Blushing Bride

by Norm DePloom

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Lesbian, Heterosexual, DomSub, Humiliation, First, .

Desc: Sex Story: While flying to Hawaii for their honeymoon unexpected demands are made by Martha's new husband.


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Martha thought God had answered her deepest prayer, most of her friends were already married. Some of them had children. Martha felt more and more isolated from her community, every day that passed without a man in her life seemed like a curse. Then Frank appeared. He seemed to be everything she ever wanted in a man. He was good looking. He was serious, but could still make her laugh when he teased her. Most of all, he wanted her. How glorious it made her feel to be wanted. The wedding had been grand, and now, now she was setting next to her husband in a first class seat on her way to Hawaii. How could life get any better?

She held on to his arm and laid her head on his shoulder. She had been nervous about her first flight, but felt that nothing could harm her as long as she was with Frank. Mrs. Frank Talker, she sighed and snuggled down into the airplane seat. When Frank leaned over toward her, Martha leaned towards him thinking he wanted to kiss. Frank stopped just short of her mouth and spoke to her in quite earnest tones.

"There is something I would really like for you to do for me," he said softly, looking intensely into her eyes.

"What is that honey?" Martha was captivated by the prettiest eyes she had ever seen.

"I want you to go into the rest room and take off your panties, then bring them to me." Martha continued to stare into his eyes. Her mind was trying desperately to make sense of what it had just heard. It seemed to her that Frank had just spoken in a foreign language. She understood each word, but the whole seemed too preposterous for her to have heard him correctly.

"What?" Was all she could say in reply.

"I want you to go into the rest room and remove your panties and bring them to me." Frank repeated the instructions.

"Come on, humor me, do this for your new husband," he continued after a brief pause. Martha thought about it for a minute. Why not? He is my husband, no one else will know. The 'naughtiness' of it was beginning to excite her. Martha stood up and made her way to the restroom. Once inside Martha reached under her skirt and pulled her panties down to her knees, then sat on the toilet seat and pulled them off her legs. As long as I'm here, she thought and relieved her self. When Martha wiped she noticed how wet she was 'down there'.

As Martha walked back to her seat, her panties balled up in her fist, she felt the cool air against her nether regions with each step. Martha had never gone without panties, even while she was asleep, for as long as she could remember. Martha could feel her face turning red, she was sure everyone could tell that she has not wearing her panties. Martha had never felt this vulnerable, or this exited, before.

Martha sat down in her seat and handed her wadded up panties to her husband while trying to make sure no one saw them. Martha could feel the warmth of her blush spreading over her entire body; she could feel her 'wetness' spreading 'down there'. Martha desperately wanted to put her hand between her legs and relieve the feelings like she would have if she had been alone in her bed.

"Thank you," Frank said as he took the panties from his wife. Keeping them in a tight ball he brought them up to his nose and inhaled. Martha's face turned a deeper shade of red.

"You really smell good," Frank said leaning close to her. Martha's blush deepened and spread, and her nipples hardened and she felt hot and open 'down there'. Frank put his arm around Martha and gently kissed her on the cheek...

"There is something else I want you to do; I forgot to mention this before," he whispered in her ear.

"What?" Martha asked with a combination of fear and excitement.

"Go back to the bathroom, take off your bra, and bring it to me." No, Martha thought, I could never do that. Every one would know. She was wearing a very expensive silk blouse that Frank had purchased for her. The material was thin, and people would be able to see her breasts bouncing underneath it. They would be able to see the outline of her nipples. No, she thought again, I could never to that.

"I can't," she said quietly.

"What?" Frank asked with exaggerated surprise, "don't you take your wedding vows seriously?" Martha was mortified by the question.

"Of course I do!"

"All of them?"


"Love, honor and O-B-E-Y," Frank reminded his new wife. Martha squirmed in her seat. The shame she felt being asked to 'display herself' by her husband fed her sexual excitement.

"Please," she pleaded quietly, "don't make me do this. It's indecent."

"You are my wife now, and I will tell you what is decent and indecent. Your will do everything I tell you to do." He pulled her closer and spoke softly in her ear. "Now quit making a scene and do as you are told."

'Making a scene' according to her mother was the worst thing a person could do. Martha often thought that her mother would quietly allow herself to be raped rather than scream for help and 'make a scene'. Martha slowly got up from her seat and walked to the restrooms again the last thing she could bring herself to do was 'make a scene' about anything.

Martha's face burned with embarrassment; she just knew that everyone in first class knew what she was going to do. Martha entered the restroom, locked the door behind her, sat on the toilet, and cried gently. After a few minutes she wiped her eyes and stood in front of the mirror. Martha thought about just staying in the restroom for the rest of the flight, but she could not face hours in such a small room and knew that if she did not return soon Frank would be pounding on the door demanding to know what she was doing. Oh well, she thought, let's get it over.

As Martha unbuttoned her blouse, she looked around the small room to make sure no one was looking, then smiled at herself for doing it. Martha slipped the blouse off her shoulders and let it slip down her arms. She hung the blouse on a hook on the inside of the door and looked at herself in the mirror. She moved almost like she was in a trance as she reached behind herself and unhooked her bra.

She held the bra in place for a minute before she let it slide down off her breasts. Martha watched herself in the mirror as her breasts came into view. Her nipples were hard. With out forethought she reached up and squeezed and pinched her nipples making them stand out even further. Martha could actually smell her own sexual excitement in the small room. She reached under her skirt and gave herself three or four rubs. Martha could not remember ever being this wet and open. Martha reluctantly pulled her hand away from herself and felt a wave of shame at having given in to that evil urge.

Martha put her blouse on and tucked it into the skirt. She was shocked by how much her nipples showed through the thin material. Again, without intending to, Martha's hands reached up and felt her nipples through the silk blouse. A low moan escaped her throat before she pulled her hands away and leaned against the rim of the sink. Martha took three deep breaths then turned and opened the door.

The walk back to her seat seemed to take forever; with every step her breasts bounced and swayed gently causing the soft silk to rub her nipples keeping them hard. Deliberately looking straight ahead, Martha admitted to herself that she was not sure which she feared the most; that everyone was looking, or that no one was. She could feel the heat of her blush spreading over her face, then down her neck and across her chest. When Martha got back to her seat she stepped over Frank's legs and sat down. Frank held out his hand and she placed her wadded up bra in it.

It was getting late, and most of the passengers were settling down and trying to get some sleep. Frank signaled one of the flight attendants and asked for a blanket. He spread the blanket over himself and Martha then put his arm around Martha and pulled her close. They sat for a minute and Martha enjoyed the closeness of their bodies. Then Martha felt Frank gently pulling her blouse out of her skirt. She tried to push his hands away. He whispered in her ear.

"If you try to fight me you will make a commotion and everyone will notice what is going on." Martha stopped trying to push him away. As a child she had been admonished not to 'make a commotion' almost as often as to not 'make a scene'. Martha closed her eyes and tried to pretend that she was asleep. Frank pulled her blouse out from her skirt, then unbuttoned it. Martha felt his hand move up her stomach then across first on and then the other of her breasts. Despite Martha's attempts to feign sleep her breathing quickened and she suppressed a moan only with the greatest of will power. This was the first time in Martha's life that she felt another person touch her breasts.

With the blanket pulled up around their necks, and Martha pretending to be asleep, Frank pinched and pulled her nipples working them into ever greater states of excitement. Frank heard a faint whimper when he abandoned her nipples and ran his hand over her trembling stomach to the waistband of the skirt he had purchased for her. It was long enough to be modest, but had buttons all the way down the front. When Martha realized what Frank was going to do, and grabbed his wrist with both hands.

"Please," she whispered, "don't do that." Frank ignored her plea, and unbuttoned the skirt from top to bottom. Martha realized that she was now naked beneath the blanket. Frank wrapped one arm around her so he could continue to work her nipples while he gently pushed her legs apart and caressed the inside of her thighs, coming close but not quite touching her warm wet pussy. Martha gave up all resistance and relaxed, allowing her legs to open even further. Frank slipped his hand over her bushy growth of pubic hair and slid his fingers across Martha's clitoris and down over her cunt lips.

"Oh God," Martha whispered as she caught her breath at his first touch. Martha lay back in

Frank's arms and concentrated on the feelings coming from her breasts and pussy while she tried to block out the vibrations of the airplane, and the sounds of people all around them. Martha let her eyes open just a crack, and saw one of the female flight attendants walk by and grin at her. Oh God, she thought, that woman knows what he is doing to me. Martha could feel her face and chest turning red with humiliation. How could Frank do this to me?

Just then his finger slipped past her outer lips and into Martha's hot, wet, eager, but still virgin cunt. Martha squeezed her eyes shut and gently rocked her hips, fucking herself on his fingers. Frank slipped a second finger into her and Martha was thankful she had practiced having 'quite' orgasms when she touched herself at night with her parents in the room right across the hallway.

Martha grabbed Frank's wrist with both hands, but this time, instead of trying to push him away, she pulled his hand harder against herself as she fucked her pussy on his fingers. Martha's cunt muscles clutched at Frank's fingers and, with a quiet "UUNGGHH... UUNNGGHH", Martha's body tightened. For the first time in her life Martha had an orgasm induced by someone other than herself, her whole body was washed with a wave of pleasure she never could have imagined. Martha relaxed totally and, with her eyes still closed, enjoyed the feel of Frank's fingers gently moving in and out of her open wet cunt, while she listened to the drone of the jet engines and the murmur of voices from seats around her. Martha rode Frank's fingers to another orgasm, then fell asleep under the blanket.

Martha woke up with a start, it took her a few minutes to realize where she was. When she remembered that she was naked under the blanket and that her new husband had finger fucked her with all these people around the feelings of humiliation and shame overwhelmed her. Tears flowed down Martha's cheeks as she buttoned her blouse. She jumped when Frank spoke to her. His eyes were closed and she had assumed he was asleep.

"I didn't tell you to button your clothes." Martha froze in mid button. Her mind rebelled against the implication that she could not button her blouse without Frank's permission. She took her hands away from the buttons before she spoke.

"You shouldn't do these things to me," she whispered, "it's indecent to do this in public. I can't lay here covered with only a blanket." Martha's objections died down as Frank reached over under the blanket and caressed her breasts. He worked her nipples until they were both hard.

"Could you help me with something?" Frank asked in a low voice when one of the female attendants walked by. Martha noticed it was the same one that had grinned at her earlier.

"Of course I can." She said, grinning at Martha again. Martha blushed with shame and humiliation. The blanket bulged and moved as Frank squeezed and pulled on her nipples. Frank had one arm around her back holding her right arm, while he manipulated her nipples with his other hand.

"My new bride and I are on our honeymoon, and I would like your opinion about something."

"Congratulations." She winked at Martha. "I kinda guessed that." She licked her lips and smiled at them.

"Do you think these," Frank suddenly pulled the blanket down to the middle of Martha's stomach exposing her bare breasts, "are nice looking tits?" Martha struggled trying to pull the blanket back up, or at least cover herself with her hands, but found her arms were being held down by Frank. Martha blushed a bright crimson that spread over her face, then down her neck and across her chest, clear down to her hard nipples. Martha's struggles died down, despite the shame and humiliation, or maybe because of the shame and humiliation her nipples were getting harder than they had ever been before. Her cunt was so wet she could feel it oozing out onto her thighs. The attendant swallowed and licked her lips showing more interest in Martha's tits than would be expected from a heterosexual female.

"They're beautiful," was all she could say.

"Why don't you touch them? See if they feel as good as they look?" Frank suggested to the attendant. Martha thought she was going to die. How could he do this to me? Martha asked herself. Followed by, why am I getting so wet? Martha tried to pull away when the woman's hands touched her breasts, but Frank held her tight with her arms pinned to her sides. The attendant gently squeezed Martha's breasts, then 'bounced' them in the palm of her hands like she was trying to judge their weight.

"I... I... have to go back to work." She said reluctantly releasing Martha's breasts. Frank covered Martha with the blanket.

"You can button up your blouse and skirt now," Frank said after the flight attendant had left. Martha straightened up and buttoned her cloths as best she could by feel. Tears were once again streaming down her cheeks.

"Why are you doing these things to me?" she whispered through clenched teeth.

"Just for the fun of it," he responded. "You've got to learn to relax and enjoy yourself." Frank smiled at her. "If you don't, you're going to lead a really miserable life."

"I don't want to do this. I want to go home." Martha sobbed gently as Frank took her in his arms and stroked her hair while he talked softly in her ear.

"You will do everything I tell you to do, if not you will be punished. It's because I love you that I must train you to obey." Frank gently pushed Martha away and wiped the tears from her face. "Now for you next lesson, I want you to go into the restroom and take off your cloths. When I knock twice let me in."

"No. I can't do that." Martha pleaded with her eyes. "Please don't make me do that." Frank held her head with a hand on each cheek and looked into her eyes.

"You will do it, and you will do it now. If you don't I will drag you to the restroom by your hair. Just think how that will look to all these other passengers." When Frank released her, Martha rose from her seat and walked to the restroom. Martha's hands trembled and she could barely get the door latch open. Once inside Martha started shaking violently.

Oh my God, Martha prayed, what have I gotten myself into? She had no doubt that Frank was going to come into the restroom and have sex with her. Being groped under a blanked and fucked in the airplane restroom was a far cry from Martha's 'wedding night' fantasy. She locked the door and looked at herself in the mirror. What Martha saw startled her. Red eyes from crying, hair going every which way, blouse miss-buttoned, the top button of her skirt was not even fastened, her hard nipples plainly visible through the thin silk of her blouse, she looked like she had just had sex. It would have been obvious to everyone she walked by on the airplane. Martha was overcome with more waves of shame and humiliation.

How can he be doing this to me? I love him. I thought he loved me. Martha sat on the toilet seat and rested her head in her hands. Mixed with the pain of her shame and humiliation was the memory of how wonderful it felt when Frank touched her and, though she was not ready to admit it, how wonderful it felt when the women touched her.

Martha's entire body jumped when she heard the gentle knock on the door, she yanked her hand out from between her legs. How did that get there? Two more gentle knocks on the door. No, she thought, I won't let him in. I must put a stop to this. I will stay in here until the plane lands and then I will get the next plane back home. Martha heard a scraping sound followed by a click, the door swung open and Frank stepped in. He shut the door behind himself and locked it again.

"You didn't think they would build these things without a way to bypass the lock do you?" The question was obviously rhetorical. "Why haven't you taken your cloths off? I expected to come in here and find you naked."

"I can't do this anymore. Please don't force me. As soon as we land I want to take a plane home." Tears were flowing again. Martha was trying to ignore the fact that pussy juice was also flowing. Frank pulled Martha to her feet and unbuttoned her blouse.

"You just do what you're told and everything will be fine. You'll have plenty more of those wonderful orgasms and we'll all have a lot of fun." He pulled Martha's blouse off her, then unbuttoned her skirt. Soon she was standing before him naked. Martha had rarely been naked even with herself, much less someone else. She flushed red again as her skirt fell to the floor and Frank lifted her up and sat her on the edge of the sink.

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