Cheating Wife and Retribution

by Alexand Morgan

Tags: Ma/Fa, Consensual, Cheating, Slut Wife, Interracial,

Desc: : A wife caught and an old wrong righted

Ok I know it is a cliché by now but I came home and saw my wife of five years in bed with another man. I was shocked to see them carrying on in some wild and raunchy sex in my bedroom but the most shocking thing was that the man was white. Now call me a racist or what ever you feel like but that told me that my wife was forever lost to me if she could even come up with even a reasonable defence for her actions. The coupling stopped when she heard the door slam shut. I took the obligatory picture as they stared at me in surprise and shock so as to have a defence in my divorce.

At this point many may desire to know what my wife and I look like as well as some history so let me digress. My name is Alexand and you do not need to know my last name but I am 5'10 and of medium build with hazel coloured eyes and a somewhat striking face some even call me handsome. My wife's name is Lucilla and she is 5'6 and a very attractive woman with a classic coke bottle figure. She and I had known one another from high school and had once gone on a date when we were nineteen. I had been pulled over by some white policemen and dragged out of the car because I matched the description of an armed robbery suspect. They beat me for resisting arrest when I had just asked what it was all about and then kicked the shit out of me when I fell to the ground. They might have done worse had they not heard over their radio that the suspect had been captured. They stopped beating me and told a shocked and screaming Lucilla to get me to the hospital before I died and coolly got into their car and left. We somehow made it to the emergency room where the doctor on call another white guy took one look at me at said loudly enough for me to hear "Oh god why can't these black guys all just shoot one another and die and make this world a better place." and then the bastard tried to start flirting with Lucilla after they had tended to me. From that day on I just tried my best to avoid trouble and white people always. Some of you may ask why I never pursued the matter but I was just happy to be alive and both officers had shown up and threatened me and my family were anything more to come of the matter. Lucilla and I continued to see each other after I recovered and we married one another after we finished college. I got a degree in business administration and she received hers in history and went on to become a professor and lecturer at one of the nearby colleges. I entered the business world and while I wish I could say that I took it by storm I did pretty ok and I had just received a promotion and a 100K salary which I had rushed home to tell my loving wife about.

I stared the two of them down and in a dull voice told them to get the fuck out of my house. He had the common sense to say nothing but to just put on his clothes and leave. The bitch had the audacity to look at me at say that she was not leaving until we talked at least. I snorted and turned my back on her and started to change into my home clothes. I started when I felt her touch me and heard her insist that we could work this out. My wife had always used sex as a negotiating tool and apparently she thought that I was still susceptible to her charms. I told her calmly to take her fucking hands off me and to go fuck the nearest animal she could find with my preference being an elephant then maybe we could work it out.

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