Corinne's World

by H. Jekyll

Caution: This Suspense Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Rape, Slavery, Heterosexual, BDSM, Sadistic, Torture, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Violent, .

Desc: Suspense Sex Story: In Corinne's world women are meat. Corinne is gang-raped, hurt, withering in chains, all but gone. No one will protect her. No one will help. They all enjoy her far too much. She needs a hero, doesn't she?

In the beginning, Corinne is dying of thirst inches from the toilet's water.

Her arms are crisscrossed behind her and each is handcuffed to an ankle. There's a large dog collar on her neck, with a chain that goes to the toilet's water-intake pipe. There's just enough play so she can work her head over the rim and smell the water inside.

How did she come here? She sometimes forgets to suffer, forgets to remember, but she can't remember to forget long enough. It has been three days. Or two. Or four. Corinne can't follow the time. After smelling the water she licks the porcelain and slumps back to the floor to forget everything until the sizzle in her nipples rouses her again.

The last time she blacked out Corinne felt her mother tuck her into bed and kiss her forehead, like she did so many years ago, and whisper I love you, Corrie-Glory. Was she saying goodbye? I miss you so much, Mom.

Two men are talking. One of them is X, her master.

Look what I got here, says X.

The other man whistles and says, She's a fucking mess!

X makes a chortling sound. That's the way I like her.

Corinne moves her mouth a little to beg for drink. There is no saliva. She can open her eyes but can't focus. The man's voice is familiar. She can't place him, and she tries to swallow while they discuss her.

Look here. The other's voice is close to her ear. She feels something, a pinch on the skin of a breast. See? It stays up. She's dehydrated. You could kill her if you're not careful.

Oh we'll have plenty of fun with her.

She can't do anything for us like that.

Going soft?

She's damaged goods!

Corinne slips into a vision, one in which she is drinking the coldest water imaginable. And drinking. And drinking. The voices wake her.

You want her? You can have her for a thousand. Fix her up and play with her all you want.

Yeah. Right. Like I want to spend my money to get something I'd probably have to dump right away.

X laughs.

Corinne recognizes the voice. He is one from the party X threw, one of the men who came over to play with her that night, just before X chained her to the toilet. Wasn't he the one who used the lighter on her? She tries to think but loses her thread and is dreaming of water.

Nothing has happened since the party except that she's been dying. X had warned her about the party. He said he charged the men a bundle and she better be sweet. They're fellow slave-masters. It's not easy to get into the society, so don't disappoint me. Some of them give parties too. I don't charge those guys.

For the first hour or so she served them, going back and forth to the kitchen hobbled by ankle chains, serving drinks and snacks while they watched sadistic pornography. They touched her and pinched her and stared at her. She was going to be the main entertainment.

The man is talking. Tell you what, though. I'll give you three-fifty, cash. I might be wasting my money, but I'm willing to take the chance. But I need a signed statement that says she was pretty much done for when I got her.

Make it five and you got a deal.

At some point during the party the men had been making Corinne into a sandwich, fucking her ass and vagina at the same time. Another one stuck his erection into her mouth. The others were laughing and cheering. They were having a great time. One of them asked, You want to feel something incredible? He had two other men hold her tight. Then he took a butane lighter, lit it, and moved the flame across her right nipple. Corinne went crazy. She screamed around the dick in her mouth and twisted her body every way she could, so hard the men could hardly hold her. The man moved the flame to her left breast and the man in her mouth squirted into her.

Damn! Said the man in her ass. Don't stop! Man that was great! Corinne was moaning. Noo, noo, please, noo. Another man pulled her mouth open and stuck his dick in.

This time when the flame came Corinne bit the penis. The man cursed and slapped her. He stepped back and hit her on the side of the head and in the stomach, before X pulled him off. The party was ruined. X let a few men fuck her while she whimpered over her blistered nipples, but two of them threatened him until he refunded their money. It was then he decided to chain her in the bathroom and see how long she could last.

Corinne is lifted and carried. A glass is put to her mouth. Water! She gulps and spills much of it. Slowly, says the man's voice. Another glass comes and she is given sips.

She ain't mine anymore, so hurry up and get her out of here!

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