My Problem

by Norm DePloom

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Ma/Ma, Wimp Husband, FemaleDom, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Cream Pie, Size, .

Desc: Sex Story: Todd relates the humiliations his wife puts him through just because he's not 'up to' her standards.


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Hi, my name is Todd and I hate to say this, but I have a problem. It's my size. No, I don't mean my height, or my weight, I mean my penis. SHE says I can't call it a cock, I have to call it a 'weewee' or at best a penis. I don't have any problem getting hard, it just doesn't get big when it gets hard. I read porno stories about guys with eight or nine inch cocks fucking the brains out of women, and when I have a hard on its even difficult for me to hang onto it to jerk off.

Now, I'm not completely incompetent, I can lick pussy with the best lesbian around. I usually give HER three or four orgasms before I get between HER legs and rub my 'pathetic little weewee' (that's what SHE calls it) against HER cunt until I cum.

Well, last night it was a little different. When I came home from work I found HER on the bed naked already fingering HERSELF. I ripped off my clothes and dived between HER legs. SHE put a thigh lock on my head and didn't let me up until SHE'd cum six times. Then when I started to crawl between HER legs SHE put HER foot on my chest and pushed me off the end of the bed. As I peeked up over the edge of the bed I saw HER reclining against some pillows, HER knees bent and spread and HER finger already busy where my tongue had been.

"I need a real man to fuck me." SHE announced. I stayed on the floor waiting to hear what SHE had to say. "And I need you to find me one." SHE finished. I started to protest, but SHE cut me off. "If you don't find me a real man to fuck me right," SHE glared at me threateningly, "I will make sure that every female at your work finds out what a pitiful little organ you have between your legs." SHE leaned forward and pointed to the bedroom door. "Now get your pitiful ass out of here and don't come back without a real man for me."

"And don't you dare jerk off in the car." SHE said as I gathered up my clothes and left the room. I paused in the front room to dress then left the house. I sat in the car for a few minutes trying to figure out what I should do. I had no doubt that SHE would gleefully tell not just the women, but everyone where I worked about my 'little problem', as SHE liked to call it.

I started the car and drove to Bill's apartment. Bill was the only friend I had who could help me out. For one thing we had been friends for years before I had married HER, and for another, having seen Bill in the club locker room I knew that he and I put together would probably make an average penis. In other words Bill was big enough to suit HER, and had a reputation as quite the ladies man.

I was in luck, I found Bill home, without a woman over, and still sober enough to talk to. Bill let me in his apartment, then poured me a drink. I told him I had a problem.

"Hey, what's the problem?" He asked.

"You've seen me in the locker room." I told him. "You know what my problem is."

"Oh, that." He paused. "I always assumed it grew at the appropriate times, and if it doesn't what are you telling me about it for?" I went through the whole story of what had happened that evening and ended up asking my best friend to come home with me and fuck my wife. I was not surprised by the huge bulge I saw in Bill's trousers as we walked to my car, what surprised me was my own hardness. I was harder than I could remember being in a long time. Not any larger, but definitely harder.

When we walked through the door of my house SHE was setting in the recliner, HER robe open exposing HER breasts and HER cunt. SHE was slowly fucking two fingers in and out of HER cunt while SHE watched two huge cocked studs pumping into a woman on the TV. SHE held up HER other hand for silence until after HER orgasm, then turned HER attention to us.

"So you're the big stud who's going to satisfy my need for a manly cock?" SHE asked as SHE continued moving HER fingers slowly in and out of HERSELF. Before we could respond, SHE continued "I hope you don't mind if my Little Todd takes out your monster so I can see if it will suit my needs?" Bill paused for only a second before he agreed with a big grin on his face. I leaned over and started to unzip his trousers.

"No." SHE practically yelled causing me to jump. "Get down on your knees and do it right." I could feel my face burning with humiliation as I got down on my knees and, unzipping his fly reached in and pulled Bill's huge hard cock into view.

"Stroke it a couple of times for me." SHE demanded. I wasn't sure if SHE was talking to Bill or to me, but I reached back up and grasped the hard cock sticking out of his trousers right in front of my face and stroked up and down its length a couple of times. I could not believe how big he was. I could barely get my hand around it and when I held it half of it stuck out the other end of my fist.

"Turn loose of it honey," SHE said to me almost sweetly, "we wouldn't want Bill to think my Little Todd was a queer." I released his cock and let my hand drop to my side. My face continued to burn with humiliation. Some how I just knew that I'd better stay on my knees until SHE said it was OK to get up. SHE pulled HER fingers out of HER cunt then, standing up, walked over to Bill with HER robe still open exposing HER naked body. Just inches in front of my face SHE stroked Bill's hard cock with HER hand as SHE rubbed HER naked body against him.

"Has my Little Todd," I realized at this point that SHE had permanently changed my name to 'Little Todd', "bragged about how good he is with his tongue?" Bill nodded his head 'yes' too busy enjoying HER hand job to speak. "Here's what we're going to do," SHE gave Bill's hard cock a squeeze right in front of my face, "I want my Little Todd to watch and learn how a 'real man' fucks, then you can watch him lick all your cum from my cunt." I watched as Bill's hard cock twitched in HER hand. I was surprised he didn't shoot his load right there and then.

"You can stand," SHE said to me like a queen talking to one of HER subjects as SHE turned and walked into the bedroom, HER robe swirling in the air behind HER. I stood up and could tell from my first look at Bill's face that he was under HER spell. It was obvious that he would do anything SHE wanted. Just like me. We followed HER into the bedroom and stood, Bill's hard cock still sticking out of his trousers, at the foot of the bed while SHE reclined regally on a pile of pillows.

"Both of you take off your clothes." SHE ordered with a royal wave of HER hand. "I want to see you both naked." SHE watched as we stripped, then SHE moved down to the foot of the bed and with Bill's huge hard cock in one hand and my diminutive one in the other moved them this way and that comparing them. Then to my utter surprise SHE pulled Bill closer and sucked the end of his cock into HER mouth.

Now I had been performing oral sex on HER for years, and every time I had suggested that SHE might do the same to me, SHE had dismissed the idea with a sarcastic comment about not being able to find it. I had always assumed that SHE just did not like sucking on cocks. Now I got to watch as SHE enthusiastically sucked on Bill's huge monster. After stroking HER mouth up and down his hard cock a few times SHE reclined back onto the pile of pillows and spread HER legs invitingly.

"Come fuck me, my big hard stud." SHE cooed at him. He climbed on the bed and crawled up between HER legs. Just as he was about to push himself into HER, SHE stopped him. "Wait just a second," SHE said to him, then SHE looked at me, "come up here," SHE patted the bed beside HER pile of pillows, "I want you to get a good look at what a real cock looks like when it's fucking me." I did as I was told and, lying on my side on the bed beside HER watched from just inches away as Bill pushed his cock into HER wet cunt.

Without thinking about it I reached down and began to stroke my small hard cock with my thumb and forefinger. When SHE noticed I received a hard slap across the face as SHE yelled 'Stop it'. I took my hand away from myself and watched with aching hardness as my best friend fucked my wife with a bit more enthusiasm than I would have liked. I watched until, his cock buried deeply inside HER cunt, they ground their bodies together and screamed out their orgasmic joy in unison.

"Move, move, move," SHE ordered when Bill did not move quickly enough once his purpose had been served. Then, keeping HER legs spread SHE looked into my eyes. "Come on, show your friend how good you are at licking my cunt." SHE pushed me down toward HER crotch. I found myself on my hands and knees slowly lowering my mouth towards HER gaping cunt trying to ignore the fact that Bill's cum was oozing from HER well-fucked hole. SHE wrapped HER well-muscled legs around my head and pulled my face tight against HER cum drenched crotch. As SHE rubbed HER clit against my nose I snaked my tongue into HER cum drenched cunt and cleaned out mouthfuls of Bill's spunk.

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