2nd Wife

by JAX

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Reluctant, Coercion, Heterosexual, Fiction, Slut Wife, Incest, Brother, Sister, Swinging, Gang Bang, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Tom was in heaven, for everyday he could open up his wife's legs and thrust between them to orgasm as many times as he was able, usually morning and night. She would wear anything he wanted, no matter how bizarre or revealing. She stopped wearing a bra altogether on his say so and her skirts became shorter and shorter to expose her slim but beautiful legs to the world.

Chapter 1

Tom met his second wife though a drinking buddy; his first marriage was over within 18 months for, as he would repeatedly tell anybody who asked, she was a sexless bitch. Pretty enough with a fine young body, it was just she wouldn't spread her legs often enough for his liking.

Sue was Bill's younger sister, a shy little thing of 5'1" with a slim figure. Other than her pretty face and killer body Tom like her subservient attitude towards him and quickly established himself in her life. Although not a virgin, she was totally inexperienced in the ways of men and sex and was happy to go along with anything Tom wanted. For Tom, this was ideal and within a short time they were married.

Tom was in heaven, for everyday he could open up his wife's legs and thrust between them to orgasm as many times as he was able, usually morning and night. She would wear anything he wanted, no matter how bizarre or revealing. She stopped wearing a bra altogether on his say so and her skirts became shorter and shorter to expose her slim but beautiful legs to the world.

Life was perfect for Tom; he could fantasise all he wanted while thrusting into his beautiful wife, but soon this wasn't enough, he wanted more. He wanted his sick visions of his wife to come true.

Bill, her brother was coming over that night for a drink, although Sue didn't know about it yet. Tom's mind was working in overdrive, he was seeing things his young wife might do, if he pushed her enough.

"You have a nice hot bath love," he encouraged "and put on that old blue shirt of mine, you know the one I like and then tonight we'll have a nice drink together."

"Sure," she agreed with a pixie-like smile on her pretty face.

An hour later she was warm and cosy from her bath and with the glass of white wine already inside her. Just when she was getting settled on the sofa, the front door bell rang.

"Go and get that, love," he instructed.

He watched his young wife, dressed in just his old shirt, walk across the lounge to open the front door; his cock was already hard in his pants.

"It's Bill, my brother," she said totally unnecessarily.

"Oh, that's nice," he said acting surprised, "go and gets us some beers."

"I'll just pop upstairs and get dressed, first," she said.

"No, don't bother with that, stay as you are, it's only your bother, after all," he said, "now go and get those beers and quickly."

"Yes, dear," she said and scuttled off to fetch the beers

Once she had served them both with cool beers, Tom patted his lap for his wife to sit on.

"Perhaps I should get dressed," she whispered sweetly in her husband's ear, for she was more than a little embarrassed at how much of her slender legs she was showing.

"Naw, don't bother, my love," he said, "it's only Bill and I'm sure he seen it all before."

Tom could remember a conversation with Bill about his sister Sue before they had ever gotten together. He confided drunkenly one night that, although his sister had a killer body, he had never seen that much of it for she never exposed it, never even walked about in her underwear. Tom was not sure if Bill remembered that conversation or not, but tonight he may see more of his sister than he'd ever done before.

She settled onto her husband's lap and while he talked to her brother, he idly stroked her naked thigh. Although usually she loves her husband's touch, tonight it felt different, more naughty even. She was very conscious of the fact that all she was wearing was a simple shirt, she had nothing on under it at all. She looked up to see her brother's lustful eyes staring at her husband's hand as he slowly stroked her and suddenly her face become flushed.

"More drinks," he said, "and get something for yourself, too."

She didn't drink much, made her feel woozy, but she thought she needed more than one tonight so she poured herself another big glass of white wine. While her husband and brother talked endlessly about football, she sipped her wine.

"Great figure your sister's got," said Tom. "I must show you those pictures we took on our honeymoon, last year."

Her head come up as she heard Tom's words.

"No, no you mustn't show him those," she said shyly.

"Why not? Naughty are they?" Bill chuckled.

"No, just Sue on the beach in her little bikini," said Tom. "Mind you, I've got a couple with her topless somewhere."

"Don't you dare show him those," she squealed.

"Why not?" chuckled Tom, "you look great."

"But he's my brother," she said.

The thought of her brother seeing her almost naked sent a hot flush through her body and her pussy became very wet.

"Better your brother than some total stranger," laughed Tom. "Now go and find them for me. Better get us some refills, too, while you're up."

She poured herself another big glassful and drank it down in one go, then refilled it again. By the time she sat back onto her husband's lap with the album, she could feel her head spinning slightly.

"There, will you look at that," she heard Tom say. "Now hasn't she got a cracking body?"

"Sure has," confirmed Bill. "Where are the topless ones then?"

"Near the back somewhere," said Tom.

She hadn't felt him doing it but suddenly she felt Tom's hands on her naked bust. Somehow he had unbuttoned a few buttons on her top just enough for him to push his hand inside.

"Great tits or what?" Tom chuckled.

Her whole body was shaking now.

"Fucking right," swore Bill. "Shame I've never seen them before. All those years we lived in the same house and she never got them out once."

"Our Sue's a bit shy, I expect," Tom chuckled. "She's getting better now she's with me. I bet you'd like to see 'em now, in the flesh so to speak?"

"What!" Spluttered Bill.

"She's beautifully naked under my old shirt, aren't you, my love?" said Tom. "So if I just I undo these three last buttons like so."

"No, you mustn't!" she said grabbing hold of her top.

Before she could stop him, he had pulled her shirt open to expose her naked body to her brother's leering eyes.

"Now, aren't they something," Tom said holding her arms back to expose her.

"Fucking 'ell," swore Bill.

"Not that big, I know, but fucking perfect," said Tom. "Let's get this off, shall we."

"No, please, Tom," she begged.

To no avail, for Tom pulled the shirt off of her completely.

"Now go and get us some more drinks," he laughed. "It'll be like being in one of the those topless bars."

She ran into the kitchen and gulped down another large glass of wine before returning with two more beers.

"Sit on Bill's lap for a while," said Tom.

By now, the wine had dulled her brain and without thinking she sat down on her brother's lap.

"Shit," commented Bill as his naked sister sat down.

"You have a feel while I go and find my camera," said Tom.

"What!" choked Bill.

"Have a feel of those tits," said Tom over his shoulder as he left the room.

Having found his digital camera he stood in the doorway and watched as Bill's hands roamed over his sister's naked body.

"Great body," Tom said and laughed as Bill jumped at hearing his voice.

"Yeah, yeah," he confirmed.

"Right, cup her tits and I'll take a few pics," Tom said.

The room was filled with bright flashes.

"Please, I don't feel very well," Sue sighed.

"Sure, love," said a concerned Tom. "You go and lie down for a while."

"Here's a beer," said Tom after leaving his wife lying naked on their bed.

"She doesn't drink much and tonight it seemed to have gone to her head," he said with a laugh.

"Yeah, right," said Bill who gulped down a mouthful of beer.

"Pity, really, for we could have both fucked her later," said Tom.

"What!" spluttered Bill and then he had to wipe his face from spilt beer.

"Yeah, she's a great fuck," mused Tom. "No reason why you shouldn't sample her, just this once. Oh, well, there's always next time."

"Yeah, next time," said Bill.

Tom saw Bill out with a wave and then went upstairs to see how his wife was doing. She was asleep but still lying naked on top of the bed. He pulled her legs open and pushed his hard cock into her.

"Pity you didn't feel so well tonight," he laughed as he thrust into her. "Or you would've had your brother's cock in you tonight."

"What! No, please," she said as she awoke and heard her husband's words.

"Yeah, that would have been something to see," he laughed.

"Please, Tom, I mustn't," she wailed. "He's my brother."

"Of course, he's your brother," he said. "That's what makes it so fucking exciting. Anyway, I've got some great pictures of you two together that'll look good in the album."

She clung on to her husband's thrusting body and, despite her words, the vision of her brother thrusting into her brought about a crashing orgasm.

"Stand over there," he ordered.

She had just come damp from the shower and just had a large bath towel wrapped around her.

"What's going on?" she giggled but did as she was told.

"Drop the towel," he instructed.

"Yes, dear," she giggled again but the damp towel fell to her feet.

"Fucking lovely," he growled. "Now turn for me."

He watched as his pretty wife did a 360 then she was again facing him.

"Get on your knees, slut, and suck me," he demanded.

"Yes, dear," she said with a giggle.

She wasn't that bothered about sucking his cock but she knew he like it.

"You're a good girl," he sighed as her head bobbed up and down on his hardness.

His hand roamed over her soft skin as far as he could reach.

"Going to have to invite your brother over again and this time you're going to suck him off," he mused.

She couldn't say anything for her mouth was full but his words brought an additional wetness to her pussy. He pulled out of her mouth and kissed her full on the lips.

"Get on the bed and spread 'em," he said, his voice husky from lust.

Yes, this is what she wanted now, her husband's hard cock pounding between her legs to put out the fire that was blazing there.

Over the next few weeks, his ardour was more intense than normal. He would get the photo album out and look at her slim body being mauled by her brother and immediately become aroused.

"Going to have to invite your Bill over here so that he can fuck you," he grunted while pounding between her legs.

She had stopped arguing for she knew it was no use and that she would have to, in the end, do it with Bill. She didn't mind actually doing the deed with another guy, it was just he was her brother that she had him known all her life. Oh, she had seen the looks Bill had given her when she lived at home with him, but she made a special effort to keep covered up when he was about. Now, all that was for nothing for he had not only seen her naked but had touched and fondled her body, too. She moved herself against the thrusting body of her husband and was rewarded by his grunt.

"Fucking 'ell," he grunted as he pumped his spunk into her.

"Now I want you looking perfect," he said.

It was Friday night as she had just dried her naked body and pulled on some bikini pants.

"What do you want me to wear?" she asked standing still, so that her husband could get a good look at her.

"Nothing too sluttish," he mused, "but something that can be got off quickly."

"How about this, dear?" she said holding up a summer cross over dress.

"Put it on for me," he requested.

There was only one tie that held it all together, the cross over at the front was quite low and showed a fair amount of her small but perky tits.

"Perfect," he announced. "Now go and get the drinks ready for Bill will be here soon."

The time had come -- she knew that Tom was going to make her actually do it with her brother. She didn't mind, really, for she loved the feel of a hard cock inside her and she supposed one cock would feel like any other.

Chapter 2

"Hi, Tom," greeted Bill as Tom opened his front door. "This is Pete, I told you about him."

"Yeah, sure," said Tom. "Come in, come in both of you and have a drink and, Pete, you can meet the wife."

"Hi, sis," greeted Bill to his sister, "This is Pete, a friend of mine from work."

"Come in, guys, and have a drink," she smiled warmly, but deep within, her insides were churning.

Making out with her brother was going to bad enough but it looked like her loving husband had pulled a sneaky twist on her. As she fetched the drinks she was conscious of how much her unfettered boobs were bouncing and how all the male eyes were fixed on them.

"Don't forget your own drink, darling," said Tom with a leering smile.

Back in the kitchen she poured herself a large white wine and downed it in one gulp. She then poured a second smaller measure and with that she walked back into the lounge.

The conversation was about football and how the local team were going to do this year. She blanked out their words and sipped her drink and smiled.

"Come here, dear," called Tom, his voice breaking through her daze.

She perched on his lap and his hand started to stroke her upper thigh. By now the wine was having an effect on her and she was just waiting for the main event to start.

"More drinks, guys?" shouted Tom, "Be a love and get some more beers."

She got off his lap and straightened her short skirt, conscious of every male eye following her every movement.

While poring the beers she felt her husband's hands on her.

"I thought I better help," he said, cupping her breasts from behind.

"Stop that," she giggled, "or I'll spill everything."

He took the beer from her hands and took her into his arms and kissed her lustfully.

"You look fucking gorgeous tonight," he said, his fingers undoing her dress top to get at her naked tits beneath.

"Mmm, you feel divine," he groaned, his hands rough on her skin.

"The drinks, dear," she said to remind him.

"Yeah, ok," he leered. "But keep your dress open for me."

She knew it was coming and in some respects she was glad that things were at last moving along. Loud whistles greeted her when the guys noticed her dress was undone. She handed out the beers and nobody was looking her in the eye but staring at her partly exposed bust.

"Here," said Tom and he patted his lap.

As soon as she sat down, his hand disappeared inside her dress and cupped her tits. The talk was still football but now everybody was looking at her. Tom's hand was sending tingles through out her body and she was conscious of how wet her knickers were.

"Don't hog her," said Bill with a laugh. "We would like a feel, too, you know."

"Sure, how ungracious of me," Tom laughed.

Tom pushed her off his lap.

"Here, give me your dress," he said forcefully.

Finally the time had come she thought.

She slipped her dress off her shoulders and handed it to her husband.

"Fuck me, will you look at that," gasped Pete.

"Yeah, my sister sure has a nice body on her," laughed Bill.

"Who wants to be first?" asked Sue, posing for the guys.

"It's only fair that Pete has first dibs," said Tom. "After all, you've had a feel before, Bill."

"Yeah, right," growled Bill.

She sat lightly on Pete's lap and instantly his hands were all over her.

"Fuck me," he said.

"Nice tits," commented Tom.

"Fucking ace," said Pete whose hands cupped both her breasts roughly.

"Come on, come on," shouted Bill. "It's my turn now."

"Yeah, in a minute," said Pete whose hands were still ranging over her body.

"Baby, you sure are pretty," he said in her ear.

"Ok, time's up," called Tom his voice husky with lust.

"Yeah, sis," said Bill, "Come to your loving brother."

Tom watched as his wife was roughly manhandled by each man in turn, aware how hard his cock was.

"Come here, darling," he called out when he couldn't hold out any longer. "Let's loose these."

He rolled her knickers down her shapely thighs and she kicked them off into the far corner.

"Sit on this," he said after releasing his cock from his pants.

By now, her pussy was so wet she almost didn't feel her husband's cock slide into her. His lips attached themselves to her erect nipples and his hands urged her hips to move faster. She felt his spunk jet into her almost immediately.

"Shit," he sighed, "that was fucking great."

Hands grabbed at her and she was lifted off her husband's lap and placed none to gently onto the floor.

"Spread 'em," came the coarse command.

Before she could comply, her legs were pulled open and a body fell on top of her. His cock forced its way inside and he immediately started to thrust away.

"Yeah, sis," said Bill, who was on top of her. "Been wanting to fuck you since your tits arrived."

Aware that her brother was at last fucking her, she jerked her hips against him and he too spurted deep inside her.

"Oh, fuck me," he groaned as he rolled off her so Pete could take his turn.

"So, my pretty, I'm going to fuck you now," leered Pete as he pushed his big cock into her.

His was by far the biggest cock of the evening and she could feel every inch as he slowly pushed it into her.

"Like that, do we?" he whispered in her ear. "It's yours any time you want it."

Tom and Bill were too busy watching the erotic sight before them to hear what Pete was whispering or how much Sue seemed to be enjoying his attentions. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pushed against his thrusts until her own intense orgasm washed through her, leaving her spent. After that, she just lay there as one after another pushed their new hard cock back into her and spunked once again.

She slept for twelve hours straight and awoke alone in her big bed. Her body ached in places she didn't know she had but a hot soothing bath helped to make her feel human again. While lying almost submerged in the hot water, her mind wandered back to last night and how, before leaving, Pete had slipped her a piece of paper with his phone number on it. Oh yes, she was going to call him, the big cocked bastard, with a big smile on her face she relived the moment when he pushed that monster into her.

Chapter 3

Sue lay naked on the thick carpeted floor; her arms and legs wrapped tightly around the naked body of Pete, her new lover.

"You like my big cock in you, don't you?" he grunted as he pounded between her spread legs.

She was unable to respond to his coarseness, for her breathing was heavy and laboured.

"I know a lot of guys with big cocks like mine," he continued, "who would just love to push them in your cunt."

Just hearing his coarse words made her pussy wetter and she pushed against him even more.

"Fucking lovely," he grunted, as his hand was rough on her perfect breasts.

She was nearly there and his hands mauling her body pushed her over the top and she felt an intense orgasm rush through her body making it jerk uncontrollably. Never had she felt so alive, so dirty and so guilty about being unfaithful to her new husband. She didn't know why she felt so guilty for it was his fault that she was here with her legs spread wide. If Tom hadn't arranged for her to entertain her brother and his friend, Pete, the other evening she would never had meet him.

It didn't take long for Sue to ring Pete up on the number he had secretly handed her.

"Hi, it's Sue," she whispered in to the phone even though there was nobody else there to hear her.

"Hi," he said with an arrogant chuckle. "Can't keep away from my big cock then."

She almost slammed the phone down but she didn't because suddenly her pussy was sopping wet.

"No," she whispered, the word was wrenched from her lips.

"Fucking right," he laughed, "I'll come and pick you up and we can spend the afternoon together."

She heard herself agree to his suggestion even though she knew she shouldn't. She stared at her reflection in her bedroom mirror, she had stripped off naked and just stood there looking at herself. She didn't look any different but deep inside she knew she was a slut and a slave to his big cock.

"Well, if I'm a slut I'd better dress like one," she said to herself.

She pulled on a pair on thong knickers then found her shortest skirt, the one her husband had bought her just last month.

"Fuck wearing a bra," she said and pulled on a semi-transparent blouse.

"There, that looks right," she said as she studied her reflection.

Pete thought so, too, for he gave her a long look and a whistle as she sat down in his car.

"Fuck me," he said with a huge grin. "You look good enough to eat."

Pete was not your subtle type of guy, for as soon as the front door closed behind them, he pushed her to her knees and pushed his semi-hard cock into her face.

"Suck me, slut," he ordered.

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