by Norm DePloom

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Desc: Sex Story: The narrator receives a very unusual anniversary gift from her husband.

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I remember standing in front of the mirror turning this way and that. I smiled at myself knowing that I looked just like Mark liked me to when we went out dancing. It was our anniversary and we always went dancing on our anniversary. Two hours of dancing with Mark was like two hours of intense foreplay. I always finished the evening so hot we had to have a quick 'tension reliever' in the back seat of the car, or any place else we could find, before driving home.

Last time we went dancing I was so hot when we left. God was I hot. I was wet, open and ready. All of you lady readers will know what I'm talking about. You'll know if you've ever been so hot and ready that you didn't mind that your hundred-dollar blouse was being ripped to shreds against the filthy brick wall you were being pushed against. So hot you did not care that anyone stepping into the parking lot could see you fucking, in the small alcove you'd been pushed into by your man.

The alcove was just deep enough that our fucking was hidden from passer-byes on the sidewalk by a shadow. As soon as he pushed me against the brick wall I lifted my legs and wrapped them around his waist while he held me by my ass and pushed his hard cock into me.

I started cuming as soon as his cock-head touched my swollen sensitive cunt lips. I don't think I stopped cuming until sometime the next afternoon.

I watched my nipples grow and my aureole crinkle in the mirror as I remembered that hard frantic fuck in the club parking lot. I was wearing a thin see through blouse with a 'natural look' see through bra underneath it. Just a hint of my dark brown aureoles was visible through the material. My skirt was just long enough to be 'decent' and my white cotton panties were already getting soaked just thinking about the possibilities that the night held.

Yes, I said it, my white cotton panties. I would have gladly gone without them (I usually do) but Mark liked me to wear them. Sometime during the evening he would ask me to take them off and hand them to him. It always gave us both a thrill as he sniffed them and checked their dampness while sitting at a table with people around us.

I decided I was perfect, and left the room. I did not want to keep Mark waiting (and like the hot little slut I am I wanted to get the evening started so we could get to the fucking). Mark, pushing his hi-tech ergonomic desk chair met me at the bottom of the stairs.

"Sit." He ordered, not waiting for me to ask what he was doing with the chair. I sat. He pulled my arms behind the chair and I felt the cold steel of handcuffs as I heard the loud clicking of them being ratcheted closed on my wrists. I'm no stranger to an occasional restraint, but I hadn't expected it this evening. When I opened my mouth to ask about his plans, Mark slipped a ball gag into it.

I watched as he lifted my legs over the arms of the chair and tied them in place, leaving me open and exposed. A blindfold finished my new accessories. I noticed it was black, it would match my black skirt. Mark pushed the chair, with me secured in it, through the house and left me setting in what I assumed was the family room to answer the doorbell that had rung just as we entered the room.

I heard several male voices accompanying Mark back into the room. I started to feel a little frightened for the first time, frightened and hot. I was immediately disappointed. The men seemed to ignore me, I could hear chairs being moved, then cards being shuffled. I was tied to the chair with my cotton covered crotch (I'm sure they could se my pubic hair through it) showing and they were going to play poker.

"Five card stud, one eyed jacks are wild. The first hand is for the blouse." I heard Mark announce. I listened as bets were announced chips were tossed onto the table and new cards were asked for. Finally I heard a trite 'read them and weep' from a voice I did not recognize. I must admit I jumped when I felt my blouse being unbuttoned. After pulling my blouse up over the back of the chair and leaving it dangling from my handcuffed wrists the man massaged my breasts through my bra.

I, and he, felt my nipples harden under his warm hands. The hands left my breasts then firmly grabbed my thighs. He ran his hands up the insides of my thighs, then, when he reached my panty-covered crotch he spoke for the first time.

"God she's wet." He said to the other men. I could feel myself blushing.

'Now they all know, ' I thought, 'what a slut I am.'

"That's enough for now." I heard Mark announce. The hands lingered on my crotch for another three or four seconds, then with a good-bye clit pinch through the cloth they disappeared. I was left panting and exposed in the chair while the men played another hand.

"This hand is for the skirt." Mark announced.

Once again I listened to shuffling, dealing, betting and finally another winner. I felt some tugging on the bottom of my skirt. I wondered how thy were going to get the skirt off with my legs tied until I felt a pull that almost lifted me off the chair and heard my skirt ripping up the front. Despite my grief over losing a very expensive skirt that I had purchased just for this evening, the sound of it being ripped open sent a thrill cursing through my body. The thrill coiled down into my crotch and I'm sure everybody in the room could see me oozing into the crotch of my white cotton panties. Hell, I could smell my cunt and I'm sure every body else in the room could also.

I felt the man kneeling in front of me. He ran his hands up and down the inside of my thighs, sending chills up and down my spine. On his last upward thrust of his hands he slipped his fingers under my panties and rubbed the tips of his index fingers up and down my swollen wet cunt lips. I'm sure everyone in the room heard my groan despite the ball gag I was wearing.

He pulled his hands away from my crotch, turning my groan of pleasure into a whimper of frustrated need. I heard Mark announce that the next hand would be for my bra. My nipples hardened even more in anticipation.

While I listened to the cards being shuffled and dealt, and to bets being made, I realized that I was rotating my hips in gentle humping motions trying to stimulate myself against the wet crotch of my panties. I must have been putting on quite a show for the poker players.

A winner was announced and I weighted with my breath held for whomever it was to take off my bra. It fastened in front and I felt the person tugging at the clasp. My bra was pulled up over the back of the chair and slid down my arms to hang, with my blouse, on my handcuffed wrists. Warm hands touched both of my breasts and I new immediately that they were a woman's hands. They twisted and pinched my nipples with a knowledge that no man could possibly have.

I felt her hot breath a fraction of a second before her hot wet mouth closed over my left nipple, sucking it into almost painful erect-ness. Her other hand continued twisting and pinching my right nipple. Although I had never fucked another woman before, I had often thought about it. She moved her mouth to my right nipple and slid her hand down over my stomach and into the top of my panties. My whole body jerked when she gently pinched my clit. She ran her finger up and down the inside of my cunt lips then flicked her fingertip back and forth over my swollen clit.

She pulled away just as quickly as the others had, leaving my trembling body for all to see. The lust roaring through my body cannot be described. I wanted to, no, I needed to be fucked and fucked hard. I felt like I was going to go insane if I did not get a cock inside me. I continued to make fucking motions with my hips trying to stimulate myself against my panties. I was just barely aware of the poker game going on in the room.

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