Sex Ed with Aunt Kathy

by TheMoose63

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa, Teenagers, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Incest, Aunt, Nephew, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: When 14 year old Richard's parents go off to England for the summer thay leave him with Aunt Kathy. Kathy is widowed, 34 and horny. Richard wants to learn more about sex and Kathy is willing.

"I don't want to go to Iowa!" I yelled at my mother. "I won't go to Aunt Kathy's and that's final!"

"Richard honey, you have to go. Daddy and I are going to England for the summer education program at Eton and we can't take you with us. At 14, you're too young to stay at home alone, so that only leaves Kathy."

So the next weekend mom and dad packed me off on a bus to Iowa. 17 hours later I got of the bus in Ames and Aunt Kathy was standing there waiting for me.

"Hi Richard."

"Hi Aunt Kathy." We hugged each other and she kissed me on the cheek. I loaded my suitcase in the back of her pickup truck and we were off to her place. Aunt Kathy lived on a farm of about 500 acres. She didn't farm it anymore; some company leased the property and did all the farming. As we drove out of town we chatted.

"Richard, your mother told me you didn't want to stay with me this summer. How come?"

"Oh Aunt Kathy, it's not like..."

"Richard if were going to live together for the next three months you calling me 'Aunt' is just way too awkward, let's just keep it at Kathy, OK?"

"Uh sure Kathy. It wasn't that I didn't want to stay with you, it was just that all my friends are at home and I'll miss them."

"I see. Well I'll bet that you and I can find something to do. I realized that I live pretty far out of town, but we have the whole farm to explore and my time is your time. Not having to farm anymore and with Uncle Ken having passed I don't have much to do. We'll find something to occupy ourselves with."

We arrived at Kathy's house and she showed me my room. I unpacked my suitcase and went in the bathroom to take a leak. The adjoining door was ajar and I saw Kathy getting something out of a drawer. That was the first time I realized that we would be sharing a bathroom.

"Hey Richard," she yelled. "Are you hungry?"

"Oh boy am I ever."

"Well then, when you're done meet me back down in the kitchen and I'll fix some sandwiches. Tuna fish OK?"

"Sounds great!" I closed the door and did my business. When I finished washing my hands I went downstairs and out to the kitchen. We sat at the kitchen table, ate and just talked.

"So how are your dad and mom?

"Aw there OK. Because they both teach they get the summer off and generally we go somewhere together but this year they got this offer for a summer seminar in England and I couldn't go, so here I am. Even if I was old enough I think being home alone would be boring, I mean I would really miss having them around. You know what I mean.

"Yes honey I do I still miss your Uncle."

I guess that surprised me although I don't know why. "Really? I would have thought that after... I mean it's been three years now, but... oh crap this isn't coming out right at all."

"That's OK honey, I know what you mean."

That afternoon Kathy took me on a driving tour of her farm. Near the proverbial back forty we stopped by a large lake. It was probably the size of a football field with trees most of the way around. We got out of the truck and walked down to a small dock with a canoe upside down on it.

"Ken and I used to come down here to relax. Sometimes I would make a lunch and we would picnic, sometimes just take the canoe out and relax. It was kind of 'our' place. Quiet and serene. Nobody ever comes down here."

I could see tears forming in her eyes and I put my arm around her waist. "It's OK Kathy." I squeezed her. She wiped her arm across her eyes and smiled down at me.

"Thanks honey, I appreciate that a lot. I'll tell you what, let's take a dip in the lake and cool off. What do you think?"

"Uh, I don't have a suit."

"Me either. We can just use our underwear like bathing suits. Almost the same thing anyway. Come on, let's go!"

Kathy stripped off her denim shirt and jeans and stood waiting for me in her bra and panties. I have only seen my mom once in her bra and panties and that was an accident.

"Come on Richard. For God sake it's only your underwear."

I took off my clothes and Kathy and I raced down the dock and into the water. The water was cool but not cold. We splashed and swam around for a while, then climbed up on the dock to dry off. As I sat down I noticed that Kathy's underwear had become pretty transparent when it got wet. I could see the darkness of her areolas and a black patch that was probably her pubic hair. Until this point I had never thought about Kathy in any sort of sexual way, she was just mom's younger sister. I tried not to stare at her at least not get caught staring but the temptation of seeing the forbidden areas of a woman's body were just too much.

Kathy looked a lot like my mom only a little bit heavier. She was probably five foot five and 125 pounds. She has long black hair that she wears in a ponytail and deep brown eyes. Her breasts aren't big, about the size of a large apples or something like that. I think that she just turned 34.

"Ok Richard, let's get dressed. You turn your back and I'll get out of these wet things, then I'll turn mine."

I turned my back to her and waited. I heard two distinct 'thuds' of wet items hitting the dock the some struggling and then a loud 'THUD' and then Kathy yelled out.

"Shit! God Damn it!"

I turned around instinctively and saw Kathy lying on her butt on the dock where she had fallen. Apparently she tripped while putting on her jeans. She sat there, tears streaming down her cheeks, with no pants on and her shirt wide open. I starred at her naked body in awe. "Are you OK Kathy?"

"Well my pride is wounded and I'm half naked, but otherwise I'll be OK. Now will you please turn around while I get myself more presentable?"

I turned around once again and waited.

"OK Richard, your turn."

I turned to make sure she wasn't looking and took off my wet underwear. My cock was at half-mast and getting harder. The nakedness of my aunt had excited me and I was responding. I quickly pulled on my jeans and shirt and we walked to the truck. Kathy had a noticeable limp as she got into the tuck.

"Are you going to be OK? I see that you're limping."

"Yea honey, I'll be fine. I'll soak it when we get home."

The ride back was uneventful and neither one of us said much. I did see Kathy look over once or twice, her eyes seemed to focus on my groin area. I had tried to arrange my penis so it wouldn't be obvious I had a hard on, but I think she knew. The memory of seeing her naked breasts, her nipples and what I was sure were her pussy lips was burned into my mind. All I wanted to do was get some privacy and jack off remembering how she looked. Kathy parked the truck in the gravel driveway and limped into the house.

"Richard, I'm going to run some hot water and soak my ankle. Why not make yourself useful and get us something cold to drink. I think there is some lemonade in the refrigerator."

"Oh Kathy, I'll get a glass and bring it up to you."

"Thanks honey."

I went into the kitchen and poured two glasses of lemonade. I drank mine down and then went upstairs to give Kathy hers. I knocked on the bathroom door.

"Come in."

Kathy was sitting in the tub with soap bubbles all around her. I held out the glass. "Here you go, nice and cold."

Thanks Richard, you're a doll."

When she reached out for the glass her right breast broke the surface and starred up at me. Within a second it was gone, hidden again by the soap bubbles. I left Kathy to soak and went into my room. I stripped out of my clothes, jumped on the bed and started to jack off. I had my eyes closed remembering what Kathy had looked like naked. I slowly stroked my cock getting closer and closer to my orgasm when I heard the bathroom door open. Kathy was standing there in her robe. "K-A-T-H-Y!"

"Oops, sorry Richard." And with that simple apology she closed the door.

I was mortified! I got dressed and sat in a chair looking out the window. A little later I heard her knocking on my door, but I didn't answer.

"Richard? Come on Richard, open the door. Please."

I open the door then walked back and sat on the bed. Kathy came in, walked over and sat down beside me. She put her arm around my shoulder.

"Richard, I'm sorry I burst in on you. I should have thought more about your privacy. You know I am not used to having children around and I didn't even think about it. Please forgive me. I don't want you mad for the next three months."

"Aw I'm not mad, just embarrassed that's all."

"Look Richard, there is nothing to be embarrassed about. Masturbation is a very normal thing to do. All boys and girls do it and so do adults. Normally it is done in private but not always. I'm so sorry that I interrupted you, maybe you can continue later tonight." And with that pronouncement Kathy slipped out of my room.

Mom and dad had never talked to me about anything sexual so this was a first of sorts. All the guys talked about jacking off and there were rumors that even the girls did it. Now Kathy had confirmed that girls did indeed jacked off. But adults? I never thought about that before. Did my dad jack off? Why would he do that? And she told me it was OK to do it later. God just thinking that she would know I was jacking off was too much to ponder.

I helped her fix dinner and while I set the table Kathy poured herself a glass of wine. We ate dinner about a half an hour later and Kathy had another glass of wine with the meal. After we cleaned up the dishes we went into the den to watch some television. We watched a newscast and Kathy said she was going upstairs to change.

"I'll be right back honey, I just need to get these old clothes off and get more comfortable."

"OK, no problem." She returned in just a few minutes wearing her short bathrobe, belted at the waist. We were watching a Discovery Channel documentary about dolphins and as the show progressed she leaned over towards the end of the couch putting her legs up on the couch and under her butt. The position change caused her robe to rise up a little revealing her thigh to my eyes. I didn't see any panties but I didn't have the best angle to be sure. After a couple of minutes I turned to her. "Kathy? I have a question, but it's kind of personal, you don't have to answer if you don't want to."

"That's OK honey ask away."

"Well I was wondering about what you said this afternoon. About girl's doing it too."

"Uh, doing it? Oh, you mean masturbating. Well sure honey, girls do it too, what's your question?"

"Well a lot of us guy's talk about it even though sometimes I don't think some of them have ever done it, but... well I was... wondering... I mean how do girls do it?"

Hummm, good question Kathy old girl, now where do you go? "Look honey hasn't your mother ever discussed these things with you?"

"Mom? Mom discuss sex, you've got to be kidding me. When I asked her about something sexual a year ago she just turned red and told me to ask dad. When I asked dad, he told me I was too young to be asking that kind of question. No, they don't do anything to help out at all. Once I accidentally saw mom in her bra and panties and she screamed and ran in her room and slammed the door."

Kathy was amazed at her sister's reactions to her son. How was the boy ever expected to know anything about human sexual reproduction, love or anything if you refused to discuss his innocent questions? "Well I guess then you saw more on the dock than you've ever seen before?"

"Honest Kathy, I wasn't trying to sneak a peek or anything, it's just when you fell I naturally turned around to see if you were alright. But you're right; I hadn't ever seen a nude woman - except in magazines."

"Look Richard, I'm not your mom but I'll try and help you out as much as I think is good for you, so ask your questions."

"Well I don't understand how a girl can... uh... masturbate. I mean she doesn't have a... a"

"Penis Richard?"

"Uh... yea, a penis. So how does she do it?"

"Well a woman has, at the top of her vagina, a bump called a clitoris. The clitoris is similar to a man's penis. When you rub it, it gets hard and makes the woman feel good. If she rubs it long enough she has an orgasm. Sometimes she uses a fake penis, called a vibrator or dildo, and has pretend sex with the dildo and rubs her clitoris until she cums.'

Richard sat there looking dumbstruck.

"You don't have any idea what I am talking about do you?"

"Not really. I mean I know what a puss,,, uh vagina is, kind of, but not the rest of what you were talking about."

OK Kathy, it fish or cut bait time. "Look Richard, you sit here and I'll be right back."

Richard sat on the couch trying to make sense of what she had told him. A clit-whatever? A fake cock, why would anybody want a fake cock?

Kathy returned to the den, turned off the television and sat down. In her hand she had her dildo. She held it out to Richard. "Here Richard, take this, it's the dildo I told you about."

Richard took the proffered item from Kathy's hand. It looked like a cock, a soft plastic cock about ten inches long and at least two inches thick. It was a cream color and looked exactly like a man's cock. At the bottom it had a screw off cap. He unscrewed the cap and looked inside - batteries. When he screwed the cap back on - tight - it started to vibrate and rotate in strange directions and Richard dropped it on the couch. "What did I do? It's moving."

Kathy laughed out loud. "Nothing honey, you just turned it on, that's all."

He picked it back up and unscrewed the cap just a bit and it stopped moving and vibrating. He looked it over intensely the turned back to Kathy. "Where do you put this thing?"

"Honey, do you know anything about the female anatomy? Anything at all?"

"Uh, not really. I have looked at some pictures in an old Playboy, but that's about it."

"Ok then I guess I'll have to show you. Sit down on the floor in front of me." Kathy stood up as Richard sat on the floor. She untied her belt, opened her robe and took it off. When she finished she sat back down on the couch with Richard in between her outstretched legs. She reached up and lifted her breast. "Richard this is a woman's breast. It is for producing milk when the woman is pregnant to feed her baby. Your mother breast-fed you for almost a year. The dark circular spot is called an areola and this is the nipple. A baby suckles the nipple to get milk but it's also a sensitive part of a woman's love making. A man can suck on a woman's breast and nipple and turn her on."

Richard starred at her breasts. They were beautiful. "Can I touch them?"

"Sure honey, here, but be gently."

Richard gently touched Kathy's breast, then grew a bit bolder and began squeezing her breast. For some reason he pinched her nipple, not hard, but very softly. He heard her sighing. "Is it OK, I didn't do it too hard did I?"

"Oh no honey, not at all. It's just been so long since a man has touched my breasts that it felt good, that's all."

Richard looked down at Kathy's pussy. He couldn't see too much because there was a lot of hair covering the opening. His cock was so hard and was pressing out on his jeans that it almost hurt. He tried to adjust it without being obvious to Kathy.

"OK baby, let's look at the rest of a woman's anatomy."

Richard watched as Kathy reached down to her pussy and opened the lips up. He could see a large opening inside and everything was a pink color.

"These here are the outer labial lips." She pointed with one finger while holding her vagina open with two fingers of her other hand. "And this is the hood of the vagina. If you feel under here you will feel a little knob that is my clitoris, or clit. Well, go ahead and feel it Richard."

Richard reached out and tentatively touched the top of her vagina, then under to hood and finally the little bump. He rubbed it very slowly and felt it start to grow on his finger. "Kathy, it's growing!!"

Kathy knew it was growing. Oh boy did she know. "I know honey, I can feel it. Like I said it's very much like a man's penis, the more you rub the closer a woman comes to her orgasm."

Richard continued to rub the growing bump and then he noticed her pussy lips getting wet. "Why are you getting wet Kathy?"

"Well it's because you're turning me on, like if I played with your penis it would lubricate. You know that clear fluid that comes out first. That is your lubrication prior to having sex, this is mine."

"Oh... Are we having sex?"

"No honey, you're just turning me on by playing with me, that's all."

"Will you show me how you masturbate? I mean I still don't understand."

Kathy hadn't ever thought this talk was going to go this far but somehow it had. She really wanted to put an end to this right now, but she was so horny and it had been so long since she had been fucked. It would be a real turn on to have a 14-year-old watch her masturbate. "Sure honey, just sit and watch."

Richard moved up closer to her womanhood. He could smell the pungent odor of her sex. She looked so hot sitting there with her legs and pussy spread.

Kathy picked up the dildo from the couch and wet it with her mouth. When she finished she turned it on slow and put the tip on top of her clit and let it massage the love button for a while. "Oh. Oh God. Oh honey, that feels so good."

Richard looked up at Kathy and saw that her head was tilted back, being supported by the couch and that her eyes were close, just like his were when he jacked off.

Kathy slid the fake cock into her pussy and turned up the speed a little, and then she began to rub her clit with two fingers while she fucked herself with the dildo. Ohhhh, Ohhhh Richard, this feels so good. I'm so wet and horny. I want to cum baby. See the cock go in and out just like Uncle Ken used to do to me, oh baby this is great. I'm getting so close. Watch now, I'm going to cum. Arrggghhhhhhh Ohhhh Yessssssss""

Richard had watched the whole thing. He was amazed that her pussy had just accepted the dildo. It slid inside her and the pussy opened looked just like a flower and sucked in the object of its desire. When she came he could see a mucus type of discharge that must have been her cum. Even when she was finished she didn't stop rubbing or fucking herself, she just slowed down. "Wow that was great Kathy."

Kathy's heart rate was almost back to normal and her breathing restored. "Thank you Richard. I hope you learned something."

"Oh yes I really did. Kathy, can I touch you there?"

"Honey, I think that is enough for tonight's lesson. Why don't you head off to bed. I'll clean up here and won't be far behind you. I'm tired."

Richard went upstairs, stripped off his clothes and went into the bathroom to take a good night piss. When he finished he saw Kathy's panties in the hamper. He picked them up and held them to his nose. The same pungent aroma met his sense of smell. He flushed the toilet and walked back into his bedroom. As he lay on his bed jacking off, Kathy's panties were over his face. When he came it was the best cum he had ever had.

Nothing was said about sexual education for the next four days. Kathy and he did some weeding in the garden and he helped her straighten up the attic. On Friday morning Richard was sitting at the kitchen table eating breakfast.

Hey Richard? How about we pack a lunch and go down to the lake for a picnic and some swimming?"

"Sounds cool to me. Anything I can do to help?"

"Nope. I'll make some fried chicken and potato salad. How's that sound?"

"That's great Kathy."

It was almost noon when Kathy called him to come downstairs.

"Hey Richard, you ready. Time to go!"

"I'm coming." We jumped in the truck and drove out to the lake. Kathy spread out a blanket and laid out the picnic basket.

"So, you want to swim first?"

"Uh sure. Are we using the underwear thing again?"

"Well I guess we could skinny-dip. I mean you have seen everything I have to show anyway. What do you think? I don't want to embarrass you."

"Naw, it's OK with me."

He watched as Kathy took off her t-shirt and dropped it on the blanket, next was her bra and finally her shorts and panties. Richard shucked off his t-shirt too but when he went to take off his jeans he realized he was getting hard.

"What's a matter, you embarrassed or something?"

"No... I... well... OK." He pushed down his pants and jockey shorts freeing his cock to bounce up towards his chest.

"Oh... I see. You're a little excited. No reason to be embarrassed, it's natural. Now let's go in."

They swam around for a while then Richard splashed water in Kathy's face.

"Hey, no fair." And she splashed back.

They ended up in a wrestling contest each trying to dunk the other. Hands and legs were everywhere, but Kathy knew Richard was using this wrestling to feel the different parts of her body. At one point his hands reached around from behind her and grabbed her breasts. Another time his hand was between her legs. She really didn't mind, after all it was just good clean fun. Finally they tired and decided to dry off and eat lunch. They got out of the water on the dock and dried off. Kathy took their towels and hung them on the doors to the truck so they would dry out.

They dressed and then sat on the blanket eating the chicken and just talking about his life in general, how he felt about going into high school and about girlfriends.

"Tell me Richard, do you have a girlfriend?"

"Not really. I haven't dated or anything. There was one girl I liked in 8th grade, but she didn't seem like she liked me so I didn't pursue it. Other than that mostly it's three or four guys that I hang out with."

"Hummm. Well at your age girls may not be 'into' boys yet. Give them time, you'll see."

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