "Oh gosh Jim, it's almost ten, we've got to get back to the hotel."

Jim paid their tab and had the bartender call a cab. They arrived back at the hotel just after ten and took the elevator up to their rooms and by chance they were both on the 27th floor.

"It's been a great night Jim, thank you for asking me out and for paying for everything."

"It's been my pleasure Jan, thank you for going with me."

The elevator door opened and they got off. There was a tension between the two of them as what to do now. Finally Jan broke the ice. "Jim I really enjoyed this evening." She reached up and kissed him on the cheek. "Maybe I'll see you at the pool tomorrow?"

"Absoutely. I'll be there."

When Jan opened the door to her room she thought that Terry would already be there but he wasn't. She undressed, hung up her clothes and got ready for bed. She had just come out of the bathroom when Terry came in the door.

"Hi honey. How was your evening?" Terry asked.

"Oh, it was OK. I went down and wandered around the casino, went to dinner and came back here. How about you?"

"Good. Actually very good. I finally got the signatures on the other two contracts and met one more client and I think I can get that one too."

"Oh honey that's great. Congratulations. Now tomorrow night we can finally go out somewhere."

"Ah... well... I'm..."

"What Terry, what now?"

"Well the chief operating officer decided today that he wants to have a senior management 'bonding' session tomorrow, so we all have to be together from eight in the morning until at least midnight. No spouses invited."

"What! You've got to be shitting me. Why the hell did you even drag me along? You could have come here alone, got drunk with your clients, chased women and had a good old time without me. Well you know what Terry? Fuck you and fuck the company!" Jan jumped into bed and pulled the covers up over her head.

The next day the phone rang and Jan saw that it was just after ten in the morning. "Hello?"

"Good morning Jan, it's Jim."

"Oh hi. How are you?"

"Probably the same as you. You husband going to be 'bonding' all day and night too?"

"Yea he is. This is just crappy."

"Jan, I was thinking that instead of going to the pool why don't we take a drive today, maybe a picnic lunch at Lake Meade. What do you thing?"

"Well... I am not... Oh what the hell, why not. Oh, where are we going to get a car?"

"I've already rented one and I called down to the deli and they are putting together a picnic basket for me. Glad you agreed."

Jan laughed at his impertinence. "Why Jim am I that easy to read?"

"Oh no. I just... well I..."

"Hey, it's OK; I was just teasing you, that's all."

"Oh, good. I'll meet you in the lobby at eleven, OK?"

"I'll be there."

Jan decided that she would wear her white panties and matching bra with a pair of short khaki shorts and a white blouse. She got dressed, put on a pair of tennis shoes and left for her rendezvous with Jim.

"Jan. Over here." Jim called.

She saw him waiving and went over and gave him a hug. He was wearing a Grey pair of Dockers, white deck shoes and a pullover white golf shirt. "Well mister, you look spectacular today."

"Why thank you young lady, you look pretty spectacular yourself."

Jim opened to door for Jan then went around and got in the drivers' side. Within five minutes they were on the I-15 south headed for Lake Meade. Jim saw that Jan was taking in all of the buildings along the highway, just enjoying the sights. He kept looking over at her and admiring her legs. They were long, slender and tan. He loved women with long legs.

Jan caught him looking at her. "Whatcha looking at?"

"Well... actually I was looking at you and more specifically your legs. You have great legs!"

Jan blushed at his comment. "Why thank you. A woman always appreciates a compliment."

Jim took the turn off for Lake Meade and an hour later he found a small park for day camping. He pulled into a space and got out of the car. What do you think Jan; will this do for our picnic?"

"Oh absolutely! This is really nice."

Jim and Jan walk a couple of hundred feet down towards the lakes water line until they came upon a spot on the grass that was hidden from the main road. He spread out their blanket and put the picnic basket on the top of the blanket. "Want to take a walk or eat first?"

Jan looked up. "Let's eat, and then we can walk off the food."

As they ate the lunch and drank a bottle of nice white wine they chatted like two old friends. They finished off the bottle and cleaned up their mess. "OK big fellow, now let's take a walk."

Jim found a trail down by the water and the walked towards it. Jan took Jim's hand in hers and as they walked and talked about almost everything. Jan realized that Jim was as lonely as she was and she was somehow disappointed for him. When the trail ended she turned to him. "You know Jim you really are a nice guy and I feel so bad that you're so lonely. You deserve better that this."

Jim looked at the absolutely beautiful woman whose hand he was holding. "Well I guess I could say the same thing for you. I mean we are a real pair, the two of us." He pulled her close to him and just hugged her tightly."

Jan couldn't stand it any more. She reached up and pulled his head down to her waiting lush lip and kissed him. Her tongue darted inside his lips and found his tongue and they played with each other. Her hand began rubbing his back as they kissed.

Jim was surprised by her actions but had no intentions of ignoring her and her needs. As they kissed his arm was on her back pulling her breasts deep into his chest. He could feel her nipples, hard and pushing on his shirt. Finally they broke their kiss and just starred at each other. For at least 30 seconds neither of them said a word.

Then Jan decided it was her place to say something. "Jim, I'm sorry that I did that to you. It wasn't fair to impose my feelings on you. I apologize."

"Apologize? What the hell for? I wanted that as much as you did. Come here." And Jim pulled her close to him and kissed her again.

Jan could feel his hardness pushing against her leg and she knew she had excited him. Her nipples were hard and she was wet with anticipation. "Oh God Jim you feel so good. It's been so long since Terry has made love to me. I want you Jim Burton - if you'll have me."

"My God yes. Jan it would be my pleasure to make love to you."

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