Dolly's Bad Day

by woolywombat

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Rape, Heterosexual, .

Desc: Sex Story: Mature Beauty accosted in her home and taken to new sexual heights while her husband looks on.

(Item: Lyle Alan Buhr, convicted sex offender escaped today from the Barton County Jail in Nevada, Missouri. Buhr, who is a white male, 26 years old, 5" 11", 190 lbs has been convicted in the 2001 rape and sodomy of a Monette couple during a home invasion. He is considered dangerous and anyone having information regarding his whereabouts is asked to contact the Barton County Sheriff.)

Rob and Dolly Hamlin were relaxing after a week of work by enjoying a TV movie in the family room of there rural Newtonia home when the dogs began to bark wildly in the front yard. Disturbed by the commotion, Rod got up from his rocker and went it investigate. When he opened the door, the dogs all ran up to him wagging their tails and looking for attention and praise, as they always did. Seeing nothing, Rob went back into the house and rejoined his wife in the family room.

Rob, who was 65 years old and recently retired from the Air Force was a 5' 7", 168 lb man in fairly good physical shape. His platinum blond wife, Dolly, was a show stopping beauty. Her gorgeous face topped a body that turned heads everywhere she went. She was a deep blue eyed, 5' 2" tall beauty and weighed about 130 lbs. Her most striking feature, alone with her beauty, was her fantastic breasts. Her "rack" measured a whopping 39 inches with double D cups. Topped by pink nipples that, in times past, never failed to drive Rob in paroxysms of desire, especially when he sucked them to full erect hardness.

The Hamlin's life was comfortable. They enjoyed many of the creature comforts that a long and prosperous marriage brings. But, their sex life had become all but a dim memory, especially to Rob. When that had first married, fifteen years ago, they made passionate love regularly and to both parties satisfaction. As with many marriages, time had dulled their ardor and sex was disdained by Dolly as something older couples, like them, just didn't do. Their life was comfortable companionship with no passion or intimacy.

Unknown to the Hamlins', however, there was a stranger hiding in their garage at this very moment, who would change all that. Lyle Alan Buhr, the escaped convict had hitched three rides and was dropped very near to their idyllic rural homestead and needed a safe place to lay low until the heat was off and he could move further out of danger of recapture and a long prison sentence. After the dogs had been quieted by Rob's attention, he decided to look around the place to see what he had stumbled into.

Looking in the windows of the house, he quickly determined that only the two persons visible in the family room were in the house. Getting by the dogs was going to be no problem. He watched the man and woman and decided that he needed some pussy. He hadn't even been able to jack off in that damn jail, and he was known to be a very horny man. To Lyle, a day without sex was a day wasted. And he had wasted too many! The woman looked to have a good set of tits under the loosely fitting nightgown she was wearing and the man, being much smaller than he was would be no problem to overcome. If he could get into the house the element of surprise would work in his favor and he could enjoy that succulent body of the wife for as long as he wanted to. "Who knows, he thought, she might even like his eleven inch cock". He decided... what the hell... GO FOR IT!

With that, he turned the knob to the house of Rob and Dolly Hamlin and changed their lives forever. Seeing the large disheveled man in his hallway, Rob sprang to his feet and shouted, "what the hell!" and charged the man. Before he could utter another word, the man shot a straight right to Rob's nose and down he went. Dolly rushed to her fallen husband's aid, screaming at the man to leave their home at once. She tore into the man flailing and scratching at his face to no avail. Lyle calmly grabbed her right arm and twisted it behind her back and locked his brawny forearm under her chin and pulled back. Dolly continued her protestations wildly kicking and swinging, but hitting nothing. Lyle noticed that Dolly's arched back pushed her tits out in front of her like two heavy torpedoes. "Oh, boy! This one's going to great!" Meanwhile, Rob sat dazedly on the floor, blood streaming from his now broken nose. He seemed to have no idea what was happening right in his own home.

Lyle shouted into Dolly's ear, " Calm down or I'll kill you both!" Hearing that and having no doubt that he meant every word, Dolly relaxed her flailing and just hung by Lyle's iron grip, feet barely touching the floor. Having done this sort of thing before, Lyle knew what to do next before the couple could think of a strategy to get them out of this situation. Lyle dragged Dolly to the nearby couch and threw her body down. As he did, he caught a glimpse of Dolly's plump pussy and the thought of fucking her raged in his mind. "This mama is gonna be a great fuck and then some!", he thought. He then went over to where Rob sat on the floor and scooped him up with one easy swoop of his massive arm and dumped him on the couch with his terrified wife.

"What do you want?" Dolly wailed. "Take what you want and leave us alone!". Lyle leered at her and said, "Lady, I will take what I want and then we'll see". "Where's some duct tape?" Dolly replied shakily, "In the bottom drawer by the refrigerator." "Get IT, NOW!! Lyle thundered. Dolly scurried to the kitchen and returned with the tape. Lyle said, "Hold out your hands. I've had enough of your scratching". Dolly meekly obeyed and he wrapped the tape on her wrists. Next, he reached over and tape Rob's hands the same way. Then he said, "Bedroom that way?" gesturing over his shoulder. Dolly nodded. "Let's go!" Pushing Dolly ahead of him, he flung her on the bed and went back for Rob. Gathering the still slobbering husband, he dragged him to the bedroom as well. Depositing him in a bedroom chair, he proceeded to wrap duct tape to hold him upright and immobile for as long as he wanted. As he finished the taping, he leaned over and whispered to Rob, "Now I'll gonna fuck the eyeballs out of your nice little wifey. Pay attention and you might learn something!"

He then tuned his attention to the wide-eyed and trembling woman on the bed. He took her bound hands and taped them to the headboard and then took each leg and taped each to the two bedposts spreading Dolly's legs provocatively. Lyle almost drooled at the sight of her furry bush and the promise of fucking this beautiful woman to his hearts content. By now, Dolly was gripped with the realization that she was about to be raped by this giant of a man and there was nothing that she could do to stop him. The thought of being raped sent chills through her body. She knew that she and Rob had not had sex for many years and she wondered if she had "revirginated" and could take what was about to happen? She shuddered as the man ripped the thin nightgown from her stunning body and gazed down at his prey. Lyle could scarcely believe his good fortune. She was lovely! And she was HIS! He reached down and roughly cupped and rolled her gorgeous breasts. Her tits were even bigger and more voluptuous that he had imagined when he had seen her through the window. They were topped with smallish pink nipples that had involuntarily begun to stiffen and harden. Her aureolas had also started to swell with dreaded anticipation of what was sure to come. Lyle could hardly contain himself. He reached down and tweaked each budding nipple in turn, causing Dolly to shudder. The then cupped each tit strongly with his rough hands and gave them both a little shake. Satisfied with their feel, he leaned over and began to lick and suck on her right nipple. Dolly closed her eyes as the pleasure started to overtake her.

He lightly bit the proffered nipple as she pushed her tit closer to his exploring mouth. Dolly moaned softly as she lost all self control and surrendered completely to her ravisher. She had always liked rough sex, but Rob never satisfied her the way she liked. Now, she was going to be taken the way she always wanted to be taken... rough... hard... and deep! Her head rolled from side to side as the rough man sucked first on hard nipple while pinching the other into unaccustomed hardness and length. Ohhhhh! Ohhhh! Dolly moaned. Yesss! Yesss! Ohhhhh! Her tits were like they were on fire. Dolly's tits were very sensitive during sex, so sensitive that she had sometimes cum just by them being fondled. This was definitely going to be one of those rare occasions. Her nipples felt like they could burst from the pain and pleasure she was feeling. She tried to resist, but it was useless, her body was betraying her.

Even though her light brown haired pussy was in full view and easy access, Lyle hadn't looked that way yet. He was fully enjoying bringing this voluptuous woman to steaming heat for the fucking that was to come. Rob, meanwhile, watching his wife moaning and writhing under the hands of this invader was getting the hard-on of the century. Rob thought, to himself, serves her right, she acted so stand-offish to him for years, never even acknowledging sex existed. Now, she was going to get FUCKED, BIG TIME! He was starting to enjoy his wife's rape as if he himself was ravishing her lovely body.

Dolly had abandoned all control of her body. She cried, "my tittles!", "my tittles!", " Ohhhhh!", " Ohhhh!", " Yesss!", " Yesss!" Lyle smiled to himself. This was going to be one of the best fuck of his life! Back and forth he went. First one tit, then the other with his hot and slaving mouth. First one and then the other with his squeezing and nipple pinching. Dolly was not only losing control of her body... her mind was reeling, too!

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